a thing

  • noctis has fallen asleep on everyone at least once
  • scratch that - a fuckton of times
  • gladio is his favorite to sleep on because he’s so warm what is this sorcery
  • gladio doesn’t really mind anymore because hey the kid is tired let him sleep
  • noctis sometimes just fuckin keels over in the car and at this point gladio just pulls him into his lap and keeps talking because yes this is perfectly normal
  • he just kinda puts his hand on noct’s back and rubs it if it seems like he’s having a nightmare and it always helps at least a little bit
  • even if he still has a nightmare waking up to gladio right there is always really comforting
  • ignis is pretty good too??? like noctis has known him for so long that it’s honestly just natural
  • noctis will just lean on his shoulder when he gets tired and it startles him a little bit but as noct’s adviser he’s pretty used to things like that
  • honestly it’s impressive that he can continue whatever he’s doing with a straight face when noct’s hair keeps tickling his neck
  • (“highness you need a haircut, come here” “if you come any closer with those scissors i swear i will jump in that lake and literally become a fucking fish don’t test me on this ignis i s w e a r”)
  • in other words, that never changes
  • but having fluffy hair is good for something (annoying your local mom friend™)
  • ignis often ends up with his fingers resting lightly on noct’s shoulder
  • he isn’t quite sure if that’s more for noctis’ comfort or his anymore but neither of them are complaining
  • it’s just nice to know they aren’t alone and that they’re safe for the time being
  • prompto still fucking dies if noctis falls asleep on him because ???
  • it eases the doubts he has about his self-worth (at least for a little while) 
  • because noctis trusts him enough to let his guard down around him and ahhh even if they’ve been friends for forever it’s like???? he’s just so happy he’s on this stupid road trip and they’re alive
  • he always smiles really big and runs his fingers through noct’s hair
  • he’s really cuddly and always tries to be quieter for noctis’ sake
  • the key word there is ‘tries
  • since noctis is tired 99.9% of the time this happens almost daily but hey
  • no one is complaining

part one 


To go to bed and to wake up again day after day besides a woman, to lie in bed with our arms around each other and drift in and out of sleep, to be with each other not as a quick stolen pleasure, nor as a wild treat but like sunlight, day after day in the regular course of our lives. I was discovering all the ways that love creeps into life when two selves exist closely, when two women meet. - Audre Lorde


has this joke been done yet

I’ve had too much caffeine and what is drawing, feat: my bad handwriting bc what is the effort to find a font, ummmmmmmm

喂, 你要聽什麼? (hey, what do you want to listen to?)

[zombies, run! / sam yao]

01 Lollipop f(x) & Mic / 02 朋友 (Friends) Emil Chau / 03 Once Upon a Time in China theme song Wong Fei Hong / 04 無敵 (Invincible) Deng Chao (The Mermaid OST) / 05 周大俠 (Kung Fu Dunk theme song) Jay Chou / 06 超喜歡你 (I Super Like You) Fahrenheit / 07 Super Star S.H.E. / 08 Super Girl Super Junior M / 09 Eyes On Me Faye Wong (Final Fantasy VIII OST) / 10 Can’t Help Falling In Love (live) F4 / 11 Lovefool Jolin Tsai / 12 燒肉粽  (Rice Dumplings) [Hokkien] Teresa Teng / 13 紅豆 (Red Bean) Khalil Fong / 14 Always Online JJ Lin / 15 童話 (Fairy Tale) Michael Wong / 16 菊花台 (Chrysanthemum Flower Bed) Jay Chou / 17 I’ll Make A Man Out Of You (Mandarin) Jackie Chan (Mulan OST) / 18 T.A.O. Z.TAO



This was supposed to be a playlist of songs Sam Yao may have grown up with–Teresa Teng, Jay Chou, movie themes, embarrassing pop music, that one song that every Chinese person you meet seems to know by heart for reasons that are completely mysterious to you. You know, if Sam Yao were me.

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It wouldn’t be so battered if he didn’t carry it around everywhere, Scott says. John thinks he should get it converted to hololight and uploaded to his wrist comm, for safer keeping - so that he could leave the paper version in his room. Gordon swears he wouldn’t have gotten it soaked if he’d known it was there before the shove in the pool. Alan just scowls, when he sees Virgil take it out of his top pocket and hold the little photo close to his heart; he’s just jealous because he doesn’t remember her all that well.

So @sparkwithinme​ mentioned that Virgil looked the most like their Mom and I started doodling <33

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Listen straight people watching yuri on ice probably get it, but they don’t feel it? It’s just like how we, queer people, watch gay people die and straight allies get it or whatever but they don’t feel it?? They don’t feel hopeless and betrayed again.

So here is this show??? This anime even??? With a same sex couple who are in no danger of dying at all, having a nice healthy relationship? With no problems but being separated for too long?? No problems but missing each other? There is no other anime with a relationship like that. And heck I can name maybe three other tv/movies with a relationship like that? And it just feels so good I can’t even describe it. Finally finally something by for us

Us Against The Universe

read on ao3 here
pairing: jung hoseok & kim taehyung | vhope
length: 15.3k words
warnings: infrequent strong language, tiny bit of smut, angst

summary: the moment you kiss your soulmate, your universes bloom into magnificent colour - at least, that’s what all the stories say. but when taehyung kisses hoseok and the two of them discover that the latter’s world is still dismally grey, taehyung finds himself determined to splash colour into hoseok’s life - even if it means doing the unthinkable, and giving him up to someone else. 

alternatively: hoseok and taehyung defy the laws of the universe.

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