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Situation: person A has a really bad wound of some kind that has debris stuck in it. Person B (who is close to A) and person C find them and realize they have to get them patched up immediately but they can’t leave the debris in the wound. B tries to pull the debris out while C holds A down, A screaming through cloth as things are pulled from their flesh. B and A make eye contact at one point and B, who was already having trouble just listening to A’s pained gasps, has to stop the (rushed) procedure bc it’s all just Too Much. A is groaning on the ground, sweating and breathing heavy, wincing at every breath as it shifts the wound. B takes deep breaths too, C attempting to comfort them and saying that they’ll take over the first aid. C finishes taking the debris out of the sound, B holding A’s hand tight and A gripping back tighter through the pain. Eventually it’s over and it’s all A can do to stay awake. They whisper a weak “I’m sorry” to B and pass out. B and C solemnly take A to get better care, B’s hand never leaving A’s

So we told therapist that we’re multiple, and got (another) reaction of “yep sounds like you’re multiple but without DID or trauma”

but i’m extra excited about this one because she actually advertises one of her specialties as complex trauma? and, as i discovered, has had clients with DID? (no offense past therapists, i just feel like this one is more Meaningful :V)

i’m just. gonna try to remember some of these exchanges as best i can (to the extent that anyone can remember dialogue verbatim lmao):

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  • friend: we watched the next episode of ‘series of unfortunate events’ man it was great! And when they said ‘the world is quiet here’ I was like ‘i recognize that phrase!’
  • Me: Yeah there’s so many VFD codes in--
  • Friend: Wait what’s that what’s VFD
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: don’t....don’t worry about it. forget I said anything.

Honestly if you don’t support all ace/aro-spec people then you support none of us.


in which gabe is a Good Dad ™ and backgrounds are not real

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