a thing i am a bit proud of

tonight was the reception for that scholarship i was selected for :) it was really cute and nice.  all these little old ladies seemed so excited about my work and so confident that i am going to be successful.  it was ….. a nice ego boost?  hahaha.  when the presenter read my biography there were a lot of positive reactions from the crowd to things i am working on and then i had to say a few words, which was a little scary but not bad!  i feel like i have been branching out a bit and getting out of my comfort zone in regards to being social and presenting myself/my work and i feel good about it.  i am proud of myself right now :) 

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Today is a not a good day for me mentally. My hubbs keeps calling me from work to check up on me. I'm just in one of those moods where I want to vanish for a bit, but responsibilities demand my attention. So, I am having a cry before my child gets home from school. I have started therapy and we are discussing medications and I know that is a good step. But I'm terrified all the same.

It’s going to be okay.

YOU are going to be okay. This is a temporary thing with your brain being a dick, and you will get through this.

I’m so proud of you for starting therapy, and looking into meds to help your brain get the help it needs to stop being a dick to you.

If I may suggest something: I practice a version of cognitive behavioral therapy. The short and overly simplified version is: when I feel my brain throwing a sad or depressive or negative thought at me, I stop what I’m doing, and I make the effort to consciously remember something awesome that happened that made me happy. It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it’s a good memory. It doesn’t even have to be a big, complicated memory. It can be like that time I ran my first 5K, or the time I switched on my emulator and it worked! It can be a quiet walk I took with Anne (I have a lot of those to choose from) and specifically how nice it felt to hold her hand. 

We have tons of good memories, and sometimes we have to make the effort and work hard to find them, especially when it’s easier to feel bad about something.

Also, it’s OKAY to recognize that a thing made you sad, and then sort of visualize putting it on a shelf or in a bag or just kicking it out of your way for a moment while you pay attention to that good memory.

There’s science which tells us that the experience of recalling something happy produces the same neurochemicals as actually having that experience, so even though this can feel like woo woo mystical bullshit, it’s a real thing.

So your homework is to think of an awesome thing that happened, just a moment when you were really happy, and recall something specific from that moment. Your brain may try to be a dick and do this thing where it goes, “and that’ll never happen again.” or “and I didn’t deserve it.” When your brain does that, it can be a challenge to stay focused on the good memory, but you can do it!

You’re gonna get through today, I promise. Send me a note tomorrow and let me know how you’re feeling, okay?


Eavhen looks at the ensemble set before her and feels something roil within her.


“No?” Josephine repeats, obviously startled. “Inquisitor, it’s important that we show a united-”

“I understand that, and we’ll come up with something that fits, but…” Eavhen takes a breath and straightens her spine. She’s postured enough by now. “I go as the leader of the Inquisition, of course. But I also will not go to Halamshiral and let them forget that I am Dalish and proud.”

Painting the rest of her body to match her vallaslin may be a bit overdramatic, but she thinks she’s allowed that much by now.

So, um…. I made a full version of Dan’s ‘terrible Eurovision song contest thing’ from Phil’s new anime cosplay video. Don’t ask me what I was thinking, I have no idea. It’s a little bit out of time in some places because Windows Movie Maker is a bitch, but I’m proud of it. Click ‘keep reading’ for lyrics~

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I am just so proud of Isak for not letting that bit about Sonja slide. I love that he was completely honest when he said “well, you said you broke up with her before and two days later you were making out. So I can’t just ignore her.” 

Thank was so brave of him because he just bottles things up but not anymore. He wants to be with Even. Like, really be with him without the bullshit. And Even heard him. He heard it and saw it on his face that he’s serious.

So I feel perfectly confident that they will talk everything out because Isak isn’t playing. It’s them or nothing. 


i can’t wait for “what animal does this blood come from” next halloween

he couldn’t handle her. at all. and it’s almost as if she was chipping away at herself bit by bit, until she said. you know what. this isn’t love. and this isn’t fair to me. and i’d rather go at it alone, even if it’s the scariest thing in the world. 

that’s huge and that’s character development and i am so freaking proud of her. 


lol, I really wish the #EgoChallenge was a thing. can we make it a thing? a lot of issues in society stem from people having low self worth and projecting that pain onto others. in a world where perfect is unattainable, I’m proud to say I love who I am. physically and mentally. decided to write a little bit. pardon my flex. 😂💕 instrumental: “Ego” x @Beyonce 👑🐝

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Five(ish) Things

Tagged by that demon @this-too-too-sullied-flesh for the 5 of my own things I love meme. These things always make me feel awkward but it’s good to push through that nonsense and love yourself blah blah blah so here we are. 

So without further ado, here are five of my manips that I am the fondest of. (I maybe cheated a bit and added two for a couple because they were done as sets.)

Tagging friends to post five creations they are proud of: @killians-dimples, @ohmyohpioneer, @jadeddiva, @universallongings, @caprelloidea, @qqueenofhades, @firstbeanstalk and @wedlakeserenities!

Regular Garnet | Rose & Steven

It’s so interesting how much her face changed between sketch and rendered version.

And as usual I pretty much abandoned my initial color concept, haha. The only thing that stayed the same is her skin, I think.

Also, normal Garnet got a daily deviation on deviantart a bit ago and I am sooo proud <3 I never thought that would ever happen and I was completely caught by surprise, aaaah, I still get fuzzy thinking about it


7/100 days of productivity • 7/1/17 💪🏼

so so so happy today; I started work at 1:00pm and I haven’t been this productive in ages and I’ve got so much done like:
- sixth form application
- brought some cute little things from Tiger (1st pic)
- a load of geography key term cards (2nd pic)
- planned my mock exam/revision timetable for the next week (3rd pic)
- a few little maths reference cards (4th pic)
- taught myself how to do a load of maths questions which I felt so proud about (5th pic)
- studied for English language component 1 for my first mock exam on Monday (6th pic)
- a total of 10 pomodoro’s which, again, I am extremely happy about
- numerous other little bits and bobs

You wouldn’t know it now, but these two had a slightly rocky start almost a year ago~

All y'all need to watch Eyewitness. Why?

* compelling plot that IS NOT overused
* the acting has grown beautifully over the season + it is showcasing young, vibrant talent in the world
* LGBT+ rep, y'all, plus homophobia, internalized homophobia, coming to terms with your sexuality (and yes, the gay relationship is a bit of a subplot but I am still so fucking proud)
* real-life situations that depict a great overall representation of being the child of an addict, of running from your past, of loving someone unconditionally, of still dealing with the repercussion of losing a parent, of stressing about the thought of coming out to the world — actual, real things that people face every single damn day
* Gabe is a veterinarian, end of story
* set in a stereotypical small town instead of large metropolises
* dirt bike boyfriends ???
* very, very brief mentions/subplots of turning to drugs for relaxation, mild schizophrenia, ostracizing, plus so much more
* love is the most pure and most dirtiest sense
* Tyler Young and James Paxton

It has something for everyone. Seriously. Like crime shows? We got you. Like romance? We got that. Like thrillers? Bet. Love drama? Loaded. Humor? It’s there.

Save the show, y'all. It’s simple. Watch it. And you’ll love it. (:



i know halloween was yesterday but i didn’t get to post this over my own excitement. so here you go :3

* ↓ that passage where i talk about my thoughts on this whole Anti thing comes below this way ↓ *

I don’t want to get this too long so I’ll go straight to the point.
Thank you Jack (and Robin, props to that guy) for an amazing Halloween experience! I loved it to bits! I seriously had so much fun searching for clues on your social medias and I was talking about it with my friend every day and it was the most exciting thing I did in a very long time.
I am really glad and kinda proud that you’re interacting with us this much, that you even take something from us and implement it into the content of the channel, it’s the best thing a youtuber could do for his fanbase. I’m seriously proud I’m part of this community, it’s the best one i ever saw and had a pleasure to join.
And to be honest, idk what i will do now with my life XD I’ll miss Anti and all this hype that was going on, i feel like it once again brought the comunity together. I hope something like this (or even Anti) will come back in the future, it was too much fun to let it go c:
But i must admit, having you and your normal posts back is nice :) It’s nice to see your normal feedback again c:
Thank you
(at this point i have no idea if this makes any sense…oh well, you get what i wanna say)
god that was still long…

((Anyway, now that i said all i wanted, there’s one more thing. Can we just about how much we want to see the unedited Anti clips?! XD I mean, still funny and quality content right? XD))

I hope you like my little Jack’o’Lantern and Anti’o’Lanter Jack X3 (so original i know)
Have a lovely day~
- RIP Gerald, the Brave Pumpkin -

Just to say sorry if I am a bit slow/absent on tumblr the next couple of days, just with the holidays coming up and needing to get things done I am working my butt off so I don’t have much time for social media-ing and extra fanart :’D

anyway here’s a bonus Reigen to tide you over, he’s proud of you.


Dope af @oranicuhh
・・・ lol, I really wish the #EgoChallenge was a thing. can we make it a thing? a lot of issues in society stem from people having low self worth and projecting that pain onto others. in a world where perfect is unattainable, I’m proud to say I love who I am. physically and mentally. decided to write a little bit. pardon my flex. 😂💕 instrumental: “Ego” x @Beyonce 👑🐝 #MyHairCrush

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I know Robert has done some horrible things and some will never forgive him but am I allowed to say I have never been more proud of him than here. Making sure Liv is included & feeling special, worrying about how Aaron will feel about the decorations, being gentle with Aaron when Aaron was feeling so needy & Robert had to get things ready. Telling Aaron if you will still have me as if he understands he is the one who is being blessed by Aaron saying yes. It's like a dream. Is this for real 😢😢

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ngl you made me tear up a little bit. Robert Sugden is pretty damn perfect.


The most artistic thing I have ever done. 

This is the dust cover for the copy of Les Miserables a friend and I got another friend of ours for Christmas. However, it was a bit… drab. (see here

So, I decided to add some color. I think it turned out well enough.

(From top to bottom: front cover, spine, back cover, full)

I have written a thing or am still writing a thing and it got to this bit that I had to post because it’s wonderful and I am proud of it:

And there is Smith’s snotty voice again. Harry is so freaking tired of it that he can practically feel the annoyance radiating off of himself.
But the worst Hufflepuff to ever live does not relent and sizes Harry up, looking down at him and asks the most inane question he has ever asked and that is a record.
“Hey, aren’t you gay with Malfoy now? Ginny must be feeling awful after being your beard for so long.”

Harry can almost hear Draco’s eye roll beside him (it is very impressive and elegant) and he feels bolstered to answer, a drawl worthy of his boyfriend emanating from his mouth.
“You know, it might be hard for your small brain to comprehend but there is this handy thing called bisexuality.”