a thing that i drew

i was going to make a witty caption about how i drew these two things on the same file and its dark vibes but there were multiple errors when i tried to upload it several times 

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Whats the first thing you ever drew?

I used to draw fantastic cities and geometric shapes, I wanted to be an architect more than anything else when I was a kid. This is mostly thanks to watching THE SECRET CITY when I was about 7 or 8?

Afterward I had gotten used to just drawing in my spare time and started cartooning. I used to draw comic strip characters a fair bit (Garfield, The Far Side, etc). By elementary school I started working with things like pastels and markers, even doing collages. I got really inspired by video game artwork as I got older and used to draw lots of things like fantastic Castlevania interiors, that evolved into trying to draw more characters as well and at the same time I had started getting into anime / manga / video games. I would draw all my favorite characters… (man I know I have them buried somewhere if I find ‘em I’ll post ‘em)

There was no world wide web when I was going through puberty so other than sneaking around to find my dad’s secret stash of porno mags I would just draw my own porn. It was a huge secret thrill to draw all these weird scenarios out and then figure out how to destroy them without getting caught so to speak. The first boobs I ever drew were “Princess Toadstool”s like a lot of people I had an unhealthy fascination with her… uhh anyway one pic I destroyed I wish I had kept, it wasn’t overly sexual it was Angela from Gargoyles wearing Belle’s dress… (!?) ANYway…

I drew quite a bit up until I started college which basically destroyed my free time, I did dribs and drabs here and there, I also managed to score my first copy of Corel Photo-Paint 8 in 1998 and I think by ‘99 I had finally gotten my hands on a scanner, I still have some of my art from that time

(why yes that IS a Crown Royal dice bag - such a NERD)

Following college there was a long dark period where I worked for an EXTREMELY shitty company and I basically replaced all my hobbies with working like a slave for a souless motherfucker and drinking. When I finally quit that hellhole in 2005 I discovered I suddenly had this thing called “free time” (funny when you aren’t working 90 hours a week)

By then I was still using Corel but trying to teach myself how to colour stuff…

GAZE INTO THE ABYSS PEOPLE this was me 12 years ago
(and my old icon)


I was drawing with a MOUSE like a common mouth breather …well… not so much drawing but click and dragging points with the horrid vectoring tools in Photoshop (not Illustrator uggghhhhhh).

I started getting better at colour, in fact I think I really met @grimphantom2 by colouring one of his Kiva drawings, I mean we knew each other from WWOEC but not as closely at that time, all we knew was we had good taste in cartoon ladies


Anyway it’s been a long ride since then, 11 years on deviantArt and roughly 12 years of regular drawing. Now I can almost draw a circle again!

…and color pinups like a real boy…

…and pictures that mean a lot to me personally…



hey here’s some things i drew in the last couple days that didnt make it over here

top is tetsu and bg in the 90s hackers au i drew lucy in before. tetsu has a modified nintendo power glove they use for their hacks and bg just has a regular mac computer but somehow she’s still really freakin good

bottom doesn’t really have anything to do with anything

So funny story we were messing with paint and naturally i drew the first thing that came up on my brain when i saw Black.
Nothing special i do this messy paint art a lot.

My class mates just sat up and stared at me and i thought it was cause of my other art that i was doing at the moment.
But one of them- just pointed at Dark and said.
“That shit is nightmare fuel.”

And i told them when i started drawing Dark i tended to have nightmares about him every once in a while and that is how his whole characterization sparked n shit.
They were like cool how is he.
And i started telling them???

So that is the story of how my whole class is now terrified of a edgy community character.


I’ve been wanting to draw him since I first saw him and fell in love

//screams into the void I LOVE MY SHARK SON

and don’t worry this ain’t gonna be my only drawing of him

Imma throw the lineart here too because idek  ʅฺ(・ω・ )ʃฺ

also I finally bought the tablet and this is the first thing I drew lel

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according to xenoverse 2, which isn't """canon""" but is the only source to speak about thi, if buu is full enough he can separate a part of his body (likely he uses the proteins he got from the food to replace the separated part) and have a child!!!! so the post u made that said "imagine buu pulling off a part of his bubblegum body and being like satan here is our child" is actually p accurate so... that's a thing

yes!! i actually drew fanart for it a while ago! but yeah he and satan are just talking about how videl is growing up and how satan would like to maybe raise another child and buu is like OKAY anything for you satan and pulls a part of himself off and forms it into a baby shape