a tall tale to tell

12 x 06 CODA

Dean brings Cas to the next hunter gathering.

Fortunately, this one isn’t a wake. It’s just a party, an actual celebration, hunters getting together to tell tall tales and drink, to dance and hook up, to spend an evening in the company of people who get it.

He pulls Cas to a group he remembers from Asa’s funeral, all leather jackets and beards and gunpowder lingering on their skin.

“Dean Winchester,” one of them hollers, raising his beer bottle in salute. “Good to see you again.”

“Good to be here, man.” It’s still strange to have everyone looking at him like he’s some sort of celebrity, and he’s caught once again between embarrassment and pride. “This is Cas,” he continues.

Cas nods politely, but his smile drops when he sees the wide-eyed stares.

“Cas? As in Castiel?” One of the men asks.

“That’s right,” Cas says hesitantly, and Dean tenses, wondering what the reaction is going to be.

A slow and easy smile spreads over the face of the man who seems to be the leader of the group. “So this is your angel. Welcome to the club. Grab a drink.”

Dean huffs a sigh of relief, and they spend the rest of the evening having more fun than Dean can remember having in a long time.

When they get to the motel later that night, still a full day’s drive from the bunker, Cas doesn’t follow him into the room.

“What is it, Cas?”

“Nothing.” But he shifts his weight and stares at the ground, mouth opening, then closing again as he changes his mind.

“Talk to me,” Dean says, setting his bag on the hood of the car and giving Cas his full attention.

“Was that man correct tonight? Am I your angel?”

Dean isn’t expecting that question. He stares at Cas for a moment as his mind races.

Truthfully, those words have been echoing in his mind since the man said them. All night, as he joked and laughed with the other hunters, he had been too aware of Cas next to him, a magnet that moved when he moved, that pulled him back if he wandered too far.

And isn’t that the way it had always been? Haven’t they both sacrificed everything for each other over and over again? Wouldn’t they both die for the other in a heartbeat? And even if he’s never admitted it out loud before, Dean always feels better, more whole somehow, when Cas is there with him.

Dean thinks about the other hunters, how they never hesitate to grab love and connection where they can get it, how they say what they mean every moment of the day and never hold back affection, how they know that every second might be the last one, that there is no “maybe someday”.

Dean’s getting old enough that he knows “maybe someday” probably won’t ever come.

And in that moment, he doesn’t want to miss any more chances.

“Yeah, Cas,” he says, voice a little thick and nervous. “I guess you are.”

Cas doesn’t say anything, but those blue eyes have never looked so bright, and that goddamn smile of his shines through Dean with so much warmth he can’t stand it.

“C’mon.” Dean heads for the motel room, knowing that Cas, his angel, is right behind him


Anonymous requested:                                                 
How about when Claire gets drunk she tells extremely tall tales about her brother such as “when Chuck Norris goes to bed he checked under the bed for Chris” type exaggerations’ and he gets bombarded with recruits checking that they’re real? Ps: You’re all totally awesome.            

no YOU are awesome, anon. ;w;

It’s Tall Tales! Viasca Cala Mor!

Track 1: “Another Sing Song Tale to Tell” (Here)

Vocalists: @anairisq & @dreamwalkertara

Artist: @nekojirou

One of the things I did last year besides write and program the Women of Xal demo and composed for people’s games and animations was create a little musical! c’: It’s all about that Metal Jazz Orchestral Swing, featuring a…lot of vocalists, actually! It tells the tale of two sisters and what they’ll do to more or less stay alive. 

Also, I may have doubled down on the gay the more the album goes on.

horrendoushag  asked:

If I may, what exactly is the Lighthouse Keeper AU? I can't find an explanation. ^^;

Oh! Okay! So it revolves around the premise of a setting change, wherein instead of Ford settling in Gravity Falls, he stays in an abandoned lighthouse on the Oregon coast. Bill is a deep sea monster instead of a dream demon, and he sinks Ford to the bottom of the sea. In order to get Ford back, Stan takes on the persona of the lighthouse keeper and tour guide (telling tall tales about the mysteries of the deep and such) in order to facilitate the upkeep of the lighthouse. A lot of the setting runs on magical realism, not definite logic; such as what causes the lighthouse to light, or how Ford can survive with Bill for 30 years under the sea!

This is the fic I commissioned my wonderful friend @impishnature to write with what I imagined to be the main story (and it is still being updated), while this is the tag that contains everything for the AU, including my own art, other’s art, questions and replies, and the fic updates!

Thanks so much for asking! :D I love talking about it, please let me know if you’d like me to explain anything else!

that’s for all time | a jack&shitty playlist [listen]

omgcheckplease All RIGHT, y'all. Now turning away from the Spectacle that is Jack and Shitty’s Friendship and I’m going to get caffeine.

FEVER teen girl scientist monthly {if you talk real loud, then they’ll never suspect} | MY BROTHER TAUGHT ME HOW TO SWIM - NOISE ACOUSTIC VERSION passion pit {he takes away the weight before your heart gives in} | UNBELIEVERS vampire weekend {but what holy water contains a little drop for me?} | AS TALL AS CLIFFS margot & the nuclear so-so’s {i tell tales as tall as cliffs} | WHERE YOU’RE COMING FROM matt and kim {i know where you’re coming from} | EMILY mika {you never make no sense, screaming at me in french} | YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE the strokes {i’ll calm down and i’ll get along with you} | BUDDY HOLLY weezer {what’s with these homies, dissin my girl?} | BOYS DON’T CRY the cure {i try to laugh about it} | JUMPER third eye blind {step back from that ledge} | I WAS BORN TO LOVE YOU queen {i was born to take care of you} | HEROES david bowie {we can beat them, just for one day}


Ruth: I love your stories. Tell me a story, Idgie. Go on, you old bee charmer. Tell me a good tall tale. Tell me the one about the lake.

Idgie: What lake?

Ruth: The one that use to be here.

Idgie: Well, that was just a lie.

Ruth: I know that, fool. Tell me anyway. Tell me a story.

Idgie: Uh, one time… there was this lake… And it was right outside of town. We used to go fishing and swimming and canoein’ in it. And, uh, see, one November, this big flock of ducks came in.. and landed on that lake. And then the temperature dropped so fast that the lake just froze right there. And they… er… the ducks… they… flew off, you see, and they took that lake right with them. Now they say that lake is somewhere over in Georgia. Can you imagine that?

The Haunting of James McGraw (916 words) by meridian_rose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: John Silver, Max (Black Sails), Captain Flint (Black Sails), Miranda Barlow
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Ghost Hunters, Crack, Community: trope_bingo, Trope Bingo Round 8, Tall Tales
Summary: John Silver tells a tall tale of the time he and Max had a ghost hunting business and met James McGraw.

Sometimes I wish Canada had weirder stereotypes. A lot of countries have really bizarre and exploitable stereotypes, but us, we just get “everybody loves maple syrup” and “there are moose everywhere”. That doesn’t give you a lot to go on if you want to mess with someone’s mind, you know?

(Well, okay, the first one has a bit of play to it, but there’s only so much mileage you can get out of telling tall tales about the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve.)

ok but an EE alternate ending right. Screen fades to black, you think the credits are going to roll but instead it cuts back to Bilbo in Bag End doing the dishes. You hear him humming “blunt the knives”. A plate goes flying through the air and towards Bilbo, he grabs it without looking and happily goes back to doing the dishes.

“I regret that you were taught that song.” Thorin says as he walks up behind Bilbo and wraps his arms around his waist.

“More like regret that you missed my reaction when I saw my dishes go flying.”

“That too.”

“Don’t forget your nephews are coming next week to come with us.”

Thorin grunts as he rests his chin on Bilbo’s shoulder. 

“Oh don’t act like you aren’t pleased about it.”

“I’d be more pleased if we weren’t being summoned to Rivendell for a council, and even more pleased if I knew my nephews would not be telling Frodo tall tales about the quest.” Thorin lets go of Bilbo and walks out of the room.

“They’re not tall tales! I recall a king who can’t even read a map!” Bilbo shouts into the other room.


Spock and Leonard telling each other’s stories of growing up.
Recounting daring adventures in climbing trees/hills, and fun activities in school (mostly Leonard)
Telling tall tales of what they wanted to be when they grew up. Where they thought their future would go.
Leonard laying on the floor with his head on Spock’s lap, reaching up into the air playfully and smiling before saying “in every future I imagined, I never thought I would join Starfleet”
And Spock can see that. Leonard makes his feelings for space clear every day of his life
But then Leonard continues “never thought I would be as good as my mom, with all those fears I have”
And Spock raises and eyebrow. Leonard doesn’t talk about his parents much, so he doesn’t know what they did for a living, but this is an interesting twist
He asks if she was in medical, hence why Leonard became a doctor
He chuckled and says ‘no, I got my love for medical from my dad. Mom was a captain of her own ship"
And Spock is really intrigued now
They continue talking for the rest of the night, never falling asleep, while Spock reminds himself to look into this

When he checks Leonard’s file the next morning he sees his parents names
His father, who’s file says he was a doctor on earth
And his mother, a highly decorated captain of her own ship
And now he wonders how Leonard’s mother would feel, knowing he did join Starfleet and that his best friend is a Captain and always getting pointers from Leonard.

He thinks she’d be one proud mom

I’m doing so much Interacting With People lately, with only a little panic. Is this that “recovery” thing people keep telling tall tales about?

I feel like such a fandom grandma when talking about check please…like, imagine, it’s 2014. Bitty’s Twitter updates regularly, you cry after the “never fall for a straight boy” update because a) as a queer youth it was relatable as hell and b) your otp is only *half* canon. Jack is “straight”, and you can’t question it. All three text posts in the tag declare “Ngozi, either make them canon or not don’t give me this.” There are 12 people in the fandom, and there is barely any art.

And now we have all these people who came in post-kiss, and I’m knitting in a rocking chair telling tall tales of pre-kiss zimbits.