a talking cow

reason no. 264 why sans is smart af

Yoooooo okay I realized something. So we know that shopkeepers can’t be attacked. It isn’t a game function; it’s literally not possible. 

When you threaten Gerson, you get:

Shopkeepers/NPCs that sell items are invulnerable to attack due to an in-universe rule that you can’t initiate a fight with anyone who is actively selling something. I say actively because technically you have the option to sell items all the time at different shops (although not every shopkeeper will agree to buy), but monsters will still attack you and bosses can still pull you into a fight. If you’re smart, like Gerson, you can use this weird mechanic to keep yourself safe and alive. You can avoid hostile encounters, and thus damage/death, by becoming a peddler. 

And who do we know in this game that a) has dangerously low HP, b) keeps a tight lid on powers that could otherwise be used to protect themselves, and c) is constantly found selling things?

Sans is literally keeping himself alive by selling random stuff.


Probably my favorite part of Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life is the cute little son you have in chapter 2.

Midwestern Transformers Aesthetic

Optimus Prime, laying on his stomach in a field and softly talking to a cow that’s grazing in front of him, completely ignoring him.


@damnyoudaddario I can’t believe how you shared this video with me and ruined my life, Daria. He’s drinking things. He’s licking his lips. He has bedhead. He’s wearing leather. Then there is this:

Interview woman: *asks Matt about politics*

Matt: *shrugs* IDK. I got nuthin. Not tryna talk about that. eh. whateva

Interview woman: *asks Matt about cows*

Matt: They are sweet. They are friendly. They are agile. They give you milk. Everyone likes cows. They have a sweet demeanor. We should provide showers for cows.

I love the idea of Aleks speaking in a super thick Russian accent all the time before joining The Creatures (in the GTA au). And when him and James finally get to be friends and start Cow Chop, he just kinda drops it.
Like, James comes downstairs and asks Aleks what’s for breakfast and he answers in perfect English. And James is just??? So confused???
Later it’s an inside joke. Every time they go out on a heist or recruit someone, he slips into his persona of “The Russian” and speaks in broken English while looking imposing as fuck.
Both Trevor and Joe don’t believe James when he tells them that Aleks speaks English, until he laughs at them and proves it a week later.
James used to hate it, but he now knows that hearing Aleks speaks normally is a sign of trust and appreciates it.