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So I wanted to share my interpretation of this photo of Touka. 

I have seen a lot of talk how this is meant to foreshadow some sort of death with the almost rural cemetery in the background. However, I want to focus what it means in-light of recent chapters. (I have not seen this mentioned so apologies if it has already been done).

Touka is holding Kanekis mask from Tokyo ghoul and later, the mask he uses in Tokyo Ghoul:re. The Eye-patch.

Now masks, as well as being something that covers and hides the individuals identity, is also a metaphor for that person. The masks are used metaphorically to show that the person has something they are hiding. Their is a fundamental reason or complex that they do not open up to other people. For Kaneki, it was his abuse and neglect that led him to hide his emotions.

This led to Kaneki permanently wearing a mask, acting to the role he thinks is best to take. The Kaneki up till recently has been a lie, a projection of who he wants to be or who he sees he needs to be.

The reason he does this is he believes it is to protect others. However, as identified by both Hide and later relayed to Touka for herself to confirm, and confront Kaneki about, he does it for himself:

This ultimately became one of the reasons he met his demise in V14, at the end of Tokyo Ghoul. He did not rely on those that wanted to help.

So what does this have to do with the photo of Touka holding his mask?

Well, I believe it means just that, Touka removed his mask, she has in a way removed the facade he had always been holding up.

She is smiling back at him, ready to accept the man underneath the mask, the man she waited for. 

This correlates with the most recent chapter, as by letting himself cry after receiving affection through making love, he is showing his true self and let his emotions show to her.

And this ultimately will help him get to the point of recovery.

Spoilers from Lars’ Head!

Are these gems defective?

From all we know from the preview is that they’re terrified of the ‘shattering robonoids’ that might be programmed to shatter them and Lars is now pink like Lion.

So my theories are:

• that Sapphire is defective, predicting wrong predictions. (“i predict that lars will change in hue”)
• those skinny guys are actually twins but conjoined, or a fusion, maybe?
• That fusion in the middle might be a fusion of Pearl, because of it’s faniliar clothing and nose and another unfamiliar gem.

EDIT: It’s a Ruby! A Pearl is fused with a Ruby!

ANOTHER EDIT: Orange Sapphire’s predictions are actually late.

Signaling Vs. Seeding

Hello everyone! I’ve been meaning to make this post for awhile since I don’t see a lot of distinction between these two things when queerness is discussed in the fandom. They’re sort of used interchangeably when they’re actually wildly different things with wildly different functions. As always, it’s an opinion based on my own experiences, so you’re welcome to take it or leave it, but I haven’t seen anything discussing this particular issue before and it’s something that really bothers me, as it’s harmful and often rooted in homophobia to misconstrue queer signaling as some type of public performance and I see it being done constantly in this fandom.

Also, I use the word “queer” freely in this post as an umbrella term to mean not straight. If that offends you, quit here.

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What I need answered during the finale episodes of Gotham...


- Is Lee going to die? Is she going to be cured? Will she be the one to leave Gotham forever? If she’s cured will she somehow end up back with Jim?

- Who are they going to reveal as Harley Quinn? (I’m getting vibes from Lee and Barbara, but I’m hoping that they’re both red herrings and it’s either a new character or like Isabella because I’m desperate lol.)

- Who’s going to fix Bruce? Is 00Alfred on the case?

- Synopsis says Fish, Ed, and Oswald will work together. Does Ed agree to this because he admits he does love Oswald? Or is it just Fish saying that the two of them both need to “get over it” and be friends again? Both? 

- What has Fish been up to all this time? Why is she holding those test tubes in the promo photo? Is that the virus or a cure? What is her goal right now?

- How did the Court get their hands on Strange?

- What will Oswald learn from hanging out with and probably torturing Strange?

- Why does the GEYCEYPEYDEY have Oswald? Did they catch him being a criminal? Because Ed would be able to find him on his own, so I think the police actually have him in custody or something. 

- Who broke Jervis Tetch out of Arkham in the first place?

- Why was did the Court “have their eye on” Oswald earlier in the season? Was it just because he was mayor? Which leads to my next question…

- Why did the Court lock up Ed and Oswald instead of killing them? What exactly was the plan here?

- Will our villains encounter Ra’s Al Ghul or just our heroes? Could he have an interest in the villains? Could he have anything to do with IsabelLA? Will his appearance leave us shook?

- How will Ed be “outdone?” And by who? Will Fish drop a bomb about Isabella or the Court? Will Ra’s Al Ghul show up and blow his mind? 

- Will Jervis Tetch rhyme his way onto the Riddler’s shit list? 

- Will any other characters lose a hand?

- Will Oswald finally learn about Ed’s seductive hallucination? 

- Will we end with Nygmobblepot alive and well in some way, shape, or form? Or will they end up reluctant business partners? 

- Will Edward “I’d do anything for you” Nygma FINALLY confess his love? (There was no way he didn’t have feelings for Oswald before Isabella came around and blew holes in my ship come on people re-watch those episodes)

- Will we finally get the kiss Nygmobblepot deserves? 


- Will I be able to breathe the entire 2 hours or should I have an ambulance on speed dial?

*takes a breath*

- Am I missing anything?

My thoughts on what could happen in tomorrows clip, if Sana does in fact go to Isak and Even’s place. 

I think tomorrow’s clip could potentially be where Even and Sana’s connection comes in full circle. Last season, the first Friday clip after the hiatus was Isak coming out to Jonas. And Julie has said how the response to that clip meant a lot to her and so I think tomorrows clip will also be similar in style. Discussion, no drama, and possible breakthrough moment.  

Sana texted Isak when she was upset. I believe we were supposed to interpret that moment as Sana wanting to study with Isak, so that maybe she can get info on Sara from Isak. Info that could potentially be used to expose her online, as she was just rudely talked about online in a public forum. We know that Sana is regretful that she wrongfully accused Jamilla of something she did not to. So why would Sana want to potentially do something similar again to Sara. 1) Sana is upset, feeling completely disconnected from her friends, and just very lost right now. 2) She is more certain now of what Sara has done. Whereas with Jamilla she assumed before getting all the information. 

We are supposed to assume that Sana will go to Isak and Even’s to get info on Sara. But will she? I don’t think so. Its really important that Sana is going to Isak’s place because Even will most likely be there. 

How does Even relate to all of this? 

Even has not had the best experience with social media. We know he posted stuff on facebook. We know it was all so bad that he completely deleted all his social media. There is a good chance that after what happened, Even may have been bullied online in response to his own posts. Even knows the harm that posting on social media can do and potentially how exposing other people online (as he may have been), will not lead to anything good. Because as Isak said “girl you can’t run away from the internet.”

Even and Isak (who is aware that Even wrote stuff on facebook) will not give Sana info on Sara. Right now Sana needs someone to talk to (aka Isak and Even in this case), not someone to convince her to expose Sara online. It’s not the right response. There are other ways to go about it.

When Isak told Sana all that stuff about Sara the other day. He didn’t tell her because he wants Sana to expose Sara on facebook. Isak doesn’t know whats going on with the girls. All he knows is that Vilde, Eva, and Noora are all Sana’s closest friends. He knows Sana is a good person. He was telling her, your friends are getting played as a heads up. 

If Even talks about what happened to him in relation to social media, we will get Even explaining what happened with Isak present, what exactly the fight was all about, and Sana finally having someone to talk to. Because as the doctor told us last season, we all need someone to talk to, we can’t go through things alone. 

Sana may go into the situation hoping to get info on Sara but I hope instead it will end with her finally texting Jamilla. That would be really nice. 

Or this could all be wrong who knows. All I know is that Sana has a good heart, she is a great person. As much as she wanted to send Sara that comment today, she didn’t. That’s important. 

This may be a bit stretched out, but I recently saw a post, questioning why the pearls are there, and I had this theory or something.

From What’s The Use of Feeling Blue,  The Pearls seem to theatrically show what the Diamonds are singing about.

Originally posted by yellowpeorl

And with the way Blue Pearl looks in the picture, she seems to look like a puppet, or a marionette. 

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i feel like im watching a thriller movie with some advanced A.I. robot fooling everyone as they impersonate spencer. did you see her faces and how she has this longing stare that was??? off??? that plus that weirdly timed head-tilt is scaring the hell out of me lmao we really came face to face with spencerietta y’all this is no drill

Who is A.D.?

So Aria is somewhat officially on the dark side. I think it’s because everyone was so into the idea she was A that the writers are kinda giving us an Aria is A storyline. So she’s on A.D.‘s side and Spencer looks like she’s going to join for info on Mary. So my idea is that Hanna joins with Mona to get out of the board game. Emily and Ali join in for info on the father. So when A.D. finally decides to reveal them self, all five girls are told to meet at a certain place. A text comes in saying “look around. All of you are A”. Because all the girls constantly sold each other out for information. They are all A. A doesn’t exist without the five girls.

There was something fishy with the airport scene in PLL. Spencer didn’t act like usual Spencer and everyone started to focus on the possibility of her having a twin. However, there was something iffy about Wren and Ezra, too. Neither of them looked comfortable when Spencer introduced them to each other. I also don’t buy it that Ezra decided to come back for Aria. I think, he came back because there’s more to the story. We might have been missing the real clue while we are busy theorizing Spencer’s twin. Maybe, we should focus on possible connection between Wren and Ezra.