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The Battle For Mewni Review

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After months of waiting, the Star vs The Forces of Evil movie have finally aired! Ever since the season finale aired, I have been thinking about all the things that could happen in the season 3 premieres. My hype for season 3 only increased after learning that it was going to be a movie event and seeing the promo! It seemed like this was going to be the Star vs the Forces of Evil equivalent of Gravity Falls Weirdmagedeon! So after watching the movie, I can say without a doubt that it was…..kind of a letdown. Don’t get me wrong, I by no means hated or disliked this episode, but it really didn’t live up to my expectations. Though before I go over my issues of the movie/episodes, let’s go over what was good about it. 

The Good 

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Ludo continues to grow more as a character. Despite the threat that he has become a more dangerous threat, he still remains to be the same comedic villain from season one. Yet it’s obvious that while he does seem to want power and respect, he also seemed to want to be liked by others. I really liked how upset he was at Glossaryck for making fun of him for talking to the book since Ludo thought that they were becoming friends, though I don’t think Glossaryck was trying to be mean spirited.  However the moment he truly shines (beside “killing” Toffee) was when he asked Star to throw him into the abyss so that he could work out his issues and find himself. The moment really shows how Ludo have changed since season one since he is recognizing that he have a lot of things that he need to work out. 

Learning more about Moon. It was really nice to see her as a teenager and see the burden she had to deal with due to her mother murder. Her relationship with River is adorable, the way she strolled into the monster camp was totally badass, and seeing her be honest with Star about how scared she is.

Meeting Eclipsa and learning more about her. Despite the fact that she’s referred to as the Queen of Darkness, she seem to be a kind and gentle person. I have a feeling that this isn’t an act, and I am curious to learn more about her 

The touching reunion of Star and Marco. Just seeing Star hug Marco for those couple of heartwarming seconds melted my heart. I understand why they didn’t bring up the whole “Star having a crush on Marco” situation since they were currently dealing with Ludo/Toffee, so I’m curious to see what will happen with that in season 3. 

The new ending song is freaking awesome! I remember reading that the new ED song would be something out of an anime and man that was just the perfect description!

Marco resistance team were entertaining (especially the mime, the mime is a genius) 

Marco helping out River and showing him that he does have the potential inside of him to be a good ruler without Moon at his side 

Seeing Marco literally punch a hole in Toffee body for killing Star 

The Problems 

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For an event called “The Battle of Mewni” there wasn’t that much action. All promos were hyping up some kind of epic battle in the movie. Yet the movie barely had ANY fighting in it!  How can you call the event “The Battle of Mewni” and not have any actual epic fights? I wasn’t expecting it to be a DBZ episode full of fighting, but something would have been cool 

For example, the show hinted that Moon and Toffee had a past with each other and that Moon fought Toffee. I thought it would be some kind of epic duel in which Moon was fighting for her life, but nope! All she does is stand still; cast a spell, and blasts off Toffee finger! And the worst thing, Toffee just walks off and Moon just let him instead of finishing him off!  Seriously, he killed her mother, and River doesn’t even attempt to chase after him and finish the job!  

Moon interaction with Buff Frog was kind of weird. Like I get it, a monster killed her mother, so I understand why she wouldn’t be a fan of hanging with monsters. Yet in “Face the Music” she didn’t seem to show as much discomfort around Ludo family as she did with Buff Frog. Maybe it was because Ludo family is royalty? Still though, I do like that by the end of the episode she does seem to have grown a friendship with Buff Frog since they are both parents. 

Toffee doesn’t come off as threatening once he regains his body. He doesn’t try to seek revenge by killing Moon; he simply walks away after dealing with Moon and Marco. Like I get that he’s a villain who plays the long game, but I thought he would have at least tried to kill Moon after finally getting his body back/ 

Star was a bit frustrating during this movie. In the first part, I can understand why Star is ready to just go to the castle and take on Toffee. She has always been that character who is never afraid to back down from a fight since she’s confident in her abilities, so I’m not mad at that. What make me a bit mad is that after Moon tells Star the gravity of the situation, she doesn’t seem to take it seriously enough. Like I get it, Star want to go to the kingdom and save her dad despite the risks, I get that. But after hearing that Toffee killed her grandma, I feel like Star should have at least come up with a plan instead of just winging it. Again, I know she normally wing things, but in this scenario she’s just kind of reckless.

The movie didn’t really delve into Toffee past as much as I thought it would. Like there are still so many unanswered questions. How and why did Toffee decide to kill Moon mother? How does he know about the whispering spell? What was Toffee plan after regaining his body, and more? How was Toffee tainting the magical energy exactly? And more!

Thinking about starting a trimberly/power rangers band au tomorrow? But only if people would read it? Should I?
If yes send me your headcanons 😍 really wanna write something angsty/fluffy about these kids I love them

Teenagers today hold the burden of those who are in their 20s, crisis of those who are in their 30s, and deep thoughts of those who are in their 40s and beyond. It’s amazing how they can manage themselves despite of them bottling up emotions to their hearts. They are also awake to the fact that monsters don’t live beneath their beds but inside their heads. It’s ironic for them what is a yes and a no in a relationship, and they fell so freely as if the person who are with them right now is the one they will have forever. This is also the stage where they are good at interpreting songs, and become a fan of diffrent forms of art. Give them a word like ‘sadness’ and their minds can take you places for they can comprehend more than what we expect. Being in this period maybe crucial, but anything fun and unexpected happens here.

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ok, i'll bite. what's the "shakespeare wrote space jam" story (this seems... /intriguing/

OKAY THANK YOU FOR ASKING BECAUSE THIS IS POSSIBLY MY FAVORITE STORY FROM LAST YEAR. Gather round, motherfuckers, it’s storytime with Goodsola.

  • So I took a Shakespeare class last year, halfway because I really like Shakespeare and halfway because my absolute favorite teacher taught the class. He was super laid back and chill and he wasn’t afraid to make jokes with us and sometimes he even swore in class, which everyone thought was the absolute best thing. He always let us act out the plays, even providing props sometimes, like a fake skull with light-up eyeballs for the Hamlet unit. 
  • (During the grave scene, he took out one of the eyeballs and would throw it on the floor to make it light up every time Hamlet spoke, causing us all to laugh so hard it took two days to get through the scene due to interruptions.) 
  • Anyways the teacher had guided us through an entire semester of this shit and it was a glorious time but we’d unfortunately finished reading what was supposed to be our last play, Taming Of The Shrew, about a week and a half before the schoolyear ended. Most of us were seniors so that was really no time at all but it was just enough that he couldn’t justify having us just sit on our asses and twiddle our thumbs for that long. 
  • So it came to a vote: which play would we read last?
  • He looked up the shortest plays and weeded out the bad ones, muttering to himself things like “the main character is shit” and “that shouldn’t even exist” or “if you could see the movie version– but I can’t show that in school”. And so on, and so forth, and eventually we narrowed it down to three or four choices. 
  • Unfortunately, this process was PAINFULLY BORING. 
  • We were a close group by this time. Nobody lives through King Lear together and comes out the other side strangers. One of the girls, Steph, eventually got bored enough to make a joke. “How about we read Space Jam?” 
  • Everything ground to a dead stop. I believe the teacher stopped mid-sentence. He was understandably skeptical. “Space Jam? How are we gonna read Space Jam? Isn’t that a movie?”
  • “Yeah, with Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes.” (The voice was Mike’s, everyone’s partner in crime. He was quiet but off the wall in a very subtle way. See the Chips and Salsa incident for more evidence)
  • “We’d print out the screenplay and read it that way!” 
  • “Can I be Bugs Bunny?”
  • “[teacher] should be Michael Jordan!” (cue death stare from the 5′6″-and-very-sensitive-about-it teacher)
  • The conversation was shut down for the most part then. It did come to a vote, though, so the teacher passed around his little Yankees baseball cap (which sat on the skull when it wasn’t being used for soliloquies) and we all put in our votes. 
  • To this day, I’m amazed at the poker faces. The teacher pulled out the first slip and in neat blue pen one of the names of the plays was written. Nothing seemed amiss. But when the next slip of paper was opened, in equally neat black pen there read the words “SPACE JAM”.
  • “Steph, was this you?” the teacher asked. But it was not her. She had written hers in purple gel pen. Sparkly purple gel pen, in particular. The next slip was, remarkably, not in sparkly purple gel pen. But plain as day, there it was. Motherfuckin’ SPACE JAM.
  • Three slips later and the class was in hysterics. The teacher was definitely not. He had stopped reading them aloud entirely, instead electing to crumple them up and throw them on the floor immediately. 
  • People were falling out of chairs. Someone had to excuse herself to the hall after vote #5. It was chaos. 
  • Beautiful, Space Jam fueled chaos.
  • I believe the final total was (out of a class of about 15) 8 votes for Space Jam, and the rest for actual plays. None of us had planned this. We all expected to be the solitary smartass. 
  • Steph’s sparkly purple gel pen was the final slip to be read. 
  • After that, the teacher paused wearily, stared meaningfully at the back wall of the classroom. “Shakespeare,” he sighed, the burden of teenage antics upon his shoulders, “did not write Space Jam.” 
  • The last day of class, as the bell rang, he stopped us. We were leaving to go on with our lives. Highschool was nearly behind us. And as we filed out the door, we heard it. 
  • The dulcet tones of movie soundtracks. The persistent beat. The poetic masterpiece. 
  • “Come on and slam, and welcome to the jam.”

Story about the Ghost King 

Sometimes Nico must go to the Underworld in order to fulfill his duties as the Ghost King in place of King Minos. Sometimes he watches over the different parts of the underworld, but sometimes he must take his turn on the panel to judge. Even though he has not died, they respect him and value his opinion on the board. Nico is usually very generous to demigods, but every once in a while there is someone that must be sent to the Fields of Punishment. As the Ghost King it is his job to decide their fate and take them to meet it. Somewhere in him is the darkness of his father, the darkness that makes him enjoy condemning these souls for all eternity. He comes back a little more broken, but never fully steps out of the light, as he also never can let go of the darkness. He always returns with a glint in his eyes, not the one of Hermes cabin mischief, a glint of malevolence that he can’t shake and it scares and angers him. Now Will will hold him, he’ll gather the sun and light and let it seep into Nico until the shadows around Nico grow smaller and lighter. He keeps holding until Nico’s breath slows and the darkness gives way to a boy, a teenager of 14 burdened with the task of being the Ghost King who reveals in the power of it, but fears it and himself. 

(Art by viria)

[001] Ash

MidoAka Month: [6/4 - 6/6] : Firsts | Lasts -> Last meeting.

Pairing: Midorima/Akashi
Warnings: Major character death, angst
Word count: 2889

The world was an eerie place for what it lacked.

Nijimura’s case was the first to make him realize it, and Midorima witnessed and experienced the fall of the Generation of Miracles; victims of time. It’s sad, really.  From the beginning, he was well aware of change, of inevitability, of fate.

He sauntered over what was left of his high school years, little by little, and dismembered them. The years within Shuutoku’s clutch had been short, too quick for his liking, but in the times he allowed himself to breathe, he contemplated his own role in this recurring tragedy. The Miracles’ roles. How their stories would gradually unravel – and perish. A basketball would be left in its wake, polite and immobile; a reminder of how quick a fire spreads. Midorima would be lying, however, if he said it wasn’t disconcerting to prod the wounds Teikou inflicted. 

‘Man proposes, God disposes.’

As it suggested, he believed in hard work and dedication and the possibility of altering an inevitable outcome. He obtained lucky items every day, taped his fingers, prayed, studied, all to the best of his ability. It hurt him to think that this would be in vain. That he’ll probably die trying. Once he found comfort in remembering fictional stories, courtesy of his childhood nurturing, of a world where man could reach the stars.

Even with the sharp precision of a scalpel and surgical scissors of an aspiring doctor, he’ll never be able to dissect such a lifetime.

Akashi asked him for scissors once, and Midorima wondered if man fell like Akashi, too.

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Shameless: Unpopular Opinion

“I love Shameless, adore it actually, especially Ian and Mickey’s storyline throughout these past seasons.However! The one thing I can’t stand is daddy!Gallavich. I hate the idea of two teenage boys having the burden of raising a child, but not only a child. A child that is a constant reminder of the day when a part of their lives ended in a most brutal way possible. Jesus Christ they haven’t even had the time to enjoy each other, to be free in their love and they already have the biggest responsibility in the world.Now, don’t get me wrong, I love kids but every time I see a comment about Yev and his ‘daddies’ I roll my eyes.I know that there are a lot of people in this fandom that absolutely adore the idea of them as a couple with a child but to me its just a ‘no-no’.”

It’s like 12 am and I’m jet lagged and can’t sleep which makes no gd sense, anyway I’m just realizing the main reason I dislike rtte (don’t get me wrong, we’re so lucky to have it and it’s great) but just…
Why can’t we see them being teenagers? That’s literally why I don’t see rtte as canon cause everyone is so dang serious all the time. I understand they have to build their new world of dragons and humans, but in httyd 2 they mention peace and building berk, where as in the series the teens literally fight murderers?? More than once? Idk it’s getting old
I wanna see them be dumb teenagers
I want to see hiccup not having to be this great leader all the time, I want to see httyd 1 hiccup again…
I want to see the guys with their voice cracking and terrible growth spurts and facial hair. Arguing over who has the most yet the girls watch on while holding back laughter
I want to see Astrid and hiccup being the huge dorks they are and dating and being a couple that grows stronger as they age and don’t have to be so DANG SERIOUS
Why can’t they just be teenagers??? It’s such a burden to put so much on adults yet here are these kids going through it everyday
I want to see them be friends, like actual friends. Like long, dumb conversations in Meade hall. Going camping sometimes cause most of the time they’re helping and carving their place on berk
The twins tripping balls on dragon nip
The guys eating constantly
Astrid and ruffnut having girl time cause being around 4 guys dang all the time, there’s def things those 2 could talk about
The guys having guy time aka talking about girls or daring each other to do things and getting out of hand and really the only reason they have common sense is Astrid
all of them being disgusting and smelly and they point it out to each other a lot

Idk I just feel like I don’t even see them as teenagers, like they went from these kids to suddenly adults with the weight of the world on them. I wish we got to see more of them just being themselves rather than how they are when put in stressful situations.
That’s mostly why whenever I write it’s them doing silly stuff cause the silly things are important!!! Like I want to see them as adults, sitting around Meade hall, all talking about the weird things they did
“remember the time snotlout convinced us to go yak tipping” “and he got kicked” “I still have a scar from that”
All smiling about how easy it was back then even though being a teenager at the time seemed so difficult, they now realize how rosy and wonderful their time together was. Reflecting on when they were young before they have to go about their duties as adults. Hiccup trying to remember what it felt like before he had the crushing weight of responsibility of being chief. Those carefree times… All thinking of the past before they go home to their families or work or whatever they face, making new memories, always pushing ahead.

Sorry just had to say this, also I’m like really tired so this is prob all nonsense, anyway goodnight