a terrarium!

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Hi Ari!! Have you ever worked with Garden or Lavender faeries? And if possible, could you tell me what they are like in general?

Hey anon! I have worked with a Garden fae before! Shes quite sweet, and tends to my plants with me, and is super tiny. She loves to explore & meet new people, so she really enjoys coming to work with me every day, as well as traveling with me (astral and otherwise) because she gets the chance to do that. She also loves children, so she will come with me to my friend’s houses that have children. Umm, she really loves citrine and rose quartz & moonstone as well, for offerings. I have a bunch in the little terrarium I have that she adores and has kinda turned into “hers”.

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Thank you so much for this blog, I've never had a pet but I want to get one later in life and this is helping me learn so much about how to take care of them properly! I also feel I can help people I know with poor terrariums make them better. You're definitely making a difference!

Aww, thank you so much, anon. This really means a lot to me and I’m glad to know this blog is making a difference :’)

I’m jumping on the shark prince bandwagon! I’ve wanted to do a Zelda theme terrarium/aquarium piece for the longest time now, and the initial idea used the OoT design for the zora. Well, since I don’t seem to be the only one who’s currently in love with Sidon, I thought it would be cool to adapt the design. ;)

I’m submitting this as a design in TheYetee, but it could take up to two weeks for it to be approved! Wish me luck in the meantime~!


Soooooooo, guess who couldn’t sleep last night 🌙💐🔮🌹🌿🐚🍃✨

Too much creative energy resulted in me completely rearranging this thing. But at least I like it a lot better now ^^

It has two succulents and one small cactus in the middle. Large sea shells and moss, in the back. Pebbles, a piece of coral, and a small quartz geode in the front.

Leo Viv (In Progress)

This is a step-by-step setup of Kharjo’s (the leopard gecko) bioactive vivarium (still a work in progress).

First, gravel for a shallow drainage layer, and a basking rock placed directly on the glass, over the Under Tank Heater (UTH).

Next, I cut out a piece of black trash bag (clean), to prevent the soil from mixing in with the gravel and defeating the purpose of the drainage layer.

Then I poked holes in it, so it would still drain.

I added a thin layer of peat moss, to aid in drainage and to offer the plants some nutrients as it eventually breaks down.

Then I added the main substrate:
2 parts soil (which is primarily clay), that I collected from my yard and baked to sanitize.
1 part play sand
1 part peat moss

Finally, I added Aloe Vera, and some Sansevieria and created a dry and humid hide out of flat stones.
(I don’t have the whole cleaner crew yet, so it’s not exactly bioactive yet. So I spot-clean)

It’s still pretty basic, and would benefit from a nice 3D background, but that shall have to wait for another day.