a tall tale to tell

You ever remember Varric saying “you people have done enough to [Hawke] already” and just wanna sob?

You ever imagine Hawke waking up screaming in the middle of the night from another nightmare that’s mostly memory, and Varric being there to calm them down and bring them back to reality?

Hawke going off the grid and Varric is the only one that manages to keep in touch and know what’s going on

Hawke being so quiet and more responsible than usual and it killing Varric because this is HAWKE they dance drunk on the tables of The Hanged Man, they punch stone golems with no gauntlets on, they sneak a mabari into their fancy hightown manor and get dirty pawprints everywhere, they form big cuddle piles with the whole gang, they certainly DO NOT spend all their time alone and pensive wondering about the fate of the world and their role in it

Hawke volunteers to die in the fade so quickly and for a second Varric sees the possibility of losing his dearest friend not just to some fade monster but…to their own self-loathing and guilt

You ever imagine platonic soul mates Varric and Hawke camping out in the middle of nowhere, Varric telling wild tall tales to make Hawke laugh again for the first time in years?

My interpretation of the MOON signs

(You could probs relate your sun if you want maybe even your rising)

Aries: they take up your life: being loud, leaving mess on the stairs, creating arguments out of thin air and always filling the void with their drama. Very self-centred but oblivious to it so I’ll let it be. Problems they hav always someone else’s fault. Very loving and cuddly and express passion easily. Never stick to hobbies after announcing that its there biggest passion n cant survive without it. Though, they don’t wait around for things to be handed to them - they are always up to something interesting. Independent.

Taurus: they are great to spill your words upon and never flinch when u say something deep or shocking so it makes u chill af cause they are…Most of the time…they can get angered when things aren’t as it should as they are very stubborn. don’t like people who aren’t committed to friendship or plans/dreams and dont like people who dont give their stuff back. Seemed to hav cows eyes: very deep n dreamy and long eyelashes -often brown eyes that i know of or watery blue eyes. lov food or other luxuries.

Gemini: childlike, like everything light hearted and humorous. there has to always be words to fill up the quiet spaces otherwise they start to get agitated. Dont like boring people and will blatantly walk off or something. Nervouusss people. Tapping all the time. When they’re in a goood mood they’re goofy but can become detached and cold and become a bit of a smart arse. Like knowing their shit.

Cancer: homely people. Warm and loving to fault as they are always let down by others who do not give the same warmth and pure emotions back. I think they could probably guilt trip u many times. emotions are not hidden which is good and bad because shots are firedddd and their words filled venom when there really cheesed off. Like lots of nice things. also love cute fluffy animals. Love their family to be always near - protective can become smothering. Talk about the ‘good old days’ 24/7.

Leo: why are you so posey and dramatic? They like to tell a tall tale - love to add bits to the truth to make it more exciting - which is actually interesting to hear tbh so good job :) they love to be centre of attention obvs. Also hold their heads high and always seem taller than actually are. Full of exuberance. & they often believe in their abilities so they achieve good grades and r smarttt!

Virgo: lovs when people do little silly things for them because they like when people are as detail orientated as them. expect too much of people becaus they do too much for others. Nervous but lowkey cause their earthiness sort of makes it hum in the background. Has potential to be shady. I love their organisation, chills me the f out. Some reason i feel they be really good at ASMR videos because of their voice & movements. and they r actually quite talkative but its usually nothing too intellectual or snobbish just good natter. Bites their nails!

Libra: i dont get them. They dont make an imposing impression on me as they’re delicate and not too in ya face. Loves knitted jumpers and wearing light colours Ive noticed. Sweet n gentle. Probs could get away with murder. Gets really into things like a celeb or tv series for a while. Has fan blogs probably. like to talk about things such as kpop, clothes, items in their neat pencil case and make up. Idkkk

Scorpio: protectivveee. Intense. Passionate about theirs hobbies and interests. Can become lost in their own intellectual, abstract world forgetting what is truly important until they realise and become regretful and then hold many unresolved grudges. They are e m o t i o n a l but try to hide it - constantly simmering and on the verge of erupting. Though they are quite interested in their own passion - they’ll hype u up about yours and talk for hours about theirs and your own dreams. Abstract knowledge that seems to appear out of no where when they speak -unconventionally smart.

Sagittarius: want to escape reality. Someone i used to know would read a lot of books - probs erotic - she also used her work as escapism? her husband wouldn’t take her on holiday:( another i know comes across very cool and full of knowledge and like to says corny things like ‘you might as well live your life to the fullest because you’ve only got one’. acts like a philosopher. Has gooood taste in music. knows everyone and can keep good relationships with all of them.

Capricorn: thinks they’re are funny af but peeps often laugh at their jokes cause they’re just a bit shit. Tries to come across cool 😎looking for a for job but isn’t working out lol. Wants fame n fortune. they love to talk deep and intellectual without getting too personal. probably quite lovey dovey but it is buried deep inside them. likes to keep it light by listening to music or watching the telly otherwise there thoughts overwhelm them. ( i hav cap moon so might look like a different viewpoint to the others moon signs)

Aquarius: loves to make a point that they are different lol. Intellectual af cause they really smart. Can talk for hours on end but still likes down time. they are the world’s friend but they only let a few know the real them (if thats is actually the real them ). Quirky sense of humour. Hav big dreams and most likely succeed in pursuing them. they are very open about weird stories and experiences they hav had which is fun to hear. will hav something to say about every topic on earth - love to share an opinion.

Pisces: too kind for their own good. They know your weaknesses/insecurities from first time you meet. i think they have melancholy spells which they find themselves in a trance - i catch them staring blankly quite a lot. Love to ask if you’re okay. Mooody. Let down by humanity. Very chatty and has of cool things to say. Music may rule their life - musically talented in one case ik (probs used as escapism). Can be burdened with very unsettling thoughts of not being good enough; making sure they keep there reputation for being the nice guy which means getting pushed about

anyway heres kinkwall

Isabela: not nearly as kinky as you’d think. like sure she’d try anything once and she’s into a couple things, but ultimately sex is about having a good time with someone you like and feeling good about yourself and you dont need anything fancy for that

Merrill: inexperienced but after the first few times reveals her proclivities for knives, bondage, bloodplay, the whole bit. isabela can just about barely keep up with her

Anders: used to do a lot of weird stuff but he’s gotten older and just isn’t that flexible anymore. now his kink is anybody finding him attractive enough to want to fuck in the first place

Sebastian: celibate, but committed so many heinous sex acts during the weekly orgies he attended as a callow youthful rake that regular sex is ruined for him now anyway

Fenris: would run for the hills at the first sign of power dynamic play in the bedroom. the man was a sex slave, leave him alone. his kink is holding hands and tender eye-gazing in candlelight

Varric: the world will never know because anytime anyone gets him in bed he brings his crossbow and then sits on the bed half-dressed telling tall tales about his sexual prowess until he falls asleep without ever actually getting to the fucking

Aveline: absolute freak. this is a woman with a sex dungeon in her house. the things she and donnic do would burn the eyebrows right off a revered mother


#kdramawomensweek || day eight: Happy International Women’s Day

Yoo Eun Jae (Park Hye Soo), Yoon Jin Myung (Han Ye Ri), Jung Ye Eun (Han Seung Yeon) , Kang Yi Na (Ryu Hwa Young), Song Ji Won (Park Eun Bin) ↦ Age of Youth (2016)

“Others are just like me. Other people are people, just like I am. They feel as uncomfortable as I do, and hesitate, just like I do. There are plenty of people who are as nice as I am.”  - Eun Jae

“Everyone has their own circumstances to deal with. And until you know the circumstances they’re in, you can’t tell people how to live their lives. I’m sure you have something like that about you, too. Something that others can’t understand about you, but you can’t help. That’s why you can’t judge people.” - Ji Won  

“I hate you because I want to become like you, but can’t. So I can’t help but hate you. That’s why it smells. There’s a rotting smell coming from my envy.” - Yi Na

“Sometimes, I want to cry out loud. I want someone to hear me crying. I want them to hear me cry, and tell me everything will be okay. I want someone to pat me on the back, and tell me that it’s not my fault.” - Jin Myung

“Lies may be similar to makeup. Just like one puts on makeup to hide their naked face, people use lies to hide the truth. I tell more and more lies as my makeup gets thicker. Since when did I start feeling that going out with no makeup on was embarrassing? Since when did I become so ashamed of the truth?” - Ye Eun

Each of the Belle Epoque girls is meant to play some sort of female archetype. Eun Jae is the painfully shy introvert, who would sooner walk over hot coals than willingly enter into conflict with someone. Ji Won is her near-perfect opposite, loud and bubbly, the perennial friend. Yi Na is the femme fatale, dangerous and seductive. Jin Myung is the Good Daughter, putting herself through college while paying off her mother’s debts, incurred while her brother lays comatose in a hospital bed. Ye Eun is the quintessential girl. The one who dresses just as she’s supposed to, the one with the frat boy boyfriend, with equally perfectly-dressed girlfriends to link arms with and walk around campus, giggling over the latest gossip. 

Yet, they’re so much more than these skeletal stereotypes might’ve forced them to be. 

Eun Jae swallows her anger until she can’t anymore, until she boils over. She tosses Ye Eun’s designer handbag out the window and screams at her housemates. When we dig a little deeper, we see that she has nightmares. That she’d been brave enough to protect her mother when she’d suspected that her father might kill her.

Ji Won knows everyone, making friends is as easy for her as breathing. She is the glue that holds the Belle Epoque girls together. And she’s a pathological liar. Falsehoods slip out for her as easily as the truth does. She tells tall tales, spinning them until she can no longer take it back. Yet, even as she spins her web of lies (with the ghost inside the apartment), she holds the girls together. Though her “ghost” is a made-up story, each of her roommates has heaps of baggage. That little lie in the end allows them to come to terms with their pasts and face their problems. She is the anchor; without her, they drift.

Yi Na suffers from a serious case of survivors guilt, to the extent that she carries the little girl who died when she lived, around with her like baggage. She looks after her housemates like a mama bear, protecting them (see: Ye Eun) even when they don’t wish to be. She carries heaps of self-loathing along with her designer bags, flashes her luxuries at her friends even as she envies them. 

Jin Myung stretches herself fifty different ways trying to do it all. And she wishes her brother would die, and put them all out of their misery. She wishes her mother would choose her, for once. She wishes she would stop having to be the one to sacrifice. She provides for them still. But she resents and she loathes, and it tears her apart.

Ye Eun shows off her perfect life, her perfect love life, while suffering through an abusive relationship. Through a petty, small, excuse of a man who puts her down at every opportunity. He is her captor, and though she knows what he does is wrong, she can’t help but crave his affection. She let’s go, eventually. She begins to overcome the abuse, one day. She’ll carry on with her life, because it’s what they do.

Every single one of these incredibly special girls has a spine of steel.

The media, society has a horrible track record when it comes to forcing women into boxes, restricting our actions. Yet Age of Youth takes hold of these archetypes and shows us all that there is no “one size fits all”. That one shoe fitting doesn’t mean it’s the only one you can wear.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

[Podfic] Tall Tales to Tell in the Dark - bagofthumbs - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

This is a delightful, sweet, funny, occasionally poignant tale of two men working to help each other communicate from their heart.

Much gratitude to @kinklock for writing this and giving me permission to record it, and also thanks to my Beta, sw70, who pointed me at this tale.

length:  about 50 minutes

Portrait of Love | Peter Parker

Summary: Peter Parker’s childhood best friend is an artist, she paints and draws like an expert despite being blind. When an opportunity arises for her to undergo a surgery to give her back her eyesight, it takes Peter to convince her to actually go through with it…

Warning: major cuteness

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Type: Special Oneshot 



A single golden leaf pirouetted down an invisible spiral of breeze, spinning through the air as it let itself be carried down. It shook slightly, as if it could have been whisked away any second by the grip of an icy wind, but it kept floating down the twirling course. It landed on the ground, the shiny, vibrant colour standing out against the ambers and bronzes beneath it. 

A little white cane cruised over the leafs, flattening them down and guiding the little girl along the sidewalk. The mother of the child held onto her daughter’s hand tightly, helping her along. The little girl listened to the trees and branches brushing against one another, the wind causing friction between the two. The colorful leafs beneath her made a crunching noise with each step she took. 

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So maybe we’re both sinners,
for you only find religion in my body when it’s tussled in your bed sheets
and I pray to you like the god you are buckled on my knees.
Quick to beg for forgiveness,
quick to ask for repentance,
quick to mistake lust for love,
quick to fill the silence with soft breaths and tall tales.
but you only give praise to the flesh I wear,
only ever call me holy when you’re touching me.
but I still worship at your altar,
spreading the good news of my loveless lover,
writing scriptures and hymns of
how you sang to me
and then carelessly took your leave.
and I burn the holy book,
and I curse your name, ignore the smudged blood stains
and you don’t ever think of me,

Anonymous requested:                                                 
How about when Claire gets drunk she tells extremely tall tales about her brother such as “when Chuck Norris goes to bed he checked under the bed for Chris” type exaggerations’ and he gets bombarded with recruits checking that they’re real? Ps: You’re all totally awesome.            

no YOU are awesome, anon. ;w;

Life’s Lessons

Because the Hell’s Studio death drabbles weren’t sad enough without adding my own take on the idea of the toons (Ben specifically) being rudely confronted with human mortality.

Hell’s Studio AU was made by @doodledrawsthings​ buckle up and enjoy my attempt at writing Emotions.

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10 Fun Facts About Barbara Steele by Kimberly Lindbergs

Barbara Steele became a cult film icon thanks to her memorable roles in a number of low-budget horror movies, but her filmography also includes critically acclaimed art films and interesting British dramas. FilmStruck and Criterion Channel subscribers can currently stream four of Steele’s best movies and when viewed together they become a wonderful, rowdy and wild introduction to one of my favorite actresses and her small but impressive body of work.

I suggest kick-starting your viewing party with Basil Dearden’s neo-noir crime drama SAPPHIRE (’56), which includes Barbara Steele in one of earliest and briefest screen appearances playing a young college student whose friend has been brutally murdered. Follow that with Mario Bava’s Gothic horror classic BLACK SUNDAY (‘60) starring Steele in the dual role of Asa Vadja, a 200-year-old Moldavian Princess accused of practicing witchcraft and vampirism, and Katia, her much younger and gentle-hearted ancestor. The third film I recommend is Fellini’s autobiographical 8 ½ (’63) where you can see Steele dancing her way into cinema history and last but not least, finish with Volker Schlöndorff’s anti-fascist creed YOUNG TORLESS (’66). In the final film, Steele portrays a seductive prostitute who propositions students at a boy’s boarding school.

Her transgressive filmography isn’t for the timid or easily shocked, but adventurous audiences will find it especially rewarding. Unfortunately, Steele’s roles were often brief, ephemeral moments that haunt her fans, and you’re left wondering why she wasn’t given more screen time or additional opportunities to showcase her talents. 

To accompany Steele’s films, I thought I’d compile a list of fun facts about the actress to spark your interest and spur your imagination. 

  1. Barbara Steele was born on December 29, 1938 and raised in the British seaport town of Birkenhead near Liverpool. Her parents encouraged her artistic pursuits and she studied dance, piano and acting at a young age but she was especially fond of the visual arts and longed to become a professional painter. A few other well-known Birkenhead residents include the Academy Award-winning actress Glenda Jackson (WOMEN IN LOVE [’69], THE DEVIL IS A WOMAN [’73], HOPSCOTCH [’80]) and Targon Egerton, the 28-year-old star of KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (’15) and KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE (’18). 
  2. Her interest in the visual arts and antiques drove Steele to study painting at the Chelsea College of Arts in London and in Paris at the Sorbonne. During this period, she was reportedly befriended and seduced by future film director Donald Cammell (PERFORMANCE [’70], DEMON SEED [’77], WHITE OF THE EYE [’87]). Steele has told interviewers that she “wanted to be Picasso” but fate had other plans for the aspiring artist. 
  3. To make money while she was an art student, Steele sold copper jewelry and antique prints from a pushcart. During weekends, she could be found peddling her wares to passersby on London’s Portobello Road where she supposedly earned a reputation as a “shrewd dealer.” 
  4. Steele was persuaded to become an actress after she was spotted by a director while painting sets for a stage production of Bell, Book and Candle in Glasgow, Scotland. The director was so taken by Steele’s otherworldly beauty that he encouraged her to audition for the role of Gillian the witch after the star of the play fell ill. The character of Gillian was made famous by Kim Novak who appeared in the film adaptation, but Steele would eventually become a star in her own right after playing another witch; the black-hearted Asa Vajda in Mario Bava’s Gothic horror classic BLACK SUNDAY.
  5. After a brief career on stage and some modeling jobs, Barbara Steele was discovered by talent agents from Rank Organisation. They signed her on the spot but the British studio didn’t seem to know what to do with the budding actress so they sold her contract to 20th Century Fox. In Hollywood, Steele was put through a torturous star-making routine that involved dying her dark locks blond and pinning her ears. When it was over she was cast alongside Elvis Presley in FLAMING STAR (’60) but after some heated disagreements with costumers and director Don Siegel, Steele reportedly stormed off the set. Soon afterward the historic 1960 Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild of America strikes shut Hollywood down and during the interim Steele decided to return to Europe.
  6. According to Steele, Mario Bava first spotted the actress in a photoshoot she did for a 1958 issue of Life and was struck by her saturnine beauty. Later, while pursuing a stack of acting resumes from the William Morris Agency, he decided to cast the saucer-eyed ingénue in BLACK SUNDAY, a role that made her a horror icon and earned her the nickname “Queen of all Screams.” .
  7. Two of Barbara Steele’s most famous paramours were actors Anthony Quinn and Peter O’Toole. Steele’s affair with Quinn is rumored to have lasted for years and occurred while he was married to Katherine DeMille, the daughter of Cecil B. DeMille. Steele’s romantic fling with O’Toole was short-lived but passionate and roused the attention of the paparazzi who relentlessly pursued the couple in Italy. The situation reached a fever pitch in 1964 leading to a violent altercation between O’Toole and a photographer who had momentarily blinded Steele with his camera’s flash. Steele and O’Toole were both subsequently arrested and questioned for hours by the Italian police but they were eventually let go. Afterward, the authorities attempted to press assault charges against O’Toole but he managed to avoid arrest with the assistance of his stunt double. 
  8. During the span of her career Steele collaborated with many talented directors besides Mario Bava such as Basil Dearden, Roger Corman, Riccardo Freda, Antonio Margheriti, Michael Reeves, Volker Schlöndorff, Louis Malle, Jonathan Demme and David Cronenberg. Despite the impressive scope of her filmography, Steele regularly singles out her work with Federico Fellini in 8 ½ and talks about the Italian filmmaker in glowing terms. In a forward she wrote for the book Fellini: The Sixties, Steele described what it was like to work with the acclaimed director explaining that: “Everyone who worked with him felt they shared a private secret with him — that he and he alone could mirror their souls like a great, slightly ironic Buddha.” 
  9. Steele’s only marriage has been to the screenwriter James Poe. The couple were together for nearly ten years between 1969-1978 and they had one child. Poe died in 1980 and today he’s best remembered as the man who wrote or co-wrote a number of Academy Award-nominated screenplays including AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS (’56), CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF (’58), LILIES OF THE FIELD (’63) and THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON’T THEY? (’70). 
  10. The actress has often been a reluctant interviewee and is known to frequently tell tall tales, forget facts and spin entertaining yarns. She most likely does so in order to keep herself occupied while having to answer the same questions over and over again from dull-headed reporters or worshipful fans like yours truly. With that mind, any or all of these “fun facts” could be white lies so enjoy them but don’t assume they’re written in stone. Barbara Steele is an enchanter who weaves her own unique kind of magic and she has certainly cast a spell on this writer.
Creepypasta #1192: Kids Say the Weirdest Things

Length: Short

Allison had earned herself a reputation of telling various fanatical tall-tales. “Jimmy fell off of the tallest building in the world!” or “The librarian has a magical dimensional key” or even “Sarah got swallowed up by a giant turtle at the front of the school!”

Most adults would simply smile and shrug off her nonsensical ramblings. Some would become mildly irritated at having their time wasted and shoo Allie away. Of course a few adults had rationalized that there was always a hidden truth to Allison’s words, but in the frenzied mind of a toddler, certain things just became muddled.

For example, Jimmy hadn’t truly fallen off of ‘the tallest building in the world’, he had simply fallen off of the plastic tower at the playground, which to a child may very well have been the tallest building in the world. 

And of course the librarian didn’t actually have a 'magical dimensional key’, just a boring old key card and scanner. 

But Sarah? That one was a head-scratcher.

It wasn’t until Sarah didn’t show up to school for a week, that the connection was made:

From a distance, and in the mind of an oblivious toddler, a black sedan car looked an awful lot like a giant black turtle.

Credits to: YKGem (story)

In Another Life

Skimming back through my older posts and stumbled upon this cute little idea/prompt thingie. Also I know I’m super late in terms of completing r76 week, but this can be a throw back for that wonderful surge of beautiful contents, too ; ) I hope you guys will enjoy this.

“Gabe! We need order on table 15!”

“At the window.”

“Thanks, honey!” Jack beamed, dashing off after giving his mate a peck.

Gabriel grinned, completely ignoring Ana’s snickering and Angela’s cooing, and got back to his batch of pancakes. 

It was a beautiful day, sunlight was flowing like liquid gold over and into their humble pub, and the breezes were just chilly enough to keep couples sitting close together. Lena’s ridiculous sunglasses glinted atop her unruly head, and her gold-blue pair of wings bobbed in harmony with her steps. Reinhardt was entertaining his own little crowd at the bar, telling tall tales and thundering with laughter. Outside, Genji and Torbjorn were busy with their ice-cream stall (surprisingly’s Jesse’s idea), and whilst Gabriel wasn’t much into serving kids, he was slightly envious of those two, having the space to stretch their wings in such fine weather.

Funny how, after everything, this was where they found their peace, in a tiny, forgotten corner in Europe. They mused about it sometimes, Jack, Gabriel, and all the others. Those days seemed so far away now, as their life now was so pleasant, floating by like thoughtless summer clouds. Some might say it was a boring way to spend the last half of their life, all things considered. Well, Gabriel couldn’t speak for the others, but he’d disagree.

Looking at Jack, laughing in the sunshine, dark wings glimmering and no longer so afraid…It was all worth it.

Ghosts of the past still haunted them, as with everyone that had such a history. A large part of Genji’s time was to worry whether or not his family would trace him all the way here. Torbjorn was still feeling guilty over all his creations. Reinhardt’s grievance about how things were left behind. And sometimes, after the doors were closed and empty tables lay cold, they would think of all that was lost. And they would grieve for those who had fallen, for the pain they had all suffered.

But Gabriel supposed it couldn’t be too perfect. It wouldn’t have been real if it was perfect.

“We need to order more chicken breasts, mushrooms and chives!” Angela yelled at Ana from the back, “Oh, and lamb mince too, while you’re at it!”

“What about eggs?”

“Jesse said he’s coming in today with a fresh crate!”

There was a time, whenever Doctor Ziegler had to raise her voice, it meant someone was at the brink of death. And Lieutenant Amari would have never been seen with a pad note instead of a sniper, scribbling down details as she checked their stocks.

“Table 9: a full breakfast platter, two sweet potato chips and a scampi.” Jack was back, golden hair bouncing as he pinned the order. Catching’s Gabriel’s eyes, his grin became both beaming and bashful, and he slipped behind the line, just so he could brush his wing against Gabriel’s. Despite being busy at the station, Gabriel chanced a second to sneak a kiss before his mate left.

With the lingering warmth of Jack’s skin, Gabriel felt his heart swelled, and he smiled, feeling the light brush of feathers against his neck.

This, he wouldn’t have traded this life for the world.

Reaction To Their S/O Being Laid Up In A Hospital


Suggested: ‘I just had surgery on Wednesday, and I can’t walk at the moment 😭 but I was wondering what Jaehyun and Mark would do if their SO was in my condition rn, I’m in my fluffy mark and Jaehyun feels rn 😅’

A/N: Get well soon anon! I’m sorry this is late T T but I wanted to give you a lil extra^^
- Admin Finn


Originally posted by neoculturedaily

This babe would visit you a lot! Each time he’d visit you he’d bring little treats with him, whether it be a couple of adorkable ‘get well soon’ balloons and chocolates or a bouquet of lilies, etc… He’d want to make sure you smile and rest well, assuring you you could rely on him!
He’d check in through texts through out the day, wondering if there were any updates on your end or anything he could do for you, etc…
You’d be on his mind 24/7.
“The hospital gown suits you~ It looks cute on you”


Originally posted by nctjay

Taeyong is so sweet, he’d most likely bring you flowers, chiding to you gently as he told you you had to rest well and recover soon so he could hold you in his arms again.
Similarly to Taeil, he’d message you a lot, wondering how you were doing, if you were lonely, if you needed anything, etc…
“I can’t hold my beautiful rose, so I guess I’ll settle for what’s 2nd best until she’s fully recovered-”
“Put down my flowers and stop being such a corny dweeb.”


Originally posted by dovounq

Even tho you’d assure him it wasn’t a big deal and that you’d be alright, he’d treat it like a big deal.
”Are you okay?!”
”Are you sure?! Isn’t it kind of cold in here?!”

He’d act like your personal secretary, swearing you weren’t allowed to do anything until you recovered.
He’d be super thoughtful, bringing you your favorites each time he visited, telling you to eat well and smiling as your eyes glimmered.
“I know it’s your favorite, don’t tell me you don’t want it….”


Originally posted by bubbleflexe

Highkey, he would try to move into the hospital to be with you.
He’d be clingy, tho he couldn’t physically be, it’d frustrate him and make him a pouty babe.
He’d always be smiling tho, serving as your entertainment for the time being~
“There’s another bed right here- Why can’t I just stay the night?!”


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

Jae would really miss you a lot, he’d be on his phone constantly, chatting with you. He’d call you a lot too, preferring to hear your voice. 
He’s very reliable and would often ask if you needed or wanted anything, ready to serve you hand and foot.
Similarly to Ten, he’d act as your entertainment, happy to cheer you up if you needed it.
“Look at this cute dog-”


Originally posted by neotechs

He’d be a bit unsure what he could do for you… Especially when you say you’re fine.
He’d become a best friend, spending all his free time with you. It’d honestly wouldn’t feel like you were in a hospital- He’d make you laugh so much you’d forget your surrounding as he tells a tall tale of his exploits with Taeyong just earlier.
“Your laugh is so cute-”

Dancing around the fire

Originally posted by whenimaunicorn

Ivar x Reader x Hvitserk

Part Two

It wasn’t hard to find Hvitserk. His natural ability to attract attention and to warm people up towards himself meant that if you ever needed Hvitserk, all you had to do was follow the noise. Wherever villagers gathered for festivities and whenever there was mead involved, there will be Hvitserk in the midst of it all enjoying himself. Probably telling a tall tale about something he never really did but it wouldn’t matter, everyone would be hanging on to his words like they were to be his last.

You stalked through the streets of Kattegat with the moonlight as your only companion. The streets have emptied out a while ago now, with little sign of familiar life. A stray dog barked somewhere close from the depths of a passing house. Startled, you nearly slipped up on a layer of mud left behind by yesterday’s rain.

It wasn’t long before the Great Hall came into view. With its carved doors and decorative flags frantically snapping sideways from the wind, it looked more like a relic than a house. People were pouring in and out of the hall, stumbling over each other and blindly grabbing at each other for support. What a familiar sight, you smiled empty heartedly.

There seemed to always be a celebration at the great hall these days. Vikings celebrating raids, coming of age events, weddings..with successful raids came hope for a better life and what better way to show hope than to celebrate it. Not that you saw much of that, Ivar very rarely let you attend festivities under guise of his legs painting him and him needing your care. In truth, you suspected the real reason was Hvitserk all along.

With some effort, you pushed open the great carved doors. The heavy wood gave way with a loud screech, which was quickly lost in the music. A tall burly man rushed past you out the door with one of the slaves across his shoulder. He grunted at you with hurried acknowledgment, making you momentarily wonder if you knew him. Otherwise, hardly anyone took notice of your entrance. This was fortunate, you thought and wrapped your fur cloak tighter around yourself to cover your neck, you didn’t want to have to face anyone you knew.

Your eyes danced across the hundreds of people who filled the hall. It took a while to see through the crowds, there was too much movement for focus and it was purely by chance that you noticed Hvitserk. He, as per the norm, was all be swallowed in large a group of vikings you didn’t recognise at a table not too far from you. With his right arm he wielded a small, delicate knife. With a sudden jerk of the hand he pretended to slash at the air with the weapon. The gathered crowd erupted in laughter and a smug look crossed Hvitserk’s features, obviously pleased to receive such praise in return for the story.

Suddenly you felt ridiculous, with your pitiful and uninspired problems. Who were you to bother a prince with your worries. He was already a legend and you, a daughter from a family of farmers who preferred a plough over a blade. You had no right to be here, to seek him out.

You took a slow step back and collided with one of the slaves. She dropped the jug she was carrying, just as surprised as you.

Her petite frame responded immediately, dropping to her knees she snatched the jug from underneath your feet. You leaned down to check if she was unharmed but the slave recoiled and retreated into the crowd. You didn’t even get time to apologise to her. Perhaps you could seek her out later…

When you finally looked up from your thoughts, your breath got caught in your throat. Hvitserk was looking straight at you. He must have noticed the commotion and now it was far too late to retreat. You met his eyes, trying to portray confidence but you knew you were radiating anything but that. Hvitserk questioningly tilted his head to the side.

Why did he have to be so beautiful.

You dismissively waved your hand at him. This was the wrong time for your unhappiness and Hvitserk deserved better. A forced smile graced your lips.

Fake the happiness you chanted to yourself.

This was such a bad idea.

Hvitserk rose from his seat, the slight crinkle in his brow to show how alarming he found the situation. Alarming and perplexing. He beckoned you to follow him and for a moment you thought to protest but when the crinkle in his brow became more emphasised and turned into a frown, you thought better than to argue.

“Would you like a drink” Hvitserk offered a large goblet filled to the brim with mead. You tentatively accepted his offering, mildly aware of your fingers brushing against his as you took the goblet into your hand.

Hvitserk was never one for confrontations, the prospect of an argument intimidated him. It was easier to agree to a situation and to lean into the flow of conversation than to paddle against it. Hell, more often than not, it was easier to slice through screaming hordes on the battlefield than to deal with emotions. With that in mind, he decided against asking you straight up as to what is wrong.

Gods forbid you start crying. Only Ubbe knew what to do with crying women.

“Your braid come undone” He pointed out “come here”. With a lazy wave of the hand he invited you to sit at his feet as he positioned himself on a pile of furs stacked neatly in the far corner of the room.

You nodded and took a slow sip from the goblet. The sweet liquid was pleasant and almost instantaneously you felt muscle tension give way to the calm embrace of alcohol.

Such a light weight.

Placing the goblet on top of a nearing barrel, you realised you’ve never been to this part of the hall before. It was tucked away, more humble than the rest of the building. You brushed your hand against a branch of dried lavender hanging low. Throwing a quick glance over the baskets of fruit and the rugs, you wondered if this was the storage.

“Don’t make me come and get you Y/N” Hvitserk smiled but you both knew it wasn’t a joke.

“You’re always so impatient”

“Only because you’re so slow” Hvitserk’s eyes fell on the swollen cheek of your face as you nestled in before him. Instinctively, he knew the source of injury but chose to set aside all questions. When you’re ready, you’ll tell him everything he needs to know. He never pressured you into anything your entire life and he’ll be damned if he started now. “if you were any slower, you’d start moving backwards”

You play smacked him on the knee in protest earning a chuckle from the man. Gingerly, he raked his hands through you hair untangling the unkempt braid. Your hair spilled over his hands I’m soft curls, like waves of a restless ocean.

“You have such beautiful hair…” He mumbled and pulled the strands apart in preparation of the braid. The gentleness of his voice and hands were distracting, you began forgetting why you came.

“Hvitserk, don’t say things like that…” Your voice trailed off as he gently pulled on a loose curl. You were only mildly aware that festivities were still ongoing in the hall so close to this room. You were lost in the moment, with Hvitserk and his tender touches.

“Why not?” He mused, a small smile playing on his lips. Nothing brought him more pleasure than teasing you.

“Because you don’t mean it”

“Don’t be stupid. Everything about you is beautiful” his words sent a furious rush of blood to your face.

“This is exactly why there are rumours about us” You picked up a piece of straw within your reach and drew a long invisible line on the floor “You talk too kindly and too much”.

Hvitserk stopped braiding for a second. If only you knew how much he wanted to shower you in compliments, the only thing stopping him being Ivar. How would you have known that sometimes being too close to you forced him to flee from your company, the pain of being unable to touch you in the way that he wanted too great a burden to carry. If you knew of his impure thoughts, what would you think? “What does it matter what they say?” He said after some thought.

“It matters to Ivar”

“What about you? Does it matter to you” you opened your mouth to say something, anything, but no words came. Truth be told, you liked the rumours. You liked the idea of being with Hvitserk even if it was just that - an idea. A feeling of guilt washed over you, settling heavy in the pit of your stomach. What of Ivar? There was no denying you cared for him, but given the chance to be with his brother… You didn’t know what you would do. Both men were important to you, perhaps you even loved them both…

“Look, Y/N…” Hvitserk tied the braid with a small piece of blue decorative ribbon that previously held your hair together. “I don’t assume to know what’s happening between you and my brother. Gods, I wouldn’t know where to begin”. He leaned away from you, releasing the braid and flopping back into the pile of furs “…but please look after yourself. I know how Ivar can be and I know you”

You pushed yourself off the floor to sit next to him. Drawing one knee in, you leaned on it for support and wrapped your hands around yourself. You forced yourself to not take notice of the warmth of his body so close to yours. 

“I care about you Y/N.. More than I could ever show you. It’s not right that I do..I know that much!” He threw his hands in the air dramatically in frustration and went quiet.

“I’m sorry…I truly am” you mumbled so quietly Hvitserk almost didn’t hear you.

“Don’t be” He pushed himself back up on his elbows to get a better look at you. “You are the best thing that happened to me. You have no idea how lost I was before you came”

“You can’t mean that, you just can’t” you looked away “I’m with Ivar” you added as an after thought. “whatever we had, no matter how fleeting it was…it’s over”

“Not for me it’s not, Y/N” Hvitserk sat up and thoughtfully gazed at you. Many thoughts ran through his mind then, he has never been quite this nervous about anything before. All he knew, is that if he missed this moment now, missed the chance to be with you, he’ll regret it for as long as he lived. Ivar be damned.

Before you could process what was happening, his lips were on yours, and if he wasn’t so worried about your reaction he would have melted into you there and then. But he pulled away, searching your eyes for hesitation and finding none.

“Marry me” He suddenly blurted out.

Now or never.

And though it seemed spontaneous to you then, you couldn’t have known that Hvitserk has been mulling over this for many months. Fully aware that Ivar was your man of choice, he lived in hope and ambition, dreaming to one day steal you away. This chance was as good as any.

You opened your mouth to speak, thoughts furiously flashing through your mind, only to be interrupted by the sudden swing of the doors. The light from activities outside blinded the both of you and you almost missed the familiar silhouette in the doorway.

“My two favourite people” the silhouette mumbled and dragged itself across the floor towards you.

Hoorah! Part two. Really enjoying just the small scale drama of it all. 

Also, @vbiggs03, enjoy :D

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Strawhat Cuddle Pile™

- Luffy, Chopper, and Carrot probably initiated it, by pouncing on someone else (Robin or Franky probably).
- I think Zoro would get dragged into it next, but he’d probably.just fall asleep.
- I think Franky would probably have “Franky Pillow” for this exact purpose.
- Robin uses many arms to give many hugs.
- She also drags Jinbe, Brook, Law, Usopp, and Nami into it. You can’t escape it.
- Brook immediatrly gets moved to the side of the pile because he’s too bony.
- Sanji practically flies to the pile to snuggle with Nami, Robin, and Carrot.
- Franky Pillow is the center and everyone else just cuddles up to him.
- Robin has an arm around everyone, mostly for hugs but also so no one can escape.
- That means you, Trafalgar Law.
- Jinbe is just…shocked ay the affection. He’s so happy. He almost cries.
- Carrot is really restless and she squirms until she gets distracted playing rock-paper-scissors with Luffy and Robin.
- Zoro spends half his time dead to the world and half his time kicking Sanji.
- Sanji wants to get close to the ladies but he’s trapped between Franky, Brook, and Usopp with Zoro’s foot 0.2 inches from his dick.
- Usopp starts telling tall tales but he falls asleep halfway through.
- Chopper is so cuddly? Halfway through he goes into guard point and it’s fluffy and the best.
- Luffy has his arms stretched around everyone and prevents them from moving.
- Luffy + Robin? Good fucking luck getting out of this one.
- Nami spends her time avoiding Sanji, yelling at her crew when they elbow her, and bickering with Zoro.
- Law Regrets Everything™ but he eventually falls asleep between Jinbe, Zoro, and Nami.
- Brook and Nami sing a lullaby and Jinbe cries of joy until Luffy and Robin smother him.
- Law is a cuddly sleeper and also the one with cold hands and feet. He’s dead to the world and clinging to Zoro and Jinbe.
- Zoro is that guy who’s like a space heater in human form and everyone shuffles closer to him if they’re cold.
- Luckily Jinbe can handle Law being a human icicle.
- Luffy keeps everyone from getting up so they have to ask Robin to pry his arm off so they can go to the bathroom.


Hey Kat, what do you think of a Reverse x One Piece crossover? Like during the battle where the Akatsuki ambushed the Jinchūriki fam while they were on the way to Konoha something wonky happened, (like kamui reacting odd with seals or something) and everyone there is hurled randomly into the One Piece world, with the last thing Kurama sees being the foxes latching onto Naruto and Gaara (because I think he would literally destroy the planet if he thought they didn’t have protection of some sort).

Then Kurama wakes up and he’s alone again but he contacts his siblings and they’re ok but nowhere nearby, so they make tentative plans to lay low and figure out what happened and how to get back to each other. Only, that doesn’t quite work out for Kurama, as he’s landed in the middle of Sabaody and one of the first things he witnesses is a Tenryūbito harshly beating a group of child slaves, and well, there’s only one way Kurama would respond to that (The bastard’s lucky, had he known the kids were slaves he would have made the asshole’s death so much slower). Now he’s got new kids in the form of Koala and the Boa sisters, an absurdly large bounty, and he can positively feel everyone he knows rolling their eyes from half a world away. So now he’s on a mission to reunite his family, punch every Tenryūbito in the face with a bijūdama, probably punch a good number of marines too, and collect all the abused children he can find.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Fuji make friends with a trio of brothers, Gaara and Momiji meet a desert princess, Kushina meets a man with hair as red as hers, Fū ends up on an island floating in the clouds, Roshi runs into a ship load of fishmen about to execute a woman protecting her daughters (the villagers aren’t sure if all the lava is an improvement), Bee finds a dojo with a pair of kids who are positively brimming with potential, Yagura is used to feeling short compared to others but the man with the white mustache is more than slightly absurd, Tsunade encounters a young boy with an ‘incurable’ disease and decides to help him and his walking hazard of a father, Yugito runs into some cat themed pirates and is amused deeply offended (okay, okay, I’m suitably offended, you can stop yelling Matatabi), Shizune meets a young boy who tells tall tales and does her best to save his mother, Tenzō accidentally gets hired by a ship builder to provide the wood for a train that crosses the water, Mei encounters another lava user (he’s not nearly as charming as Roshi), Zabuza and Haku have a run in with a man with hawk like eyes (like hell was he losing Haku, he grabbed him as soon as the seal imploded), Shisui winds up on an island full of dinosaurs and two very large people (why does everything always want to eat me, at least the giants were kind enough to help me salvage a boat and weird compass thing), Itachi winds up on a ship and helps a young blond in the kitchen, Sakumo and Orochimaru encounter a talking reindeer that helps them get medical aid, Jiraiya lands on an island filled with hot springs and is deeply conflicted (on the one hand research, all the research, on the other Naruto, decisions decisions), Kakashi encounters a clown themed pirate and wonders why is this even his life, Han meets a young girl on the run for a crime she didn’t commit, Utakata meets a white haired marine private made of smoke and wonders if he’s somehow related to the Hōzuki clan, Kisame is surrounded by people that look vaguely like him but are clearly not of the Hoshigaki clan and he is confused, Sasori is deeply offended by the walking flamingo that dares to make light of his art, Kakuzu doesn’t care where he is (he’s too busy staring at the number of zeros on the wanted posters he found), Konan and Nagato find themselves in the middle of a Revolution and it brings back memories (now if only the paths hadn’t been thrown out of range), Obito winds up in a gilded palace filled with slaves and is abruptly reminded of why he’s doing what he’s doing.

In Tall Tales (ep 2.15), we have Sam and Dean re-telling their own versions of events to Bobby.  In Dean’s recollection we have Sam going full mama bear on one of the students

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Which Sam denies (the lengths to which he comforts, not that he does care).  What’s interesting is the dialogue

[In Dean’s retelling]

Sam:   But I want you to know… I’m here for you. You brave little soldier. I acknowledge your pain. Come here.
*grabs him in a hug*
You’re too precious for this world.

When Sam calls him on this

I never said that!

Dean accuses him of being a Pansy

You’re always saying pansy stuff like that

Dean projection Winchester.  Who in Season Two and generally speaking, is the one who is full Mama Bear on Sam.  But won’t say these things himself, instead he projects onto Sam as usual, his own feelings and identifies verbalising those feelings as ‘Pansy’ i.e. unmanly, and comical

The Past Repeats

by Pippinacious

Sage had always been a very normal kid except for the stories. It wasn’t that they were disturbing or horrific; they were just unusual. Sometimes they seemed exactly like the kind of thing you’d expect from a little girl, but other times, I’d have to look at her and wonder how she came up with such things.

It started when she was four, shortly after her deadbeat dad split, leaving the two of us on our own.

I had just finished reading her a bedtime story and was tucking her in with a goodnight kiss when she yawned, smiled sleepily, and asked, “You’ll always be my mommy, right?”

“Of course,” I said.

“Good. I’d miss you if you weren’t. You’ve been my mommy for a long time.”

“Yup, your whole life,” I replied, smoothing her hair back.

“All my lifes,” she murmured into her pillow.

Her eyes had fluttered shut, her breathing deepened, and she fell asleep while I sat next to her, thinking that kids really do say the darndest things.

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