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New Music Taste Ep #36

Welcome to New Music Taste, a series of music recommendation for your listening pleasure. Uploaded every weekend, also on a weekday for a special episode (optional). My usual taste in music is pop music and pop punk scene, but I always explore for new music because that’s what “New Music Taste” is all about.

Monday, 21/08/2017

New Music Releases

  1. Modern Day Cain by I DON’T KNOW HOW BUT THEY FOUND ME
  2. Future Me by Echosmith
  3. In Bloom by Neck Deep
  4. Unapologetically by Kelsea Ballerini
  5. Dive by MAIKA

Music Discovery

  1. Half A Heart by One Direction
  2. All My Friends by WRENN
  3. Anyways by Varsity Week
  4. The Anchor by Bastille
  5. Grown Ups by :PM

That’s all I got for this episode. I hope you listen to these songs and if you love it, share ‘em with your friends.

Spread music, spread love. - agirlwithsevenloadedpens

lightningthor  asked:

Omg hahaha i love how on a previous jonerys post you were like "i don't go here" in tags and then you post a fanfic of them with tags "...i go here now". Made me laugh :D

yup, just had to accept that this has become my brain MUCH AS I TRIED TO RESIST THE SIREN CALL OF MAGICAL ROYAL INCEST (anyone who remembers far enough back to my days in Merlin fandom will know that I am not good at resisting this call)

Link: *eating raw fish as he runs naked through a field shooting down bokoblins with fire arrows screaming*

literally everyone in hyrule: wtf

Zelda: i love him so muCH



so i sold these little lyrics stickers at popcon and u know what, eventhough no one really knew joji (except the pink guy i mentioned in earlier post), some people actually bought them HAHA. but i still have some left over so yeah if you’re interested, just hit me up. they’re shiny chrome stickers and you can stick them anywhere indoor/outdoor. ps. i only have 2 for each :D

I want you.
All of you.
On me.
Under me.
Tasting me.
Wanting me.