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This song has been on repeat for a week now

aer-dna replied to your post “obv you ship shallura, but what are your other ships?”

allura + minivan = allurivan

hey, sometimes a seven passenger is the only way to go, especially with big groups


London brewery uses your DNA to make  beer based on your personal taste preferences

  • Meantime Brewery partnered with personal genetics service 23andMe to create Meantime Bespoke.
  • It’s a service designed to “assess hereditary variations in your oral taste receptors (the TAS2R38 gene) to reveal the genetic variants that could explain personal preferences towards specific flavor profiles within beer such as sweetness and bitterness,” the brewery website explains.
  • In other words, the service may be able to detect your penchant for fruity flavors and determine that you scrunch your nose at bitterness.
  • Using a sample of your saliva, 23andMe will analyze your personal taste receptors and produce a report.
  • More specifically, the DNA service tests for an individual’s sensitivity to a chemical called propylthiouracil, which is similar to the bitter compounds found in certain dark beers, coffee and raw broccoli.  Read more

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amistillfeeling  asked:

Brucetober on the ship asks if you please?

who hogs the duvet: Victoria

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Victoria

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Victoria, mostly because she makes really freaky serums

who gets up first in the morning: Bruce

who suggests new things in bed: Victoria

who cries at movies: Neither

who gives unprompted massages: Bruce

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Bruce

who gets jealous easiest: Bruce

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Victoria

who collects something unusual: Victoria collects monster DNA….

who takes the longest to get ready: Bruce needs to cover his scars and bruises

who is the most tidy and organized: Bruce

who gets most excited about the holidays: Victoria

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Bruce is big, Victoria is little

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Bruce

who starts the most arguments: Bruce

who suggests that they buy a pet: Victoria wants a tiny monster bird

what couple traditions they have: Patching Bruce up after patrols

what tv shows they watch together: They love Powerless

what other couple they hang out with: Selina/Eiko, Kate/Renee

how they spend time together as a couple: Doing weird research on supervillains and monsters

who made the first move: Victoria

who brings flowers home: Bruce, awkwardly

who is the best cook: Bruce

so i just remembered something

it got established that everything Taako drinks tastes like key-lime Go-gurt, right? so here’s what im wondering: did that happen to current-body taako, or first-body taako? and if it was first-body taako, what kind of logistics or whatever is going on with the goofed up magic that it applies to all subsequent bodies? did it change taako’s taste-bud DNA??





Non sans avoir préalablement rappelé quelques vérités d’ordre musicologique sur le silence et le bruit, le critique Lester Bangs énumère ses condensés d’électricité favoris dans un article du Village Voice datant de 1981. Y sont célébrés des classiques tels que « L.A. Blues » des Stooges, Vincebus Eruptum de Blue Cheer et Metal Machine Music de Lou Reed évidemment, mais aussi des disques alors aussi peu connus que ceux des Germs, de Jad Fair, de Teenage Jesus And The Jerks, de Mars et A Taste Of DNA – soit, pour les trois derniers, des combos no wave s’attaquant de front à la complaisance du rock américain squattant les ondes dans les années 1970. En fait peu de précédents à ce mouvement salvateur existaient, en dehors de l’album Trout Mask Replica dans lequel Captain Beefheart avait tordu le cou du rock en inventant une grammaire nouvelle ayant essaimé dans les marges. Appartenant au cercle fermé des formations compilées sur le légendaire No New York concocté par Brian Eno, le trio DNA s’est construit autour du guitariste chanteur Arto Lindsay. Dans un premier temps, Robin Crutchfield y tint les claviers avant d’être remplacé par l’ex-bassiste de Pere Ubu, Tim Wright, tandis que la Japonaise Ikue Mori, à la batterie, s’imposait comme l’héritière de Moe Tucker au sein du Velvet Underground, grâce à une technique rudimentaire mélangeant batucada et kabuki. Porté par des rythmiques primitives et constamment mouvantes, Arto Lindsay inventa en leur compagnie une poignée de chansons brèves pour la plupart compilées sur DNA On DNA, et qui ressemblent toutes à de faux départs sur les chapeaux de roues. Ici l’approche distanciée découle du fait que l’on a affaire à des non-musiciens (comme dirait Eno), venus à la musique par le biais des arts plastiques, et qui par exemple se reconnaissaient dans Fluxus. Sans modèle, Arto Lindsay maltraita donc une Danelectro douze cordes, à force de moulinets à contre-courant des arpèges et carillons en général tirés de cet instrument. D’ailleurs, tous les guitaristes de la no wave, souvent des filles, jouaient bizarrement, dans un style leur appartenant en propre (citons Pat Place au sein des Contortions, ou Conny Burg dans Mars). Si DNA laisse peu d’enregistrements, tous se révèlent rétrospectivement essentiels, avec leur mélange de free jazz et de syncopes psychotiques digne d’un Talking Heads sous amphétamines et décharné. A propos d’Ikue Mori, Lester Bangs (encore lui) parlera d’un Sunny Murray puissance dix (batteur free culte) avant d’exprimer combien il aurait aimé, au moment où le groupe sévissait, qu’un Albert Ayler soit encore là et joue avec eux.

( plus ou moins à propos de Lou Reed :

http://merzbow-derek.tumblr.com/search/lou+reed )

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: why does luke put his guitar picks in his mouth and then proceeds to hand them to fans, I think he knows what he's doing, but does he really know what they do when hes out of sight? behind closed doors those fans will put his salivated pick in their mouths, tasting his DNA telling themselves, they've practically kissed luke hemmings. The same guitar pick his fingers touched when he picks his nose or when he wipes michaels ass.

Xavi Hernandez appreciation post

“… He’s not a player, He is the system” — Deco

“Xavi is a player who has the Barcelona DNA: someone who has the taste for good football, someone who is humble and someone who has loyalty to this club. From the first moment I saw him play, I knew he would become the brain behind Barcelona for many years to come” — Pep Guardiola

“He is this team. Unbelievable… He may not be the star with Messi about, but for me he is this team’s Heartbeat.” — Alexander Hleb

If unborn children are nothing more than a "blob of cells and tissue" please explain to me why the unborn have functioning kidneys, stomachs, livers, hearts, taste buds, brains, fingers, toes, eyes, lips, and bone?

If a miniature human is just “a ball of cells” then that is what we all are. We are all made up cells, stuck together in one large mass.

Should it be legal to kill a 20 year old man, then? He’s just cells and tissue.

Fact: Human adults and fetuses are exactly the same (with the exception of sexual maturity and size)

Fact: an unborn child can feel pain

Fact: an unborn child can hear, taste, and feel

Fact: an unborn child has it’s own unique human DNA sequence and fingerprint

Fact: The only difference between a human adult and an unborn human is the fact that the adult is allowed to have choices and the opportunity to live, love, and make mistakes.

Fact: abortionists claim that the death of fetuses counts as “women’s rights” but they fail to acknowledge that while the child lives inside of its mother for nine months, the child has its own body and mind. Therefore it shouldn’t be said that “oh, it’s the mother’s body” when it’s the child’s body that is dissected and sold like kibbles n bits