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what does chewing the scenery mean

A lot of times it means you’re overacting BUT in a good way. Like you’re making ridiculous choices as an actor that the other actors are not making and so you stand in stark contrast against them but somehow it really works and you end up being the best character in the scene.

Other times it just means you’re acting your ass off and giving everything you’ve got.

It’s a really handy phrase and I have “how did this get made” to thank for it.


Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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your art is so nice I don't know why you're wasting it on lazy town??

y’see it’s because i can draw whatever the heck i wanna. for example, tonight i felt like drawing this:

and if you think that’s a waste of my artistic skill then i dunno man

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I can't get over how jongin looks at kyungsoo??? It's like he's the only person he looks at like that.

I know Nini looks at other too, BUT the way he looks at Soo is smth entirely different!! Soo could literally just be standing there doing nth, and Nini would still be staring at him. His eyes are a lot more intense and there’s this little glint in them ;_; and if you look up “heart eyes” in the dictionary you’d find a pick of Nini’s eyes when he’s casting loving looks at Soo T__________T


^we know nini.. we know

^he gotta stare at his hyung so hard that he looks behind everyone else xD

^that time nini flirted with soo like crazy and got told off xD aka “kicked puppy love stares”

^totally normal bro stares 

I have a tag for nini and his “heart eyes” here ->> (x)

But there’s A LOT MORE under the cut 

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I love drawing tiny pixel pokemon (~‾⌣‾)~

I made sticker sets on redbubble from these because I’m gonna get myself a few so you can too  

Where did all those feelings go? People spend their whole lives looking for love. Poems and songs and entire novels are written about it. But how can you trust something that can end as suddenly as it begins?
—  Nicola Yoon, The Sun is Also a Star

My entry for @classicwhosecretsanta. This is for you @3rddoctor! Thank you for requesting “cute domestc fluff” as a genre because, as it happens, that’s my absolute favourite thing to draw.

Bonus: Some Jo sketches because I needed to figure out how to draw her. The fact that I’d never drawn Jo before is frankly criminal because she’s great!

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Reading your tags about Bespin, I just realized how crushing it’s going to be for Luke to realize his father was enslaved again. He’s obviously so fiercely proud that his father was freed and so committed to helping others find freedom. It’s not like he’ll be ashamed of it. Just, so upset.

I think it was pretty crushing in canon, too. Of course, it took longer to sink in then, because most of his initial feeling was shock, quickly followed by horror, a deep sense of betrayal, and despair. But once he’d accepted the truth…

imo a big part of the reason Luke is so determined to save his father, and why he’s able to do so, is that he gets it. He understands what the underlying issues really are. He knows, in a way Obi-Wan and even Padme never could, exactly what it means when his slave-born father says, “I must obey my Master.”

Luke Skywalker grew up believing he was the freeborn son of a freed slave. Now he knows he’s the freeborn son of a slave. And he’s pissed as hell about that. He’s angry in a primal way, an anger born of compassion that Palpatine thinks is weakness. An anger Palpatine thinks he can use.

But he can’t even touch it. He can’t touch Luke because he doesn’t understand him. Anakin is the one who almost succeeds in turning Luke, because Anakin and Luke do understand each other. But Palpatine? He knows how to break a slave, and he knows how to kill a Jedi. But this freeborn son of a slave, a Jedi like his father before him: he’s something entirely new.

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What if Sam and Magda have the same Zanna

  • [ Whyyyy? I blame this on you. Here, have some feels. ]

Being an imaginary friend is serious business; Sully should know. 

There’s always something left over after it ends, always a faint awareness of his kids. His kids. The other Zanna sometimes shake their heads. “Don’t prod,” they say, “It fades.” It’s not good to hold on so tightly, they tell him. Job like this, it takes a lot out of you—seeing all that pain and trying to bring brightness, trying to paint bright colors over all the ugliness. Zanna can’t get drunk. Forget, they say. Let go. Especially ones like Sam, the messy ones. 

Move on. You give all of yourself to every kid, but you’ve gotta have the sense to take it back when it’s over or they’ll break you.  But maybe these kids deserve to have someone break for them.

Sully felt when Sam died the first time, and the second time. He felt when Sam jumped into Hell and left the plane the Zanna operated on. A flutter—a blink, and Sam was gone, like a TV turned off.

They tell Sully he’s wrong to hold on like this, that Winchesters break everything they touch. Sully knows better, of course. Sam has always been a hero; that will never change.

Sully was with Magda for only a few days, a special case no one else dared to touch. Too old, a lot of them said of the regressed, suffering mind that had all but cried out to them. Too unstable, too dangerous, that one, with the powers to detroy Zanna if she wished. Lonely, despairing, lost. Can’t help every kid. Save your resources for the ones you can actually save.

She reminded him of Sam, so Sully went.

She found solace for just a few days before her mother had caught her talking to him. “Demon,” the woman had whispered when she saw her daughter speaking to empty air. “Consorting with demons.”

Magda had bled out her penance for finding peace with him. Sully knew when he wasn’t wanted, when his presence caused more harm than good. He left.

Magda was crossed off the list of potentials as a mutually destructive relationship. Didn’t mean Sully couldn’t still sense her sometimes, that bone-deep despair and self-hatred. (Like Sam, so much like Sam.)

He felt when she met Sam, felt something like light growing in him, two souls mending each other. He had never hated the bond, but he never loved it more than when he felt two of his kids bring each other such frail, tentative joy.

He feels them part, better for having met, feels the pain he never quite healed in Sam scabbing over, senses a hope within Magda he barely thought possible.

Sully cherishes that while it lasts, and he feels good.

He senses Magda fading, of course.

He’s by her side in an instant, just by thinking it. Benefits of the bond, if you hold onto it.

“It’s all right,” he says, stroking her hair as she fades. He doesn’t let her hear the tears that threaten his voice. “You told me you believed in heaven, right?” 

He watches a Reaper appear, stares her down as she settles in front of Magda, gaze steady. She’s calm and self-possessed, with a leather jacket and tall boots and warm, dark skin. 

He’s only a Zanna, but he’ll make sure this Reaper takes Magda where she belongs, he swears it. The reaper stares at him, raises an eyebrow, and nods, as if amused by his helpless defiance. 

Sully turns back to Magda. “Well, that’s where you’re going. You’re going right to heaven, Magda. You’ve always been so good. Here,” he whispers. He feels Magda’s soul let go of her redundant body, heart no longer beating. “Here. This lady’s gonna bring you home. You’ll be so happy there.”

Magda looks at him, and she smiles.

“Come on,” the Reaper says, and when Magda takes her hand, Sully watches her soul spiral upward in a blaze of light. The Reaper nods, once, and disappears, leaving Sully on the ground with the vacant, bloodied body of his girl.

Let go, they’ve always told him. It’ll drive you mad to hold on to them. Zanna live too long to tie themselves to every assignment. 

And maybe they’re right. His record is the spottiest of them all. Maybe he’s sewn so much of himself into his kids that they take it with them whenever they go.

He remembers her smile as she faded, though, remembers meeting Sam last year, remembers the warmth Sam’s meeting with Magda brought to both of them, feeling the both of them grow because of it.

No, he’ll never regret any of it. He’ll see every last one of them off if he has to, break himself open for every beautiful soul. 

These are his kids. They deserve that much.

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August 31

Happy Birthday, Abarai Renji!! 

Have some Papa and Baby pineapples ;w; And yes that is a happy uncle-byakuya-fly in the corner


Since I’ve been putting together so many Megaman sketchdumps lately I figured I might as well make one for my gemsonas! Over half these sketches are at least year old, but since I haven’t been posting anything for them lately, I figured it’d be fun to compile old & newer doodles together (there are even a few past Gemsona-HQ prompts mixed in there). The age of some sketches can be measured by the puffiness of Moon’s pants- they’re definitely a lot slimmer now than they used to be! I’m still working on her reformed design since I poofed her a few weeks ago; hopefully I’ll have a ref of that up someday. 

(Click for captions and please full-view!)

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your thoughts on kyungsoo's dancing? :3

ok when it comes to kyungsoo i’m obviously biased af.. xD

BUT, I think he’s a really REALLY good dancer. He’s improved tremendously over the years, and there’s smth really sexy about him when he dances. Whether it’s singing, dancing or acting, he really gives it his all when he does smth T__T He seems to be doing really well with choreography. and picks it up pretty quickly too!! Tbh when it comes to performing in general, he’s VERY good at it!

I mean just look –>

I love him dancing to white noise ;; 

don’t go ;;; 

LMR will always be one of my favorite exo songs ;; 

And I really have no shame left so I can’t help putting an artificial love vid here too! 


I could’ve put so much more here but I had to chill lol