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Platonic (Cassian Andor x Reader)

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Requested: yes by anon (thanks anon)

Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader

Words: 1200

Warnings: fluffiness and feelings


“Honestly, you need to tell Captain Andor about your feelings for him.” Galgi whispers to you.

“Gi, stop.” You roll your eyes at him. “Please. He’s my captain. I can’t just spring that on him! It would break up the team.”

“You’re his first officer. His best friend, other than Kaytoo. He loves you.”

It had been over 30 minutes that Galgi, a member of your team and a trusted friend, had been trying to convince you to make a move on Cassian Andor, the leader of your team and your childhood best friend.

“He might love me. But he’s not in love with me. There’s a difference. Platonic love. Not romantic love.” You down the last of your beer and stand. “I have to speak with Mon Mothma about the mission tomorrow.”

Galgi just sighs, saying, “Fine. But if you don’t tell him soon, you know Kaytoo will. You aren’t exactly subtle.” He smirks, winks and takes a sip from the mug in front of him. “Just saying.”

You feel the colour rise in your cheeks and turn on your heel, not responding to Galgi and making your way to the control room. As always, you glace over at Cassian’s typical landing spot as you cross the field. The ship looks unoccupied, the door closed and the lights off. You avert your eyes, hearing Galgi’s words in your head. ‘You aren’t exactly subtle.’

You’ve been told that you have the biggest heart-eyes in the whole compound.

You know that the way you behave around Cassian isn’t platonic, but you can’t help it. He’s the worst kind of addiction. It’s a constant ache to be near him, unpleasant and often painful when he was away for long periods of time.

You reach the doors of the control room and push thoughts of Cassian to the back of your mind. Then, you open the doors.

Cassian stands across from Mon Mothma, arms crossed and head held high. “Captain, General.” You nod at each of them in turn. “You asked to see me?” you look to Mon Mothma.

She smiles, “Yes, Captain. You will accompany Captain Andor to Hoth on a scouting mission. You leave at dawn tomorrow.”

“No!” Cassian shouts.

The both of you look at him, incredulous and confused.

“I’m sorry, General.” His face flushes. “It’s just… I…”

“I understand that you believe that you do not need assistance, Captain Andor, but it’s always helpful to have an extra pair of eyes. Especially ones as experienced as your fellow captain, here.” She gestures to you. “That’s final. You leave tomorrow.” Her tone doesn’t leave room for debate. You and Cassian bow out, saluting her and exiting the control room.

“What, you don’t want me tagging along?” You bump your shoulder into his the way you always do when you’re teasing, trying to hide the hurt. “You think I’m not good enough?”

“You know that’s not it.” He rolls his eyes, bumping you back. “I just don’t want you along because I can do it on my own.”

“And you don’t think it’s a good idea for someone to be watching your back? That might be neutral territory, but that doesn’t mean that you’re safe.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Cassian,” You grab his arm, pulling him to a stop in the middle of the hallway. “You can’t just say that and expect it to be true. This is a war.”

“You worry too much.” You know that is he responsible, and that he will protect himself, but that doesn’t stop your concern for him.

“Cassian, that’s why I’m glad I’m on this mission with you. You need someone there in case something goes wrong and, as your first officer and best friend, I reserve the right to claim that position as my own. Like, I don’t ever expect to ever have to take a bullet for you, but I would.” The sincerity in your voice takes both of you by surprise. “You aren’t just my captain. You’re my best friend. You’ve always been my best friend and you’ll always be my best friend. I love you.”

It’s a weight off your shoulders to finally admit to your feelings out loud, but the pit in your stomach reminds you that he will never understand the true length and depth at which you love him.

“I love you too. Always have.” He lays his hand on yours and you try not to think about how badly you want him closer to you. “My best friend.” He echos your words. “No matter what happens. But I don’t want you to die for me. I would go Suicide.”

Suicide, as in Suicide Soldier, what we called members of the Resistance that just couldn’t do it anymore. They’d register under the category SS (Sacrificial Soldier. We had begun to call it suicide as a morbid joke, but it caught on) and, if approved by Mon Mothma and the council, they would be sent on the most dangerous missions, ones with a very low chance of survival.

“Don’t you dare.” You pull your hand out from under his and grab his shoulder, forcing him to look at you. Your hand moves from his shoulder to the side of his face, your thumb brushing over his cheekbones. A voice in your head tells you that there’s nothing platonic about this, that this shouldn’t be happening, but every nerve inside you aches to move closer, to close the distance.

“I wouldn’t want to live without you.” he leans into your touch, his hands settling on your waist. You gasp a bit as his touch, but he doesn’t move away. “I couldn’t. I love you.”

It sounds different this time.

You close your eyes and lean your forehead to his. His closeness, his nose brushing yours, his breath ghosting over your lips, sends shivers down your spine.

You shut your eyes, the voice in your head screaming to pull away, move away, ‘Get away from him before you do something you’ll regret.’ But you don’t. You stay, eyes shut tight, willing this moment to last forever.

He pulls you a bit closer, one of your arms automatically wrapping around his neck.

There’s nothing platonic about this, and you can’t find it in yourself to care.

“I love you.”

Being Careful

For Kaider ~ repairs. This may not be the only one I write for this theme, but we’ll see.


Kai quickly walked down the large unfamiliar hall, hurriedly poking his head in every door and scanning the room. Iko had said that she had gone to do some work, but he knew she had finished her meetings for the day. So where was she?

In the middle of the hallway he stopped and smiled to himself. He knew where she was.

He reached the lower levels of Artemisia Palace and, with ease, found his way to the hangar. Sure enough, he poked his head in and saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the Rampion.


He heard a low thunk and soft cursing, and he winced, walking closer. She shimmied out from underneath it and looked at him for a second before smiling nervously.


Kai raised an eyebrow as she pushed herself up, trying in vain to brush off the grease stains from her pants. “You know you’re not supposed to exert yourself.”

“I’m not exerting myself!” She protested, making her way to a small table with scraps all over it. “This is easy.”

Kai came over and stood across from her, arms folded. “Easy or not, you shouldn’t be doing it. The doctors said no strenuous activity of any kind.”

“This isn’t strenuous, it’s - “ she huffed, shoulders falling. “They’re leaving in two days, and it’s still not fixed, and I’m not letting anyone else touch it. It needs to be done.”

“What needs to be done is you, resting.” He came over to her and spread his arms, and she promptly fell into his chest.

“But…it needs repairs.” She mumbled into his chest, but her weak attempt told him she knew she was losing the argument.

You need repairs. Well, no, you’ve already gotten them, you just have to let them work their magic.” Kai rubbed her back comfortingly. “And wiggling under ships will not let them do that.”

His mind took a different train of thought, and he pulled her closer. “You got stabbed in the heart, Cinder. You nearly died. I’m - it’s a miracle that you’re still alive, a miracle that I thank all the stars for every minute, but-” he pulled back, looking into her eyes, trying to convey his message - “you need to be careful.”

She softened and smiled wryly. “I know. I’ll try to be.”

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Gallavich Appreciation Week

These are hard times for the fandom so, to try to lift up our spirits, I thought we’d do something we haven’t done before. Or at least, not that I remember.

It’s an Ian and Mickey Appreciation Week

No, this is not the same as Gallavich Week (which is still happening later on, rest assured), though it is slightly similar.

For Appreciation Week, just like for GW, every day will have a different theme. But, this time, the focus is electing our favorite things that happened on the show.

To participate on GAW, you may merely state your favorite on a text post, write a long meta post, make a photo or gif set or a graphic. Fics, fanarts and others are allowed, of course (anything is allowed really, this is a week to show love for these characters), but they’re not the main focus.

To give us some time to prepare (and recover?), GAW will run on the first week of February (starting on the 1st).

Feb 1st - Favorite kiss

Feb 2nd - Favorite Mickey one-liner

Feb 3rd - Favorite Ian one-liner

Feb 4th - Favorite Mickey outfit

Feb 5th - Favorite Ian outfit

Feb 6th - Sweetest scene between Ian and Mickey

Feb 7th - Favorite season

Post your work with the tag gaw2016 (as one of the first 5 tags).

Come on people, let’s show our love for these boys!