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November 28 | got a 100 on my stats test, which was exciting bc I honestly thought stats was impossible and I was gonna have to settle for a B, but things are looking up! I took a psych test, and I wasn’t as confident as I would’ve liked. Throughout the semester I’ve been seeing how little I can study for psych and still get good grades. I went down to only studying for 2 days for the last test and got a 42/40, and this time I studied for 1 day given everything that’s been happening in my personal life, and I’m just not sure how I did.

Guys, this week has been utter shit, but school makes it so much better. My ex boyfriend is just…I could go on an entire rant but I won’t. Suffice to say, it’s been emotional and stressful af. However, there’s a new Guy ™ in my life and although I’m really not in a position to do the relationship thing, it’s really nice to have someone to talk to, and I think he may be into me too. That and school - and my friends - are getting me through this entire thing.

There’s a ton of schoolwork though and it’s stressing me out - two essays I sort of forgot about, e.g. - but I just need to breathe and trust it’ll work out. I’ve recently taken to our neighboring town’s public library as I’m way more productive outside of the house. It’s an easy drive away, and I’ve gotten a lot done there.

Tomorrow I’m meeting with some people at Procter & Gamble in Boston offering both paid and unpaid research internships, and I’m hoping that pans out! I’m also meeting with someone to discuss service learning opportunities next semester. So overall, things are pretty good, I just have to take it one day at a time.

How to study for two exams that fall on the same date

Recently I had to go through 2 exams on the same day and I figured I would have to modify some of the things I tend to do when I’m studying for just one of them, and adapt it to a “2 exams in one day” format so that I would be least stressed, while managing to stay on top of the material for both classes. 

So, to start with, I made a pretty accurate schedule one month ahead so that I knew every single thing I would be tested on. To do that, I took both of my study timetables from Civil Procedure and Contract Law, and checked how many classes I would have to do for both of them. 

Now, lets say for instance I had both exams on the 1st of August, I would start as soon as I could (at least a month ahead) preparing and summarizing all the classes I needed to cover until the week of the exams, because, at least in my case in Law School, we are given classes until the last day prior to the exam, and what is reviewed in those classes will be tested. 

Then, I would take a week, maybe a week and a half, to review and summarize ahead of time from my text books all the classes for both subjects. This helped me wonders because when I attended class during the following weeks, I already had all the material reviewed actively, 

Now we are reaching the end of week 2 or beginig of the third week. This is a crucial one, because it can define whether all of your hard work will be worth it or not, depending on how you manage your studies. Recently, I found a wonderful way of active studying consisting of condensing in a little notebook, both your text book summaries, as well as your class notes and, in my case, the application of several laws and articles of the corresponding Codes together with any given jurisprudence. 

So now, on week 3, I would have gathered a perfectly complete, yet synthesized version, of all the sources I had to learn from (i.e textbooks, articles, laws, jurisprudence, etc). The only thing I would be missing, is adding the relevant information from my class notes to my little notebook. 

The week heading to the exams is left purely to revise and settle your knowledge. The thing with this is that you are not starting from scratch, you have spent a week/ week and a half summarizing actively the relevant information from your textbook and revision materials, and another week making a very precise and complete outline which helped you connect all of your readings and class notes together to make a coherent document, so that now, you are just left with the revising/studying part which, by this time, may be way easier to tackle. 

Hope you guys have a very productive week!


        He really didn’t know what he was looking for in the video, maybe something to put his suspicions at ease. Ari didn’t actually like his costars, it was all just acting. Really good acting. Even Domenico could read the hunger and passion in everything he did, both by himself and to his costar… He wasn’t watching the site’s current top video to get off though, he was studying it—or rather, studying Ari. Dom could distinctly remember that green little monster gripping his shoulders the entire time during filming, and after a perfect editing job and unexpected popularity, that monster had firmly taken root. Of course, no one else needed to know that, but people certainly could suspect. What other reason would he have for scrapping Ari’s entire lineup for the month just so he could do solo fluff pieces? ‘It’s for the diversity, his fans will love this little change up and it will keep them wanting for more!’ he had said to his staff much to their dismay. But no one questioned the boss. His fist had landed hard on his desk just with the object of his … attentions stepped into his office looking less than pleased. For a moment, all he could do was stare blankly in shock, but after a moment’s hesitation he minimized the screen and sat back in his chair. “Aren’t you supposed to be in a photoshoot with Michelle right about now? We’re filming you again in two hours and I would much rather have those shots done beforehand…”

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Gender: Female 

Star sign: Pisces

Height: 5'6" 

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual 

Hogwarts house: ok so I’ve never seen or read Harry Potter but I took one of those test things and it said I’m Hufflepuff  

Favourite colour: Pink and Navy Blue  

Favourite animal: Seagulls and Bunnies 

Average hours of sleep: 7ish 

Cat or dog person: both! I really can’t choose 

Favourite fictional characters: Blue (the gal) from Pokemon Special, Suzume Yosano, Lillie from Pokemon, Natsume Asako, Mamura Daiki, Gladion from Pokemon and Mikorin from gsnk, nico from love live, Yohane from love live, Umi from love live

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What made you decide to create this blog: I wanted to have like a shoujo manga side blog and I actually started off by just colouring scans and then I figured out how to make punk edits on this program and ta-da I became a pink manga blog~ then I shifted towards pink in general hehe

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I took that persobality test thing a d I got ISTP. What does that mean and why are people so into it

An ISTP is someone with dominant introverted thinking, auxiliary extroverted sensing, tertiary introverted intuition, and inferior extroverted feeling.

Dominant Ti-You value logical consistency and are adept at finding out what a problem is and solving it.

Auxiliary Se-You process sensory data fairly well in conjunction with Ti and may even border on sensation seeking.

Tertiary Ni-You have some foresight as to what you want to do as well as into the interconnections in the world, but you’re not quite sure what to make of it.

Inferior Fe-You struggle with the idea of sacrificing logic for social harmony and may feel like you’re walking on eggshells all the time trying not to offend people.

People are into MBTI because the age old question is: Why do you act the way you do?

For @mikayuuseraph, since your partner at the exchange dropped out! You wanted either fluff, romance or Yuumika, so have some fluffy Yuumika! I hope you like it and I’m sorry I delayed a couple more days than I had previously thought it would take me, I’ve tested some new things and it took more time than I thought  _(:3」∠)_ I was so out of my comfort zone when drawing, but I enjoyed it so, worth it!

*looks at the results of a personality test I just took* how DARE this thing just DRAG me like they PERSONALLY KNOW MY LIFE like they can just READ ME FOR FILTH I did not just spend ten minutes ADMITTING ALL OF MY FLAWS AND INSECURITIES for it to just give me results that reflect that how DARE they


(ma’am stop das gay)

 Happy (late) birthday, @maria-ruta! The arm tattoo is probably completely off, but so be it! 

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name: lavinia

nickname: lavi, I’ve occasionally been called janie by people I met on the internet for understandable reasons xD

gender: Female.

star sign: leo

sexual orientation: straight tho occasionally heteroflexibility is a thing

hogwarts house: with the premise that I’m not into HP and I don’t really care for this sorting thing, once I took a test just for science because I was curious and like it worked on a 100 maximum score and you’d get a score for each house. I got 82 in hufflepuff and 81 in ravenclaw lol I guess one of the two

favorite color: pink

time right now: 5:22 pm.

average hours of sleep: 7

cat or dog person: cats for life

favorite fictional characters: oh jesus top five, one for each fandom (or I’ll end tomorrow): eddie dean (dark tower), boone carlyle (lost), castiel (spn), robb stark (asoiaf), bucky barners (marvel) + bonus tom joad for Srs Literature

number of blankets i sleep with: right now I have like five one of which is a duvet haha

favorite singer/band: … sort of top ten: bon jovi, bruce springsteen, warren zevon, bob dylan, led zeppelin, patti smith, queen, steve earle, stone temple pilots, the beatles

dream trip: US road trip

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when did your blog reach it’s peak: er idk fandom-wise sometimes after s3 of got ended, followers-wise (as in when I started getting a lot of traffic) in like early 2015 (as in when I started talking about politics haha /o\)

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