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Homestuck gets plenty of hate at cons, so I count and enjoy each time we show up in con CMVs as little victories for our fandom. You can usually count ‘em on 1 hand, but at Katsucon you could count 'em on 2!…we’re getting there… (they were almost all non-troll though)

The last few videographers are taking too long to finish so here I celebrate a little before Katsustuck 2013 fades from memory–there were a few more I wish I could fit. Thanks for existing, Homestucks.

Trickster Jane | Kurloz | Flarp Terezi/WQ | PsiioniicBQ | Grandpa | Spidermom

Vids: BDB | Otakuleague | CSF | RtP | andalantie

I have been thinking about my lactose intolerance (I have conspiracy theories about my lactose intolerance): a lot of people challenge my lactose intolerance because I can eat cheese without any problems BUT those people are dumb and rude, everybody knows cheese has generally a tiny fraction of the lactose that milk has, depending on its methods of production. HOWEVER: why doesn’t ice cream bother me in the same way that drinking milk does? I have a theory

first of all I don’t eat that much ice cream, mostly only in the summer. I’d always choose a donut or a cake or something over ice cream. but I don’t notice getting acutely sick on ice cream like I sometimes do on milk, and I think it’s actually some kind of cognitive manipulation on my part, I think possibly I do sometimes get sick on ice cream, but I don’t interpret it as lactose problems, I interpret it as ‘fuck I ate too much dessert.” I need to test this theory [by eating a bunch of ice cream] because I really can’t remember any times where I get my very specific curdly milk feeling after eating ice cream. It could also be a volumes issue, I have to be more scientific in comparing servings. while I haven’t drank a glass of milk in god knows how many years, at least ten for the most part, I do indulge in lattes in the winter time, and I think they are a larger volume/lactose content than I conceptualize them to be vs. a glass of milk. they definitely do make me sick if I over do it during gingerbread season, but it’s usually a manageable sickness, worth the wintery risk.

HOWEVER I have been lying to myself for a good decade about skim milk. I know skim milk has more lactose than 2%+ because I know that skim milk sacrifices fat content with sugar content (on a per gram basis essentially), I know that because I survived the early 21st century carb wars. BUT I have convinced myself that skim milk impacts me less than higher fat content milk, for subconscious reasons that should be immediately obvious. and this is bad! but I do not think it is something I can unlearn, even if a 2% gingerbread latte is better tasting and less likely to make me feel sick, I am not sure I can get over the mental hump of [redacted] or also the fear-fantasy that it will make me sicker even though I know that is a lie. I could try a digestive supplement! especially since it is only for one thing (gingerbread lattes) or sometimes two things (cafe au lait). but can I get over [redacted]? I do not know if I can :/

The season finale left a large void in my heart… SPOILERS (I THINK): im like fuck you hannibal, fuck you fbi blond oldie, fuck  you unloaded pistol, fuck everything, omg bedannibal (i think)

So i need to sate my need with fanart. makes me tastier… ha.

Please don’t repost or something, and please ask permission if you’re going to use it please.

Rumors - part 16


When I wake up I was on my stomach and Kol was also on his stomach my head was near his. I turned around and took my phone from the night stand to see what time it is and it was 15:10. I slowly got out of the bed and went to the living room looking at the beautiful view of city. After few minutes I went back to the room, I looked at Kol who was still sleeping on his stomach and idea came into my mind, so I lay over him kissing his neck and biting him. He wake up immediately and flip us over so now I’m on my stomach and he is on me.

 - What were you trying to do? “He asked me kissing my neck”.

 - Same thing you are doing right now; “I said with smile and tried to get him off of me”.

 - No, no I’m not getting off of you; “He said”.

I smiled turning my head to look at him and he kissed my cheek then he got off of me.

 - You said you won’t do that; “I said and turned myself around”.

Kol way laying on one side of his body looking at me and smirking.

 - Don’t look at me like that; “I said playfully and hit his shoulder”.

 - You are going to pay for that; “He said looking into his shoulder and smiling”.

 - Oh, yeah? Only if you catch me; “I said and vamp speed out off the bed”.

I knew he would catch me, but either way I looked at the door of the balcony wanting to go there, so I run there but he was already in front of the doors.

 - You are very hard to catch; “He said sarcastically smiling”.

 - That’s just because I let you catch me; I said adding; So how I’m going to pay for this; when I said that I hit him again.

 - Oh, you’ll find out; “He said smirking”.

 - And when will that be? “I asked”.

 - When the time comes; “He said and kissed me”.

 - So we are playing that game, fine by me; “I said and turn around to go to the bathroom”.

 - Did you bring some blood bags? “He asked”.

 - Yeah, I put them in the fridge; I said and added; But we’re going to eat outside later.

 - Yes we will; “He said and smiled”.

I was in the bathroom in front of the mirror brushing my hair when Kol came and he was standing behind me with the blood bag, putting the blood bag in front of me and giving me to feed. While I was drinking blood he was kissing my neck and shoulders.

After the bathroom I was still in Kol’s t-shirt and I came into the living room where Kol was sitting in the big corner sofa. Next to the sofa was telescope so I was watching the city through it.

 - Turn it all to the right and you’ll have a better view; “Kol said”.

 - You mean, I will be looking at you; “I said”.

 - Who else; Kol said standing up and coming behind me, hugging me from behind and lifting me off of the ground so he can carry me to the sofa.

 - You just can’t get enough of me, can you? “I asked him as he put me on the sofa”.

 - I crave for you more then I crave for blood; “Kol said as he sat next to me”.

 - Well that’s serious statement; “I said looking at him”.

 - Yeah, for the vampire it is; “Kol said leaning his head to me so he can give me a quick kiss”.

After the kiss I laid down, my head was in his lap and legs were stretched out on the sofa. He started playing with my hair as I was looking into his face, scanning every inch of it.

 - He is so damn perfect; Passed trough my mind.

Then I touched his lips with my fingers, tracing them down lightly across his lower lip his mouth began to open. Then he put his head down and our lips come together, first gently, then without breaking the kiss I pulled myself up so I can sit in his lap, his arms tightened around me and the kiss becomes more intense, more passionate. When we broke the kiss we were smiling at each other, I put my forehead against his and I said; Maybe I should start dressing up if we’re going outside to eat.

 - Better do it before this kiss lead to something more; “Kol said”.

 - Haha, like that’s very hard to happen; “I said and got up from his lap”.

I went to the bathroom to take a quick a shower and after that I put a little make up, mascara and highlighter. Then I opened suitcase to see what I’ll wear, as I was looking through clothes Kol came behind me.

 - Having problem with choosing what to wear? “He asked leaning himself on a door frame”.

 - Like always; “I said”.

The problem is I didn’t take too much of a clothes with me so I have a little choice.

I decided to wear dark grey almost black high waist jeans and light grey crop top, I left my hair to look natural.

 - When I finished I looked at Kol and said; Are we going to eat someone or what?

Kol smirks at me and stand up so he can go to the door. He opens the door of our room and say; After you, darling. I smiled at him and walk out of the room.

We were holding hands and roaming through the city for some time. It was really beautiful night outside.

 - I saw some bar that looked nice so I told Kol; Let’s go there.

We came into the bar, the place was nice and loud alternative rock music was playing and it was full of people.

 - Do we sit at the bar or table? “Kol asked me”.

 - Let’s sit at the bar; “I said”.

We sat the bar in front of the bartender and Kol ordered a drinks for us. Then bartender started pouring out the drinks and give us two glasses of whiskey.

 - So much tasty people; “I said as I was looking at them, then turned myself to take my drink”.

 - So hard to chose; “Kol said”.

 - We’ll see about that; “I said and smiled”.

 - Or we don’t even need to chose; “Kol said”.

 - I want to chose, you are free to kill anyone you want; “I said and Kol smiled at me”.

While we were drinking I saw one girl looking at Kol, I didn’t said anything right away, but after couple of minutes while she was still staring and trying to flirt with him every time he turns his head I said to him; I got myself a prey.

 - Who? “He asked softly smiling”.

 - The girl that’s looking at you; I said and added; Go, talk to her.

 - Are you serious? You want me to flirt with her? “He asked”.

 - Yes, lure her outside; “I said to him”.

 - What if she seduce me; “He said smirking”.

 - She’ll be dead before she can do it; “I said to him smirking”.

 - Okay then, I’m going; “He said and got up from the bar so he can go and talk to her”.

When he came to her she couldn’t take her smile off of her face, I rolled my eyes. I was watching them talk, she took Kol by his hand and pulled him to go outside, before they went outside Kol looked at me smiling. I finished my drink in one gulp and came there 1 minute later.

I saw that Kol was against the wall and she was all over him, almost kissing him, when I saw that she want’s to kiss him I pushed her off of him and said to her; What the hell are you doing with my boyfriend?

 - Nothing, he asked me to go outside; “The girl said in defence”.

 - I didn’t do anything; “Kol said raising his hands in defence”.

 - I don’t care who asked who, you hands were all over him; I said to her and when she didn’t say anything I looked at Kol smiling and said; Maybe I should just eat her and kill her.

 - What? What are you guys talking about? “The girl said with afraid look on her face”.

When I turned around to look at her I already had my vampire face and before she could make any sound I grabbed her and compelled her; I’m just going to drink your blood until you’re dead and you won’t make any sound.

After that I bite her neck and drained her of blood, when I was done she fell to the ground and  I looked at Kol with my vampire face my mouth covered in blood, he came closer to me and slowly touched one of my cheeks and veins under my eyes with his fingertips and then kissed me, when we stop kissing he said; Well she was tasty, you should left something for me.

 - Is she tastier than me? “I asked him”.

 - Not even close; “He said and kissed me again”.

Then some guy came where we were and that girl. We heard him and when we looked at him he saw blood on me and then he looked to the ground where the girl was lying.

 - What did you do? “He asked very afraid and wanted to turn around and call for help”.

Kol and I exchange looks and he vamp speed in front of that guy.

 - H-how did you do that? “The guy said with a shaky voice turning around to look where Kol was”.

 - There is no way to help her now; “I said behind him”.

 - Like there won’t be a way for helping you; “Kol said and compelled the guy not to scream”.

 - Well now that we feed well, we could just go back to hotel; I said kissing Kol; and by the way mine was much tastier.

 - Sure she was; “Kol said and grabbed my hand so we can go back to hotel”.

The moment we stepped into the elevator Kol grabbed my waist and started kissing me.

 - Wait a second, we didn’t push a button; I said through kiss, but Kol didn’t listen to me. He lifted me off the ground and put my legs around his waist, going closer to the buttons so I can push a button to go up to our floor. After that Kol didn’t waste any time he vamp speed us to the wall of the elevator and started kissing me roughly. Couple of minutes later the door slid open and someone came in, Kol stopped kissing me.

 - Bloody hell; “That was all that Kol said when he heard that someone is coming into the elevator”.

He placed me back down on the floor and we were waiting for the elevator to come onto our floor, it felt like the elevator was going slower and slower.

When it came to our floor and doors slid open we got to the room door. I took key card out of my bag while Kol was withdrawing my hair to the side and kissed my shoulders.

The moment I unlock the door we started kissing until we came to the bedroom. I broke the kiss and I push Kol to sit on the bed.

 - Now you’re gonna pay for flirting with that girl; “I said to him trying to be serious”.

 - Wha-; “Before he could finish that word I kissed him and he kiss me back”.

 - I start kissing his neck and he say smiling; Well if this is punishment then I’ll flirt with other girls more often.

 - Shut up, if you don’t want me to change my mind; “I said to him”.

I looked at him holding my hands on his cheeks and he smirks at me, I smirk back and he leaned towards me, but before he kissed me I push him to lay on the bed. I sit on top of him and pull my t-shirt over my head, he doesn’t take his eyes off of me. I put my hands in his hair and lean down, kissing him passionately, without breaking the kiss he flip us over so he is now on top of me and I wrap my hands around his neck pulling him closer to deepen the kiss. He kisses my neck and I take a deep breath turning my head on the other side so he can kiss me better.

I flip us around and Kol starts moving his hands up and down my waist, I grab the hem of his T-shirt pulling it up and over his head and then slowly touch his chest and abs. Kol lift himself so he can sit and started kissing my neck and the skin between my bra, dragging his teeth on top of my breast as he was trying to unlock my bar. I leaned my head back, exposing my skin for him to kiss and I had my hands in his hair.

 - You know enough with that, I want to be in charge; “I said to him pushing him back down and seeing smirk on his face”.

 - I’m all yours, darling; “Kol said”.

I take off my bar and my jeans then started kissing his lips, going down to his neck, chest and abs, unzipping his pants and pulling them down. As I sit back on Kol, I feel his hands touching my tights, I pressed my hips onto his, I was ready to feel him inside me, when he entered in me I was moving my body up and down, slowly. I lean my head back and let out a moan showing my fangs.

He was grinning evilly as I sucked in breaths and moaned each one out. I lean down so I can kiss Kol, while I was kissing his neck he started thrusting faster into me and the force wracked my body with an instant orgasm.

Few minutes later we were both out of breath and I fall down on his chest and closed my eyes trying to relax myself.

 - You could be in charge more often; “He said kissing my hair”.

I put my hands on his chest and push myself up so I can look at him.

 - We have a deal; “I said and kissed him”.

Then I threw myself to the side and clutched the sheet over my sweating, naked body. He was feverishly hot and sweating as he pulled me into his arms, I was melting in his embrace.

When I felt myself relaxed I again started to kiss his chest.

 - Round two? “Kol asked me”.

 - I’m just hungry; “I said and sank my fangs into the side of his neck”.

 - A minute later he flip us over and said; I’m hungry too.

Then he started gently kissing my jawline and down my neck, sliding his arms over my thigh, then he sank his fangs into my neck, I closed my eyes and let out a gasp from pleasure. Then put my hand in his hair not letting him to stop. I love the feeling of him feeding on me, so little moans were escaping my mouth. As his teeth pulled out of my neck, he began to lick it slowly.

I turned myself so that his chest were against my back and he was still kissing my neck. Then he placed his arms around me from the back so I can’t move and began to spoon me with his body. Kissing my shoulders and cupping my breasts he whispered to my ear; You feel so good, darling.

A little while later he falls asleep, not letting the grip. Then I remembered that I didn’t send message to Rebekah, so I somehow took my bag that was on the floor next to the bed and send her a message so she knows where we are.

Soon after that I drift to sleep. It is peaceful sleeping like this, it feels like time has stopped.



Summary: Clowning around can be dangerous work.

Author’s Note: More drabbley fluff!  And a bit of action and drama.  There are some spoilers for the Grand Magic Games arc, so if you haven’t either watched (up to episode 190) or read that yet, you might want to back away.  Can’t entirely take credit for the premise since it was inspired by another fic I read quite some time ago.  More about that in the notes after the story.  Nalu, because what else do I even write apparently.

EDIT: A very kind reviewer on FF (many thanks, Darthen!) finally helped me track down Abstract by movingmoonlight, which was the fic that inspired my story.  It’s a lovely piece of work, so go check it out if you’d like more Nalu!

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no shade or anything but does anyone actually like voluntarily eat peeps???? i feel like they just exist… they’re everywhere every easter but like…. who eats them…. seems like a waste of calories that could be spent eating something tastier if you ask me