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Call Me by Your Name, a film by Luca Guadagnino - November 24, 2017

Summer of 1983, Northern Italy. An American-Italian (Timothée Chalamet) is enamored by an American student (Armie Hammer) who comes to study and live with his family. Together they share an unforgettable summer full of music, food, and romance that will forever change them.

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You know i began to follow you because i liked your art style and your comics at first sight, and you're always showing more and more skills into your drawings... i'm deeply impressed, as the story's good, the characters are charming and the way you draw everything, from joy to sadness, is so well done, i hope somedays i'll reach a level this great. Have a nice day, night or morning ❤

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Remember the galaxy talk? X3 my offer still stands

((You’ve already filled this blog with so much love, all the stars in the sky wouldn’t be enough to count it. I think it’s time that you get some in return <3

Thank you all for being so kind and wonderful and always being there for the people who need it, and for me, even when we say we’re fine. Thank you all for being who you are and making the fandom as fun as it is, and for cheering people on, and for spreading as much love as you have <3 You’re all incredible, and the blog would be less without you <3))

This is my take on how LeFou must have been feeling after certain incidents. It kind of irks me that we didn’t get a few seconds of LeFou feeling anything for Gaston. Yes, LeFou broke it off with him and rightfully so, but this guy was his best friend who LeFou cared for, and he betrayed him, abandoned him, committed some downright atrocities, and died all on the same night. You don’t go to a party all sunshine and butterflies after that. So we have some Stanley flirting, but it’s too soon for LeFou. And he has a talk with Belle. 

Slowly the party guests dispersed, dividing back into their individual lives. He saw the Prince—er, Adam (“Please! Not so formal,” the young man insisted.) cheerfully seeing guests off and offering to “come back anytime” to merchant and peasant alike. LeFou was sure he was breaking about a dozen social rules, but he didn’t care. Something really special happened here today. LeFou had never seen so much beauty in one place—real beauty, and he was already sorry it was over. Going back to his own life was something he thought he could go on ignoring.
Stanley plopped in the chair next to him, giggling and hiccuping and stinking drunk. More reminders. LeFou tried to smile his warmest. It wasn’t Stanley’s fault LeFou couldn’t get himself together. “This place’s got the good stuff. One o’ two glasses o’ tha stuff will set ya on the right path.”
“The path to where?” LeFou chuckled.
“To trouble,” his lips curved into a flirtatious smirk. “Would you like—”
“Ar-are you sure you will be alright getting home? I think I ought to find someone to get you an escort.”
Stanley’s face fell into a slight frown. “Well, yes, alright… Thank you. I really had a lovely time.”
“As did I!” LeFou chirped a little too eagerly to make up for how disappointing he was being. But it was absolutely true. He did have a lovely time… as long as he was ignoring certain things. Still, he took Stanley’s hand gently in his own and placed a delicate kiss on the back of it. More giggles and a visible blush.
He watched as a servant arrived to see to Stanley’s safe return to the village.
“Why did you let him go?”
“Bah! Belle! I, er, uh… Thank you for having me. I mean… after everything.”
Belle noticed how he was suddenly so nervous in her presence. “I’m not angry with you anymore, LeFou. Actually, I never really was angry at you.”
“Ha, you’re not mad at me? Well, I’m mad at me, and I bet you’d change your mind if you knew the reason why I let him go.”
Belle’s brow wrinkled in confusion until realization hit her. It was Gaston. A dark cloud had suddenly cast its shadow on the both of them. It made her feel guilty to no end, but she could not deny that she was glad to be rid of him. Even now when she was sure everything was alright, memories of Gaston’s hateful, ruthless pursuit of her love lingered like a shadow.
“Yeah, that…” LeFou noticed the far away look on her pretty features and knew she must have been reliving it all over again. Thinking, it’s dangerous.
“I-I don’t know what to say. I am truly sorry though. I hate to see you so down.”
“You all must think me a fool.”
“Not at all. But he didn’t—”
“Deserve me. I know, I know.”
“Well, yes, but—”
“I wasted my feelings on him for all those years. Heh, I’m still wasting them.”
“Will you let me finish?” her tone betrayed her annoyance. It must have reminded her of him. It’s just that LeFou was so used to fighting to get a word in. Old habits.
“I was going to say he didn’t know what he had in you. It’s a shame he threw real love away,” she looked at him sadly. “And I truly am sorry.”
“I should have been there with him. I should have stopped him from causing all that pain, from killing himself. I could have done something. I abandoned him.”
“He abandoned you, from what I hear.”
“Yes, he quite literally used me as a shield and left me. I was so mad, I thought, ‘Go off to your ruin then. I never want to see you again.’ And I knew I needed to help those people. I am so glad I did. But still, I could have done more. I should have done more.”
“And do you think there was a chance he would have listened?”
LeFou said nothing. They both knew the chances of that were almost nonexistent. He knew she meant well, but the fact remained she could never really understand. To her, he was an unwanted annoyance, and what’s more, he turned into a complete monster. But there were things she didn’t know about him and probably wouldn’t believe if he told her. “In a way, he was my beast,” he whispered to himself without knowing he was audible. He heard a little gasp from Belle, then she gave him a warm smile.
LeFou laughed darkly at the irony of that notion. Yes, his very own beast.

Hold me by the heart

Kara was growing tired of Cadmus attempts both on her life and on Lena’s. The evil organization never failed to try on their assassinations and kept sending unsucessful alien and human experiments. Their technologies too grows stronger and more modern than their past attempts. Fortunately, Supergirl is always there to save the day, ultimately with the help of Alex, J'onn, Winn, Guardian, Hero in training: Mon-El, and of course, the youngest Luthor.

Everything changed however when Cadmus became knowledgeable of Kara’s greatest weakness: a human form kryptonite or in simple terms: Lena.

It was Tuesday when everything happened. Kara, working on her assigned article for Snapper, received a call from Alex about hostage taking. The golden haired reporter scoffs at another complex human decisions. She made her way to the rooftop and flew.

The Super used her super-hearing to catch the location, Winn already managed to cite where the 20 citizens are being held but Kara caught a different sound. “Stop, just kill me” A familiar voice plead with a horrifying laugh that comes after it. Kara gritted her teeth in anger, Lillian got Lena.

“Supergirl what are you doing? You’re in a complete, opposite direction, make a turn!” Winn shouted with panic in his voice.

Suddenly the earpiece gave out annoying static, changing the current speaker.

“Good afternoon National City. We are Cadmus, and today is the final day that we’re going to prove that your hero-” a scoff. “Supergirl is not what you think she is”

The Super broke the sound barrier.

“There are two bombs on the opposite ends of the city, 20 innocent citizens and your new favorite icon, Lena Luthor on each. Who will Supergirl choose?”

Supergirl used her super-hearing to catch Lena’s voice but never missed the muttering of the people who witnessed the public announcement of Lillian.

“Supergirl would probably save the twenty”
“Where’s the green flying man? Supergirl is not the only hero you know”
“Guardian can help!”
“Why would they even put Luthor on the choice? They’re not worth saving”
“Pfft! As if a Super would pick Luthor than her people”

Supergirl shouted in anger on what she heard. She’s always been like this when Lena’s life is in danger. The beating of her heart goes uncontrollably fast and there’s nothing she can do to ease the rush except when Lena’s on her arms.

“Kara? Kara? You only got 2 minutes left, please the people need you” Alex said in a serious tone.

“I can save them when I got Lena”

“No you can’t Kara”

“Then send J'onn on west!”

“He’s not fast as you, Kara, please don’t do this”

“But Lena-”

“Will be fine. You know that now, they’re just bluffing. Cadmus never kills a Luthor. They need their fingerprints, their biological access to those stupid vaults! Lena will always be fine. Kara, just go back”

“I CANT!” There’s a silence and a tear dropped in Kara’s eyes.

“I keep saving these people Alex! Everyday at any time and what did they do in return? They keep committing these crimes, they keep growing to be-” Kara exhales deeply.  "-a bad person. I keep saving these children, teenagers, adults but then a single horrifying moment in their lives and suddenly they’ll forget about the heroism. They will turn into this Lillian-Lex menace. They- they- Lena deserved better. She’s- she’s been through it all Alex, you must forgive me. I- Lena’s always been good, she’s always- always - worth saving. I’m so sorry" and then she threw the earpiece.


“Kara will never forgive us” Winn mutters under his breath. Tears streaming down his face.

“She will if Guardian and J'onn make it in time”


The Super kept making vapor cone in the air with her changes in speed. She kept recalling her memories with Lena, beautiful memories on her with the young breathtaking Luthor on her arms. The smile on her lips when Kara made something terrible, or her sigh when the hero finally came back to bed after saving late night criminals.

Kara wanted to save Lena not for those memories, but because the world deserved Lena. She kept breaking the sound barrier that resulted her to arrive at the warehouse a minute early.

“Supergirl!” The little girl cheered. All of the twenty innocent citizens inside the cage on her sight.

Kara felt her heart tightens as she grabbed the metal and super-speed on a safe area father from the radius of the bomb, never failing to mutter kryptonian curses under her breath with tears falling in her eyes.

Lena. Lena. Lena. Lena. Lena. Lena. Lena.

That’s her thought when she came back to flying again, her powers burnt out from flying too fast when she heard the bomb explodes. Supergirl unknowingly let out her heat vision from the pain when she heard nothing on Lena’s end. Nothing. The youngest Luthor kept silent on the last seconds of her life.

Not muttering It will be alright to Kara.

Not bothering to say those three stupid words.

Not whispering how Kara saves the day again.


Lena Luthor dies forty seconds away from Supergirl’s rescue.

That was the same day the hero of National City cried. The same day she came bursting in the DEO headquarters shouting at both Winn, her bestfriend and Alex, her sister, the one who embraced her on her darkest moments, who chose to tricked the Super on the direction. Who took advantage of her clouded judgement on location. 

“I could’ve saved her” She yells. 

“And you saved twenty people Kara! Twenty!” Alex answered in return. Her anger not on Kara, but on herself alone.

J'onn came in between the two sisters. “It’s my fault-”

“It is all of you at fault! You didn’t try harder! You were just this far from her!” Kara let out a broken voice, wincing at her interpretation of the distance. “You didn’t try harder just because she’s a Luthor right? right?!” Tears came flooding again.

“You must all be relieved by now, right Guardian? J'onn? Mon-El?” She said with despise in her tone. “All of you must be relieved by now that another Luthor was erased from the world! Another threat taken care of! Luthor killing another Luthor, Ha! What a great relief it is for today’s DEO agents” She said pointing her fingers at random all across the room. Mocking on all of the agents that’s facing the floor with grim on their faces.

A day passed and Supergirl didn’t attend the thanking ceremony of the twenty innocent lives she saved.

Kara Danvers didn’t made a call and apologize to her sister.

The reporter didn’t came in to her job at CatCo.

The sunny Danvers didn’t passed her assigned article.

J'onn stopped the attempted crime, Supergirl should’ve done.

Guardian caught the bad guys Supergirl should’ve caught.

Mon-El staring at the specific favorite chair where Kara always sat on.

Winn aimlessly scrolling on his computer on his nineteenth hacked system of L-Corp Lena told him he couldn’t break into.

Jess couldn’t bring herself out of the bed when the news came out, her boss dead. She just- she’s been crying for hours since she knew.

The florist where Lena bought her flowers for Kara, closed the shop. The old woman couldn’t bring herself to work when every flowers reminded her of how the youngest Luthor smiled in the middle of the store, announcing that she will come back again for another purchase. The old woman felt her heart breaks, it was just the same feeling when she lost her child.

It was wednesday after Lena’s death and most of the city is giving their gratitude for Supergirl saving the twenty people and sacrificing a Luthor.

Clark, or rather Superman came to the ceremony, his eyes bloodshot for his soul felt like being crushed from losing another family. Lena, was Kara’s other half and when the news came, he was only on the pacific when the bomb explodes. He failed to save the day. So here he is, making an appearance, telling the National City to stop the ceremony for their caped hero, Supergirl would rather want a silent day to grief for the Luthor.

Though, he’s wrong, and so is everyone.

Because Kara Danvers or Supergirl- no, Kara Zor-El is all alone in Lena’s penthouse, their home. She’s all alone, crying in their bed, in their couch, anywhere where Lena used to be.

She held the kryptonite so hard she thought she was going to break it. She pushed it towards her in a human speed, feeling her blood dripping from the self inflicted wound. Kara’s sight getting blurry and yet thinking that it wasn’t enough. It isn’t. Alex would still manage to save her with this wound, so she tried again, and again and again, until the kryptonite is fully covered in her own blood.

“Always” was the hero’s final word before she passed out.

Kara Zor-El would always be with Lena Luthor.

That’s their promise.

About Jimin

I just wanted to say that there are people talking about the jimin thing and saying things like “I’m ashamed/embarrassed of army’s” bc of it spreading and reaching news in Korea and having his family and friends seeing it. To me it does seem like someone being a troll and just wanting to start shit, but regardless it should be taken seriously and it is. Things like death threats and r*pe accusations should be taken seriously even if there isn’t anything to back it up. the troll is probably sitting behind their screen think “oh these fans are so gullible and stupid” well yeah of course we are bc we care about our faves and want to make sure they’re okay. All we can do is think “oh gosh I hope they’re safe and well” and report what we see and that’s it. We don’t know more or less. Its the same thing if it were to happen to exo, or got7, monsta x, etc. People would be worried and they have every right to be. Nobody should ever wish death upon someone. Nobody should be laughing at others for worrying about death threats and even rumors that could hurt somebody and the things going on should and are being taken seriously. So to people being embarrassed or ashamed, you don’t have to be. Its unfair to think so. anyone would be worried if it was an artist/idol that they looked up to.

“Please don’t question my sympathies, Seira, Regis,” Frankenstein says with a smile, a smile they recognise. “I know not what it’s like to not fight to teeth and bone.” He steels himself to face Raizel’s face and smiles once more, genuinely, to the children. “You ask it of me; I cannot refuse.”

Remember Six Worlds Down? From the noblesse december event that I never finished? Time to suck it up and Finish It. 

I think the worst thing that fandom culture and the increasing acknowledgement of fandom culture from creators has wrought is this

incredible amount of entitlement that people in said fandoms get like

just because creators know something is a thing in a fandom doesn’t mean they have to do it or else they hate their fans. It’s a consistent thing I’m seeing more and more in fandoms and it’s getting worse. Like all the steven universe garbage that’s happened over that show’s run and now overwatch like

people are wishing other people dead because a robot ninja and an angel woman are dating. and there are people who are legit horrified at the sheer concept of characters being straight and I’m just sat here wondering how they can possibly tolerate real life.

the fact that people get so entrenched in what they perceive as author approval when their ships and headcanons aren’t immediately shut down, despite said author interacting with the fanbase, that their mental health deteriorates when something contradictory is even hinted at is just sickening like

I just went on twitter and saw people legitimately wanting to kill a man on the overwatch team because of gency and like

its. not. yours.

you do not own overwatch. you do not own steven universe. you do not own anything you’re fandoming so hard over. rebecca sugar could tomorrow have pearl confess her love to renaldo and the overwatch team could make torbjornXpharah and both of them would be canon because it’s THEIR CREATION AND THEY DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS.

THEY get to decide what to do with it. Not you. It is NOT YOURS.

I absolutely think fandom/tumblr culture has led to more death threats and harassment than any other thing on the internet and I think if creators want to avoid it, the best way is to just stop acknowledging the fandoms. Because they’ll twist whatever they can get their filthy hands on so they can shit on other people and never feel remorse or grow as people because they’re doing it to be “progressive”


“Welcome to Blue Lion!”

Tho there are already million bakery AUs, I too had to make one where Keith is a tired college student™ who stumbles into an old but cozy bakery/cafe and meets the bubbly baker~

Also this was the first time I created the setting on Sims 4 and used it as base bg. Much more easier than building on Google SketchUp :’)


Who You Really Are 


Everyone’s congratulating PBG for his upset outburst towards Jontron, but nobody’s congratulating him for apologizing for it after and showing political disagreements shouldn’t be what destroys friendships.
I have a lot more respect for him because of this and he deserves more credit for it imo.


Okay I had this sitting about since December. I should have shared it sooner but well. I love this movie so much it reminded me why I do what I do

  • Person A and B are in the kitchen. Person A is a small muffin, B is slightly taller.
  • Person A: *struggling to retrieve items from top shelf*
  • Person B: Do you need me to get it for you?
  • Person B: *laughs*...okay then
  • Person A (Moments later...): *defeated sigh* help meeee