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Dear aphobes, please stop assuming that being a sex-repulsed/sex-neutral ace is some kind of inherent moral judgment on you. Trying to offend aces by randomly saying how much you like sex in our tags or posts is really pointless to me because as one of these sex-repulsed/neutral aces, I literally couldn’t care less who you like to have sex with or how much. So long as its between consenting adults and you’re having a good time, then go for it. I’m sure as hell not going to stop you.

That being said, if someone is using their identity as a sex-repulsed/neutral ace to actively sex shame people or be serophobic, I 100% agree that that’s a shitty thing to do. But jokes made by aces/aros about how they don’t understand various facets of romantic/sexual attraction are generally not out to shame you. A good number of aces/aros (I’m one of them) genuinely don’t understand that whole business and are just joking about our own experiences navigating a world that puts so much emphasis on it. It’s definitely not because we think we’re inherently “better” or more “pure” or whatever else.

So please, please just stop with this “pure aceys uwu” bullshit.

callout for kingwander/jollywander/fuzzywander/heroicwander/wvander

hey all my friends have agreed i should do this so. Here We Go!!!

and also, i think this would be a good way for me to compile my thoughts and sort everything out since most of this still feels kind of like it happened in a blur.

i’ll keep this post updated with his current url so if you’re not sure what it is just come back here. current url: 00903902-0df98e9idko40t4945

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tw: abuse, suicide mention, faking mental illnesses, nsfw, self harm, slurs

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anonymous asked:

uwu gentle forest child 😂😂😂 yo talk more about this please? im seeing it everwhere and im like why this???

and another ask: “Why do trans men do that? Is it on purpose?”

how I conceptualise this is: certain groups of people are perceived as fundamentally innocent, either in the discourse at large or in certain contexts & communities, and some members of those groups, if they choose to wreak evil, can cleverly leverage that perceived innocence–especially against people in groups perceived as inherently aggressive, such as people of colour, lesbians, or trans women–in order to get away with antagonising people in those groups, ultimately acting like they’re the victims when they’re called on their shit.

you can see this in how white women, for example, know that they’re seen as fundamentally pure and innocent by those in power (i.e. white men), and they can choose to use that perceived innocence in order to frame any number of actions by people of colour as attacks upon their purity, turning the tide of public opinion, or even physical violence, against those people of colour. this occurs in step with things like the perceived sexual deviancy of people of colour / Black people (& the different things that that has meant for men and women of colour, respectively), and with the stereotype of Black & brown women as nasty, angry, or aggressive. so if a white woman has antagonised a woc by being racist, she has the option to pull the innocent act: “I was just minding my own business / expressing an opinion / asking a question and this awful woman attacked me for no reason!!!” this version of events paints woc as inherently aggressive and unfeeling: as if we don’t get hurt, as if we don’t have the right to respond in any way–much less emotionally–to being harmed.

the way I see it, the “gentle forest child” phenomenon draws from similar tropes of assaulted innocence. the entire aesthetic is predicated on images of softness, innocence, and vulnerability, and it pulls inspiration from the larger perception (within certain circles) of trans men as being less capable of enacting misogyny than cis men. the way that this plays out for me ever and anon is: 1. one of these people violates my boundaries or otherwise disrespects me in some way; 2. I don’t tolerate it; 3. he acts like he’s the victim, criticising me for being aggressive, condescending to me because he’s clearly the bigger person here and I’m being immature; 4., importantly, talks about how much this encounter has upset him, perhaps broadcasting some kind of mental breakdown (up to & including self-injurious or suicidal thoughts or actions) to show the extent to which he’s innocent and I’m a mean bully; perhaps including, 5., calling me transphobic for no other reason than that I called him on his shit. of course not all of these things are exclusive to trans men (as I’ve said, the strategies that cis men use to wreak evil often, predictably, overlap), but they are different in that they have access to a couple of scripts that cis men don’t (such as the “I’m so innocent” script or the “you’re transphobic for acknowledging that trans men can be misogynistic” script), and some of them choose to manipulate that to their advantage.

this phenemenon of course coincides with the phenomenon that I described above, because what it ultimately does is deny my right to feel adversely about the misogyny to which I’ve been subjected–as if I don’t have feelings? as if I’m not mentally ill and am in no danger of experiencing self-injurious thoughts? and for women of colour it of course hugely overlaps–white people of all stripes often performatively wield their mental illnesses to manipulate public opinion against people of colour, including: antagonising people of colour (many of whom are mentally ill themselves) and then claiming that, because of their mental illnesses, they can’t be held accountable; wielding accusations of ableism against people of colour who call them out on their racism (or who try to apply theories about white consciousness that aren’t about individual mental illnesses at all–”white anxiety” and “white sociopathy,” anyone?); or insisting that their mental illnesses be catered to, even as they ignore the needs of mentally ill people of colour. and this works because white people who are mentally ill are seen as innocent in a way that people of colour are not.

basically what all of these represent are modes of manipulating discourse to paint the people you’re antagonising as the aggressors. I of course don’t mean to trivialise anything by comparing this to physical violence against people of colour & Black people, but I do see these things in a continuum wherein the forest child phenomenon draws on racialised scripts that had already been in place, plus some methods of performative pity-grabbing and name-calling that have been present in sj communities for a while. 

I also made a tag because I’ve talked about this briefly before.

Love is Blind (Oak x Reader)

Requested by @meavenel : Oh hi! I’ve got a request uwu How about “famous person and fan meeting at the red carpet au” or “one’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice AU” for Okieriete? ;o I just love him so much and theres rarely any fics of him

TW: Medical inaccuracies, very mild swearing (if this were a script, the movie would still be PG)


You remembered what it was like to see. You remembered color and shapes and everything else. But memories were all you had. You lost all vision by your eighth birthday. Sure, it was tough at first, but you eventually grew used to it. Now, twenty years later, you live right in the middle of New York and own a coffee shop with your friend, and the two of you were doing fairly well for yourselves. You hear the bell ring over the front door and greet the customer. “How may I help you?”

You hear the person approach the counter (you had gotten pretty good at telling how many steps it took people to get to the counter) and give you a rather long list of drinks. You smile slightly. “I take it these all aren’t just for you.”

He chuckles. “No. Since we can’t trust Thayne alone with coffee, I have to go on coffee runs while our machine is broken.”

Damn, if this man looked half as good as his voice sounded…

You relay the list to your friend. “This is going to take a bit. Could you give me a name to call when it’s ready?”


You repeat the name to make sure it’s correct. Since you don’t hear him correct you, you assume it’s correct.

Your friend hands you the last of his order, and you call his name. “Do you need any help?”

“I’ve got it.”

You listen to his footsteps as he nears the door. You sigh contently and lean against the counter. You spend the rest of the day thinking about him. You imagine that he must be a fairly big man because of how heavy his footsteps were. You sigh, hoping that he’ll come back soon.

~Oak’s POV~

I smile, thinking of the woman. (Y/N). Thank God for name tags. She was incredibly beautiful. There just seemed to be something a little off about her. Not in a bad way, she just didn’t seem like she was fully there. She kept looking past me. She kept running her fingers over the keyboard before pressing any key to ring up my order. I don’t know. I left her my number, but it’s been almost four hours and she still hasn’t responded.


You hear the bell ring and heavy footsteps approach the counter. As soon as you hear the man’s voice, you’re filled with joy. You smile. “Just a few minutes, Okieriete.”

When he comes over to get his coffee, you smile. “I um, I was wondering if I could give you my number.”

He chuckles. “Of course, but it would have been much more romantic if you just wrote it on my cup.”

You blush. “My handwriting isn’t the best. Not even I can read it.” You laugh at your own joke.


He comes to the cafe the next Friday to pick you up. You have a wonderful evening with him. As you walk to the restaurant, he confesses that he gave you his number the first day he saw you.

You sigh. “Oh, I must have thrown it away accidentally. I’m blind, so you’re going to need to be a bit more obvious.”


You open the door to your apartment and set your bag down. “Oak!”

You hear him come out of your shared bedroom. “Yeah?”

“You’ll never guess what happened!”

“What? Tell me everything.”

Your smile widens. “Well, I went to the doctor today, and we talked about the possibility of surgery…”

He gasps. “Wait. Are you-”

“I’m getting the surgery next month! I’ll be able to see in one month from now!”

He smiles and picks you up in a hug. “Oh my God! That’s amazing!”

You bury your face in the crook of his neck.


You grip your boyfriend’s hand tightly as you sit in the waiting room. He leans over and kisses the top of your head before your name is called. You slowly stand up and make your way over to the door while Oak stays in the uncomfortable chair. The surgery is over relatively quickly, so he doesn’t have to wait long to see you.

You gasp as soon as you see him. You don’t say anything; you just try to take in every little detail. He’s so perfect. You can’t believe you’re lucky enough to call him your boyfriend.

He smiles while watching you stare at him. He sits next to you and runs his fingers through your hair.

“You’re very handsome,” you whisper.

He chuckles. “And you’re very beautiful.”

You blush slightly.

“Have you seen yourself yet?”

You shake your head slightly, causing him to pull out his phone. “Do you want to?”

You nod and push yourself up into a sitting position. He opens the camera app and turns it to face the two of you. You stare at the screen. He was right. You are beautiful. You can’t take your eyes off yourself, but when you do, you look at Oak’s face. He smiles softly and watches you.

He leads you back to the apartment and watches as you take in the sights of the city. The lights are so bright and colorful. The people are in such a hurry. Once you reach the apartment, you look around. You run your fingers along everything. You knew how all these things felt, but now that you can see them, they somehow feel different. You look at all the pictures that you never knew were hanging on the walls. They are all of the two of you. You turn around and look at Oak, who has wrapped his arms around you.

“I didn’t do this before because I wanted you to remember everything about it. I love you so much, (Y/N). I know that this isn’t the most elaborate thing, hell, I don’t even have a ring, but will you marry me?”

You stand on your tippy toes and kiss him. “Of course!”

So anyway, more on Nygmpowerbottom if anyone’s interested; 

 ●  Apparently Robin actually was uncomfortable with this stuff & its obvious in his body language; the more of it that surfaces the more obvious it becomes. Heres this photo set I was sent this morning thats extended. His first reaction really puts things into perspective. 

 ●  His reaction is embarrassment, he literally hides his face and this girl has the nerve to EXPLAIN to him that powerbottom isn’t dirty. (As she could also see she had wigged him out) No joke, a 20 something year old woman explains to a nearly 40 year old gay man that powerbottom isn’t a sexual term, and then proceeds to try convince him that its something her friend came up with because she can’t pronounce Nygmobblepot ( A gay ship keep in mind ) properly bc of his shocked/embarrassed reaction omfg. His response is literally “okay”.

She even asked him to pass it on to Cory. Her dirty Nygmopowerbottom nonsense she asked him to tell Cory about too. The entire fiasco is tagged with “Smaylor”.  ( the real person ship between Robin & Cory. Robin’s husband is uncomfortable w/ this which Robin’s mentioned too, but its not dirty or inappropriate guiz. ) 

 ●  These uglies approached Robin multiple times so he was stuck dealing with them and this all through the con ( and bc he didn’t tell them to go away and took photo shoots with all of them that were payed for they think he loves them & everyone speaking out about their inappropriate behaviour is wrong 🤢) 

 @rainbowthirteen. ( Nygmobpowerbottom girl ) approached me last night after apparently going on about how she doesn’t care and didn’t make Robin uncomfy and it wasn’t inappropriate because he talked to her & hugged her because shes totally special and like he isn’t a celeb and hasn’t been payed to do so. She called me a bitch, I asked her not to call me or other gay men uncomfortable with her behaviour ( particularly how inappropriate this was to explain to a gay man that powerbottom isn’t a dirty word, because thats blatantly untrue ) “bitches”.

Naturally she refused & of course proceeded to call me a bitch anyway. 

So yeah the full story, highly disrespectful, highly inappropriate. According to 20 something year old white girl “powerbottom” is no longer a “dirty term” and any of us gays who think it is are just “”bitches””. Robin had to deal with these women at a con all day as a professional & they think its an indication that theyre right. omg. 

Confirmed nastiness all around and utter disrespect of gay men. They’ve done nothing but infantilize Robin continually too, showing just how grossly they think of gay men. Hes their ‘pure gay baby uwu’ (THEYRE 20 ODD LMAO) and they actually purposely took advantage of this fantasy they have of his naivety & think its a fact because he was payed to deal with them & was polite to them lmfao.

generalsongcolor replied to your post “Hi, don’t know you and i’ve never seen any of your anti posts but i’ve…”

It takes so much self awareness to tell survivors to fuck off! UwU your pain isn’t that important and some borderline illegal activities are OK! uwu abuse and pedophilia aren’t that bad uwu get over yourself

1. Going off the age in your profile, I’d already survived more than a decade of abuse by the time you were born, so I’m gonna need you to take several seats there, champ.

2. No, your pain isn’t important insofar as you use it as a weapon to bludgeon and shame others. Being an abuse survivor is NOT a “get out of jail free” card to behave as poorly as you want and stop others from liking things.

Know one of my triggers? Golf clubs. I completely shut down, go into violent flashbacks, you name it when I hear a golf club impacting on a ball. It is my right to avoid golf clubs. It is my right to have them upset me and to not want to set foot on a golf course, ever. But it is not my right to go onto golf courses, steal everyone’s clubs, and scream at them that they’re heartless abuse fetishists who hate survivors like me. It’s not my right to assume that every single person who likes golf is doing it as a giant “fuck you” to survivors who might have issues with golf clubs. 

That’s what the first point of that post was about. It’s not about hating abuse survivors. It’s about telling survivors that you can’t bully and shame and threaten others and then hide behind “IT’S BECAUSE I’M AN ABUSE SURVIVOR” as a shield. I pulled that bullshit for years as an anti, and it ain’t kosher. 

Take your poor reasoning and white-knighting for abuse survivors and get off my blog. I don’t need your protection, and neither do other survivors.

Look, I still love Steven Universe. I do, I really do, and maybe its naivety but I really think that while it has dipped in quality, it’ll still be worth holding out to the end but like… I dunno I miss being fucking ECSTATIC for a new episode. I remember coming home from London late at night when the trailer for Stevenbomb 3 was released (the one where we met YD, I’m pretty sure that was 3, could be wrong) and using my shitty 3G to watch the trailer over and over again picking out every little detail. I remember spending hours just scrolling through the tag on this hellhole of a website reading theories and talking to people about what could POSSIBLY happen next.

Part of me thinks something went wrong. Like they were expecting to be able to get more seasons out, but now they’ve gotta stop at season 5 or something, and so they had to rush some things. But then the other part of me is saying ‘no the writing just got bad’.

Like, I audibly SHOUTED when I saw Ruby and Sapphire fuse into Garnet for the first time. I felt genuine strong emotions of all kinds watching Peridot grow and change and learn from her mistakes and prejudice towards The Crystal Gems. I always fucking cry watching On The Run, seeing Amethyst so upset like that.
But now what do we have for those 3? Garnet shoved to the back, every episode even slightly focussed on her will end up being about Ruby and Sapphire (who I LOVE and I LOVE seeing more episodes with them in, but that’s ALL Garnet is now), or every episode that SHOULD be about Garnet ends up being about Pearl. Not to mention Garnet being demonised as a violent brute by the fandom, which just makes me sick.
Peridot went from an intelligent, curious, snarky, sarcastic space goblin with a genuinely lovable personality to just… what the fuck happened??? some dumbass neon gremlin with a head the size of her season 1 ego who only shows up to crack a joke every now and then.
Amethyst… do the crew know she’s still here? Like I was SO looking forward to an arc revolving around her learning to love herself. I really really was, and then it just kinda abruptly ends and is referenced slightly in Tiger Pisspants later on to just be like “I dont hate myself now” like???? what???
And LAPIS too, she had so much potential, a character who came out the other side of an abusive relationship who’s learning to appreciate life again and coming to terms with the fact that she was hurt, but her hurt doesn’t define her? Nope, now she’s just a fucking ptsd joke who only has a consistent personality once a season.
Steven became a Mary Sue, as much as I hate to admit it, and fucking PEARL I used to fucking relate to Pearl more than I’d ever related to any character EVER, and now its just a countdown to the next “Pearl loved Rose so much u guys she’s hurting” episode. Like yeah okay, sorry for your loss bud but what about literally anyone else?

Jasper came back after an AMAZING fight, and a REALLY GOOD arc, but then that lasted like 3 episodes and she’s gone again, for fuck knows how long.
Bismuth is the biggest waste of potential I’ve ever seen in my goddamn life, she’s one of the most creative and well thought out characters I’ve ever seen and they ruined it by villainising her for being angry when her anger was 100% justified. The show has more sympathy for fucking Yellow Diamond than it did for Bismuth, and YD is a tyranical bigot. Not to mention Rose is just an asshole yet she does something that Bismuth so much as SAYS she’ll do and its like “misunderstood uwu”.
The fact that Andy even exists is just an insult, I still cannot fucking stand Lars and Sadie’s relationship being played off as a teen romance when Lars is just an abusive prick.

And I know what its like to stand there and be in denial about all of these things. When you love something so much, you dont want to admit its flaws, especially not the big ones. I’ve been there. When Bismuth aired, I adamantly refused to acknowledge it as the shitshow that it was. I denied Lapis turning into a joke, I denied Peridot’s character just disappearing. I denied it all. Because this show is, or was, something AMAZING, something really really special. And don’t get me wrong, I still love it to pieces but that spark is gone. I hate to admit it but it’s gone, and I think its healthier for me personally to just vent all these thoughts out rather than to bottle them up and try to look past it all. Something I need to work on personally is accepting change, especially when its not necessarily a good change, and I need to accept that my undying love for this show is gone.
I still think the show is good. Its not as good as it once was, but it’s good. It still does some great things, and we really need to acknowledge the great things it has done. But its gone downhill.

“My Camp Pining Hearts DVD?”
“Which season?”
- Barn Mates.
I knew that was foreshadowing, I fucking knew it.

Dear Mango Cheese Fandom, this is a Call Out.

Hi! So for the most part, when it comes to book series, I stay out of the fanbases/fandom. Whether I think it’s because there’s going to be a lot of discourse or I just can’t find being in the fandom all that appealing. But, for once I decided, “Hey, let’s give it a shot.” and I went into the Mango Cheese tag. (Specifically the Alex/Magnus tag.) (this is a long post but since you guys 

Can’t saw I was surprised.

This isn’t directly in a good or bad way but? Specifically just in a “yeah, I’ve been in fandoms like this before and I can’t say I’m surprised.” From what it seemed, the content creators seemed friendly, and there wasn’t any ship wars/discourse from what I could find. So far so good right? Then I found what I had been expecting.

Whitewashing and Transphobia.

(I’m doing a read more cause this shit got long.)

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I need to let you in on a little secret, guys: all that free art and fic and video and songs and gifs and all else? If you aren’t paying for it in money, you need to pay for it in support. 

Newsflash: you stop supporting artists? Artists stop producing. And if you keep up this whole ‘Make art even if you get no recognition!!! uwu!’ thing instead of ‘Support artists so they’re inspired to keep making art!!!’, we’re just gonna keep falling in this same hole of artists being completely ignored. STOP THINKING IT’S VIRTUOUS FOR US TO KEEP WORKING SO HARD WITH NO PAYBACK ON IT. 

You think fanfic, fanart, paintings, songs, gif sets, cosplay, etc is so wonderful? You think it looks cool or it makes you feel so many things and you want more of it? THEN SUPPORT THE CREATORS. It doesn’t have to be monetary! If people are sharing things on this website for free, the only fee is that if you enjoy it? YOU SHARE IT. You let us KNOW. Because if you don’t, we will STOP and we have every right to stop and then you’ll whine because suddenly the internet is infinitely more empty and uninteresting without creators cranking out their very hard work for nothing, not even your acknowledgment. And if you wanna whine about that or you think that ‘Keep making art even if you get no recognition’ is somehow more helpful than ‘SUPPORT ARTISTS SO THEY GET RECOGNITION AND KEEP MAKING ART’ (or is helpful at ALL, really? no one works for NOTHING at all, even if it’s FREE) then, seriously: stop. 

You’re being a shitty consumer. Especially in fandom, where the whole point is give and take: you like having novel-length fanfics that you can read on a whim without paying money? Guess what, buddy? You gotta pay us in comments or kudos or reblogs. Because if we’re churning out and you’re just picking it up to throw it off to the side after you enjoy it and got something out of it? That’s not FAIR and you’re being a jerk. You like fanart that makes your heart do funny things in your chest? Reblog it, WITH tags!!! We get CRUMBS of encouragement and people act like that’s so much.


And if you don’t, you have NO fucking business to be upset when those creators quit. By being passive to their hard work, you were being active in demolishing their confidence and inspiration. Period. 


@bellaarke okay

1. liar. i unblocked you after i replied so you could reply to me. (i had blocked you earlier when you made those anti cl gifsets and kept posting anti edits in the edit tags.)

2. i do not give a shit. you cant tag with pro tags because you think ~everyone need to see this~ like that’s not how it works and if you pull that shit you will get called out for it. you do not get to spread negativity in safe spaces for oppressed people. (these are gay and poc ships for fucks sake)

3. your entire gifset was a thinly veiled attempt to justify the abusive aspects of bellarke by likening it to ships that threatened each other because they had just met and had never hurt each other since. 

justify the behaviour?? you are so quick to demonize (mostly) clexa tbh and braven, but justify up and down every terrible thing bellamy and clarke have done to each other. minimizing the manipulation. like do you know how many times i’ve seen them romanticizing him handcuffing her or her pointing a gun at him romantic angst where they ~*~make up and flirt~*~. and it’s complete bullshit for you to try to make them all the same amount of bad- which you clearly did in the edit, your little tag rant made it clear- to heighten and exaggerate things from like clexa and braven and emori, for the sake of minimizing blarke.

clexa never went as far as SHOOTING AT THE OTHER OR CHAINING THEM. i made no mention here of bellamy threatening to cut off her hand/letting her fall, but while that had happened when they had first met, clarke manipulating him, telling him his death was worth it, lying to him about trying to kill octavia so he continued on his suicide mission, drugging him, shooting at him and chaining him happened long after they had been ~friends and soulmates for a while lmao

and on top of that, bellarke gets a pass for one of their many earlier problematic scenes since they literally just met, but when it comes to braven or memori, that’s not the case. them just meeting doesn’t justify their scenes?? strange

4. you posted negative content worded in the most disgusting manner in a tag for wlw, and have the gall to tell me ~its a public forum uwu~??? you know how lexa died, you guys fucking won and you still have to shit on queer girls and tag this kNOWING THEY’LL SEE IT, WHICH WAS YOUR INTENTION IN THE FIRST PLACE, and are now acting like some calm and rational discourser after upsetting qwoc with your homophobia and racism. which is textbook tone policing and condescension. damn right i called you racist and lesbophobic because newsflash you are. and everything you pulled is bitter and cruel. and subjecting oppressed people to negative content and thinking youre doing gods work fo ir is self righteous and makes you an asshole. and you can rot for that. and you are obtuse for repeatedly speaking over qwoc and calling them racist/homophobic for disliking racist/homophobic media to prop up your awful otp.

5. lol what the fuck

qwoc: this is racist and homophobic and cruel

you: You don’t know a damn thing about me as a person, not simply as a shipper, and cannot actually make any of those claims.


me: can you not ship racist/homophobic/sexist/abusive stuff? or at the very least not tag it with the edit tag which is basic decency?

you: How is it your business what anyone other than you ships? It isn’t you shipping it, so maybe mind your own fucking business. Because no matter how often or how loudly you scream about how problematic something is, it won’t actually stop the shippers from shipping it. And, yes, I get the irony of my statement, although I will defend myself by saying that I’ve never once told anyone that they can’t/shouldn’t ship something.

6. I said that you calling me lesbophobic for making a post about the things I didn’t like about the CL relationship (without actually knowing a damn thing about me as a person, and therefore really can’t make those kinds of accusations) would be the same thing as calling someone racist or biphobic for making a post about the things they don’t like about the BC relationship (without actually knowing a damn thing about them as a person, and therefore being unable to make those kinds of accusations)

sweetie bellarke is racist and homophobic. and upsets many poc and wlw. spin it literally however you want, this line of reasoning is obtuse as fuck. hating something for being racist/homohpibc… does not make people affected by that racist/homophobic…

7.  I was simply pointing out that you are throwing around the word ‘lesbophobic’ without any more proof then that I don’t like everything about the CL relationship.

you openly admitted to doing this because you were upset a bi woc was calling out racism. im not even going to bother explaining because you’re a troll who purposely keeps pulling this shit and then pretends not to understand to upset woc and wlw and then plays the ~calm and rational debater~. its an extremely common tactic and youre disgusting. here’s what i said last time

also i dont see you make the multiple gifsets of how Abusive these other ships are. nope, just the wlw ship between the lesbian and bi girl, right?

youre bitter and cruel and have this unbelievable need to justify your racism, homophobia and putting negative content in tags of GAY AND POC SHIPS (again, fuck off. you dont get to do this shit to oppressed people because of your sense of righteousness that stems from your need to present your racism and homophobia as something other than what it is) has crossed the line. not to mention ~ship what you want no matter how problematic uwu~ is the weakest, most disturbing excuse ever which has led to people shipping the most fucked up and bigoted shit. like gay men with straight girls, women with men who tried to murder them or have sex with them without their consent, woc with nazis, predatory pedophiles with underage girls, women with men who pursued and assaulted them for years knowing they were genuinely uninterested, abuse victims with their abusers, rape victims with their rapists, poc with white supremacists and so on. given that you ship some of these, i cant help but notice you once again trying to justify it. your interpretation of lexa as abusive and evil is absolutely rooted in your lesbophobia

8. Also, it’s kind of funny that you attacked me for pretending CL is the only ship with problematic parts and the rest are fluffy sitcom ships, but once I openly acknowledged the other ships problematic parts, you attacked me for ‘putting CL on the same level’. Like?

you must really hate context. that was my old post criticising your multiple anti clexa gifsets tagged with #lexaedit and whatnot. you did not “only acknowledge other ships problematic parts”, you tried to minimise how abusive bellarke is by stripping all context, picking up only 2 scenes out of the dozen problematic ones, and comparing it to braven and memori who have had 1 problematic scene when they didnt even KNOW EACH OTHER. nice try lol

9. ALSO hilarious tags.

#don’t feed the trolls - because upset poc and wlw are trolls now, not the person posting anti gifsets in pro tags 

#im out - because not only did you “”“feed the trolls”“ by like instigating this whole mess by making the gifset, tagging the ships, and replying to a ”“"troll”“”, youre fucking #i’m out just to like explain why you are taking the high road (despite creating the gifset and replying) meanwhile the truth is that your weak ass can’t stand an actual confrontation without victimizing yourself.

Shit I see in the morning....

I hate discourse, I hate it so much but see this is something I can’t ignore.

If you want to write about something questionable by all means go ahead, I am a firm believer of creative freedom, just like freedom of speech but you know what? There is a line, there is way to handle these things. You write with a shred of goddamn respect for yourself and for people who LIVE your glorified plot device. The fact that me, a writer, has to sit here and see someone in the same EARTH as me fetishize something illegal is baffling. The fact comments are “if you don’t like it don’t read it” “get off the internet if you’re so sensitive” “its illegal but I can’t help finding this interesting”.

Honey, psych 101 if you start enjoying vicariously living through an abuser’s POV guess what? You’re showing the first steps to psychopathy and I have a list of fellow professionals who will gladly give you a diagnosis. There is a difference between writing “A child called It” (a story about surviving child abuse which goes into detail about said abuse and progresses in the survival and success of a child living through it) and writing a piece of shit that leads to (may I add mediocre AF) smut.

By all means, hide under the broken backlaws of a website, hide in the deep little nooks where a bunch of equally confused and what I have to assume twisted minds go. This is BEYOND a fandom, this is BEYOND a ship or ship hate. This is the fact that in the society that you’ve created you are settling to turn pain, hate, abuse, death into vehicles for sex and excitement. That someone can water down something that actually destroy lives into nothing more than a passing blip, a ‘kink’ for their OTP “uwu”.

As someone who’s read some of the darkest shit in case studies, who’s had to do interviews with people that have gone through some tough shit. I am the FIRST to say that yes, there should be more light on things people are ‘scared of’. Lets talk about mental illness, lets talk about pain, lets talk about the fucked up things that media turns their head away because its ‘too much’ for their Saturday morning broadcast. But LET’S NOT turn it into some freakshow for someone to read and get off on then defend because its thrown back in the face that it’s WRONG.

This isn’t people being sensitive, its people seeing something wrong and realizing that’s wrong and its promoting the wrong message. So by all means, you think I’m sensitive; I fucking implore you to defend the topic. Come. At. ME. Not as anon, come at me with your bold ass face and tell me exactly why and how is this ok to you to make suffering ‘interesting’ really. Because I’m interested to know if you need a MRI and see if your fucking amygdala is working properly.

Beans is out. Beans is not talking about this shit, Beans is sorry if this is unsettling, I will tag this as vent and discourse. Beans WILL Not talk about this again. But sure as fuck I am going to continue to work against this without making anymore public vents because honestly, why do we have to say it anymore?

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the weird bluepulse discourse is honestly the first discourse I've ever seen in the YJ fandom and it confuses the hell out of me tbh... like why does it exist

I honestly don’t know. This isn’t the first time the ~uwu bluepulse is Bad sweaty ;) uwu~ argument has cropped up, and it almost always boils down to people assuming that fans of the ship automatically want the characters engaging in full-on porn when Bart is 13 (which EW, gross, no).

I do have to admit though, this is the first time when this crud has come up and someone tried to claim that aging characters up contributed to p/e/d/o/p/h/i/l/i/a because it made it ‘more acceptable’.

Depending on how persistent the antis get, they might get as nasty as the antis in the La’gaan and Lagoon Boy tags get sometimes, but there’s an easy solution to that if you don’t want to see a single thing from them: block them.

I generally try to keep that sort of discourse off my dash, but that was too ridiculous to not address.

All right, but like, can we just talk about:

  • Hotch and Reid being insecure about their work personas and always double-checking with everyone to make sure they’re not showing some form of favoritism
  • Hotch and Reid offering to room separately to make things less awkward for everyone
  • and then when they do end up rooming together, they literally only end up cuddling because they’re too sleepy to do much else, and really, they just want the comfort of holding and being held tbh
  • Hotch getting irritated with Reid for taking off his Kevlar vest again and the two spending the entire jet ride home on opposite ends of the plane as the team tries not to grin while making bets on how long the lovers’ tiff will last
  • Reid getting angry with Hotch for chasing down an unsub without backup
  • and when Hotch ends up with a few cuts and bruises and a busted lip, Reid fusses over him and takes care of him but is “still really mad, and stop laughing damn it, I’m serious–no you can’t have a kiss, you jerk”
  • Hotch falling asleep in his seat on the jet, and Reid curling up next to him, and when Reid falls asleep, too, one of the team members grabs a blanket and covers them with it
  • Reid hating pictures and being very camera-shy, and Hotch asking the team to take pictures without Reid noticing
  • and Reid knows it’s happening but pretends to be affronted when Hotch shows him a new batch of pictures for their photo albums
  • Reid’s hand unerringly finding Hotch’s when something on a case frightens or bothers him, and Hotch lacing their fingers together without question
  • Hotch getting really emotional (usually angry) and Reid gently touching his wrist or squeezing his forearm to calm him down
  • Hotch and Reid getting defensive of each other when an LEO says or does something rude to the other
  • and the team getting really defensive of them both when an LEO makes an off-handed comment that makes Hotch and Reid tense

I just really wanna talk about it.  uwu

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tumblr user selpeda made me ship kaguri and shibayama and now im just in hell uwu can i get sum hcs?

dude same though?? ( @selpeda‘s KuguShiba tag is HERE EVERYONE GO LOOK IT’S SO CUTE)

  • Shibayama makes Kuguri smile, like all the time. Shibayama doesn’t even have to try, he just walks up to Kuguri and his face will automatically soften. When Shibayama isn’t looking, Kuguri’s lips curl up a little without him knowing
    • (his senpais almost cried when they saw this for the first time. Numai snapped a picture with a single tear rolling down his face)
  • Sometimes Shibayama falls asleep on Kuguri’s chest, and the latter just spends some time looking over Shibayama’s face, tracing his eyelashes down to his cheekbones and to his lips
  • when the rest of Nohebi finds out Kuguri has a crush on Shibayama they’re sort of reluctant to help at first, cause, y’know, Nekoma’s their long time enemy and such
  • But Numai realizes Kuguri’s serious, that he’s feeling something more and holy crap Kuguri’s cheeks are actually red wtf
  • Cue Nohebi trying to come up with a full on strategy to help Kuguri charm and ask Shibayama out
  • Kuguri kinda just goes like….I can just go talk to him….
  • The others just hiss and says NO they NEED a plan of action
  • The next time they see each other, Kuguri walks up to Shibayama with his usual apathetic look. Yaku hisses and Kuroo has to pull him back because pure, pure Shibayama just inclines his head and tries to out stare Kuguri like Yaku would
  • Shibayama haven’t quite mastered that art yet, so he just ends up looking ridiculously cute
  • Kuguri considers reciting the awful pick up line Daishou wrote for him, then just decides to ask Shibayama outright
  • They do this thing where Shibayama sits on Kuguri’s lap, and they stare st each other for a bit, trying to read the other. Kurugri would suddenly try to kiss Shibayama, who would try to either dodge or retaliate
    • Kuguri always ends up with a smile on his face afterwards

Why do people think john was immature for when john got mad at davesprite in act 6 intermission 2(I think?)….like…john loved his dad and davesprite wrote a note with the words “disappointment to the Egbert family” on it….AND HE SHOULDN’T FUCKING BE MAD??????? LIKE??? HE WATCHED HIS PREVIOUS BEST FRIEND BECOME MORE AND MORE DISTANT AND DEPRESSED AND TAKE A LIKING TO HIS SISTER WHO HE THOUGHT WAS MORE COOL AND IMPORTANT???AND WATCHES THAT FRIEND CALL HIM A DISAPPOINTMENT TO HIS FAMILY IN THE FORM OF A CRUDE IMITATION OF HIS DEAD DAD?????? AND NOT BE FUCKING MAD????? Y'know, all the striders are given a pass on everything that they do cause “"uwu they’re our sad gay yuoi boys!!!1!uwu”

Like fuck no, dirk did some messed up shit dating Jake and is never held reprimandable because he “didn’t mean to!”
And davesprite can say the shit he said because “he was very sad!1!!”????


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define what you mean by racism? Cause' Finn is quite poplar in the Reylo section.

I was talking about the fandom in general but since you brought re/ylos in particular into this…

  • Shipping Rey with Kylo claiming it’s “for the angst” but then making it fluffy when there’s already a ship with Rey that’s fluffy and consensual and healthy. But the pre-existing fluffy ship is with Finn, a black man, instead of Kylie Renner, a white man. Obviously unshippable /s
    • Calling Finnrey vanilla because Finn respects Rey and would never hurt her then making mountains of AU to cover up Kylo’s abuse towards Rey and making Kylo pretty much what Finn already is: a sweet, kind person who loves and respects Rey.
    • The anti-Finn post made by a re/ylo that got “called out” by other re/ylos for being racist but then ended with basically ‘this was racist but Kylo still feels like a ~better choice for Rey.’
    • Saying Finn and Rey “don’t look good together” and Rey and Kylo should be together because they ~look good together uwu
    • Abuse-erasing AUs where Kyle is nice are basically about a different character. What’s stopping these people from writing about characters who are already nice and actually care about Rey? Racism.
    • Literally the only reason to write ~Ben Solo is because you want a white dude to ship with Rey.
    • Boils down to ‘looks good together because they are both white’ aka racism.
  • Calling Finn names like “coal boy” and “monkey,” to name some of the less offensive words used by Re/ylo shippers.
  • Sidelining Finn by calling TFA “Rey and Kylo’s story” even though Finn, Rey, and Poe are the main trio of the new trilogy.
  • Re/ylos angrily commenting on a Finnrey post Daisy Ridley made for John Boyega’s birthday, saying stuff about “Finn and Rey have no chemistry!!” and ‘Re/ylo is canon! Finn and Rey will never be together!’
    • Did I mention this was on a post made by Daisy for John Boyega’s birthday.
    • A birthday post for John Boyega. Received a lot of anger and backlash. Because re/ylos didn’t like it. If you don’t think this wasn’t fueled by racism then my guy I don’t know how to help you.
  • Cropping John Boyega out of pictures with Daisy and replacing him with Adam Driver.
  • After receiving criticism over re/ylos constantly using Kyle’s ~microexpressions to support their ship, there was this mess of a response: “FYI microexpressions are real and a skilled actor like Adam Driver can very much control them. You sound very ignorant when you make fun of them, so I suggest you educate yourself. It’s not racist to take those kinds of subtleties into account when analyzing TFA and to see that Kylo is a much richer character than Finn. John did a fine job but there were not any such layers to peel back in his performance. (cont) Only someone with a skilled eye can fully appreciate what Driver is doing with his face, voice, and body language. We see the deep conflict in Ben, the pull he feels to the light and to Rey, and realize that he’s actually beginning his own hero’s journey. You can look for that kind of hidden depth in Finn, but it simply isn’t there, nor it is needed for his role in the story. Dislike it if you must, but you’ll need to come to terms with it.” (x)
    • Calls Finn less complex than Kyle.
    • Makes the story about Kylo instead of one of the actual heroes.
    • Says that Kylie is starting a ~hero’s journey like it’s canon and makes him more important/nuanced/whateverthefuck than Finn when Finn is literally the one defecting from the First Order and starting his hero’s journey.
    • Racism in the ~microexpression bullshit.
    • Go read the post, the response to that trainwreck of an ask is absolutely perfect.
  • Saying Finn and Rey have no chemistry while somehow Kylo kidnapping, torturing and, terrorizing Rey somehow is ~great chemistry how can people not see it uwu
    • Kyle hunting and hurting Rey but them ending up together is somehow more feminist than Rey ending up with Finn. Apparently grabbing someone’s hand to pull them away from danger is more harmful than literally torturing someone.
    • Boils down to re/ylos preferring to ship Rey with her abuser than with a black man.
  • Demonizing Finn while defending Kyle Ron.
    • Saying that Kyle did “nothing wrong” and that he was just “manipulated by Snoke” so what he did is excusable and even though he killed people it is alright because he is conflicted.
    • Turning around and saying ‘yeah well if antis think Kylo is abusive why do they ship Finnrey when Finn is literally a stormtrooper who probably killed lots of people and then betrayed his side and killed stormtroopers?
    • Which is like ???? Not only did Finn not kill anybody (he literally saying the movie that the village on Jakku was the very first time he ever went into a real life situation where he had to kill people. And he couldn’t do it. And in the junior novelization, he even asks Phasma how to avoid collateral damage right before going on the mission. How hard is it to understand that Finn isn’t a murderer or an abusive person)
    • Getting on Finn’s case for “betraying his side” when literally Kyle Ron already did that when he killed padawans aka actual children and his own father. Yet they want him to betray his side again to go back to the Light. What the everloving fuck.
    • Pardoning a white man for killing his own father, ordering the destruction of an entire village, and being complicit in the destruction of an entire star system while demonizing a black man who literally did nothing as bad as that and also realized that killing is wrong and leaving is pretty racist. Scratch that, it’s extremely racist.
    • Pages of meta exploring possible character arcs for Kylie so that he can get with Rey even though Finn has already gone through large portions of those same arcs and is more likely to end up with Rey.
    • Woobifying Kylie Renner, writing 10k words of meta on how he’s ~misunderstood and ~just needs to be redeemed but constantly questioning Finn’s goodness is pretty transparently racist honestly I don’t see how this crap isn’t fueled by racism.
  • The entire re/ylo discourse of “ship and let ship,” a term used p much exclusively to defend white priority ships.
    • The most popular ship that includes the new trilogy’s protagonists includes two white people. The main trio includes two POC. So the only white person is shipped out of the main trio so there can be a white ship.
  • The “but I ship stormpilot uwu” gotcha! argument. More often than not, though, stormpilot is just being used as a prop for re/ylo. It conveniently removes the possibility of Finn and Rey being together so Rey can be shipped with white garbage.
  • Even if there are re/ylos claiming to like Finn, more often than not what you’ll find is that he is a sweet angel = not shippable = can’t be shipped with Rey = nice!!!1!!one!! time to ship re/ylo!!!11!!!1!1!

How hard is it to see how racist re/ylos have consistently been?

That’s just from the re/ylo side. This list doesn’t even include things like people immediately dragging John when people first found out that a main character in the new trilogy would be a black man, or things like how Finn’s general popularity in the TFA fandom pales in comparison to the people flocking around Ken. Despite Finn being in the new main trio. Fandom, it seems, has a thing for white dicks. And I mean both uses of the word.

And I wasn’t just referring to Finn here, either. I was also referring to Poe.

  • People saying Poe’s race is ~up for interpretation.
    • ~headcanoning Poe as white uwu let people headcanon whatever they want
    • Completely whitewashing Poe.
  • People falling into the trap of hispanic stereotypes.
  • Hypersexualization of Poe
  • Not as much overt racism as against Finn, but my guy it’s def still there.

I am so tired of this bullshit. I could go on for days about this because buddy, this is just the tip of the yikesberg.

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any tips on maintaining a bullet journal ? thinking of starting one in 2017 :)) thank you !

hello my bud alllll my links about bullet journals ever on my blog are listed here (my own posts and also my tag for other people’s bullet journals) in case u wanna ~browse~ through that on your own

otHERwise here are some specific tips that i came up with rn just for u!! :,)

also keep in mind the things i list as a pro or as a con could be the opposite for you — it just depends on what you prefer + prioritize! ^^

maintaining a bullet journal

highlighted my main tips for u in bullet (haha) point format below so you can get an overview of what i wanna say!! basically i would say think about what kind of person you are & how to make the bullet journal more suitable to your lifestyle + habits~!

  • daily vs. weekly spreads (i.e. when you want to plan stuff out)
  • level of ~artistry~ you’ll have / want 
  • purpose of your bullet journal
  • taking advantage of the flexibility of the bullet journal!

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when GOM + hanamiya's s/o breaks up w/them cause they feel insecure about their relationship (not enough attention, don't spend time, they seem bored all the time, etc) | angst-ish ??? uwu i love your writing style so much !!!

thank youu <3 and ughhh I love angst. more characters under the jump!

AKASHI: “I don’t know if we’re… compatible enough.” You sighed and he instantly frowned from his spot on the desk. He got up and approached you, taking you into his arms, asking you what the hell you were talking about. “I just… I mean, we’re too different, Akashi. You come from this very wealthy family and you’re successful and handsome and intelligent and just… perfect. I don’t want to sound like I’m self-pitying but I just think you deserve someone much better than that.”

He growled, “Don’t ever speak about yourself that way. We’re both equals here. I am completely at your mercy and you’re the only one who can break me and piece me back together.” He hugged you tightly, kissing the top of your head. “I love you and I belong completely to you. It’s entirely up to you what you want to do but I don’t want you to ever feel that way because you are mine and I am yours.”

AOMINE HUBZ: You winced when you saw his eyes narrow. He demanded to know why you were doing this. “I… I mean, you’re not interested in me anyway, Daiki. I see the way you look at other girls and, God, you love basketball more than anything. I just don’t think I’ll be enough to satisfy you. And you would be better off—“ He growled, crushing his lips down on yours before tossing you onto the bed.

“Don’t,” he snarled. “Don’t say that you’re not enough because you are. I look at other girls and think how goddamn lucky I am to have you in my house, in my bed every single night.” You could feel his hands shake as his nails dig into your skin. “Sometimes I feel so guilty because I have you and you could be out there with someone smarter, better. But you told me that you loved me and I believe you, and I fucking love you, babe. So, please, don’t end this – us.”

HANAMIYA: You glared at him, crossing your arms over your chest. You needed to act strong and hold back your tears. You really needed to end this. “Look, you’re only with me to tease me anyway. All you do is make fun of me and I’m tired. This isn’t healthy for me.” Sighing, you slumped down on the chair, looking down.

“What the fuck?” Hanamiya snapped. “What the hell are you going on about? I tease you a lot because it’s fun and I love watching you react. But I sure as hell isn’t in this relationship only to tease you. I like you and that’s why I’m here. Do you really think I would go out with you if I didn’t even like you? I don’t mean to insult you, baka, when I’m teasing you and I’m not going to apologize if you think that I do. You should just know that I like you a lot and – ah, whatever – it’s up to you whether to end this or not. I’m just telling you that I really like you.”

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Pearlmethyst for the ship meme uwu

  • who walks out of the movie theatre after a movie and suggest they watch another movie straight after?

amethyst >:3c pearl usually falls asleep on her during the second movie tho. movies make her tired 

  • who swears like a sailor when driving?

pearl does most of the driving, except she doesn’t swear and she says stuff like “fiddlesticks!!!” “oh cheese and rice!!!!” “who the frick gave you your license??” she started doing it whenever steven was around but it became a habit and amethyst thinks it’s hilarious (pearl pretends it’s not but she knows it is lmao) 

  • who is always ten minutes early to appointments?

pearl . do i even have to say it . she’d probably show up a half hour early 

  • who swears they can set up the new home entertainment system without any help?

amethyst >:v she doesn’t want to admit that pearl is better with that kinda stuff lmao 

  • who can spend five hours straight in ikea?

they both would tbh. pearl would probably want to buy everything and amethyst would have fun with the strange swedish names and end up falling asleep on a couch at some point 

  • who buys things online & returns them a few days later?

pearl probably 

  • who plays the music so loud that it basically ruins everyone’s hearing?


  • who is more likely to spend money on unnecessary things?

AMETHYST !!! but also pearl actually? but in different ways. like amethyst is the kinda person who’d go to the dollar tree to get a snack and end up with 3 bags filled with useless junk, and pearl’s the type who’s like “AMETHYST LET’S GET ANOTHER WASHING MACHINE THIS ONE HAS A SCRATCH IN IT” 

  • who stays up until 5am reading?

amethyst !!! pearl goes to bed at 9 pm and wakes up at 6 am, it’s always been that way and will Never Change. amethyst has sleeping problems tho and she doesn’t want to wake up pearl so she reads all night to keep herself occupied :3 

  • who has a strict “no shoes” rule in the house?

PEARL !!!! nobody follows it tho 

  • who complains about not having a bathtub because they can’t buy bath bombs?

amethyst !!!! whenever she complains about it pearl’s just like “just rub the bath bomb all over ur body in the shower ull get a similar effect” “eat my entire ass pearl” 

  • who’s the more competitive one?

i cant see either of them being too competitive tbh :o