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Peter Capaldi emailed. He was mostly happy (that’s Glasgow for ecstatic) but had a couple of thoughts. I read the email on my phone, held discreetly under a restaurant table as I was out for dinner with friends - they’d never have suspected a thing if I hadn’t shouted, ‘I’ve got an email from Doctor Who!!’

I agreed with the first of his points immediately, but wasn’t sure about the second. Peter is always clever, though, so I promised to give it a go. 

The next day I say down to my third draft. And I mean third draft. Because you can’t just fiddle about with a couple of scenes, you have to start from the beginning again. You need to know the new stuff fits. So you start at the foot and of the mountain and climb it all over again, making sure that all the hand-holds still work. Everything must still link together, the new stuff must look like it was always there - like it’s necessary. And you know what? Peter’s first point worked perfectly well, but his second- a subtle realignment of the Doctor’s attitude in the final scenes - was bang on the money. The ending was suddenly so much better. Doctor Who is always right.

—  Steven Moffat on Peter’s input to the Christmas special script (DWM)
Torn Up (Part 2)

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All righty, y’all, as promised, here’s part 2! Again, a couple of disclaimers:  

Since I only have up to about part 11 finished and edited, I’ll be updating twice a week, probably on Wednesdays and Saturdays with a few changes depending on the week, so that I can get ahead

I can’t believe the feedback I’ve been getting?? You guys are fantastic, and I love each and every one of you. Feel free to weigh in with your opinions about how the story is going; I do take constructive criticism (Just please be nice, I’m sensitive)

I also have a question:  does anyone get the joke in my url? Inquiring minds want to know

Warnings: Foul language, rude jokes, and Mitchell Marner as (terribly executed) comic relief. Yikes.

Part One

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word count: 1,831 words
story peek: “i’ll see you around, parker.” sequel to oops. (requested)
tags: @thatisstilltheterm @devilsdaughter1225

(Name)’s mouth was still tingling when she walked into the cafeteria and took a seat across from Makenzie at their signature lunch table.

“What the hell have you been doing?” Kenzie asked, her eyebrows furrowed together as she took in her friend’s slightly swollen lips and somewhat messy hair.

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A dream is a wish your heart makes - Bucky x Reader - ONESHOT (Alternative version)

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Actually when writing this some days ago, I had mutiple ideas to this request and I couldn’t resist to write this alternative version. I hope you enjoy! ♥

Request - “Can you please write something where the reader didn’t sleep very well and she tells the avengers about a legend where if you can’t sleep that means someone is dreaming about you, and Bucky stops doing whatever he’s doing and realizes he was dreaming about the reader?“

Words - 1,314

Warnings - Fluff

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After a nice shower, relaxing your lightly sore muscles from the early training and making you feel fresh and new, ready to start a new day, you decide that it’s finally time for some tasty breakfast.

By the time you were showering a good number of people have gathered around the dinning table, eating various dishes, but mainly Wanda’s breakfast muffins with some scrambled eggs. Steve meanwhile reading the newspaper, Tony checking the protocol of yesterday’s test run of a new programm he has added, the others sometimes whisper some things, not wanting to disturb the comfortable silence.

Though it always got interrupted shortly, whenever a person entered the room, getting their own breakfast by a sweet but also tired „Good morning“. Afterwards everything went back to what they were doing before.

Returning the „Good morning“, yet a little more enthusiatic than everyone else, you made your way to the open kitchen, getting Wanda’s delicious dish as well and an orange juice instead of a coffee.

Joining the others on the table, placing down your phone, your plate and your juice, you sit down next to the silent Steve, who’s completely sunken into the black ink-printed words.

„You look good“, Sam suddenly points out, leaning forward to look around Steve, over to you.

„Yeah, thought the same“, Scott chips in, nodding his head furiously with wide open eyes, like it’s a miracle for you not looking like the grumpy cat in the morning.

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hey friends!!! kathy @anaeolist and i are tabling at oz comic con melbourne this weekend the 1st & 2nd of july! we’ll be selling fun stuff and if you’re around you should come say hi bc neither of us have done this before and we’ll be nervous babies 


Notes- You’re trying to do some work in between your classes when a group of frat boys start making fun of your Irish accent. Kyle puts them in their place and apologizes to you for their actions.

Words- 445

You sat at the table with a steaming, Styrofoam cup of tea trying to get some of your work done before your next class. A few of your friends stopped by to talk to you and you noticed a group of guys seemed to be watching you. As you spoke they would laugh and you could hear one of them loudly and very badly impersonating you Irish accent. Your friends began to notice what they were doing too. They just said to ignore them and continued on with the conversation you were having. An uncomfortable feeling washed over you as your friends left your table. You tried to go back to working, but you could hear the frat boys laughter more clearly now. They were still be snarky and rambling off comments about you going back to where you’re from or dumb jokes about farming.

You could feel your hands tremble with both anger and fear. Your mouth stayed shut because you didn’t dare to say another word. “What are you idiots doing,” you heard someone loudly speak. You saw another guy with blond, wavy hair that was clearly a member of them same frat as the guys who had been making fun of you. They all went quiet and tried to advert their eyes from your direction. “Why do you guys have to be such assholes? You know, this is why none of you have any friends other than people in the frat,” the blond boy scolded the group. “Who were you making fun of because I need to apologize to them since none of you will,” he looked in your direction and noticed how uncomfortable you seemed.  

He began to walk over to you and looked back at his frat brothers. A few of them gave him a small nod to say that you had been the one receiving the torment. “Hey,” he said once he reached you.

“Hi,” you answered back.

“I’m sorry that they’ve been making fun of you. They’re just assholes.”

“Yeah, I got that.”

“I’m Kyle, by the way. Kyle Spencer.”

“Y/N  Y/L/N,” you answered. You could see a smile and dimples beginning to form on Kyle’s face.

“I don’t know why they were making fun of your accent, it’s actually pretty cute.”

“Thanks,” you could feel the heat rising to your cheeks.

“Do you want to go get something to eat with me,” Kyle asked you.

“Sure, we can’t take too long though. I have a class in forty-five minutes.”

“That’s fine with me.” You gathered your things and shoved them all into your bag before getting up and walking out the doors with Kyle.

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hello hi are we still allowed to send bards in??? i'm about to start playing a campaign with altoid skyrock, my little halfling druid/bard who likes to sing to her three pet rocks and dislikes mint and cinnamon. she's also probably a baby lesbian but for now all she wants to do is whistle at the birds and still somehow get surprised when they whistle back. also i have convinced my dm to give her a flying snake friend :D