a synesthetic world

We at A Synesthetic World are planning a Synesthesia Awareness Week!

We’re going to have it on August 20-26, basing it on Tori Amos’s birthday, since she was one of the first famous synesthetes to refer to it by name!!

Synesthesia Gene

I have some facts about the hereditary synesthesia debate that I’d like to add.

  • In 2006 scientists found that there was about an even number of male synesthetes versus female synesthetes, so researchers no longer believe that synesthesia is present on the x chromosome.  
  • Researchers also believe that there may be multiple genes for synesthesia, each with varying degrees of expression, so just using “one of my parents has synesthesia” or ‘none of my parents have synesthesia" isn’t a reliable way to follow the presence of synesthesia through generation

Just some stuff I wanted to bring to light.

ASW response

My favorite number is “11”. Normally, “1” doesn’t have much of a color, unless it’s with another number, and then it’s definitely white. “11” is really interesting because, despite it being mostly white, it’s also a light, metallic-textured silver with a very pearl kind of sheen and opalescent peach undertone. It’s a very mellow number- I’d like to say “she”, but “11” ’s more androgynous really. 

I’d once seen a pair of eyeglasses at the local Empire Vision that was the EXACT colors of 11, but the frames couldn’t be made in my size. ;v; If I can find a picture I’ll edit it in.