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I need to let you in on a little secret, guys: all that free art and fic and video and songs and gifs and all else? If you aren’t paying for it in money, you need to pay for it in support. 

Newsflash: you stop supporting artists? Artists stop producing. And if you keep up this whole ‘Make art even if you get no recognition!!! uwu!’ thing instead of ‘Support artists so they’re inspired to keep making art!!!’, we’re just gonna keep falling in this same hole of artists being completely ignored. STOP THINKING IT’S VIRTUOUS FOR US TO KEEP WORKING SO HARD WITH NO PAYBACK ON IT. 

You think fanfic, fanart, paintings, songs, gif sets, cosplay, etc is so wonderful? You think it looks cool or it makes you feel so many things and you want more of it? THEN SUPPORT THE CREATORS. It doesn’t have to be monetary! If people are sharing things on this website for free, the only fee is that if you enjoy it? YOU SHARE IT. You let us KNOW. Because if you don’t, we will STOP and we have every right to stop and then you’ll whine because suddenly the internet is infinitely more empty and uninteresting without creators cranking out their very hard work for nothing, not even your acknowledgment. And if you wanna whine about that or you think that ‘Keep making art even if you get no recognition’ is somehow more helpful than ‘SUPPORT ARTISTS SO THEY GET RECOGNITION AND KEEP MAKING ART’ (or is helpful at ALL, really? no one works for NOTHING at all, even if it’s FREE) then, seriously: stop. 

You’re being a shitty consumer. Especially in fandom, where the whole point is give and take: you like having novel-length fanfics that you can read on a whim without paying money? Guess what, buddy? You gotta pay us in comments or kudos or reblogs. Because if we’re churning out and you’re just picking it up to throw it off to the side after you enjoy it and got something out of it? That’s not FAIR and you’re being a jerk. You like fanart that makes your heart do funny things in your chest? Reblog it, WITH tags!!! We get CRUMBS of encouragement and people act like that’s so much.


And if you don’t, you have NO fucking business to be upset when those creators quit. By being passive to their hard work, you were being active in demolishing their confidence and inspiration. Period. 

Hey everyone, this is a really difficult post for me to make, but as part of my recovery this is something I want to talk about. I ask that you please read as much of it as you can before responding.

The MAP community on tumblr is dangerous to minors and to some extent dangerous to the people involved in it as well. I know because I was involved in it.

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Seriously ppl need to stop making the kinds of anti-ace/aro posts that contribute to an atmosphere where ppl will feel justified doing shit like coming into our tags posting the vilest creepy hate.

Like if you do shit like try to convince people “ace tumblr” is Evil, that aces and aros here are horrible (which is not the same as pointing out problems in our communities the way you’d, say, point out racism in the feminist community)… if you do shit like compare us to Trump or paint us as gross and annoying for speaking about our orientations, and if you act like aces/aros are bad people and an embarrassment…

Then you directly help create the atmosphere where every other week (or more often) someone will tell us they want us dead/hurt, and where ppl will send us extremely graphic threats because they hate us “uwu pure aceys”

Like holy fucking shit why do you think it’s okay to demonize us and paint aces/aros overall as some kind of threat to literally every oppressed group?? Why do I have to tell white ppl to not go around being like, “lolol ace tumblr is so antiblack omg”.

Stop treating aces and aros as though we’re worse people than everyone else and as though we’re less vulnerable than other people. Aces/aros can belong to literally any oppressed group, and also we’re people

callout for kingwander/jollywander/fuzzywander/heroicwander/wvander

hey all my friends have agreed i should do this so. Here We Go!!!

and also, i think this would be a good way for me to compile my thoughts and sort everything out since most of this still feels kind of like it happened in a blur.

i’ll keep this post updated with his current url so if you’re not sure what it is just come back here. current url: 00903902-0df98e9idko40t4945

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tw: abuse, suicide mention, faking mental illnesses, nsfw, self harm, slurs

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For as much as you all complain about no PoC batfam members you all sure ignore all the existing ones. It’s not like it’s just Damian and Dick, there is literally a plethora that you all just choose to ignore.

Even Cass, she’s slightly more popular than the others but she’s Asian. I never even noticed how much she was ignored until I saw a bunch of posts telling people not to ignore her.

But recently I noticed something else… Don’t ignore this, I’m calling ya’ll out.

Barbara Gordon is a strong, independent cripple, the fandom prefers her as a modern White Girl™. Not a white girl, not even a White™ girl, a White Girl™, (if Babs picked up one of those batgirl comics she would literally cringe). Pretty sure she was ignored before the new 52.

Dick Grayson is a quick-thinking Romani player (seriously, the majority of the nightwing series was spent in his bed) who honestly couldn’t give less of a shit about everyone else (depending on their situation) because his own life is a trash fire. Makes a bunch of mistakes. The fandom sees him as a dumb innocent white guy who wants nothing more than everyone to get along, has no life of his own, he is perfect.

Cassandra Cain is an Asian assassin, strong in every way,she can’t speak properly because she was never taught, she overcame literal hell! Butch af! Female batman! Literally! A tiny Bruce! More likely to be related to him than Damian! Fandom: hmm… IGNORED.

Stephanie Brown is a clumsy lil baby who screws up but manages to fix it anyway. She’s not as independent as the others, she needs help a lot but that’s ok. She overcame so much. She’s headstrong, she is a TRICKSTER, she isn’t perfect but she doesn’t need to be. Had a baby that she lost, faked her own death (she didn’t really die, it was faked w/ Leslie’s help.) she is so strong and amazing. Fandom: WAFFLES! WAFFLES! WAFFLES! EGGPLANT!

Damian Wayne is an intelligent mixed boy, raised by the LoA, but treated like a prince so he turned up a brat. He never had a normal childhood, he ended up being awkward around people like his dad, but instead of adopting orphans he adopts animals.
Fandom likes him, actually, constantly draws him white and says his mom abused him when maybe in some comics she did but in reality she would do anything for that boy. Sometimes they make him more sociable, more of an animal-hog than a rescuer, and don’t really show his struggles to make friends or fit in. Eh, he’s way better than the others.

Tim Drake and Jason Todd are smart, Jason is dumbed down and Tim is thought to be a coffee addict. Tim obviously has depression, I’m not sure what Jason has (need to check that superhero mental illness blog) but he’s not that bad. Jason doesn’t have as much of a temper as you all say he does, he was a good lil boy but, y'know, any reason to blame his own death on him. Tim has suffered so much loss, its ridiculous, he’s stressing himself with work and distraction, trying to solve every little problem by himself.
Also the fandom literally hopped onto the black hair train as soon as it landed. I haven’t seen a pic with his white hair in so long R.I.P. 😔 no diversity in Wayne Manor sorry, pal. All black hair only.

BRUCE. Bruce Wayne. The actual batman, the star of the show, is the world’s greatest detective who gets his wires crossed emotionally, he’s obviously mentally ill, complex in every way. He never sees himself as Bruce, more as Batman, Bruce is the mask while Batman is who he really is. He isn’t the best with his kids but he tries his best, fucks up a lot but has undying love for them. Would literally do anything for them. What say you, fandom? Rich playboy who is completely fine in the head. Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same uwu completely dumbass, knows nothing. Worst father.

Duke Thomas, Gavin King, Luke Fox, Lucius Fox (and his entire family), Onyx Adams, all black, all ignored. Doesn’t matter if some are dead, when Bruce is long gone we’re still going to love him. Duke is more popular than the others, probably because the fandom keeps telling people they’ll punch them in the face if they don’t like him. (Lucius was the first black member, Gavin was the first black Gotham vigilante was the first one, actually, not Duke. It should be obvious he isn’t the first, too, because Luke Fox is literally in so many issue of the current Detective Comics 🙃)

Harper Row? Bisexual! Colored hair! Honestly don’t know her that well but I love her anyway and want to give her the official Bi jacket. Fandom?

Jean-Paul Valley. He’s still there, too, btw, literal cinnamon roll, Cass’s bff (you guys always pair her with the girls for some reason?), catholic, fights demons (internal and external) everyday. Ignored.

Kate Kane, gay woman, from the army, overall badass, Jewish from a (guessing) Christian or atheist family. Fandom? Ignored. Renee Montoya is her cop gf. Ignored as well. So is Maggie Sawyer (in the comics, that is, supergirl boosted her).
And Bette? Honestly I don’t know anything about her but from what I hear and saw she would probably be the perfect candidate for you’re parade. Strange, she must have a “malfunction”.

Helena fucking Bertinelli! Italian! Recently black! Hopefully recently mixed! Catholic! Daughter of a crime boss! Bad to the f-ing ass! Independent! Fandom? Never heard of her!
Helena Wayne? White girl? Yeah, let’s have her. Literally more popular than Bertinelli in the Batfam fandom.

Sasha Bordeaux, secret service agent! Bodyguard! I’m quite not sure what race she is but she doesn’t look white. Short hair, badass woman, probably gay. You know what the fandom said? Ignored.

Julia Pennyworth, spy, ALFRED’S DAUGHTER, recently mixed (half black). BadASS. Probably gay too. Strong, could probably throw me into the sun. She isn’t even new, she was there for the longest freaking time. In fact, she was one of Bruce’s lovers. Ignored. By the way, you all keep ignoring that Alfie served in a war. :) is a VETERAN. Can damn well handle himself.

David Zavimbe was African, the first batman inc. member to get a comic! Do you know who that is? Of course not.

All the ignored ones can’t be warped into nice white people, while the others are warped as much as they can. I can’t believe I was actually gonna make a post about how everyone should chill about ignoring Duke because he’s so new. No, spam darn the tag with pictures of the beefy good boy.

The batfam is extremely diverse, diversity isn’t just race, it’s gender, sexuality, its physical and mental disabilities, it’s height, it’s religion, it’s personality, it’s looks. And the fandom erases that.

I wasn’t all that invested in these other characters because when I got into the fandom I thought they didn’t really matter, maybe they were lame, maybe I’d make a few headcanons but I’d rather tread on what the fandom goes by because they’ve been here for agesss!

Now? I’m judging the fandom. Not all of you, some of you are precious as heck. Some of you fight this absolute bull (Fox fam blog? David Zavimbe blog? Arab Dami blog? Helena batfam blog? Ya’ll rock.) and some of you just jumped into group mentality. The others can suck a Grayson.

Dear aphobes, please stop assuming that being a sex-repulsed/sex-neutral ace is some kind of inherent moral judgment on you. Trying to offend aces by randomly saying how much you like sex in our tags or posts is really pointless to me because as one of these sex-repulsed/neutral aces, I literally couldn’t care less who you like to have sex with or how much. So long as its between consenting adults and you’re having a good time, then go for it. I’m sure as hell not going to stop you.

That being said, if someone is using their identity as a sex-repulsed/neutral ace to actively sex shame people or be serophobic, I 100% agree that that’s a shitty thing to do. But jokes made by aces/aros about how they don’t understand various facets of romantic/sexual attraction are generally not out to shame you. A good number of aces/aros (I’m one of them) genuinely don’t understand that whole business and are just joking about our own experiences navigating a world that puts so much emphasis on it. It’s definitely not because we think we’re inherently “better” or more “pure” or whatever else.

So please, please just stop with this “pure aceys uwu” bullshit.

Kylo didn’t kill Finn and Rey because he didn’t WANT to kill them – yes, I am telling you he didn’t want to kill Finn, either. Watch the scene again – Kylo just stands there when Finn throws his gun and runs to Rey. He JUST STANDS THERE. And then, when he gets all jealous over Finn being close to someone he cares about [because Kylo just did something unspeakable to someone he loves] he PROJECTS all his anger/guilt onto Finn and shouts “TRAITOR!” Finn, however, is the one that picks up the saber, ignites it, and runs toward Kylo to fight.

Then Rey wakes up and admittedly sees Kylo be a total asshole to Finn. But Kylo… didn’t KILL Finn. He definitely could have, folks. This guy knows what he’s doing. He knows how to kill – he just killed his own father. But he hits a blow that keeps Finn alive… ask yourself why he would do that?

Then, Rey attacks him, and he just kind of dicks around not seriously attacking her because he doesn’t want to. He then offers to be her TEACHER of all things, while she’s at the edge of a cliff. 

She then strikes back at him and deals the blow that gives him a scar. But even after all of that, he’s not ANGRY with her – you can see how hurt and confused he is in his expression. How unraveled he’s become.

Kylo lost to Rey because (1) he was horribly physically injured and exhausted and (2) he was TRYING to genuinely reach out as an ally to her, not an enemy [however delusional a moment it was on his part] and (3) HE LITERALLY JUST KILLED HIS FATHER AND IS GRIEVING OVER THE UNSPEAKABLE THING HE JUST DID.

Stop saying they made Kylo look weak just to “let Rey win” so she looked strong and powerful. No, Kylo WAS weak in that moment – he simply just was. He was emotionally and physically drained in that fight, and not willing to truly kill either party involved – for whatever reason.

I know the GA doesn’t consider this stuff as much, but those of us on Tungle Dot Com are always talking about these things obsessively – so I dunno why it’s so hard for the hardcore fans to grasp. I’ve watched that movie more times than I can count at this point, and the intent of the scenes is pretty clear if you pay attention to facial expression, body language, etc.

Love is Blind (Oak x Reader)

Requested by @meavenel : Oh hi! I’ve got a request uwu How about “famous person and fan meeting at the red carpet au” or “one’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice AU” for Okieriete? ;o I just love him so much and theres rarely any fics of him

TW: Medical inaccuracies, very mild swearing (if this were a script, the movie would still be PG)


You remembered what it was like to see. You remembered color and shapes and everything else. But memories were all you had. You lost all vision by your eighth birthday. Sure, it was tough at first, but you eventually grew used to it. Now, twenty years later, you live right in the middle of New York and own a coffee shop with your friend, and the two of you were doing fairly well for yourselves. You hear the bell ring over the front door and greet the customer. “How may I help you?”

You hear the person approach the counter (you had gotten pretty good at telling how many steps it took people to get to the counter) and give you a rather long list of drinks. You smile slightly. “I take it these all aren’t just for you.”

He chuckles. “No. Since we can’t trust Thayne alone with coffee, I have to go on coffee runs while our machine is broken.”

Damn, if this man looked half as good as his voice sounded…

You relay the list to your friend. “This is going to take a bit. Could you give me a name to call when it’s ready?”


You repeat the name to make sure it’s correct. Since you don’t hear him correct you, you assume it’s correct.

Your friend hands you the last of his order, and you call his name. “Do you need any help?”

“I’ve got it.”

You listen to his footsteps as he nears the door. You sigh contently and lean against the counter. You spend the rest of the day thinking about him. You imagine that he must be a fairly big man because of how heavy his footsteps were. You sigh, hoping that he’ll come back soon.

~Oak’s POV~

I smile, thinking of the woman. (Y/N). Thank God for name tags. She was incredibly beautiful. There just seemed to be something a little off about her. Not in a bad way, she just didn’t seem like she was fully there. She kept looking past me. She kept running her fingers over the keyboard before pressing any key to ring up my order. I don’t know. I left her my number, but it’s been almost four hours and she still hasn’t responded.


You hear the bell ring and heavy footsteps approach the counter. As soon as you hear the man’s voice, you’re filled with joy. You smile. “Just a few minutes, Okieriete.”

When he comes over to get his coffee, you smile. “I um, I was wondering if I could give you my number.”

He chuckles. “Of course, but it would have been much more romantic if you just wrote it on my cup.”

You blush. “My handwriting isn’t the best. Not even I can read it.” You laugh at your own joke.


He comes to the cafe the next Friday to pick you up. You have a wonderful evening with him. As you walk to the restaurant, he confesses that he gave you his number the first day he saw you.

You sigh. “Oh, I must have thrown it away accidentally. I’m blind, so you’re going to need to be a bit more obvious.”


You open the door to your apartment and set your bag down. “Oak!”

You hear him come out of your shared bedroom. “Yeah?”

“You’ll never guess what happened!”

“What? Tell me everything.”

Your smile widens. “Well, I went to the doctor today, and we talked about the possibility of surgery…”

He gasps. “Wait. Are you-”

“I’m getting the surgery next month! I’ll be able to see in one month from now!”

He smiles and picks you up in a hug. “Oh my God! That’s amazing!”

You bury your face in the crook of his neck.


You grip your boyfriend’s hand tightly as you sit in the waiting room. He leans over and kisses the top of your head before your name is called. You slowly stand up and make your way over to the door while Oak stays in the uncomfortable chair. The surgery is over relatively quickly, so he doesn’t have to wait long to see you.

You gasp as soon as you see him. You don’t say anything; you just try to take in every little detail. He’s so perfect. You can’t believe you’re lucky enough to call him your boyfriend.

He smiles while watching you stare at him. He sits next to you and runs his fingers through your hair.

“You’re very handsome,” you whisper.

He chuckles. “And you’re very beautiful.”

You blush slightly.

“Have you seen yourself yet?”

You shake your head slightly, causing him to pull out his phone. “Do you want to?”

You nod and push yourself up into a sitting position. He opens the camera app and turns it to face the two of you. You stare at the screen. He was right. You are beautiful. You can’t take your eyes off yourself, but when you do, you look at Oak’s face. He smiles softly and watches you.

He leads you back to the apartment and watches as you take in the sights of the city. The lights are so bright and colorful. The people are in such a hurry. Once you reach the apartment, you look around. You run your fingers along everything. You knew how all these things felt, but now that you can see them, they somehow feel different. You look at all the pictures that you never knew were hanging on the walls. They are all of the two of you. You turn around and look at Oak, who has wrapped his arms around you.

“I didn’t do this before because I wanted you to remember everything about it. I love you so much, (Y/N). I know that this isn’t the most elaborate thing, hell, I don’t even have a ring, but will you marry me?”

You stand on your tippy toes and kiss him. “Of course!”

anonymous asked:

uwu gentle forest child 😂😂😂 yo talk more about this please? im seeing it everwhere and im like why this???

and another ask: “Why do trans men do that? Is it on purpose?”

how I conceptualise this is: certain groups of people are perceived as fundamentally innocent, either in the discourse at large or in certain contexts & communities, and some members of those groups, if they choose to wreak evil, can cleverly leverage that perceived innocence–especially against people in groups perceived as inherently aggressive, such as people of colour, lesbians, or trans women–in order to get away with antagonising people in those groups, ultimately acting like they’re the victims when they’re called on their shit.

you can see this in how white women, for example, know that they’re seen as fundamentally pure and innocent by those in power (i.e. white men), and they can choose to use that perceived innocence in order to frame any number of actions by people of colour as attacks upon their purity, turning the tide of public opinion, or even physical violence, against those people of colour. this occurs in step with things like the perceived sexual deviancy of people of colour / Black people (& the different things that that has meant for men and women of colour, respectively), and with the stereotype of Black & brown women as nasty, angry, or aggressive. so if a white woman has antagonised a woc by being racist, she has the option to pull the innocent act: “I was just minding my own business / expressing an opinion / asking a question and this awful woman attacked me for no reason!!!” this version of events paints woc as inherently aggressive and unfeeling: as if we don’t get hurt, as if we don’t have the right to respond in any way–much less emotionally–to being harmed.

the way I see it, the “gentle forest child” phenomenon draws from similar tropes of assaulted innocence. the entire aesthetic is predicated on images of softness, innocence, and vulnerability, and it pulls inspiration from the larger perception (within certain circles) of trans men as being less capable of enacting misogyny than cis men. the way that this plays out for me ever and anon is: 1. one of these people violates my boundaries or otherwise disrespects me in some way; 2. I don’t tolerate it; 3. he acts like he’s the victim, criticising me for being aggressive, condescending to me because he’s clearly the bigger person here and I’m being immature; 4., importantly, talks about how much this encounter has upset him, perhaps broadcasting some kind of mental breakdown (up to & including self-injurious or suicidal thoughts or actions) to show the extent to which he’s innocent and I’m a mean bully; perhaps including, 5., calling me transphobic for no other reason than that I called him on his shit. of course not all of these things are exclusive to trans men (as I’ve said, the strategies that cis men use to wreak evil often, predictably, overlap), but they are different in that they have access to a couple of scripts that cis men don’t (such as the “I’m so innocent” script or the “you’re transphobic for acknowledging that trans men can be misogynistic” script), and some of them choose to manipulate that to their advantage.

this phenemenon of course coincides with the phenomenon that I described above, because what it ultimately does is deny my right to feel adversely about the misogyny to which I’ve been subjected–as if I don’t have feelings? as if I’m not mentally ill and am in no danger of experiencing self-injurious thoughts? and for women of colour it of course hugely overlaps–white people of all stripes often performatively wield their mental illnesses to manipulate public opinion against people of colour, including: antagonising people of colour (many of whom are mentally ill themselves) and then claiming that, because of their mental illnesses, they can’t be held accountable; wielding accusations of ableism against people of colour who call them out on their racism (or who try to apply theories about white consciousness that aren’t about individual mental illnesses at all–”white anxiety” and “white sociopathy,” anyone?); or insisting that their mental illnesses be catered to, even as they ignore the needs of mentally ill people of colour. and this works because white people who are mentally ill are seen as innocent in a way that people of colour are not.

basically what all of these represent are modes of manipulating discourse to paint the people you’re antagonising as the aggressors. I of course don’t mean to trivialise anything by comparing this to physical violence against people of colour & Black people, but I do see these things in a continuum wherein the forest child phenomenon draws on racialised scripts that had already been in place, plus some methods of performative pity-grabbing and name-calling that have been present in sj communities for a while. 

I also made a tag because I’ve talked about this briefly before.

margoshkas  asked:

hey, 😄! so i saw your tags in the tim's a sexist post and i just wanna ask what do you mean about it? like, what i got is bad characterisation =/= character flaws, right? so how can y'all say that tim is just a mere victim of bad writing, when it's been consistent that he's been a sexist, misogynist fuck boy for a span of a decade? and like okay, we can chalk that up as bad characterisation, but like what are tim's character flaws then?

Hey there friend! (Love your writing by the way… just had to get that out of the way, haha.)

For those who need context on the sexist!tim meta post, here’s the post, and here’re my tags:

#*bangs pots and pans together* canon sucksssss  #literally no character in comics has been safe from awful characterisation :/  #theres showing a character to have flaws… and then theres making a acharacter an awful person  #you can practically hear the male writers chuckling at ‘stupd ariana and spoiler and tam’  #i hate comics 

So I would agree with you that Tim has been a sexist, misogynistic fuck boy for the span of a decade, even longer… but I would argue that it’s more because he’s been written by sexist, misogynistic fuck boys who think “hur-dee-dur this will be sexist and funny hahahhaha” and project it on to Tim’s character. 

Portraying misogyny and sexism in comics is good because these are real problems and men soak these things up from birth till they become habits and have to unlearn them throughout life… but writing characters as being misogynistic and sexist and NOT pointing out/addressing/making it obvious that it is wrong and having the characters continue to make these little remarks and stupid, antiquated “she’s just a girl” “leave this to the pros (aka men)” “dayum girl do you really eat this much?” comments that are meant to be read as “laughable and funny”?? 

I’m sorry, that’s the writers being little shitheads, not the characters.

As for flaws? I think Tim has many. I don’t know why you put “y’all” in the ask because this is really me just speaking for myself and my own interpretation of Tim’s character… but not all people who like Tim Drake think he’s a “perfect little cherub who can never do any wrong and is fragile and broken and only ever does things out of love! uwu~”

I would say that one of Tim’s flaws is that he can switch between “I’m a genius and everyone else is stupid” and “I’m worthless I should just crawl into a hole and die” in .05 seconds. He struggles with finding that balance where he can be confident in his own intelligence but also understand that he’s still human and makes mistakes and, yes, sometimes other people do know better/have more wisdom than he does. 

When Tim is in this “god-mode” in his mind, he can be a real shit and say mean, stupid things because “he knows so much better than you”… and I think that some misogyny could definitely come into play here. Again, to show this is good characterisation and leaves room for development. 

But to simply show him as being a misogynistic and sexist asshole for the sake of it and never changing after EVERYTHING he’s been through and the number of times these amazing kickass girls have saved his butt? That’s just bad writing. We saw this character development with Damian, who grew from a misogynistic little prick into someone who actually respects women and treats them like equals… so I argue that someone dropped the ball with Tim. 

Anyways… that’s just my opinion/thoughts! :) If you or anyone else would like to add/comment I’d love to keep up the discussion!


before   i   get   into   the   whole   gratitude   thing   (   because   i   really ,   really   am   grateful   ),   i’d   like   to   say   that   the   amount   of   followers   i’ve   gained   means   nothing   to   me .   i   don’t   care   for   numbers ,   i’m   here   to   have   fun   &   explore   fandoms   &   characters   with   people   who   are   equally   as   excited   as   i   am .   that   being   said ??   1K   is   a   lot ,   like   .   .   .   i   don’t   know   why   so   many   of   you   follow   me   but   i’m   incredibly   thankful   for   the   support   &   the   friends   i’ve   gained   throughout   my   time   on   here !   i   say   i   don’t   care   for   the   numbers ,   but   i   appreciate   each   &   every   one   of   you .

now !   this   is   a   give - away ,   which   i   was   always   planning   to   do   if   i   was   ever   lucky   enough   to   get   this   far ,   but   it’s   even   better   because   of   how   close   the   holiday’s   are !   i’m   gonna   choose   5   winners .   you   can   ask   for   whatever   you   want   if   you   win ,   &   i   shall   do   my   best   to   deliver !   stuff   like   graphics   /   aesthetics   /   drabbles   &   the   like ,   i   also   have   a   pretty   okay   understanding   of   how   to   work   with   HTML   (   i   made   my   theme !   )   but   i’m   not   expert   level   by   any   means   at   all !   to   enter   all   you   gotta   do   is   be   following   me   &   like   this   post ,   reblogging   is   not   necessary   but   if   you   do   i’ll   enter   you   in   twice  you   guys   have   given   me   so   much   on   here ,   made   me   comfortable   &   happy   &   able   to   relax   after   bad   days   .   .   .   i’d   love   to   be   able   to   give   back   however   i   can .

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jeonbegins  asked:

project support bts creators is go! if you get this message it's because a bich (me) thinks you make beautiful content. tag some of your favorite bts gif/gfx/edit/icon/fic/art makers below and pass it on. spwead the wuv 👣💕👣 UwU

hey furry, thanks for choosing to send this fcked up message to me! now my eyes are incapable of seeing, thank you very much!! anyways, let me list some sensational and show stopping content makers for you!! some of them do more than just one thing though, but i put them in the category i think they do more/are famous for/whatever


@jimiyoong // @jinsasleep  // @fluffyliontae // @bangsihyuks // @rapnamu // @seokjinies // @seokjinstae // @taewitch // @ksjknj // @petitmin // @pjmksj // @cinnamonsuga // @parkjiminer // @gukks // @yoongiyi // @samwol // @slapmon // @dlmples // @hobeui // @minsjoon // @jeovkks // @ladydna // @junqkookied // @nochuie // @hoseokb // @yoongissz // @bangtanroyalty // @ggukbun


@jeonbegins // @jeoniful // @bwis // @sevenkookiejars // @tahyungs // @jnghobi // @taesflower // @mangaetteok // @nvmjin // @agustdia // @inuera (although they are a gif maker as well)


@debrenner // @fhawn // @flowerchildchim // @noxiim // @txuun

i hope every single one of these content creators is having a nice day aaand y’all rock, hope you know it ok bye

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Some of us have lived through abusive situations like what Asra is putting the main character through, and can recognize that. Being brown doesn't make you a good person, and more than being straight does. I think that Asra is a deep character, but also a problematic one.

hoo boy. warning cause im ranting ahead

“some of us have lived through abusive situations like what asra is putting the main character through”

ok, number one, I’ve lived through abusive situations. im very well aware what an abuser acts like. asra keeping secrets in order to protect the apprentice does not equal abuse and calling it abusive undermines actual abusive relationships

number two, asra isn’t abusive. the arcana game developers themselves said it here  and here and here and this post is a good explanation to the whole stupid “uwu asra is hurting the apprentice uwu”

“Being brown doesn’t make you a good person, and more than being straight does.” 

alright show me where i said that. that’s right, you can’t because I never said it!!! me saying “why do y’all hate brown people” refers to all the people demonizing asra, a brown masculine aligned person, for being so called “abusive” while at the same time stanning lucio and julian. must I remind you that our first meeting with julian was him breaking into our shop? must I remind you our first meeting with lucio was his ghost harassing us? i don’t see any posts daring to say how julian and lucio are so called “abusive”. maybe it has something to do with the fact they are, ya know, white men?

thats the problem with this whole “discourse” going on with calling asra abusive. its not discourse; its fandom racism. almost all the people i’ve seen who have called asra “abusive” are a. white b. romancing julian/lucio or c. both 

everyone calling asra “abusive” aren’t actually concerned with asra and the apprentice’s relationship; they are grasping for reasons to hate asra to ignore their own internalized racism

of course, im not saying everyone who dislikes asra is racist. but if you call asra abusive and like julian and lucio, I suggest you take a hard look at yourself and ask yourself if you honestly think that. 

Crys watches Castlevania (6)


What a gorgeous beast. And dat voice.
And oh my, how this cutie is giving burns to the smug bastard, how it is awesome.

I waited for a looong time~

Also need to comment, that Fluffy is good about organizing and Sypha magic is rad. Hella rad. Enjoyed the fighting scene.
And he (let’s go with he) is still uwu noice with really boopable snoot

And I can’t do anything with myself
Alucard, you may be Alucard, bun in tags you will be “Not Sanguinius”

*place to swoon about the how majestic the boi looks like*
*place to say a stupid Twilight referencing joke*
*place for both, I am here*

What a neat sword-o :>
And oh my, dude is dramatic. 
Enjoyably dramatic.

Criteria you need to meet to be classifies as Dracula by Fluffy:
1) Have fangs
2) Sleep in a coffin.
Well, I mean he is probably right, but still.

Floating vampire Jesus is judging you, Fluffy.

And here I am going down into ugly sobs again.

Look, I still love Steven Universe. I do, I really do, and maybe its naivety but I really think that while it has dipped in quality, it’ll still be worth holding out to the end but like… I dunno I miss being fucking ECSTATIC for a new episode. I remember coming home from London late at night when the trailer for Stevenbomb 3 was released (the one where we met YD, I’m pretty sure that was 3, could be wrong) and using my shitty 3G to watch the trailer over and over again picking out every little detail. I remember spending hours just scrolling through the tag on this hellhole of a website reading theories and talking to people about what could POSSIBLY happen next.

Part of me thinks something went wrong. Like they were expecting to be able to get more seasons out, but now they’ve gotta stop at season 5 or something, and so they had to rush some things. But then the other part of me is saying ‘no the writing just got bad’.

Like, I audibly SHOUTED when I saw Ruby and Sapphire fuse into Garnet for the first time. I felt genuine strong emotions of all kinds watching Peridot grow and change and learn from her mistakes and prejudice towards The Crystal Gems. I always fucking cry watching On The Run, seeing Amethyst so upset like that.
But now what do we have for those 3? Garnet shoved to the back, every episode even slightly focussed on her will end up being about Ruby and Sapphire (who I LOVE and I LOVE seeing more episodes with them in, but that’s ALL Garnet is now), or every episode that SHOULD be about Garnet ends up being about Pearl. Not to mention Garnet being demonised as a violent brute by the fandom, which just makes me sick.
Peridot went from an intelligent, curious, snarky, sarcastic space goblin with a genuinely lovable personality to just… what the fuck happened??? some dumbass neon gremlin with a head the size of her season 1 ego who only shows up to crack a joke every now and then.
Amethyst… do the crew know she’s still here? Like I was SO looking forward to an arc revolving around her learning to love herself. I really really was, and then it just kinda abruptly ends and is referenced slightly in Tiger Pisspants later on to just be like “I dont hate myself now” like???? what???
And LAPIS too, she had so much potential, a character who came out the other side of an abusive relationship who’s learning to appreciate life again and coming to terms with the fact that she was hurt, but her hurt doesn’t define her? Nope, now she’s just a fucking ptsd joke who only has a consistent personality once a season.
Steven became a Mary Sue, as much as I hate to admit it, and fucking PEARL I used to fucking relate to Pearl more than I’d ever related to any character EVER, and now its just a countdown to the next “Pearl loved Rose so much u guys she’s hurting” episode. Like yeah okay, sorry for your loss bud but what about literally anyone else?

Jasper came back after an AMAZING fight, and a REALLY GOOD arc, but then that lasted like 3 episodes and she’s gone again, for fuck knows how long.
Bismuth is the biggest waste of potential I’ve ever seen in my goddamn life, she’s one of the most creative and well thought out characters I’ve ever seen and they ruined it by villainising her for being angry when her anger was 100% justified. The show has more sympathy for fucking Yellow Diamond than it did for Bismuth, and YD is a tyranical bigot. Not to mention Rose is just an asshole yet she does something that Bismuth so much as SAYS she’ll do and its like “misunderstood uwu”.
The fact that Andy even exists is just an insult, I still cannot fucking stand Lars and Sadie’s relationship being played off as a teen romance when Lars is just an abusive prick.

And I know what its like to stand there and be in denial about all of these things. When you love something so much, you dont want to admit its flaws, especially not the big ones. I’ve been there. When Bismuth aired, I adamantly refused to acknowledge it as the shitshow that it was. I denied Lapis turning into a joke, I denied Peridot’s character just disappearing. I denied it all. Because this show is, or was, something AMAZING, something really really special. And don’t get me wrong, I still love it to pieces but that spark is gone. I hate to admit it but it’s gone, and I think its healthier for me personally to just vent all these thoughts out rather than to bottle them up and try to look past it all. Something I need to work on personally is accepting change, especially when its not necessarily a good change, and I need to accept that my undying love for this show is gone.
I still think the show is good. Its not as good as it once was, but it’s good. It still does some great things, and we really need to acknowledge the great things it has done. But its gone downhill.

“My Camp Pining Hearts DVD?”
“Which season?”
- Barn Mates.
I knew that was foreshadowing, I fucking knew it.

All right, but like, can we just talk about:

  • Hotch and Reid being insecure about their work personas and always double-checking with everyone to make sure they’re not showing some form of favoritism
  • Hotch and Reid offering to room separately to make things less awkward for everyone
  • and then when they do end up rooming together, they literally only end up cuddling because they’re too sleepy to do much else, and really, they just want the comfort of holding and being held tbh
  • Hotch getting irritated with Reid for taking off his Kevlar vest again and the two spending the entire jet ride home on opposite ends of the plane as the team tries not to grin while making bets on how long the lovers’ tiff will last
  • Reid getting angry with Hotch for chasing down an unsub without backup
  • and when Hotch ends up with a few cuts and bruises and a busted lip, Reid fusses over him and takes care of him but is “still really mad, and stop laughing damn it, I’m serious–no you can’t have a kiss, you jerk”
  • Hotch falling asleep in his seat on the jet, and Reid curling up next to him, and when Reid falls asleep, too, one of the team members grabs a blanket and covers them with it
  • Reid hating pictures and being very camera-shy, and Hotch asking the team to take pictures without Reid noticing
  • and Reid knows it’s happening but pretends to be affronted when Hotch shows him a new batch of pictures for their photo albums
  • Reid’s hand unerringly finding Hotch’s when something on a case frightens or bothers him, and Hotch lacing their fingers together without question
  • Hotch getting really emotional (usually angry) and Reid gently touching his wrist or squeezing his forearm to calm him down
  • Hotch and Reid getting defensive of each other when an LEO says or does something rude to the other
  • and the team getting really defensive of them both when an LEO makes an off-handed comment that makes Hotch and Reid tense

I just really wanna talk about it.  uwu

generalsongcolor replied to your post “Hi, don’t know you and i’ve never seen any of your anti posts but i’ve…”

It takes so much self awareness to tell survivors to fuck off! UwU your pain isn’t that important and some borderline illegal activities are OK! uwu abuse and pedophilia aren’t that bad uwu get over yourself

1. Going off the age in your profile, I’d already survived more than a decade of abuse by the time you were born, so I’m gonna need you to take several seats there, champ.

2. No, your pain isn’t important insofar as you use it as a weapon to bludgeon and shame others. Being an abuse survivor is NOT a “get out of jail free” card to behave as poorly as you want and stop others from liking things.

Know one of my triggers? Golf clubs. I completely shut down, go into violent flashbacks, you name it when I hear a golf club impacting on a ball. It is my right to avoid golf clubs. It is my right to have them upset me and to not want to set foot on a golf course, ever. But it is not my right to go onto golf courses, steal everyone’s clubs, and scream at them that they’re heartless abuse fetishists who hate survivors like me. It’s not my right to assume that every single person who likes golf is doing it as a giant “fuck you” to survivors who might have issues with golf clubs. 

That’s what the first point of that post was about. It’s not about hating abuse survivors. It’s about telling survivors that you can’t bully and shame and threaten others and then hide behind “IT’S BECAUSE I’M AN ABUSE SURVIVOR” as a shield. I pulled that bullshit for years as an anti, and it ain’t kosher. 

Take your poor reasoning and white-knighting for abuse survivors and get off my blog. I don’t need your protection, and neither do other survivors.

500 followers, yeey!!

What do you mean be “I can’t belive that you guys keep givin’ notes to us?”, wtf, Neshaa!!!!! Sorry, my kiddo like to tease me about my tumblr uwu. 

Everytime that I do one of those posts I keep thinking how to thank you guys for everything. “But hey, it’s just 500 followers, tsc” well, it’s tru, it’s not a big deal, but give me the perfect excuse to say somethings that I could like to say and make some stupid edits xD kkkkkkkk 

It’s been almost a year since I made this tumblr and it’s hard for me not to think about when I started, when I started to be a part and actually do posts about mcl. And now I feel that this tumblr is kind of my home, cuz I’m here everyday, doing what I love, seeing the people I love also doing posts and talking about themselves, being themselves. 

I’m not saying there were no hard times, moments when I wanted to delete my tumblr and give up. But those moments have only been one more reason for me to stay, because our fandom needs people who keep posting, keep caring, and growing. I am extremely grateful for the friends I made here, for having a space that is mine and that no one can take away from me.

For this all, I need to thank you guys :D thank you <3 special thanks to my mutuals @eldaryanna, @zurysalvatore, @fairywale, @eldaryandy, @killdondan, @moonlightmcl, @lunaria-sucrette, @troloyunu, @kahasan,  @giccix@americanbeauty-americanpsycho, @fictitious-life-ls, @velvet-black-cherry, @marmita-tuga and for my cute followers @kyandixd, @justanothermclblog@inkydreamer, @glassmoonfortuneteller, @mentacomchocolate@meu-mundo-comum, @sweet-pendragon, @moonlightcandy, @vyxens-mcl-eldarya, @idrugtini, @ladycastiny4300, @lysandals, I couldn’t tag everybody xD but my thanks is for all of you guys <3 

Love you all