a thing of beauty is a joy for ever

Like the litteral moral of Yuri!!! on Ice is : sacrificing your self for others is unhealthy and toxic as fuck, don’t do it ! 

And that’s so beautiful because everytime Yuuri tried to self-sabotage under the disguise of “nobly sacrificing himself because he’s not worth it anyway”, Victor came out with a big sign saying “NO”

This whoel relationship was like a big punch in the face of all the “I am only my romantic relationship” it was amazing. 

So people, enjoy your romantic relationships, enjoy the joys and fight through the sads. But never ever ever let it become the only thing you are. Nor expect it to be the only thing your partner should be.

Yuuri litterally tried to Icarus his way back into his ivory tower before finally realising that he had a real human being in front of him and that he deserved to be considered as one and not as a fear or a fantasy.

When you’re in a relationship there’s two people. Don’t forget yourself in it and don’t forget your partner in it.

50 Things To Remember In Life

Dear Friend,

There are 365 days in a year
And you and I both know from many unfortunate personal experiences,
That not all of those days will be good.
For some, the majority of those days will be a breeze
For others, each day will be a trial.
The world is a difficult place.
The world is an interesting place.
I am here to give you a few reminders
To keep up with this trying world we live in.

1. Follow your own heart and dreams. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you what you can or can’t do.

2. If you want something enough, you will find a way to make it happen.

3. You will meet people who hate you, and you will meet people who love you, and you will meet people who you think love you. Don’t be fooled. Some people are just passing by in your story called life. They’re there to teach you something, so always be aware.

4. Always remember that bad things and situations you don’t like will end. It may take minutes, hours, days, or years, but never forget that they will end eventually. You can get through anything.

5. You are your own person, not anyone else’s. Don’t let people take control of you and change your beautiful self.

6. The people in your life who make you giggle and smile in the darkest of times are ones you need to keep with you forever. There is always the potential for hard times, and you’ll need someone to cheer you on.

7. You do not have to live up to any standards or expectations. Family and peers and society are constantly telling us that we have to be a certain way, or else we aren’t good enough. Tune out of that thinking and just be yourself. That’s the best thing you can be.

8. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. Being out of the box can bring on so many amazing new opportunities you never even thought existed.

9. A lot is going to happen to you during your lifetime, so let yourself feel anything and everything. Always feel as much as you can. It makes you experience things at a higher level and you can say, “Yes I know this feeling. I’ve been here before.”

10. A good cry cleanses the heart and mind and soul.

11. Appreciate the small things. They can teach you to love and be at peace with everything around you.

12. It’s okay to take a break from everyday duties once in a while.

13. Travel whenever possible, it opens the mind. Go on adventures in new places and learn about the world. You will come back a new person.

14. Get up the courage to talk to strangers. That’s how you meet people. Who knows, the next person you meet could end up being your new best friend.

15. Stand in the rain and breathe in the wide open air and absorb everything you can about the earth.

16. Long walks are something that can clear the mind and resolve many issues.

17. It’s okay to lay in bed with a book all day.

18. Look out the window and watch the snow silently fall. It’s one of the most peaceful and relaxing things you can do.

19. Remember that everyone is living their very own life with their own problems, so always be kind and respect others.

20. Keep and open mind and listen to people’s thoughts. You might discover more than you think.

21. You are not defined by your weight or skin color or career or the number of friends you have or your grades in school or your decisions. You are so much more than that.

22. Everyone makes mistakes in life, so don’t judge a person based on their decisions.

23. Keep your own limits and morals. Don’t give them up for anyone.

24. Live a little. Be spontaneous and experience all that you possibly can.

25. Aim to live a life that you will be proud of and content with when you’re 90 years old.

26. Things in life will tear you down, but time heals everything.

27. Rumors don’t help anyone. Don’t start or spread them.

28. Your soulmate is out there in the world searching for you too. Don’t lose hope. You’ll find each other one day.

29. Treat yourself once in a while.

30. Random acts of kindness can make someone’s day and it can make you feel good too.

31. You’re going to have to work if you want to live a truly happy life. Don’t cheat or make someone else do the work for you. That will only make an unfulfilled and empty life for you in the end.

32. Be proud of everything you do.

33. Self love never hurt anyone.

34. Find things to look forward to. It will keep you excited and more hopeful for the bright future.

35. Leave a piece of you in every place you go and with every person you meet.

36. Always listen to people. Everyone just wants to be heard and understood and feel like they matter to someone.

37. Do what is best for you in the long run, even if it hurts at first.

38. Love with all your heart and soul at every opportunity.

39. Never settle for less. You deserve the best and whatever makes you truly happy.

40. Don’t feel bad if someone doesn’t like you. It’s their loss because they won’t get to experience your magnificent presence.

41. Never fear love. Love can make you grow and blossom and teach you so much. Don’t fear it, but proceed with caution. Broken hearts will heal with time, but they are never fun.

42. Dancing silly to your favorite songs will guarantee some giggles and smiles.

43. Always sing in the shower, and when you’re home alone, sing as loud as you can.

44. Put effort into everything you do. It makes it all worthwhile and you feel better about it in the end. You can reflect and say “Look at this. I’m proud.”

45. Exercise makes you feel good and you’ll feel accomplished too. Try it sometime.

46. You are beautiful exactly how you are. Don’t deny yourself of your own loveliness.

47. You may not be perfect, because no one is, but you’re hella radiant, which is near perfection.

48. To grow as a person and expand your mind and soul, learn at least one new thing everyday.

49. Don’t beat yourself up about things you have no control over.

50. Happiness is not a goal or a point on a map. It is a state of being that everyone deserves.

Now my friend, I hope you can carry these things with you in your heart
Because every time you are down
You can always get back up.
Every time you are afraid
The fear won’t last forever.
This world and the people in it may knock you down
But you need to keep getting back up.
You have to.
Live, live, live.
Live your dream life. Make things happen.
It will be hard and it may seem hopeless and pointless sometimes,
But just remember that things really do get better.
The world is a difficult place.
The world is a beautiful place.
But only if you believe it to be.

Don’t lose hope.
I love you.

Sincerely, Me.

—  s.h. (via evanescentbeings )
i and love and you | naruto

prompt: one of them gets sick and the other has to take care of them. @stellatiate
sum: you and me, we flew
a/n: i’m going to start taking prompts on my narfic sideblog @datte-ba, just fyi! also, please reblog + comment! 

Hanabi doesn’t expect him to make an appearance. Or, maybe she does, but not this quickly.

Kou offers the younger Hyuuga sister an amused look as she passes by, but Hanabi is careful not to do more than smile. Naruto’s eagerness in regards to all things concerning her sister is an easily laughable thing, but in a good way. His open and endless love for Hinata Hyuuga brings a smile and affectionate laughter to almost anyone’s face, sometimes even Hiashi’s.

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I’m not completely sure I love you. I’m just a teenage girl who’s bad at all things concerning the art of romance. Even if I don’t love you, I feel pretty damn close. I am absolutely obsessed with you, you occupy my every thought. My heart beats so fast when I think of seeing you again, and I could live in the joy I feel when you’re around. You’re the first person I loved after having my heart absolutely shattered for the first time ever. You taught me that love doesn’t equal pain. Your eyes are so warm, so beautiful, so right. I never knew brown eyes were my favorite until I looked into your’s. I love everything about you, all your insecurities because without them, you wouldn’t be you. You’re far from perfect, but we all are, and that’s okay. There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to be with you right now. I would give up my entire universe if it meant that you were happy. There are so many things I want to say to you, but I have no idea how to string together the words to express them. So, instead, I’ll say this. I think, maybe, after all, I do love you.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1066 // excerptsofstories
Goodbye’s In The Morning // Chris Evans x Reader

words: 2000+

characters: Chris and You

warnings: fluff

summary: Goodbyes are sometimes just too bittersweet. (shitty summary ik, I’m sorry, I’m tryin’ to be ‘elusive’)

Chris looked at the hotel room and saw you; the most beautiful thing he’d ever be able to see on this earth.

You were beaming in the rays of sunlight that were rare for this January morning in Boston. Nevertheless, he thanked the gods for those beams of sunlight as they glistened across your morning dew, your puffy lips from a long, well-deserved sleep with your man finally wrapped in your arms once more.

With a toothbrush sticking out of his mouth and covered only by boxer which left him chilly; he felt an overwhelming sense of joy pour into his heart as he watched you, in all your morning glory.

The thing was that; you were nothing special, in your eyes and many- possibly millions of others. You were not an actress or a singer. You didn’t excel tremendously in school or have the body that plastered the magazines and internet, deeming them as the ‘sexy bod’s you can get in a week’ or the ‘body that she never thought she could get’. 

Well, guess what? You had rolls of fat on your stomach and you always had a hankering for chocolate. You were far from any magazine’s standard of a ‘goddess’. That didn’t mean Chris deemed you less of a goddess, far from it. 

You were his goddess. He cherished the ground you walked on, he loved the way you mismatched your bra’s and panties because you believed ‘matching bras and panties is for pornstars and people who try too hard.’

He was in love with your integrity, humor, passions, dreams, and so much more he’d lose his mind if he listed them all now.

He was just a sick puppy-man in love, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you love something, Chris always used to belief you could love only to a certain degree.

There’s only so much a person can give to another, right? Love was one of the most intimate things a human has, and giving that away was like taking your soul and handing it out as a flyer. Chris never wanted his heart handed out over the streets of Boston or any city he visited. He wanted it safe in his own hands, or at least in the hands of someone who he’d know would never do wrong by him. So many times, he gave his heart away. Only to find it in crumpled up forms at his doorstep a year, at most, later.

That was until he met you. Every moment Chris spent with you, he saw more and more of what true love is. It was so imperfect and upsetting, Chris loved every moment he had it, though.

You weren’t perfect, you were stubborn, moody when tired, lazy, and yet all of that could be washed away in a second. As soon as he saw you smile.

True love…

That’s holding someone’s hair back as they continued to vomit into the toilet after bad seafood.

Cleaning up the dishes while they watched a program you hated to hear blasting on the television.

Listening to you along to songs while being out of tune, and never changing the station even if it was Taylor Swift, again.

It was making sure that the car was warmed before someone got in.

That the had been coffee brewed before you’d wake up your significant other.

Watching them show their faults and quirks and never blinking an eye to any of them.

Love was unconditional and that was the best part… you didn’t have to try hard when it came to true love because it was True. Fucking. Love.

The universe made two people for each other, and they fit perfectly together. With faults, weird habits and all.

“Whatcha smirkin’ at over there, Chrispy Creme?” Shrugging, Chris got up and walked over to you laying in white fluffy sheets with a tea being nursed in your cold hands.

He felt a smile rise again to his lips when a giggle came from you watching the hotel’s television where they played a marathon of The Office. Here you were, sitting up with you legs crossed and your hair messily braided into two parts. Your sparkling, morning eyes couldn’t tear away from the television as you saw Dwight bag Meredith’s head with a bat inside it.

There was a marathon of The Office on TBS. Very much to your delight, he may add. You were a fangirl at heart. For The Office, Marvel, Disney; not to Chris’s own extent, but still considered a fangirl.

It was no secret that movies and tv were the escape you used as a child, teenager, and even now in adult life. Your childhood was not one to look back and smile about, and school… well, t paid for therapist’s underground pool, let’s say that. Chris hurt to think that all those years you suffered, feeling alone and unaccepted in your tiny world in a small town that was a junkyard, to begin with. You never spoke of the people of your past anymore, never since you told Chris everything about your upbringing, clearly stating you never wanted to speak of it again. Which was understandable, but still. Chris’s heart still tightened up when he thought of you at eleven years old, sitting alone on the grass as the other kids played around with their friends and you broke grass in half, one by one, counting every tear off each strand of greenery you tore apart until the bell rang to go back inside. He wished he was there, him being his eleven-year-old self, offering you to play basketball or go on the swing sets together.

The thought of you all alone tore his heart in two. It left tears in his eyes as he faced his own reality that was slowly seeping back into his brain, sending an emotional bomb off in his chest.

He had to leave you in two hours, alone. In two hours you were going to be that eleven-year-old, stuck all alone on the playground. You were eleven with two braids split straight down the middle, in overalls and a ripped pink t-shirt, getting teased with no one to defend your honor for why you came to school with dirty on your knees and elbows. Hair greasy and shoes with holds on the bottoms.

“Chris… are you okay? You look like you’ve just seen something awful?” Sitting your cup on the nightstand,  you got to your knees and wobbly made your way across the bed and over to the man that towered over you. Ironically you seemed to be the tall one now, as tears brimmed his eyes and his hands became fidgety hanging low in front of him.

“N-no. I-I just… my flight.”

“O-oh.” Now it was your turn to become the small one, again. You felt his fingers try to hold your own but for some reason, you let them slip through as you turned around and got back into bed. Denying the fact that he was going to be gone again for two weeks. Having the time of his life while you filed paperwork for patients for the third floor of the Boston’s Child Hospital.

“Common, please… it already hurts enough that I’m leaving-”

“Well, how do you think I’m feeling then!” I burst out at him like a firecracker, lifting my head off the cold pillow that smelled like his shampoo, making me even more upset.

Chris crossed over to the bed and sunk his knees to the floor leaving on the bed with his elbows as he brushed back your bangs that covered your wide-eyed fear of seeing him take off on an airplane once again, leaving you here with nothing to come home too.

“I can’t have you hating me when I leave, Sweet Pea? I won’t. I won’t leave here, goddammit!” His tone came out more comedic than angry which made you smile a tad, letting a bit of light into Chris’s heart again just at the tug of your lips that he saw.

Your face was barely shown to him as you buried it into his pillow, only one eye beautiful doe-eye peeked out at him, while one side of your lips was shown to him, letting him see the small smile. Chris came forward and rested his head on the same pillow, allowing your noses to almost touch as he smiles at your pinched cheeks from the emotions running through you.

Mumbling into the pillow, you pulled your face out for Chris to stroke gently with his fingers, ever so gently caressing your burning cheek.

“You really wouldn’t leave if I was hating you?”  He shook his head, smiling a toothy grin,

“Not if they paid me in the billions, Peanut.” Smiling, I let my demeanor down and twisted my body to face Chris’s, I gave a weak smile that gave Chris’s eyes almost a sparkle at the sight of my small gesture of acceptance.

“What about trillions?”

“Nope, mm-hm.”


“Not gonna happen sweets, you’re worth all the gold a leprechaun could ever give me.” Okay, I giggled at that one. As soon as he saw my teeth, he gave a wide grin and tackled me on the bed, making me yelp in surprise.

“There she is! There’s my girl!” I giggled as Chris kissed my peaked my face all over, finding any spot he could to cover his lips in until he settled on my own warm lips. My lips tasted like tea but overpowered by the hint of sugar, but most of all warmth. The warmth from the hot drink and now warmth from his body pressing into mine. I parted my lips and head his face back, smiling up at those blue eyes I knew I was a goner for the second I saw them reach mine.

“Let’s get you ready for two weeks of being Captain America again, baby.” Chris smiled down at me, cupping my right cheek with his large hand. “It’s a press tour, babe. I’m not gonna be in my suit or anythin’.”

“I know, but the world is gonna be seeing their Cap after a long time. They’ve missed seeing their hero for so long. I know I do, even when you leave for just two weeks.”

He looked taken aback but held back the emotion that was ablaze in his eyes, “I’m your hero.”

“Of course you are! You’re not just my hero, you’re my best friend and the love of my life… even if you weren’t Cap, you’d still be my hero, Baby.” Sniffling, he leaned down and kissed my nose softly, yet lingering for a longer time before finally, pulling himself away which looked like a struggle throughout his whole body.

“God. Can I pack you into my suitcase? Please? I mean you could fit if we leave all my clothes here…”

I gave my hero a grin and shrugged, “Why not?”

(I mean, I had to leave this! It’s Jim for goodness sake!)

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“Saroo’s character is incredibly torn, because he’s got this wonderfully loving family in Australia that he is completely thankful for and is at home with. But he’s also riddled with guilt that he’s living this privileged life when his family in India could be out there on a truck still searching for him. At its core, it’s a story about the love between a mother and son, and how that can transcend continents. I’m a real mommy’s boy, so I wanted to make it not only for myself, but for my mom. And I think it’s rare to find a film that will bring a lot of joy to the world, like this one will. The script was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read.” - Dev Patel

Just a small thing that occurred me.

How terrible it is that Feyre didn’t want to paint anymore. I mean, she was so into her depression and so helpless and desperate to the point she did not want to paint anymore - the thing that used to bring her the biggest joy.
And it is her life at the night court - it is Rhys - that makes her want to do it again. How she progressively healed, she progressively started wanting to do things again, to live again - because he helped her, he was there for her.
I just love, love this sutil details that were thrown in the middle of the book.
ACOMAF is so beautiful.
I am still not over it.
Not at all.

The realm of fairy-stories is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: all manner of beasts and birds are found there; shoreless seas and stars uncounted; beauty that is an enchantment, and an ever-present peril; both joy and sorrow as sharp as swords. In that realm a man may, perhaps, count himself fortunate to have wandered, but its very richness and strangeness tie the tongue of a traveller who would report them. And while he is there it is dangerous for him to ask too many questions, lest the gates should be shut and the keys be lost.
—  J.R.R. Tolkien, On Fairy-Stories, 3.

I can’t believe it’s been over 5 years since the first time I ever talked to Natasha.

Back then I could not understand how someone could have found me through the things I created because at that point I was completely unknown (hell, I’m still a complete unknown), and here was this beautiful girl just…spreading all this positivity and joy towards me when I was feeling the quite opposite of that in my life.

Never did she express anything other than love and kindness towards me. Even after all of these years, not once has Natasha hurt me. She has never brought any pain to me and I don’t think she ever could.

And to be honest, it was almost unreal for me to accept.
I almost pushed myself completely away from her because I know I have such capacity to hurt others and I didn’t want to be the one that tore her apart.

I didn’t think there were people like her in the world. Selflessly caring for others without asking anything in return. Always just a message away. Never disappearing and leaving no trace of themselves behind when things got rough.

I still sometimes don’t feel good enough for her, if only because she is so absolutely pure in my eyes.

Until you know her in this intimate way, I don’t think anyone can truly understand how special she is.

She wears herself thin at the expense of making others happy. She’ll spend her last pennies to make sure her friends have wonderful gifts on their special days. She works her fingers to the bone making sure others are looking absolutely beautiful. She offers her home and food to the ones who need a place to crash…

Everyday of my life I ask how the fuck did I get so lucky to be the one to share this space in time with her? And be accepted into her warm embrace?
To share so much laughter and happiness and adventure with her…?
To hold her and kiss her and make her feel the very same way…she makes me feel?

I love you, Natasha and today I, Ash and all of the people who love you get to celebrate the day you were born.
You make the world a brighter place every. single. day. and we are the lucky ones, we are the blessed ones, to be in that light beside you.

You’re my Fuji apple, my passionate doll.
My two of hearts. The Michael Alig to my James St. James and I love you completely…!

Thank you for giving me something I never thought I would ever…ever have in my life.

Happy Birthday, baby! <3 <3 <3

Let it cold

Harrison Osterfield x Reader
Prompt : “ Maybe Haz & reader take Monty (his dog) for a walk in the snow and fluff happens?” by @addycarvere
Words: 690

It was snowing slightly and you smiled and sighed at it. The weather was cold but your heart melt at sight of your favorite thing ever, snow flakes. You looked inside and watched as Harrison played a little with Monty, which was shaking her tail happily at his touch. You smiled at it, loving your beautiful and happy babies.

He suddenly looked at you back, his smile filling you with warm, joy and love. This feeling like your whole body would burst of how much you loved and cared about him. His eyes still focusing on how your cheeks got pinker, your pupils dilated and your lips formed into a small smile.

“Haz” He looked at you gently at the sound of your voice. Your hands sweating with excitement with what you had on mind.

“Yes, baby?” Your heart twisted inside your chest at the sweet nickname he gave you. His voice filled with love, making your body heat increase.

“Can we have a walk?” Your excited tone made him grin. “We can bring Monty.” He looked at the dog and nodded to you.

You jumped in excitement and he laughed at how adorable you looked on his eyes. You two put your coats on and got out of the house with Monty. The snow hitting your arms and giving a little bit more of coldness into your bones, the feeling making you feel nostalgic and remembering home.

Harrison touched your arms and you got back to reality, realizing he had stopped a little. He looked a little worried at you but couldn’t keep his eyes of his dog either.

“Is everything ok?” His worrying more expressed in his words, making you guilty for worrying him. You smiled to calm him down.

“Yes, I was just thinking of home and how I loved this period of the year.” He grinned at you and you lifted your eyebrows in question. “What?”

“Yeah, I forgot that I had as a girlfriend almost Elsa from frozen.” You still were unsure of what he was talking, it being showed by your expression face so he continued. “You get overexcited about winter and snow, love.” He laughed a little and you crossed your arms, knowing he was right.

“Well, if you say so…” You shrugged and he leaned down to look to Monty, giving you the chance to form a ball and throw on him. “Let it cold then, baby.” He looked at you with unbelievable eyes.

“This is the worst pun someone have ever made.” He laughed and leaned down to make a snow ball too, his eyes sparkling with it. “Are you sure you are up to this, baby?” He lifted his eyebrows in challenge, his lips forming a smirk.

“Bring it on, honey.” You quickly made a ball and threw on him, making him speechless and running after you.

You two stayed running and throwing snow balls on each other for a while, until he caught you. He was running so fast he couldn’t stop, which led to both of you falling to the cold ground. Monty looked at you laughing, her eyes saying ‘are you two crazy?’, which made both of you laugh more.

You realized this was a great opportunity to make an snow angel while Harrison was getting up. You finished and got up, looking to your work proudly. He smiled at you, thinking he was so lucky to have someone as adorable and loveable around.

“Beautiful snow angel.” He pointed while passing his arms around your waist, hugging you. “But you know who’s the most beautiful angel?” You nodded as no and he smiled, putting his finger on your nose. “You, silly.”

“I love you, Haz.” You leaned in and your lips touched his. The cold of the snow going away with the warmth of his body and touch.

“I love you too, Y/N.” You two smiled at each other for a while, unaware of the world around you. Completely blind by the other’s figure. “What about we go back and I make hot chocolate for both of us?” You smiled and pecked his lips quickly.

“Sounds lovely.”

Una cosa bella è una gioia per sempre: cresce di grazia; mai passerà nel nulla.

-John Keats

A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

Knit for Bits Sale (selling knit things)

Linda: *picks up tea cozy* For the love of…who made this pattern?

Sans: EYE don’t know. EYE think it’s pretty neat.

Linda: Oh joy, when did you become an expert on knitting? You don’t even have hands.

Sans: Hey, I didn’t mean to rattle your bones. I just keep an eyesocket out for BONE-tiful beauty.

Linda: What could you possibly see in this rag? I swear monsters have no sense of taste…

Sans: I dunno. Grillby seems to do pretty well for having no taste.

Linda: Do you ever shut up?!

Sans: Not until I shut you down. *smug*

Linda: *silent rage face*

Sans: Yeah, like that. *walks away*

“Dear darling,

Whenever I think about you, I am filled with joy. You have quickly become a staple in my everyday life. I can not longer imagine my life without you in it. When I think about how you’ve been treated in the past, my heart breaks for you. You are such a good person, with a big heart and a sense of kindness that I can’t ever quantify it.

You look out for me. You care when things happen to be and I know I would just have to call for you and you’ll be there.

You are dependable, beautiful, and smart. I know without a doubt in my heart that with you in my life anything is possible and I am better because of you being here.

Forever yours,

A letter from my partner that I keep with me everywhere I go. They’re so incredible and I can’t imagine a future without them which is why before the month is up, I’m asking them to marry me. Words cannot express how gay I am for this person. I love them dearly.

I hope anyone who reads this finds this happiness and completion in their life. Best wishes, everyone. I hope you are as loving and as loved as I am.


Study Inspiration

“I want you to promise me you’ll always chase your dreams. Don’t you let anybody steal your joy. You’re beautiful and you’re worth every ounce of love and respect and attention.
Promise me you’ll stay in school. Get your own education. Your own job. Your own career. Don’t you ever depend on a man for a damn thing.”
Nicki Minaj

  1. Never let someone try to tell you you’re “fat”, “ugly”, or “not good enough”. Because listen to me when I say that you ARE so beautiful and definitely good enough.

  2. If you ever feel like the walls are closing in, or you’re feeling all alone, or feeling like you don’t matter…Listen to me when I say, YOU ARE SO IMPORTANT AND YOU DO MATTER! You’re important for so many reasons, some of those reasons you still have yet to find out, but YOU WILL FIND THOSE REASONS! You just gotta keep going, keep fighting those thoughts out of your head, and everything will be okay. You are absolutely NOT ALONE!

  3. Find joy in the stupid things. Who cares what other people think? If it makes you smile, or feel giddy inside, or even feel the tiniest shred of happiness, then sweetheart, you enjoy the shit out of it! Smile so big it makes your cheeks hurt! You deserve all the happiness.

  4. Make other people happy, you’ll find yourself becoming a more positive, happy, person.

  5. You make sooooo many people happy, more than you can actually know, so please, keep fighting and stay strong, for the sake of yourself and all the people who care about you…

  6. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Even when you feel like you’ll never amount to anything, and that the concept of believing in yourself seems completely impossible to you, just know that I believe in you and so do a whole lot of other people. YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!

Letting go isn’t always easy, in fact it is almost always hard. Letting go requires releasing something you held so close, releasing an idea in your head that you treasured. It’s agreeing to stop romanticizing him, to stop dreaming for things that just aren’t going to work out. It’s letting go of the thing that’s giving you pain and instead choosing to embrace everything that gives you joy. I can’t stress how hard it is to say goodbye, to say goodbye to feelings that were once so beautiful. You’ll cry, probably, and maybe you’ll wonder when something will ever work out for you. And most of all you’ll want to blame yourself, to call yourself ugly and weird and claim no one likes you. Self-deprecation and apathy is our most common defense mechanism. But do not do and say these things, for they are not true. Instead simply let go. Tell yourself it’s okay to cry and feel heartbroken for a while. Tell yourself everything you are feeling is completely normal, but also complex and valued. Tell yourself you have people who care about you;family members, friends, teachers, etc. And most of all, tell yourself that this boy or girl does not define who you are in the slightest. You are so much more, my love. You are a unique collection of atoms with different gifts and talents and traits and you will live a life filled with love and adventure and knowledge, a life filled with beauty. Do not focus on the fact that he does not love you; go on and love yourself.
—  an excerpt from a book i’ll never write #6 (she lost him but she found herself, and somehow that was everything)
  • me listening to a song for the first time: this fucking sucks tbh
  • me listening to the same song for the 800th time today: i dont know how i could ever live without this song. this is the best thing ive ever heard. my ears are not worthy of such a work of art and yet i cannot bear to stop listening. the emotions that overcome me when i listen to this beautiful song are too intense to describe,,,all i can do is listen again or i will never again experience True Joy