a tardis in blue

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Hey! Hope this isn't bothering you but, as a theatre student and huge musical theatre nerd, I've just got to ask for more elaboration on just what your take is on what goes on in the muffled shadows of backstage, the quiet numbing calm before the curtain rises, the buzzing in your ears as you step on stage and your mind is blank but your mouth is still moving. A rush of sudden passion on stage and a dry mouth, trinkets found in pockets after the show. (1/?)

And the crazy superstitious bunch that we theatre people are! How many of our superstitions (like the obvious ‘break a leg’, to no peacock feathers on stage EVER, to no mirrors, to no real money or real jewelry on stage) would translate into this universe? I’m not an expert but, I think most of these are correct: Break a leg was originally to confuse mischievous pixies and the like, who liked to do the opposite of what was said. No peacock feathers because the eye shaped design could- (2/?)          

- attract bad magic/juju. Mirrors have the whole 'window into the soul’ thing going on (the things one could see..), although they were originally banned for safety and lighting reasons. The ban on real money and jewelry was to prevent backstage theft of props, but what if instead it was leaving trinkets and shiny jewelry and things as offerings, hoping for an amazing performance that night, even if perhaps whoever left the trinkets doesn’t remember said performance too well afterwards…. (3/3)       

Believe has more weight here; the theatre is one microcosm of the University that takes their complicated web of in-group superstitions very, very seriously.

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I can see the Doctor sending the Master the following: "Roses are red, the TARDIS is blue, I have two hearts, and they're both for you."

P.S. Be a good chap and stop trying to take over the universe, thank you


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9th Doctor

You were at work when everybody around you started gathering around being curious you walked over to see what all the commotion was about only to find the gathered around the TARDIS.

You made your way through the small crowd to see a man ‘Could that be…?’ You thought to yourself.



“Come here (Name)” He walks upto you and wraps his arms around you.

10th Doctor

You were walking back home until someone suddenly grabbed your hand and started running still holding onto your hand making you speed up aswell.


“Just keep running or else the cybermen will get us!” As soon as he said cybermen you hurried up.

“Oh god I really hope the Doctor is here”

“Yeah I’m here” you immediately stopped and looked at his new face"



*pulls you into a hug*

“My Doctor!”

“My (Name)!!”

“Erm I don’t think I wanna get turned into a cybermen so do you have a plan”


11th Doctor

It had been a while since you and the doctor had seen each other and you knew he’d turn up on one of these days

*kock knock*

You made your way to your door and opened it to see a man standing there looking a bit nervous.

“Hello, can I help you”

“Yes. Wait no (Name) it’s me the doctor!” He says with a huge grin.

“Is it really you doctor?”

“Yes it is!”

“Oh my god its really you!”

12th Doctor

Finally after searching for months you had finally found the TARDIS. You approached the blue police box and knocked on the door.


Not long after an older looking man opened the door “Who are you?”

“It’s me (Name)!”

“Oh yes (Name)” A smile grew on his face as he remembered

*You pull him into a hug*

“I don’t think I’m a hugging person now”

“I don’t really care”


Eleventh Doctor: Hello! I heard you had a bit of an alien problem.

Dean, muttering quietly to Sam: Who is this guy?

Eleventh Doctor: I’m the Doctor!

Sherlock, rolling his eyes: I’m surrounded by idiots.

Sam, looking offended: What do you know about killing monsters?

Sherlock: That it’ll probably get us all killed.

Eleventh Doctor: Alright everyone in the TARDIS.

Dean: The what?

Eleventh Doctor: The blue box. It’s bigger on the inside.

Why the TARDIS is blue

“Rose went away

So the Doctor is blue.

Ask Donna, “Where’s the Doctor?”

She’ll reply, “Doctor Who?”

Sarah Jane, and Martha,

And now both the Ponds

Had their fun with the Doctor

And now they’ve all gone.

So ask me again

Why the TARDIS is blue:

There’s a sad man inside

With both hearts torn in two.”


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Request: Alright. Hi. So, could you do a Tenth Doctor x reader regeneration sadness thing (I’m evil.) -Anon

Wordcount: 615 or something like that lmao

Triggers: Sappiness lmao.

A/N: I know it’s short but that’s because his regeneration was pretty quick.

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