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Jest was już 4 tysiące. Nie mogę w to uwierzyć. To naprawdę piękne jak ludzie próbują ciebie zrozumieć i wierzyć. Wy tutaj również jesteście ważni. Wszyscy co czytają mój blog i nie tylko. Dlatego tez tutaj jestem. Dla was. Aby porozmawiać. Wyżalić się. Plakac razem i zrozumieć siebie nawzajem. Oczywiście, ze nie można zrozumieć drugiego człowieka w całości, ale można mieć jakaś wizje. Jeszcze raz. Dziękuje!

We aren't that young / hg

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My boyfriend Hayes had invited me to the beach with him and his friends. Hayes and I recently had told them about us dating, and we were nervous about their teasing. We thought we’d get it over with today.

“You ready babe?” Hayes asked me. He grabbed my hand as we sat in his jeep.
“Yeap. Let’s go.” I smiled and kissed him before getting out of the car. We held hands and walked towards everyone.
“Hey Y/N! I missed you girl!” Tez said hugging me. I smiled and hugged him back.
“Y/N! Come here and give your future brother in law a hug.” Nash yelled. I laughed and hugged him. I hugged everyone else and sat down next to Madison.

We were in a conversation about her music before Hayes interrupted.
“Hey babe, wanna go in the water with me?” He asked taking his shirt off.
“Sure.” I smiled and stood up to take off my jean shorts and tank top, revealing my black bikini. Hayes licked his lips and walked to me. He kissed me, wrapped his hands around me and resting his hands above my ass.
“Ok kids, that’s enough.” Skate teased. Everyone laughed, but Hayes and I rolled out eyes. Hayes smiled at me and grabbed my hand.

We ran into the water and he dove under. I laughed waiting for him and he pulled me under water. He kissed me and we floated above water. He pulled away, allowing us both to catch our breath. We smiled at each other and stood up. He pulled me to him and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed back.
“Oh stop! Youre too young for that.” Nash said splashing us.
“We aren’t that young.” Hayes said annoyed.
“Ah man, c'mon. Let ‘em be.” Skate yelled.
“Yea you’re just jealous Hayes has a girlfriend.” Johnson yelled as well.
“Fine, I’m sorry. You know I love you guys. I’m just teasing.” Nash said. He left the water.

“Wanna give them something to talk about?” He asked, smirking at me. I smirked back. He moved his hands and grabbed my ass making me laugh. I pulled him down to kiss me. I heard Tez scream “get some hayes!”
We laughed into the kiss and pulled away. He moved his hands back to my hips and leaned his forehead on mine.
“I love you.” He told me for the first time. I smiled.
“I love you too.” I said before kissing him again.

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I feeling pretty angsty and was wondering if you could do something along the lines of mccree or Hanoz (or both) reacting to finding out their past lover whom they presumed dead is actually alive? I hope this makes sense. Haha

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Jesse McCree

It had been a solid seven years since Jesse last saw you. After his return to base from visiting Kings Row he had found out you were resigned out of Blackwatch and placed into a small Overwatch watchpoint in Massachusetts.

Shortly before Zurich blew up there was a massive attack in that watchpoint and the base was eradicated from the map. Every body they had found was a charred and mangled mess, but they never found your body. The young cowboy was utterly bewildered at the news and left Blackwatch shortly after. With a broken heart and a recently lost arm, he began taking justice to his own hands for those in need.

Never in his lifetime would he expect to see your bright smile again. His initial rejoice with you was very explosive. He was in the mercy of a group of ex Deadlock members, however, you had come to his rescue by incinerating all of them. At first, Jesse was too shocked to move as he looked at you. Your once soft smile and kind gaze had turned to an angered glare and a relentless snarl. Scars tattered your face and body. Your right hand was replaced by a prosthetic that was programmed to act as a flamethrower.

Once your gaze caught Jesse, your eyes softened.

“Jesse? Is that you?” you asked. Those chocolate brown eyes of his could never be forgotten really.

In a mix of emotions, excitement and everything in between, Jesse rushed up to you and pulled you in a strong embrace.

“ y/n! my god, you’re alive, you’re alive! I can’t believe it!” He said, brushing your frizzy and messy hair back, “Still as gorgeous as ever sugar-pie…”

With a soft laugh you tapped his brand new hat. You remembered he used to have that small black hat. “And you’re as western as ever McCree…”

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Hanzo Shimada

As a young boy, you and Hanzo were both the eldest children. You were from a friendly, but lower class clan. It didn’t stop you hanging out with the young Hanzo.

You two would play every day. Until one day, you didn’t. An enemy clan had invaded your residency and it was assumed everyone from your clan was dead as the fires burned enough for the Shimada clan to be able to see the pyre that was the remains of your home.

When Hanzo met you once again, it was the fifth anniversary of Genji’s death. He had returned to his home to pay respects to his loss when he heard soft padding of feet from his side.

“Show yourself, assassin…” He beckoned.

He did not expect your small form to come into his view, “I knew you’d be here my friend.” you said as you carefully approached him, unmasking yourself from a shugoki mask you had donned on your face, “Long time no see Hanzo.”

The Japanese man was at a loss of words, his eyes tried to avert from your face, trying not to rudely stare at the left eye, which had a milky, dead hue to it.

“How… are you alive? Your clan was erased.” He stated, making you smile a little.

“It’s a long story Hanzo… How about we have a drink while we talk some things out?” You asked, knowing that you’d have to break through a lot of ice to rebuild this friendship.

I’m Yours

Request: hayes imagine where you two are getting ready for an awards show and you have your hair and makeup people helping and you and hayes and the guys are all just hanging out while getting ready and hayes can’t believe how georgous you look and the guys are all shocked so hayes like keeps touching and hugging and kissing you to make everyone know your his. thanks girlie!! love ur blog❤


could you do a hayes grier imagine where him & y/n are dating and they hang out at his house with all the guys?

a/n; I combined the two requests since they kinda go together, and one was kind of vague as to what happens so

Word Count: 810

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys somehow ended up in the kitchen where I was getting ready, I couldn’t turn to face them since I was having my hair curled. The blinds all pulled up to let lots of light in, “what are you guys doing?” I asked, looking as far back towards them as I could, “waiting.” I heard spread out across the room, I sighed, looking back in front of me, the makeup artist just got here so she’s setting up. 

“What kind of look are we going for?” She asked, ignoring the noise from everyone else, “modern, but not crazy.” I answered, I pulled up a picture of my dress for tonight, so she would know what type of colors to use. Hayes appeared in front of us making me smile, “hi babe.” I grabbed his hand as it rested on the counter next to me, “hey, baby.” He smiled at me, glancing back over at the guys who weren’t really paying any attention. 

“You look nice.” I told him, looking him over, he was almost wearing a suit, he was just missing the tie basically, but it looked nice, mature and polished. “Thank you.” He laughed, letting go of my hand as one of the guys called him over. “He’s sweet.” My hairstylist said, tugging gently on a piece of hair, pulling it into an updo, I closed my eyes as the eye shadow brush started coming towards my face. “And so it begins.” I mumbled, hearing the boys get even more rowdy, without a doubt getting documented on Snapchat by Johnson. 

“And here we have Y/N, getting pulled around by her hair.” I heard Johnson, as my head got pulled to the side by my hair, I laughed, “vlog or Snapchat?” I asked, not opening my eyes, since I couldn’t. “Vlog.” He answered, I nodded subtly, not wanting to mess up anything. 

“I just have to get dressed.” I assured Hayes as I walked past him, he grabbed my hand, making me turn towards him. He planted a kiss on my lips before letting me go, normally Madison and I helped each other get into our more elaborate dresses, but she’s out of town right now, so I’m on my own. 

I resisted the urge to bite my lip as I struggled to reach the zipper on my dress, “why couldn’t it be on the side?” I mumbled to myself, sticking my head out into the hall. “Hayes!” I shouted down the stairs, “someones in trouble.” I heard faintly followed by his footsteps thumping up the stairs. Hayes raised his eyebrows at me as I came into his view. “I can’t get the zipper.” I explained turning my back towards him. 

I watched in the mirror in front of me as the dress got pulled together, hugging me just right. It was a simple black dress, snug at the top but slightly looser once it got past my hips, spaghetti straps on top to help hold the v-neck up, cut outs on my waist. But it still had an element of class, it showed skin, but not in an obnoxious way. 

“Well, damn.” Hayes met my eyes in the mirror, I turned in his light grasp of my waist, his hands on the skin showing in the cut outs, “ready?” I asked, reaching to grab his hand. He nodded, asking me if I had everything I needed before we started our descent downstairs. My heels clicked on the wood stairs, slowly but surely everyone started shutting their mouths as I came into view. I felt a blush rise to my cheeks by all the attention, they normally don’t see me this way, it’s normally a “she’s Hayes’ girlfriend and she’s younger than us” way, but now I don’t look like I’m as young as I am. The dress in combination with the hair and makeup ages me, in a good way. 

I cleared my throat, realizing we were all kind of just standing there, I felt Hayes’ hand rest on the small of my back, slightly lower than where it normally is. I glanced at him, but didn’t say anything, I’ll let him have his little moment. 

“Ready?” I asked everyone as we stepped off of the last step, Hayes’ hand still on my back. “Uh, yeah.” The only two who had really stopped looking at me early on were Nash and Gilinsky, since they have girlfriends. “Let’s go then.” I mumbled, walking away from them, feeling Hayes wrap his arm around me some more. A quick kiss left on my temple. “I’m yours, Hayes, you don’t have to keep showing them.” I mumbled, looking up at him as everyone followed behind us. 

“I know but you just look so good.” He whispered in my ear, his eyes shooting a warning glance behind us.