a surrealist dream

Claude Monet, Impression, soleil levant, 1872
René Magritte, Le banquet, 1958
Claude Monet, Étretat, soleil couchant, 1883
René Magritte, Le soir qui tombe, 1964
Claude Monet, Soleil d'hiver à Lavacourt, 1879-1880
René Magritte, Le Monde des Images, 1961
Claude Monet, Soleil couchant sur la Seine à Lavacourt, effet d’hiver, 1880
René Magritte, Le banquet, 1957


how far do you travell with your eyes closed?

every third day of the week,
me and my cat are
dead to the world.

we placidly travell impossibly far;
with long-forgotten passwords
we penetrate into the enigmatic
parallel worlds, where man has
never set foot in.

you are welcome to join us
three days from now.

(bring an extra pillow with you)

Into the ashes and no return [Luhan]

Genre: Luhan Wolf!AU
Type: Drabble/scenario
Characters: Luhan, reader, etc
Do not re-post without permission, this is my work
This was requested by
@wenixia Listen to The Wolf by Fever Ray, it’s such a good song. 

How much of a myth is true?
Had you ever wondered if all those tales someone told you before bed were real?
Did you ever believed your mother when she told you to behave or the wolf would come for you?

I didn’t, I laughed.
I’m not laughing anymore.
He came, the wolf came.

It was like a surrealistic dream, like a terror fantasy-like tale. The moon above us was red, the cold wind froze everything, even my blood. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t scream. All I could do was watch, all I could do was hear.

No one came to my rescue, not even my mother. She just watched as he took me, begging I would forgive her one day for not telling me, telling me what exactly?

It’s LuHan. I heard a voice in my head, someone was intruding my mind. My name, it’s LuHan. I turned to the wolf and stared into his red eyes. He could talk to me? How? I thought that only happened between… werewolves.

No one was outside, or the pack lived in a ghost town. There was no noise but the sound of the horns they were playing. It was intimidating, mysterious and attractive at the same time. The way the danced in a circle surrounding their fireplace, the way they sang, the way the all looked at me. The way the wolf looked at me. 

Someone screamed, someone made them all stop. Was it me? Was I the one screaming? I was trying to wake up from the nightmare, trying to run away from this sinister world I was brought into. 
I felt the poison in my blood as the wolf bit my arm. It wasn’t a deep wound, but it would definitely take a few weeks to heal. They started to call my name, as the red mood seemed to be making some sounds, seemed to be singing in some macabre way. 

And I stared at him, as our mixed blood burnt in the fire, the cut a strand of my hair and burnt it together with his, turning into ashes. That’s when I knew there was no way back, no way to return. 
I saw his red eyes become black; his claws become hands. I saw him, not the wolf, but the one that spoke in my head.

Before I blacked out from the shock, or the exhaustion, or just everything I heard him say again. I’m Luhan, I’ve been calling your name, I’ve been looking for you and I have found you.

My mother was never scared of LuHan the wolf coming for me, she was scared of my inner wolf coming out to life. It came every night as the moon called me, I saw my people looking for me in my dreams and I felt my soulmate coming closer, coming to finally free me from my prison.

My name is LuHan and from now on, you and I will be together. Forever, my little wolf.