a taste of honey1

Blackberry Faery Milk

This is a recipe my nan always used to make* if i was sick, and i think its perfect for any faekin,  pixiekin, or other woodland-type kin with a sweet tooth.

*also my grandma doesn’t believe in measuring cups, so the measurements are inexact and might need adjusting for taste

2 tablespoons honey
1 tablespoon yogurt (plain or vanilla is best but if you wanna experiment gofor it)
½ a cup of half and half cream
¾ cup of milk (My nan used whole milk, but that makes it just a little too rich, so i use 2% or skim)
1/8 a cup of Blackberries (i’ve used other berries and they wrok just as well - blackberries make a nice lavender color, blueberries come out periwinkle, and raspberries are a gorgeous shade of pale pink - have fun with it!)

Combine everything except the yogurt and berries and either heat on a stovetop to a low boil and then IMMEDIATELY take it of the heat, or just put it in the microwave for a minute (The saucepan feels more authentic, but I’m lazy so i use the microwave-i cant detect a taste difference, honestly).

Add the yogurt and stir, then put in the microwave for 20-45 minutes. This is where you really have to WATCH. if you add the fruit before its cool, it’ll get a really sharp, almost metallic taste. if you wait to long, the color won’t take, even thought it’ll taste about the same. You want it just a little cooler than room temperature.

Last, add the berries and stir. If the berries are fresh, you might need to smash them up a little with the spoon


(Pssst. Protip: I’m actually space-kin, and if you use more blackberries (like ½ cup) it comes out this gorgeous deep space violet)

(Psst. Protip 2: You can use jam instead of fresh berries - just halve the amount of honey (or not i guess, if you really want type 2 diabetes) and make sure you use plain yogurt, not vanilla)