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How do you feel about buying the Marvel lines that have diverse characters as the leads? I'm not about to give them any money for Hydra!Cap, but I feel like I want to take away the excuses I'm seeing about losing money because of diversity.

I just…*rubs forehead, pinches nose* I don’t know anymore, anon.

I’ve seen some discussion of how Marvel measures sales and it’s…kind of insane. As I understand it (please someone reblog to explain this if I’ve got it wrong), comic book shops have to preorder and prepay well in advance, and part of how they calculate that is using pull lists. So if you have a pull list apparently the best thing you can do is go to your comic shop and say “I’m not going to buy any Marvel at all anymore, ever, so please don’t count me in your Marvel numbers. I need to rewrite my pull list. What can you recommend I switch to in, say, DC, Boom, IDW, Image, or other non-Marvel comics?” 

And then buy the diverse comics you want when they come out in trade, which still supports them. 

It should be noted that even if you don’t drop Marvel like it’s a bomb about to go off, buying comics with diverse leads will be dicey in the next few months, since the Secret Empire bullshit is a cross-comic event. So even if you do decide to keep reading certain comics, you should check the covers and reject any of them that have the Secret Empire logo on the front. 

Honestly though, I think probably the best way to go about this is to talk to a pro in the business: your local comic shop. However you get your comics, go to them and tell them you’re not interested in supporting fascism, and ask them how best to use your dollars to demonstrate your displeasure with Marvel.

Also of course, writing to Disney about your dissatisfaction with the Marvel brand will help. There’s a post going around about how to contact them, I don’t have it handy but googling something like “write to Disney about Marvel” should probably turn it up for you. 

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what do you mean "the video"????

the cheeky video idea he mentioned in a liveshow a while back that was a big deal but not really and also smth he needed to do for himself and then said he changed his mind and started filming another video idea first and then he uploaded the evil piano teacher video and isg and everyone was confused and so the “original” cheeky video idea was kinda lost in space and time even tho it may have been one of those two videos and he said there wouldn’t be a rebranding video at the time but now apparently there is and it makes sense cuz dan always makes sure he uploads things at the perfect time

PSA if your meds run short

One thing I didn’t know until a miscommunication with my doctor last thanksgiving meant ran out of my anxiety meds before my next appointment: your pharmacy will help with this?

Like, they not only contacted my doctor *for* me to try to get a temporary filler in place, but when it turned out there was no way to get ahold of my doctor (she was on vacation for the holiday) and I was going to be short a day and a half of pills (NOT a good thing w/ my particular meds) they just… gave me a week of pills? For free, even.

I did *not* know they would do that. I would not have even thought to ask, except my mom told me when I was panicking on the phone with her. (Apparently she has had to do this for my grandma a *lot* when she forgets to refill her prescriptions–particularly while away traveling.)

So, yeah, that is my PSA for anyone who isn’t aware. Go into a pharmacy, talk to them, see what they can do to help you. They want you to have the meds you need.

johnny: well look at that! you’re taller. i guess it was the hair and my muscles that threw it off,eh? haha!  

jack: haha! i guess you’re right. 

jack is tall apparently that’s cute and a bit of a shocker, lol. side profiles is the only thing i could do lol and sometimes front as well, i’m practicing. their anatomy is hard!!!! (thanks to @universe-tears for the information and giving me this idea!)

For @falling-into-vacancies who had this brilliant idea about how the mind link between Tony and Bucky might subconsciously affect Bucky in his opinions on technology and certain people once he recovers from the brainwashing. I couldn’t resist. (All the luck with your assignment by the way!)

He Bucky frowns at the flat smartphone that looks oddly tiny in his metal hand. Fragile too, though it probably isn’t by normal human standards. Of course he isn’t a normal human anymore, is he?

It has taken a while–seven pointed comments, four in-depth conversations and seventy-six jokes–for that to sink in, to understand that Hydra hasn’t just turned him into a monster in the figurative sense. He has been turned into a dragon of all things. Half the time he Bucky is still convinced he is hallucinating.

A dragon. Just like Stevie. Would you look at that, apparently wishes do come true after all. And is the amount of bitterness contained in that thought really normal, like his sometimes-shrink Wilson insists?

“Why a phone?” he asks gruffly. It takes conscious effort to remember that he has to say the words out loud. Seems like such an unnecessary complication too.

Somewhere behind him Wilson snorts. He wonders whether the man knows that the phone is hard enough to kill him, should he decide to twist around and throw it at his head at full strength. Remembers that Bucky doesn’t think like that. Reminds himself that he is Bucky.

Steve is giving him a look that’s a cross between amusement and exasperation. “So the next time I’m ten minutes late from grocery shopping you don’t storm the supermarket in full battle gear,” he says.

Bucky scowls. He knows Steve is still far too happy about the fact that he’d come to his rescue–apparently a sign of the ‘old Buck’–to process that he had stormed a fucking supermarket, fully armed and in battle mentality. Sometimes he wonders who the crazy one between the two of them really is.

He stares down at the phone in his hand again. It’s a cheap one. The touch screen’s responsiveness is less than optimal, the battery doesn’t last half as long as the newest StarkPhone, screen quality is acceptable but not remarkable and the storage room is a nightmare. 

The knowledge filters so quickly and precisely through his mind that it takes a scandalised, “Bucky!” from Rog Steve for him to realise he has crushed the phone in his metal palm.

Bucky stares at the hopelessly twisted and cracked pieces expressionlessly for a long moment, before he slowly looks up to meet Steve’s confused gaze. 

“I don’t like it.”

It’s been two months since he’s first moved in with Steve and Sam and while Bucky is aware that he’s getting better, there is still much he isn’t sure about. The never silent voice in his head for one. The nature of Steve’s and Sam’s relationship for another.

The TV is running, but it hasn’t escaped his attention that Sam is more occupied with laughing at one of Steve’s stupid jokes, a fact that instantly makes him suspicious. Steve’s jokes are terrible. Yet there Sam is, laughing loudly, eyes twinkling.

Bucky is about to very purposefully ruin the mood when a comment from the TV makes him turn back around to watch a stocky, fair-haired man with thick-rimmed glasses and a terribly nasal voice that instantly grants on Bucky’s nerves blathering on and on. The guy’s–Justin Hammer, CEO of Hammer Industries, asshole–aura of self-importance is almost suffocating, even though he must be miles away. 

Bucky is so distracted by his instant dislike for the man, it takes him a moment to catch up with the conversation and realise Hammer is listing reasons for why the Iron Man tech is outdated and poses a needlessly risk to civilians, as proven by the two avoidable deaths in the latest fight against-

He doesn’t hear the rest. It’s kind of hard to, what with the way he has slammed his metal hand–and really, it’s starting to grow on him–straight through the smug bastard’s fucking face with an enraged snarl.

“Bucky?” Steve’s voice filters through his fury after a moment. 

When Bucky manages to turn his head, it is to find both Steve and Sam warily watching him in clear preparation of another Winter Soldier episode. He blinks. Tries to shrug, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, what with Sam’s precious TV dangling on his arm. Awkwardly tries to put the intense wave of dislike, disgust, hatred he can’t explain into proper words.

“I really don’t like him.”

“I’ll say,” Sam will mutter after a couple of seconds. Followed by “You owe me another TV, Rogers.”

i remember in s1, after lance brought felicity in and then let her go, she was just about to leave and then turned around and told him “You know I used to think the vigilante was a criminal too, but it seems to me whoever he is, he’s willing to sacrifice to help the people of this city. Kind of makes him a hero. Doesn’t it?

felicity has always been very familiar with having to give up a lot to do the right thing and that up there is her definition of heroism. sth she’s never been confused about. the only difference now is that she is saying this to oliver’s face. 

it’s what makes you, you. - that’s her saying ‘its what makes you a hero’ 

and apparently also one of the reasons she fell in love with him. 

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What would 2-D and Murdoc do with a S/O who are insecure about their acne?

(I used to have like, super bad acne all over my face I hated myself for years. I used toothpaste (but apparently it’s not recommended even though it seemed to work for me, but do your own research!!) and finally things cleared up, but I still have these nasty ass scars on my forehead that I hate. I know this struggle too well)

2D: 2D feels bad that you’re insecure about something that’s natural, and suggests a flurry of different things to maybe help out your skin. He’d look up some skincare products with good reviews and buy it for you (so you didn’t waste your own money if it didn’t work), or he’d look up homemade remedies and see if you’d wanna try it out (toothpaste, honey, etc). Either way, he knows it doesn’t bother him, and just wants to find you a way to be comfortable in your own skin. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc has never given a shit about what people think of him, though he does care a lot about the image he projects. He’s not the most helpful when it comes to suggesting options to help your acne get better and offers to buy you some top of the line make-up that can cover it up well and make you temporarily feel better at least. He just shrugs it off and says it’ll probably go away at some point, or just to try out different face masks until one works (he’ll try them out with you). 

This is not a hiatus

I just want to let you guys know that I’m likely to be far more inactive over the next few weeks than i usually am. I am not going on Hiatus, I will still be posting things and I will still answer any asks/ messages that you guys send in although it may take me a little longer to reply (pleASE don’t think this means you can’t ask/pm me because you absolutely can) 

The only reason I’m doing this is I’ve just entered  exam season *cries* and apparently revision is a thing. However after the 24th May I will be back to irrationally prioritising this blog over everything else in my life, promise. 

This answers my question regarding what the BoV can and cannot affect – apparently the formula manipulation is limited to all things that are connected to the world formula, aka everything affected by Babel – vampires, astermite, the flowers, and possibly other things that we have yet to learn about. The BoV can affect them because they’re connected to the world formula (because they’ve already been altered?). Anything else is out of it’s reach.

This also explains why vampires too can use formula manipulation.

BUT, we know that constitutive formulas can be rewritten. Granted, Babel wasn’t what Paracelsus was aiming at, but what if someone succeeded in doing what the alchemist wasn’t able to accomplish? What if someone is able to rewrite the constitutive formulas at will?

EDIT: Also, I was right when I wrote how I’m certain that the BoV can do more (point 2) than simply alter vampires’ names I feel proud of that.

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(BOM anon) I'm actually Mormon but I love it so much. It's seriously just the funniest thing ever and most Mormons just don't know how to laugh at themselves which is sad.

some do though apparently as they bought advertising space in the broadway playbills which is honestly so brilliant

I Just Read The Dumbest Thing Ever

Some Mon-El haters are saying that he doesn’t respect Kara because he didn’t immediately tell her about Lena’s call because apparently it’s something important to her.

Let’s recount what happened:

She walked into the apartment and he asked her how her investigation went. She started freaking out about two people dying on her watch and he tried to calm her down.

In what world is Mon-El prioritizing Kara’s feelings over Lena’s love life disrespectful? Do these people ever stop to think about what they are saying?

So when she walked in freaking out, he should have been like, “Babe, save that for later. Lena called you to talk her out of meeting Jack.” 

I am weak, fam.

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are we not gonna to how on earth is Steven able to shed blue diamond's tears or any diamond's anything for that matter. Is it another power of his that we're expected to just shrug off due to "character growth" or Is it just a pitiful setup for the diamonds unnecessary redemption?

holy shit i never thought of it as diamonds’ redemption foreshadowing i just dismissed it as this weird ~~aesthetic~~ thing……now im terrified its a setup omg

but anyways yeah you do raise a good point! steven has a looot of powers imo despite rose quartz being like…a soldier as far as i know since that’s apparently what quartzes are? perhaps rose quartz was a special/rare quartz or something so im hoping the show mayyybee addresses that but like…it just Doesn’t Make Sense for steven to cry the tears of the diamonds, and raises the question of if this is suddenly a new power for steven (since im more than willing to bet this isnt the first time bd has cried since steven was born) or smth

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About/to the anon buying multiple sets of comfortable clothes. I too find it difficult to buy 'sensory safe' clothes, and when I do find them buy a lot of the same things too. But I got bullied at school because people thought I never washed my clothes, even though changed regularly, and because they were all soft clothes without buttons or zippers, the school was in on it (apparently I didn't dress appropriate for school). Did wearing the same sort of clothes have any negative effects on you?

In my experience, the trick is to buy them in different colors ! Even if people notice they’re the same kind of clothes, they can’t say anything about how often you change.

- Sister Cat

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Do not watch 'fight club' under any circumstances, ever. Those two scenes circulating around in gifs are more than enough. I've never felt that violated in my entire life, more than even Scully in 'Milagro' after watching it once (1) when it first aired. I don't think I've ever recovered from it. garbage.

Tell me how you *really* feel about the episode, Anon. Don’t hold back.

In all reality, I’ve seen the gifsets that are apparently the only thing worth watching that ep for, so I’m good.

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aphobes; literally just post outright hatred in the discourse tag, defend it with "but you have to debate it, lmao, its discourse!", do the same in positivity tags (because apparently theres "too much discourse" in the positivity tags already therefore its fine to post hate in there), constantly mock aspec people in varying (usually ableist) ways. you; shitpost harmless random shit in the discourse tags. aphobes; "OMG HOW RUDE???? THIS IS THE MOST OFFENSIVE THING"

yeah its wild that people take issue with “banjo” though i dont really remember why i posted that