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Deadass I can't go into the ftm or transmen tags because they're infested by fucking tucutes who wanna show their "boy tiddies uwu" or "gender is a social construct, u wouldnt have dysphoria otherwise uwu" and shit and even though they're doing this shit because they know claiming they're trans will get them attention, it still makes me dysphoric. I go into the tags to maybe feel better and less alone, but lo and behold I end up more dysphoric. These people ruin everything they fucking touch ugh

I remember the days where the FTM tag was lucky to even get maybe 10 posts in it a day.
I can’t even follow some tags anymore because they don’t have any information in them anymore. There’s no resources, just a bunch of confused girls that all look the exact same lol.


I was tagged by @neodios to pick and post 5 favourite pics and/or art pieces, and this was hard to pick only 5 pictures, because I have more than 5 favourite images xD but I did it anyway :9

So here we have my favourite squid sister Marie from Splatoon, my crazy enutrof girl Madeleine with her drheller, my favourite fusion Sugilite, a masqueraider (that’s how my masq’d look like if I had one), and finally, this year’s witchsona :9

I tag… @lydialacrima, @somik​, @next-lvl​, @tintarr​, @koromy​ and @isharton​ and also anyone who wants to do it :D