a teacher's crime

In our school the senior pranks have to be approved by the teachers first before they can actually do them. Each year somebody asks if they can just sell cakes and muffins, which is always denied because “the cafeteria wouldn’t make any money and everyone would make a mess anyway" even though the cafeteria is always closed on the day of the prank and they still gave permission for the following things:

  • to splatter the walls and bathroom mirrors with some kind of flour-chocolate milk-substance which was incredibly hard to remove

So yeah. Our teachers are stupid.

A Soft-Hearted Idealist Forged in The Fires of “Who Gives A Shit?”

I used to be friends with this kid named Min. Friends? Frenemies. We were both in Gifted and Talented classes, and shared a mutual friend who I still say hi to, from time to time. Min claimed he was from North Korea, though I had no idea what the significance of that would’ve been, being in second grade and all. Anyway, Min was a dick.

We almost always spent recess together, even though he constantly made fun of me. He was really into Star Wars, Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct. We’d LARP our characters against one another, mine pulled from my ass and his, some combination of traits drawn from those sources. He always won. I was never allowed. Our friendship, if it could be called that, was very frustrating for me. I thought he was funny, and wanted him to be nice to me. He drew on my art and dumped the remains of his lunch onto my tray, instead. I took to calling his house, waiting for his mom to pick up, and then flushing the toilet into the receiver. 

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that moment when you realise the Australian kids channel had a TV show about dancing students that dealt with homophobia, religious parents, bulimia, bullying, gender roles, sex, stereotypes, crime, teacher-student relationships, and life-changing injuries

Anti-Adoption and Emma's role in season 1

So I had a conversation today about Regina’s reaction when Emma came to Storybrook. She told me that she couldn’t understand why I’m so upset about how Emma behaved at the beginning. How she interfered in a relationship between a mother and her son. A son she willingly gave up for a closed adoption. Closed means Emma willingly cut all ties to her child. This was her decision Regina didn’t force her wasn’t even in her life at that point.

Regina is a bad mother because she didn’t want the biological mother of HER CHILD taking him away from her. I guess we can all agree upon that Regina likely screwed up the adoption conversation what made Henry withdraw from her. But that would’ve been something that could be fixed with time and understanding.Something neither Henry nor Regina got the chance to because of Emma. It’s canon that they used to have a great relationship.

She said Regina’s reaction was totally over the top and another sign of what an evil person she is and what a bad mother. That her “I’ll destroy you if it’s the last thing I do” proofs that even with Henry Regina never was anything more than the Evil Queen. A bad selfish person who abuses Henry by keeping him from Emma. That was her argument.

For her now and everybody believing the same.

This is Lena Adams- Foster form the tv show The Fosters. (Check it out its really good)

Lena and her wife Stef have 5 kids four of them are adopted. Lena is a teacher and the worst crime she ever committed is lying to her wife. She is actually the definition of a sweet strong caring mother with a pure heart.

In season 1 the biological mother of their twins a former drug addicted forces her way into their lives again and causes quiet some trouble. She also gave them up willingly she also interfered into their relationship with their adopted parents. Like Emma did. And you know what Lena’s reaction to it was…

(gif by @jamandstuff )

Sound familiar?

(gif by @reginagifs)

Both woman react the same way, both women couldn’t be more different but they have one thing in common: They love their children fiercely and don’t give a fuck who their biological parents are. Because those two women were the ones taking those children in, they raised them and cared for them. They are their mother’s.

I love the relationship Henry has now to both of his mother’s I do. But only now because now…its Regina’s choice to say yes. Back in season 1 it wasn’t and Regina as well as Lena had the right to protect their children.

So, I was scrolling thro the tcc tag and APPARENTLY it applies to both the true crime and teacher crush community and I can see people from each community scrolling thro the tag and sees posts that applies to the other one and thinking “wow, that’s messed up”

Sooo I was wearing my "You Are Not Alone" sweater today...
  • French teacher: Who are those gentlemen on your sweater? *points to Misha and Jensen*
  • Me: They're from a TV show
  • French teacher: Oh, like a crime show?
  • Me: Yes *only says yes to end the convo quickly and go back to the safety of my desk*
  • French teacher: I thought so...they look like criminals
  • Me:
Me watching Forensic Files during a sick day

Creepy Voiceover Man: …it would take a blood splatter analyst, and a forensic plumber to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Me: …who the fuck decides they want to be a forensic plumber? Who the fuck decided that needed to be a thing?

Some warm up sketches of young Elrond


(Sorry it’s still just sketches. D8)

Name: Wade Addams-Vasquez

Age: 16 (beginning of story), 18 (present)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Family: Father (deceased), Mother, Older Brother, Several Cousins

Affiliates: Simon (best friend), Tory Dossey (teacher/partner in crime/crush), Samsa (teacher), Winifred Park (librarian/friend)

Wade Addams-Vasquez has been able to see spirits and demons since he was a baby.

His mother was a cook at a family restaurant, and his father had been teacher until he passed away mere months before Wade was born. But even death couldn’t keep his father away.

As soon as Wade could speak, he tried telling his family about the other people in the world that nobody talked to, but almost everyone chalked up his interactions to an overactive imagination-

-Everyone except his brother Lorne. Wade could confide his visions and experiences in Lorne, because Lorne took fast to the idea that their father could still be around. The brothers were each other’s only reprieve from their strict and unreasonable stepfather, who had stepped in when Wade was three and Lorne was eight. Lorne was never attentive or strong enough for their stepfather, and Wade, in his opinion, shouldn’t have imaginary friends. But when they were alone, the brothers could ignore their stepfather’s expectations and talk about ghosts. They could talk about the old women in the park who’d been meeting for a hundred years to reminisce and gossip about their descendants, or about the street races with ghostly cars that happened outside their window at night. Then, when things got quiet, Lorne would ask about their dad. And their dad would answer through Wade.

One day, when Wade was eight, a dark spirit drove the good soul of their father away. It had been drawn to Lorne’s ever growing doubt in himself and tried to attack him to feed on the darkness in him. Wade got in the way and protected Lorne at the expense of himself.

Wade woke up in the hospital to the rage of his stepfather. The little boy tried to explain about the dark spirit, but their stepfather already had an explanation. Lorne had lied. The older boy told the man that Wade had run off and gotten himself hurt on his own. When Wade tried to ask Lorne why he lied, his brother demanded that he stop lying about ghosts. They weren’t real.

Lorne’s mental state grew worse. Wade grew reclusive. Eventually their stepfather left their exhausted mother, refusing to care for such disappointing sons. Their mother recognised the man as the worst decision she’d made, and she made sure her boys knew that they never once disappointed her, and they could never disappoint their real father. Lorne always doubted that was true. Wade always knew.

When Lorne was eighteen, he left home and never looked back. Their father’s spirit left with Lorne. That was a decision Wade wanted to understand, but at his age, all he saw was more betrayal. Wade found he was never able to trust anyone again and kept mostly to himself and the dead.

At sixteen, years after his life alone with his mother had finally settled in, Wade had turned cold to most of the living. The older he had gotten, the weirder it was that he preferred to have conversations with walls. Tory Dossey, his well-meaning English teacher and self-proclaimed guidance counsellor, attempted to help Wade open up. When it became clear that Wade wasn’t about to be a simple case, Tory decided to table their talk and try again at a later date.

After finding a family dead on their way to Wade’s home (thanks wholly to Wade’s ability to see the family on the street side hoping for help), Tory’s entire world was turned upside down. His interaction with Wade and Wade’s life with the unknown set off a chain of events that threw them both into a darker world than even Wade was used to. And the deep horrors that awaited them had no plans to stop at Tory and Wade, weeding their way into Lorne’s growing darkness, and the bright light of Tory’s own, estranged brother, Damascus.

My OCs: Wade, Lorne, Simon
Pentamerone’s OCs: Tory, Damascus

i saw this gorgeous post a couple days ago and it was so beautiful that it inspired me to draw Rosa and Amy as Nancy Drew style detectives solving a case

look at them, the nerds