a sweet devil and a cold angel

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will you do a Logan blurb based off of "I won't say I'm in love" Where Logan has actual feelings for the reader but doesn't want to admit it? If that works for your guidelines.. if not, I'm sorry and you totally don't have to do it if you don't want to!

Not gonna lie, this kind of hurts….


No. Nope. Absolutely not. 

Logan was not falling in love with you. Logan didn’t do love. He did flings. One night stands. A month and then zero contact ever again. 

But certainly not love. 

Yet, as he lay beside you watching you sleep, after what was nearly your third month together, he couldn’t help but feel like maybe something was different this time. 

Maybe Logan, king of not having feelings, was feeling something. Something more than lust. Something more than desire. Something warm and cozy. Something safe. Something he apparently craved more than anything. 

But certainly not love. 

Logan was not in love with you. If he told himself enough times perhaps it would make it so. His emotions would disappear forever, taking you with them. He could go back to being the cold-hearted beast, the part he was so good at playing. Because when you were around, the beast with a heart of ice melted. He became soft, kind, almost pure. 

He was uncomfortable with how different you made him. He was so used to being the devil, that transforming into an angel made him feel vulnerable. His guard fell down when you were around. He laughed more than he’d ever laughed. He told you secrets that he swore would never see the light of day. He whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you dozed in his arms night after night. 

Something so sweet, so innocent could never be his. Not for long anyway.

Because he was certainly not in love with you. 

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🎃🎃Here is a Fic Rec Masterpost to satisfy your Halloween cravings this spooky season!🎃🎃

Mermaid AU

Merman Harry

  1.  To Embroider Your Waist With Corals (100k) by @smittenwithlouis
  2.  Coax the Cold (86k) by @mediawhorefics
  3.  The Importance of Body Language (11k) by @zimriya 

Merman Louis

  1. Purer Than The Water (Like We Were) (33k) by @infinitylourry

Alien AU

Alien Harry

  1. Glow (41k) by @haydolce
  2. Cosmic Love (27k) by @smittenwithlouis

Angel/Demon AU

Angel Louis/Demon Harry

  1.  My Sweet, Sweet Love. (1k) by @louisfeels 
  2.  Two Different Versions of the Universe (11k) by @hazzalovescarrots​

Angel Harry/Demon Louis

  1.  A Bit Of Happiness (11k) by @hilarry13

Demon Harry

  1. Run Like the Devil (137k) by @benzos 

Vampire AU

Vampire Harry

  1.  Finding You Was So Hard (But Loving You Is Easy) (66k) by @lourrynavy
  2.  Among the Humans (Updating) by @thecheshirepussycat
  3.  Love Affair With a Vampire (6k) by @jacinth 

Vampire Louis

  1.  Let Me Outshine the Moon (9k) by @sarcasticfluentry
  2.  All You Can Eat (17k) by @harrysprostate
  3. The Devil You Know (35k) by Awriterwrites

Werewolf AU

Wolf Louis

  1.  The Wolf In The Woods (Series) by @mysticbelievexx

Wolf Harry

  1.  Just Like The Wolf Before He Bites (11k) by @whoknows

Both Wolf

  1. Break Open The Sky (20k) by @karamelised 
  2.  Only You Can Be My Alpha (153k) by @wubwubnparmaham

Magic AU

  1. A Long Way Down(To The Bottom Of The River)(24k) by @mediawhorefics
  2.  You Take Me Over, You’re the Magic in My Veins (36k) by @supernope 
  3. Feel the Chemicals Burn in My Bloodstream (123k) by @lourrynavy 
  4.  Nocturne in Silver and Blue (97k) by @tinyweirdloves

Pirate AU

Pirate Harry

  1. Swim In The Smoke (101k) by @whoknows 

Pirate Louis

  1. Sail Across Me (21k) by @iwillpaintasongforlou

Both Pirates

  1. Set Sail With No Compass (4k) by @zarah5 

I tried not to put too much on this list, but if you’re looking for more, just send me an ask! I’d be happy to suggest more fics!

I wanted to make an animation where Arthur shyly lets Al touches his wings, but it ended up looking more like Al comforting a crying Arthur huh?

This is in the same AU as this picture I made… Al’s asking if it’s ok for him to touch Arthur’s wings because it looks so soft and warm. Arthur, on the other hand, was very hesitant because wings are not something you’d usually let other people touch, it’s sensitive as hell. It tickles and he just can’t keep still when Alfred’s touching him xD

Sorry this is really rough, I’m doped up on cold medicine and due to passed out any minute now =O=)~~~

And btw, please don’t remove my caption when reblogging my art/animation. It’s not that big of a deal, but it breaks my heart a little :(

Lucifer x Reader x Dean Part 2

Character: Lucifer, Dean

Word Count: 2,875

Imagine: You should totally do sequel-like chapter to this if dean asked like ‘As long as you don’t hurt her’ or 'why’ or something and ends up saying yes and how Lucifer would react and stuff. I don’t know, it was just an idea I had. Great story tho.”


A piercing, low scream echoed off of dark walls as heavy chains rattled and resonated off into nothingness. Dean Winchester took in heavy breaths as he looked down toward the solid ground created from the darkness, watching as the cut from his forehead formed small drops of blood that created a puddle of red next to his knees. All he could feel was pain, little inklings and huge waves of red, but to him the price was worth it because he endured it for only one reason; you.

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Feast On This Mobile Masterlist

Alright, minions, the time has come for me to wrap things up and head out. Please, please behave while I’m gone. Requests are very welcome, just be sure everything you send in abides by the rules set on the “Guidelines” page. (If I get another stereotypical request about Disney or witch curses in my ask box I’m going to blow a gasket) Still, send in as many as you’d like! I’m in need of some Charlie Bradbury, Gabriel, and Kevin Tran, as per usual, but I’d happily accept Sam, Dean, Castiel, or Crowley. Fluff or smut, minions, but I usually lean more towards fluff.

Right, so if you’re new to the army (welcome, by the way), you may not know what exactly this post is. It’s pretty easy to imply, but I’ll still walk you through everything. This post is the mobilized version of the “Masterlist” page for all those unfortunate enough to be viewing my writing on their mobile devices. We pray constantly for your deliverance to a laptop. Stay strong, mobile minions. Anyways, you’ll find links to every piece of writing I’ve posted to this blog listed below by character, genre, and in chronological order with the most recent work first. Everything continued or part of a continued story line is listed on this page in groups of collective stories, and can also be found on the “The Story Continues…” page with additional details such as a brief summary of each installment and the story as a whole, genre sorting (be it fluff or smut), as well as the links listed on this page. Links should open to a new page, so don’t worry about losing your place on your dashboard. Anything you want to read can be found directly below. Be free, my minions. It’s all down there waiting for you.



- “Off The Beaten Path” - “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Eavesdropping” - “Damaged Goods” - “The Pit” - “A Miracle” - “Groceries” - “Use Your Words” - “Can’t Bail On Tradition” - “Preference; Keeping Warm” - “Perfect Length” - “Demon Spawn” - “Ink And Amulet” - “It Suits You” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Tutor” - “A Mutual Confession” - “Ransom” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Driving Miss Daisy” - “Well, This Is Awkward” - “Underwater” - “Abandon All Hope” -“Choose” - “Control” - “She’s Taken” - “You Have No Idea” - “Don’t Judge A Book” - “Save Me”- “Can’t Have Both” - “Family Don’t End With Blood” - “These Boys…”  - “Sam”


- “A Welcome Distraction” - “Silence In The Shadows” - “Wiggle Room” - “Here’s To Forever”


Continued Imagines: 9 (“Angel Radio” -/-“A New Look” - “A New Approach” -/-“Gone Without A Trace” - “Marco, Polo” -/- “Best Kind Of Liar” - “Little Blue Lines” - “Better Late Than Never” - “Home Delivery Services”)


- “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Meet The Parents” - “One Foot Over The Line” - “Uh… Mrs. Winchester?” - “Lover, Hunter, Doctor” - “Stay” - “Bubble Bath” - “Hopeless Romantic” - “Soap Suds”- “Preference; Keeping Warm” - “When, Not If” - “Different This Time” - “Heartache” - “Date Night” -“Us… Someday” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Assisted Living” - “Just Studying” - “Preference; You’re Pregnant (Sister vs Daughter)” - “Honey, I’m Home” - “Broken Bottles” - “Well, This Is Awkward” -“Underwater” - “Responsibility” - “Choose” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Night Terror” -“Everything Will Be Okay” - “Waiting Up” - “Can’t Have Both” - “Doctor Doctor” - “These Boys…” - “Shortened Tempers” - “A Case Of Fetch” - “Stage Kiss” - Handcuffs” - “Dean”


- “If The Tent’s A Rockin’” - “Losing You…” - “You’re Mine” - “The First Time”


Continued Imagines: 6 (“At First Sight”- “You’re Growing On Me” -/- “In The Name Of The Father” - “Et Filii” -/- “Under The Spotlight” - “Lock And Key”)


- “Phoenix From The Ashes” - “Nicotine” - “I’ll Be Seeing You” - “Prayer And Promise” - “When the Ball Drops” - “If I Had Lost You…” - “You’ll Be In My Arms” - “A Flirtation” - “Seven Minutes In Heaven” - “Under The Influence” - “Gone But Not Forgotten” - “Jump” - “Chains” - “A Heavenly Stranger” -“More Than You Can Chew” - “Bake Day” - “Stars” - “Shoulder To Cry On” - “Overprotective” - “Preference; You’re On Your Period” - “Keeping Company” - “Feeling Human” - “The Fall”


- “Like A Virgin”


Continued Imagines: 5 (“Mr. Lonely” - “Forming Habits” - “Conflicting Emotions” -/- “Come Ten Years…” - “Just A Pinch”)


- “Usurper” - “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” - “One Up” - “The Jester King” - “Prince Of Hell” - “Running With The Devil” - “A Proposition”


- “Torture Chamber”



- “Playing Doctor” - “Familiar Face” - “Too Good” - “Designated Flier”



- “From The Fire” - “Breath By Breath” - “Where Have You Been?”


- “Roll Of Thunder”



- “Overworked”


- “Walking On Eggshells”



- “The Great And Powerful Oz”



- “Watch Your Step”


Continued Imagines: 1 (“Parent Slash Guardian Angel”)

I’ll see you all in a week or so. May you have the sweetest of sweet dreams and the loveliest of mornings. Over and out, minions.

If in doubt, use a Rolling Stones song title for your para

After success of Beatles song titles, i’m now going to give you a list of Rolling Stones song titles you can use for para titles.

I mean you’ve always wanted a para title to be called “Oh No, Not You Again”, havn’t you?

Anyway, below are a list of Rolling Stones song titles from all of their albums.

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Sweet Devil AU

Characters: Arthur, Francis

Words: 571

Arthur had never meant for it to happen; he refused to feel any shame for the choice of another.

The clinking of chains alerted Arthur to Francis’s approach. The git hadn’t even figured out how to get them off yet. (Arthur chose to forget he, himself, had taken close to a century to escape the lake of fire, let alone find a way to get rid of the chains that kept him from being able to leave Hell.)

“When will you stop avoiding me?!” the newly-Fallen demanded.

He stunk of smoke and brimstone, and his voice, once Ambrosia to Arthur’s ears, was now the bitter rot of decomposing fruit made into sound.

“When will you stop following?” Arthur pulled at the cuffs of his sleeves. “Once you do, there will be no more need for me to avoid you.”

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