a test before trying

i just started reading sbr and so far……i’m mcloving it

Hiruzen had to get the bell test from somewhere right? So I’m willing to bet Tobirama came up with it and can you imagine Tobirama doing this bell test shit with his students. No mercy. He had these kids out here on the brink of death. Shit must have lasted a week. Hashirama probably came out to the field one day like “Tobirama, the parents are wondering where their children are—” 




“Tobirama-sensei, can we take a break? We’re starving.”

And he just looks at them. “Are there still two bells in my hand?”


“Then no. Don’t ask again.”

HE PROBABLY HAD THEM CHASING A CLONE THE ENTIRE TIME WHILE HE WAS AT HOME RELAXING. THESE KIDS ALMOST DIED FROM EXHAUSTION. fucking Tobirama this is why Hiruzen was such a lenient sensei Tobirama put him through hell 


Whew, finally back from school! Now that I’m free, it’s time to reassemble one of my best school essentials for next quarter—tiny, reusable packets of herbs that are perfect for spells on the go (or spicing up a dull meal…what’s the difference, really?). 

While I love the look of tiny bottles for portable ingredients, they’re not as space-saving as these repurposed straws. So though my best staples get bottled for easiest refills, I like to keep the odd ingredient (or extra backups of the classics) rattling around in my pockets like this! Some things to keep in mind:

  • Only melt the ends as they’re separated from the herbs by the pliers/tweezers—food safe plastic or not, you still don’t want that melting on your ingredients!
  • Most straws work for this, but thin plastic straws may warp and bubble further up the tube before the ends seal shut; try a few tests, and heat with care.
  • While I always carry around a pen knife, if you don’t, consider keeping these in a little pocket tin with a razor blade for easy opening. Cutting the small notch in the end is pretty effective for fingers-only opening, but may cause leaks in fluid-filled packets and should be avoided in those cases. Small, neat incisions with a knife also make for easier sealing for reuse! 

EDIT: while I didn’t touch on it too much here, I also use these to prepare ready-made spells. If you’re doing this, consider matching the color of the candle and straw to the spell intent!


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I work in an opticians inside a chain store (Wal-Mart’s English brother!) and we get some characters.  The best days are always the ones with inquisitive children who want to know what you are doing to mummy or daddy when we are doing the automated tests before they go in to see the Optician. I try my best to show them and call them round to my side of the desk to show them what I see. They are usually “I CAN SEE YOUR EYE” and stuff like that, but the best was a week or so ago, a little boy, maybe 5 or 6 went “MUMMY STOP BLINKING!“ 

It wasn’t a big thing but omg he was so sweet, made my day near the end of a long slog of a shift!

For a second there, I thought Barry was like magic. Dude casually walked over to coma-induced Jesse, grabbed her hand and—poof!—she instantly woke up. Seriously?! No wands or Hogwarts’ degree needed (I’m convinced that a Potter-verse exists.) Barry’s time in the Speed Force was like a reawakening; he’s high on life and has a new sense of purpose and invincibility. I’ve got to take out this new Barry for a test drive, try something we’ve never done before.

Literally. We’re going skydiving, baby! Never thought I’d be the one to come up with this plan since I’m kinda (very) terrified of the idea of jumping out of a plane from 14,000 feet… Barry met me at S.T.A.R. Labs and burst out laughing the second he saw me decked out in my diving gear. I had on my helmet and knee and elbow pads (safety first!); fog-resistant goggles (they’re the size of my face but I need to be able to see when my adrenaline-induced body heat combines with the cold air); and my fanny pack (sometimes being fashion forward means having to take a fashion step backwards.) We drove out to the plane hangar. He would not shut up about how exciting our first time skydiving would be and assured me that nothing would go wrong. Man, his enthusiasm was infectious. Plus, I was in the Speed Force, too, for a couple hot seconds, so maybe I contracted some invincibility that I just don’t know about yet. Once we got to the hangar and boarded the plane, I was ready to go!

…Maybe not. 14,000 feet makes skyscrapers look like the tiny lego pieces that children under three can choke on. What did I sign up for?! Barry grabbed my shoulders, shook me out of my panic, and reminded me that: 1) I’ve been in quite a few compromising situations scarier than this, 2) I’d have an awesome adventure to tell the ladies and 3) the Speed Force wouldn’t let anything bad happen to us. (Huh?) I agreed with his first two points so we took a pre-dive selfie then started our countdown. Three, two, one…

AAAGH! My limbs were flailing and my cheeks were flapping uncontrollably. But once I starfished my arms and legs out, I looked over at Barry and we both started to laugh from the adrenaline and the amazing, surreal feeling. I saw Barry start to reach for his parachute tab, so I followed his lead. I pulled the tab and…nothing. Ohmigod ohmigod. I pulled again and again, and on the fourth attempt I yanked the tab off and started to fall faster. I could hear Barry yelling, “I got you!” while hovering above me and all I could think was, YOU CAN’T RUN ON AIR, BARRY! Suddenly, I remembered that I was wearing my fanny pack! It’s not just any fashion-forward fanny; it’s my voice-recognition I-need-to-escape-now-and-Barry’s-not-around travel pack. I yelled “help!” and airplane-like wings quickly unfolded out on either side of me. Go go gadget sail-plane! I took a couple of deep yoga breaths and enjoyed the view.

On our drive back to S.T.A.R. labs, Barry was euphoric. My near-brush with death proved to him that the Speed Force was looking out for us. Me, I think we have to look out for each other. But whatever Team Flash has to face next, with Barry’s speed and my penchant for life-saving fanny packs – we can handle.

Unprofessional / Questionable Therapy Signs People Don't Talk Much About

- falling asleep during a session

- kicking off shoes and putting feet up

- giving excuses for the doctors / other therapists who mistreat you or denying that they mistreated you

- giving you assignments / small goals and abandoning them right away or not asking if you did them or not

- being so determined to diagnose you with a certain illness that they; ignore certain symptoms you metioned, try to convince you thst you have certain symptoms thst you don’t have, trying to convince you that you had a traumatic experience, or trying to covince you that an experience you were traumatized with wasn’t traumstic.

- medicating you before testing you

- trying to disgnose you despite not being legally able to (for example, a school counsellor can’t diagnose you)

- changing the meaning to certain symptoms to fit you or to not fit you

- getting angry a you for any reason other than if you insult or disrespect them

- treating your gender or sexuality as a delusion that needs to be fixed

- “testing” you to see if you really are the gender or sexuality you say you are

- acting as if you are wasting their time

- acting as if they are your friend

- asking you to have a therapu session in a public area, in their room, in your room, etc

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hi! notice me senpai uwu... so i want to ask; what is your medium for revision? do you use notebooks for lecture notes then loose leaf for revision? something like that.

HELLO <3 During class, I always take lots of notes while the teachers are lecturing/teaching. When I study for tests, I read over those notes and glance over the homework I did for that class. If the teacher gives us review sheets, I do those too. I generally don’t rewrite notes or make review sheets because I start studying the day before the test, so I try to manage my time efficiently :) Hope this helps! 

Passing Your Driving Test

Since I got my license this past week and passed this test with 100%, and my brother is getting his permit next week, I decided to write a couple posts on how to pass both tests. Here are a few tips I came up with to help you pass.

1. Prepare for Any Weather 

It was raining during my driving test and initially I was worried that I might not pass just because I didn’t have a lot of experience with driving in the rain. To avoid weather related nerves on test day, I recommend driving in the rain at least a few times before your test.

2. Know the Route 

If possible try to familiarize yourself with the area in which you will be testing. If you have to go to another city for the test drive around the DDS building to get used to the roads you’ll be testing on.

3. Don’t Overthink It

I know a lot of people worry about parallel parking & two-point turns but if you practice beforehand and focus on the steps you won’t have any trouble.

4. Take Driver’s Ed 

Yes, just like my suggestion from the last post about getting your permit, I recommend taking Driver’s Ed. You can get great deals on insurance by taking Driver’s Ed, plus you’ll be more educated about driving when you take to the road. Plus, if you take a thirty-hour classroom course and have had six hours of on-the-road training with a certified instructor you can test with your teacher instead of a stranger at the DDS.

Good Luck On Your Test! 


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hiya! i'm a fella who hasn't been socialized to do any skincare but i also have chronically bad skin so i'm beginning to suspect a is leading to b. got any recommendations for someone with occasional sparse facial hair, oily skin, acne, and no idea where to start? thanks!

alright buddy! bless you for taking the initiative, here’s my starter tips:

i look up ingredients for anything i use on paula’s choice and cosdna, to make sure there’s not any irritants like alcohol or lavender or what have you! try to test stuff on your hand before slathering it on your face, in case there’s a weird reaction.

ok so the way i break it down for myself is that, morning or night, i should 1) cleanse 2) moisturize 3) treat+protect. i have a lot of extra steps because i’m neurotic but that’s the basics! 

cleansers: cerave cleanser (good brand overall, i always see it handed out as prescription skincare at the pharmacy). first aid beauty cleanser is great for acne and redness, and they have nice starter kits too. i like philosophy’s purity bc it’s very gentle and good for acne, and i have oily skin! 

moisturize: this switches up depending on morning/night, bc i tends towards heavier stuff at night. first aid beauty makes my fave moisturizer (the active ingredient is oatmeal!), it’s v good for eczema and softens oily skin w/o making it greasy. the dr. lin gel is hydrating and helps fade acne. cerave has a nice night cream too. 

spf: you should always wear sunscreen during the day! i aim for at least spf 30! cerave has good daytime moisturizers and sunscreen. same with first aid beauty, altho their mineral sunscreen has a white cast. neutrogena’s sunscreen is matte and has no white tint at all, i’d rec it for oily skin!   

and then, day and night, i pop on the clearasil spot treatment for acne! i am honestly surprised i haven’t burnt my face off with benzoyl peroxide 

extra things: i wrote a post on exfoliation here! vitamin c serums are good for most skin concerns, this lumene one is on sale, and i’ve used this claire-ity one like every day the last month. with masks, i think it’s best to start out with a clay mask (like the acure green one or feeling beautiful avocado one) and then follow with a moisturizing mask (like the feeling beautiful banana oat one). also, legitimately anything from the trader joe’s cosmetics shelf works great, like their products are more organic/better formulated than some crunchy granola natural brands. also, facial massages! gosh darn

96. We are not allowed to set up a giant trampoline on the grounds and attempt to jump out onto it from the third floor window.

It didn’t feel like jumping really. It almost felt as though I was being pushed … - SB

Well, I wasn’t going to be the first one to jump. - PP

A wise decision too. After Sirius broke his arm, I realized that we miscalculated where the trampoline was supposed to go. - RL

It’s a good thing we decided to test it out ourselves before we started charging students to try it out. That would have been a disaster. - JP

And me breaking my arm wasn’t? - SB

Don’t be a drama queen. You’re fine now. - JP


“Oh shit…” You mumble, standing in the bathroom with a sudden pale face. This couldn’t be right. Absolutely not.  

You turn around and quickly try to get rid of the pregnancy test before anyone gets the chance to see it. You had to get another to be sure, though somehow you still hoped this was a huge mistake.


“Yes.” You spin around while your hands vanish behind your back.

“What are you hiding?”


“You know I don’t like it when you lie to me.” He grabs your arm as he says it and pulls it back from behind. He stares at the test with an unreadable expression before looking up at you again. He didn’t say anything, didn’t even scream at you which only made you more nervous than you already were. You hadn’t intended for anyone to see this but obviously it was too late now.


“Are you feeling sick?” J asks and you look at him with confusion before you shake your head. He takes your hand in his and pulls you lightly over into the bedroom, “You should rest a little, you must be tired.”

“I’m fine, actually…” You protest but he has you pushed down on the bed in no time and throws the blanket over you.

“Do you need anything?”

“Honestly…I feel just fine, J.”

He gives you a kiss on the forehead and lies down next to you, his hand brushing slowly over your stomach in a loving gesture. It was very unlike him but you were glad he wasn’t mad and actually looked a bit happy about the whole mess.