a tag for pancakes

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things i’m currently in love with:
one song: keep on loving you - cigarettes after sex
two movies: moonrise kingdom, romeo + juliet (1996)
three tv shows: pushing daisies, peaky blinders, utopia
four characters: andrew minyard, inej ghafa, francis abernathy, adam parrish
five foods: nutella gelato, pad thai, carbonara pasta, pancakes, coffee

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i actually could not stop thinking about this……..


Andrew Huang and Hannah Hart make a cover of Banana Pancakes while making banana pancakes

Social Standards  Me.

My own tribute to the nails, and an opportunity for me to hate standards.

Now, i’ll proceed to freak the fuck out of here.

(sorry for i have been very busy and stressed bc school is killing me I swear that’s why I haven’t drawn much, but im working in a big drawing and you are all going to love it MUAHAHHHAHAHAHA)


belated pancake day thing….and I really wanted to draw rin lmao

here’s a speedpaint