a telamerican horror story

Sure, nothing creepy about Robert Englund’s Dr. TelAmeriCorp just hangin’ round set.

There’s a lot of talk on TV sets about “not sleeping”.  During filming of “A TelAmerican Horror Story”, that took on a whole new meaning.  As in, terrified people keeping their eyes open in fear of the Doc making them a house call.  

You look at this picture long enough, and it starts to look back…

(Photo courtesy Brian Ferguson)

In tonight’s all-new Workaholics, office renovations lead to a bevy of buried treasure becoming available in the TelAmeriCorp basement.  

In the basement booty, something is found that is not supposed to be there.  Something strange.  Something different.  

Something that bears a resemblance to Robert Englund.  And that is scary.

“A TelAmerican Horror Story”.  Tonight at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.  

“Workaholics” is of course what we call the show in the United States.

But did you know there are other titles out there for Adam, Blake, and Ders’ adventures, depending on the country?

For example, in England, it’s, oddly enough, called “Adam, Blake, and Ders’ Adventures”.

Germany?  Das Trunken Wirken.

Australia?  No Kangeroo Jokes in the Office Setting, Mate.

Costa Rica?  Trabajadores El Vagante.

Japan?  Bad Work Ethic.

Jamaica?  Spicy Jamaican Jerkaholics.

Now, to be honest, some of these titles may be poor translations from what I heard a Comedy Central Intern tell me over a bad cell phone connection.  Some may be real.  But in any language, Adam, Blake, and Ders sure are undeniably on this show.

Watch the All-American boys take on the office world in an all-new Workaholics, Wednesday Night at 10/9 CT, only on Comedy Central.