a tale of six trillion years and a night lyrics

art by indiefoxtail

366 Days of Vocaloid: Day #24

IA is one of my favourite Vocaloids (she pretty much draws with Luka, Rin and Gumi in 2nd place), but I haven’t even talked about any IA songs yet so… let’s fix that with ‘A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night’.

It’s a good song. Music almost always has a slow points and then speeds up at the chorus, but I feel like A Tale of Six Trillion Years and One Night does it particularly well. I think it’s mostly because the speed of the song fits well with the lyrics at that time; the slow parts are about a sad past, and the fast parts are about a hopeful future. Something like that, anyway.

The PV is really nice, too. For the most part it’s just the same couple of images repeated, but it works well.

That’s about it really… most of you will already know this song since it’s by Kemu, but if you don’t it’s worth a listen.