a thing that i drew


Heh, jjajeungna.

So I drew this some time ago but never uploaded it, but I remembered today a nice story that went along with this drawing and that’s why I’m uploading it now. I was at a convention and a very young girl dressed as D.Va (she couldn’t have been older than 8) absolutely loved this print. I gave it to her for free because this girl was a badass and more girl gamers the merrier right? Well anyways her father talked to me after she had run off to the next booth, print clutched in her small hands, and said that he had been looking for a non-sexualized print of D.Va at the con for a long time and that he appreciated this print on behalf of his daughter, who was a massive fan of the character. I found that to be genuinely touching.

Also the Hangul is backwards on purpose, please don’t message me about it, haha.

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What's with the sketch of you (I think?) being chased down?

It’s part of this!

I drew a lot of weird comic things that we talk about in our chat…

Like here; Our friend ‘Texas’ wears a hat and we decided to say whoever get’s the hat is kind of the ring leader?? 

So while she was asleep in the chat I decided to say I had the hat (Then she woke up and screamed at me for like half an hour telling me to give it back)

These people were literally complete strangers 6 months ago and now we yell at each other about hats.  ◕ω◕

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Where did Kõhe's character design come from? He's never actually been seen in a video right? Who designed him he's so cool

well its a mix of a lot of things. after i had him drew him befriending fake frank, @cloroux redrew him interacting with fake having long em0 hair. then that kinda made me redraw his design for his eyes never to be seen + turtleneck + dark colors. then  @franklyfilthyfantasies gave him fingerless gloves for her story and…. noW we have kōhe’s design. just a bunch of artists coming together rly


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Ok so I kinda drew a thing for the ghoul grumps au is it ok if I show you?? Ahh Idk sorry for being a bother ;v;

yeah man of course!! you can either upload it on your own blog and mention me in it or submit it directly to me! <3


I’ve been really inconsistent about posting these and for that I’m sorry, but here you go. I have been trying to branch out a little and draw people who I don’t usually draw and even some who i’ve never drawn before :3

So on the 18th I didn’t draw anything…
But on the 19th I made up for it and drew 2 things :3 A Barry :3 and a Bee and Puppycat style Dan :3
On the 20th, I drew a Ross
21st, I drew a Brian
And the 22nd, because I’m sick, I decided to draw my favorite snuggle man: Burrito Dan :3

Send me stuff to draw! I’m rapidly running out of ideas XD Send me an ask with someone or something to draw and I might just give it a try :3

So yeah, i’m actually back

Sup, I hope you didn’t think you could get rid of me like this (?)

I said I would be out Monday to Monday because I came back tired on Sunday… well.. it seems im not THAT tired (?)

Still, last time I upload this was last Sunday. No those little things that were internet sparkles doesn’t count sHHHHH.

I drew shit, I could do what I wanted talking about arcs… except one, I need to do it before you figure it out which one it is.

Now now, I won’t post everything like “PIUM!”, I will queue… and post… tomorrow

Yeye because Im not that tired but I wanna do something else (?).

So! I will post two asks that I couldn’t answer before… and then tomorrow you will get news from my fnaf self, ok? ok~

I will open the ask box soon too, so doN’T PANIC (??)

Again, welcome to hell- I mean fnaf-sxc