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You Make me Stutter

olicity || ao3 || explicit || smut || 1888 || more fics

summary: after Oliver stumbles upon some videos on Felicity’s computer, he discovers they have a shared fantasy and it’s time for them to play it out. (for @queensoverwatch)
a/n: tbh i’ve wanted to do this forever, but i’m just now getting around to it lmao. also this is a preemptive apology for the things i have planned (: 

warning: this fic features pegging so if that’s not your thing just skip it

“Are you sure you still want to do this?” Felicity asked as she straddled his lap.

He placed his hands on her hips and nodded, “I do. I really do.”

“Good,” she pressed her hands into his shoulders, pushing him backwards onto the bed.

She was really surprised when Oliver first brought this up. It was something that she didn’t really think he would want to do. There was a part of her that knew that thought was stupid, considering his past lovers, but she didn’t want to think about that.

“I found videos on your laptop,” he said.

“What were you doing on my laptop?”

“Mine was upstairs and you left yours open.”

“How did you even find my stash?”

“I clicked on the Internet Explorer button and it opened a folder instead.”

She swore her eye had started twitching. Felicity hid her porn by turning her folder into the Internet Explorer icon because no one actually uses that damn browser anymore. Except for Oliver apparently. She didn’t think she had to go to extensive lengths for her private videos, but apparently she should have. No, it wasn’t that bad. She was being a bit dramatic about it. If Oliver hadn’t stumbled upon the videos then they wouldn’t even be living out one of their shared fantasies.

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RACHEL MY LOVE I NEED ALL THE GOODNESS FROM YOUR HALE PACK REUNITE IN LONDON HEADCANON!!! LIKE ALLLLL OF IT!!! Is there anything else besides the beautiful Homecoming FIC you posted on AO3???

Oh I wiiiiish there was. I have the entire plot mapped out in my head and a few fragments (and I mean seriously, fragments) written, but I’m not sure at this point that it’s ever going to resolve into the full huge fic I have in my head. 

I do have a NEW HALE PACK tag that has a mixture of things, including a handful of Hale Pack in London concepts and not!fics. Here are a few links on the headcanon for you though :)

Official Headcanon

Danny in London

Slightly AU –– Stiles rediscovers Derek in Europe

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Could you continue the fic where Marco goes to Rhombulus for advice? Like Marco telling Tom he loves him?

Sure! I had a good idea for this because I love romantic things like this! You know, gushy cliche stuff that probably would never happen. I love it though! I hope you enjoy! Ps, Tom and Marco are supposed to be older in this. Like Marco is maybe right out of collage. 

Read the first one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158820500242/if-requests-are-open-what-about-tom-wanting-to

Marco pounded on Tom’s door frantically. He wouldn’t stop until the demon answered. He was rewarded when Tom opened the door and gave him an odd look. “What is it Marco? You’re gonna break it.” He said, in reference to the door. Marco ignored him and grabbed the demon’s hands, pulling him a step closer.

“I’m sick of wasting time.” Marco spoke. Tom looked at him curiously but Marco cut him off. “I love you. I’ve loved since we were fifteen, and I wasted time thinking you wouldn;t love me back. But I’m through. Tell me now so I can love you, or move on and be happy.” Marco demanded. Tom was drawn back.

He had never heard the safe kid talk like this. Marco was always the one to plan everything out, and be too nervous to say stuff like this outright. He held onto the crush on Jackie for years! And now he was declaring his feelings for Tom in his doorstep. “Marco… what do you mean to say?” Tom asked.

“What else do I have to say?” Marco retorted. “I am in love with you! And if you love me back, I don’t want to waste time planning what might happen. I want to be with you and roll the dice! Do what feels right!” Marco had a sort of dreamy tone in his voice. He was quiet for a minute and when Tom was silent he feared he made a terrible mistake.

But the demon then grabbed Marco and pulled him close. He gave him a deep kiss and dipped him down slightly. Tom pulled away from the passionate kiss and held Marco as close as he could. “I’ve wanted to say the exact same thing since I was fifteen.” Tom whispered. Marco’s face lit up and he jumped to kiss the demon again.

“Oh Tom!” He cried, giving him kiss after kiss. Tom giggled and scooped the human up, spinning him around in circles as the two laughed. He set Marco down and the human smiled up at him, with stars in his eyes. “I love you, Tom.” Marco whispered. “I just wish I didn’t wait so long to tell you that. I wasted so much time being unhappy.” He mumbled.

“Then let’s make up for lost time.” Tom whispered back. Marco looked at him curiously and Tom smiled down at him, getting more and more excited. “Marco, let’s get married. Tonight.” Tom proposed. Marco’s eyes widened.

“Married? Tonight?” He asked. Tom nodded.

“But I don’t have a dress and we don’t have anything planned or we don’t-”

“I’ll get you a dress! We can get Star or a friend as a witness and we can break into city hall to get the papers! I break into places all the time!” Tom bragged. Marco wanted to seem worried, but excitement was clear.

“What if-”

“Marco, you said you love me, and I love you. Let’s not waste time. Let’s just give it a shot. We can get married now, or in ten years or on june fifty-seventh! But doesn’t it feel right now?” Tom asked. Marco grinned.

“Yes! It does! Everytime you say it, it feels more right but- rings!” Marco cut him off. “I know you may not get the tradition but… I feel like for it to be a wedding we need rings.” Marco told the demon. Tom thought for a moment and then reached down to the ground. He picked a blade of grass and tied it in a knot. Tom then got on one knee and took Marco’s hand. He slipped the tied grass around Marco’s finger and the human couldn’t fight a laugh.

“Oh Tom.” He whispered.

“Marco Diaz, will you marry me?” Tom asked. Marco put a hand over his mouth. The sudden confession, the sudden wedding, the blade of grass he decided to use as a ring. It was all too much. Marco burst into tears and dashed into the demon’s arms.

“Oh Tom! My Tom!” Marco cried. “You know very well I will! I always will!” Marco promised, covering him with kisses. He then got up and looked up, noticing the sun setting. “I’ll call Star, Janna and my parents! You go get the papers from city hall!” Marco instructed. Tom nodded excitedly.

“I’ll get a dress and suit from the castle, we always have fancy stuff like that. Send Star to get yours! We’ll meet in front of the movie theatre in an hour!” Tom added. Marco looked at him oddly.

“The movie theatre?” He asked, confused. Tom took Marco’s hands and pulled him into another kiss.

“It’s where I fell in love with you.” He whispered. “We’ll be married in two hours, max.” Tom promised. Marco smiled.

“Then I’m going to take you to my family’s lake house! We’re going to spend two whole weeks together!” Marco swore. He pulled the demon close again and gave him another kiss. The two were getting carried away at this point. They were there in each other’s arms. Marco broke away when he noticed it was getting darker. “We’ll never be married at this rate! We have to go!” He cried. Tom turned around, but made a U-turn to grab Marco again. He dipped the human down and kissed him one last time.

“Just to hold me over till I see you again.” He grinned. Marco blushed and pulled away, as hard as that was, they were going to be married and had to get this done.

Well, they didn’t HAVE to get it done. But they sure as hell wanted to.

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I'm not even in vld, but looking through the tags for fic ditty lawnmower (savin your tags) is just like.... a master's class in all the lowkey racist shit that happens. Gasolina lyrics being said with no regard to the song, "ABuelita is coming [stupid panic gifs], and Hips Don't Lie. I'm sure there's actual worse things but I'm havin trouble finding the discourse and I don't want to read it. But honestly, people in the tags: it's not a good look

It’s not only that but what makes the fic that much worse for me is that it has given white fandom permission to be uncomfortably racist with no regard of latinx people telling them to stop because “it’s from a fanfic silly!!!!!!!” like yes we know it’s from a fanfic, now stop please oh my god

Also the fact that it was written by a white writer who made so much damage to the fandom: much worse.

AND the fact that it’s a fic written by a white writer and people will take that surname over a single suggestion by Cuban fans of the show…

Like sorry I’m just so salty by the damage this fic has done, also the writer has absolutely no regard for the damage at all. All she and her fans care about are her White Fragile Feelings.

Edit- oh and let’s not forget the worst joke it has given this fandom permission to use: the chancla jokes

“Huh, we’re that couple.”

I drew a small part from @apvrrish‘s fic time out of mind because it just made me… so happy, among lots of other emotions and you should definitely check it out and all of their other fics because they’re all so good… :’)

Voltron fic recs, the threequel


I’m sorry I’ve been so absent recently. Excuses, excuses etc. etc. but basically I’ve had a bazillion work socials, commissions up the wazoo and am severely lacking in sleep. These things combined do not make for good artings. 


Have some more fic recs! Knock yourselves out. See if you can spot the thing I said I wasn’t interested in and would probably never read >__> Ahaha ha look how that turned out…

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

all we have to do - 19.5K; klance; Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

equations for a falling body - 25k; klance; Keith, Lance, an alien drug and an enclosed space, and what happens after.

To the Universe and Back with You - 10k (WIP); klance; When Keith took off after the Galra empire fell he left Lance with a broken heart and a whole lot of resentment. Fast forward seven years later and Lance is the only paladin living on Earth, with his cat Peaches for company. It’s not perfect, but he’s happy. That is, until Shiro summons them to form Voltron again…

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - 16.5k; klance; Keith is determined to keep his head down while serving out his community service volunteering at the Rex Alfor Memorial Space Muesum, but one rather loud member of staff won’t leave him alone…

shining like the stars - 139k (WIP); shklance; In a bid to help strengthen team Volron and their lion bonds, Allura takes the paladins on a pilgrimage to face the trials in the paladin temples. Keith unexpectely presenting as an omega rather throws a rather large spanner in the works…

Stormchasing - 18k; klance; Lance never intended to spend his vacation chasing after Keith’s premonitions, but here he is. Keith makes bad decision, Lance makes mistakes, and both of them are stuck together on a space pirate adventure neither of them asked for.

Purple Marks and Bleeding Hearts - 46.5k (WIP); klance;  Lance’s newest job is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is.

Feel the Bonds - 53.5k; klance; Being a paladin of Voltron is honestly the coolest thing that ever could’ve happened to Lance, but the people who should know probably never will. And despite their fighting, Keith is there for him when Lance is feeling particularly homesick. 

Kaeri’s Otayuri Fic Rec List #2

Due to a lot of people requesting for more Otayuri fic recs from me, I have decided to make these rec lists a weekly thing! I’ll probably post one every Saturday with ten fics (maybe more, maybe less, it depends) included. 


They are ALL so good and wonderful, and I feel so blessed that there are so many wonderful writers in this fandom. My rec list is just a compilation of my personal favorites for people who don’t have time to go through the tag regularly! 

I hope you guys enjoy (I know I sure did hohoh…)! <3

Back and Forth (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala (don’t think they have a tumblr) 

THIS FIC KILLED ME. IT JUST UTTERLY WRECKED ME. GOD. There will be one scene in this fic (and you’ll know which one when you get there trust me…) where you will just be UNABLE TO CONTAIN YOUR SHRIEKS OF LAUGHTER AND AMUSEMENT… Be ready for your heart to melt into a puddle of warm, squishy goo. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

what hoodies are made of (oneshot, sfw) by @thepoetsarejust

I already recced this fic on tumblr but I shall rec it again. I am also in the process of drawing fanart for this fic. That’s all I have to say. (No, really, GO AND READ THIS AND DIE FROM THE SHEER HOTNESS AND UST OF IT OKAY, YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS I PROMISE).

Stupid Ideas (oneshot, sfw) by JeSuisLePomme (don’t know their tumblr either rip)


In Your Hands, Your Thoughts (oneshot, sfw) by @nooowestayandgetcaught​ (hello Rie! <3)


Resolution (oneshot, sfw) by kiyala

Another masterpiece by kiyala… I’m crying over how fucking ROMANTIC THIS IS. THIS IS MARRIED COUPLE SHIT RIGHT HERE OH MY GOD. I’M DEAD.

A Beginner’s Guide To the Dangers of Making Out with Your Fellow Athletes at Parties (oneshot, sfw) by @ineptshieldmaid

THIS FIC IS A+++ GOLD. I literally could not stop screeching the entire time I read this fic GOD THIS WRITER HAS THE WITTIEST VOICE EVER. I LOVE IT. I love this fic.

play to the fullest (oneshot, sfw) by @rovmustang

Another fic from one of my favorite writers I’m crying??? I love how subtle yet powerful their writing is… Every sentence is one part of an intricate puzzle. Anywho, THERE’S MEDAL KISSING IN THIS FIC…!!! SO GO READ IT!

On Love: Agape (oneshot, sfw) by Kima (don’t know their tumblr ahhhhh)


Sonata in A Major (oneshot, sfw) by @the-teacupshatters

I’m not gonna lie… this fic completely SHATTERED ME. The feels are fucking REAL guys. The writing is also GORGEOUS AND MESMERIZING and just… AHHHHH. I have no words. THE FEELS THO. GROSS SOBS.

Family Ties (oneshot, sfw) by @scripturamortem

This is really, really cute…!!! And freaking HILARIOUS haha it definitely brightened up my day!

Please go and kudos all of these lovely fics! Also, please, PLEASE comment if you can; all these writers deserve so much love, support and praise for their hard work.

A huge thank you to all the writers on this list (and all fanfic writers in general) for sharing their beautiful creations with us! I love and appreciate you guys so much <3

Play the Odds - written by alivingfire
By Organization for Transformative Works


Harry and Louis are best friends since childhood who, after a night of drinking, find themselves locked in a bet: first one to kiss the other a thousand times wins. Wins what? They don’t know. Glory, Harry supposes. Bragging rights, though those don’t do much in this economy. All Harry knows is that this is one bet he can finally win. What he doesn’t expect, though, is what happens when he starts kissing his best friend on a daily basis.

Namely, he doesn’t expect falling head over heels in love with his best friend.

Now all he has to do is make sure the bet never ends, so he never has to stop kissing Louis.

Author - alivingfire            Tumblr - @alivingfire

One shot  |  26,963 words  |  Fic published December 22, 2016

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!!

The cuteness of this fic… it knows NO BOUNDS!! From delightful drunken conversations to even more adorable best-friends-maybe-more-that-friends kissing sessions, this fic is top notch. Be prepared to read it all in one go. Its sweetness is highly addicting! 

I genuinely had so much fun reading this. It’s sweet and charming, funny and lighthearted, really well written, and full of good times. If you’re looking for something fluffy with a splash of hotttt chemistry - here’s the fic for you! 

Every night this week
  • Me: I'll just LOOK for a good fic. For later. For a friend. For not right now.
  • Fanfic: you should just read the first chapter, just to make sure it's good enough for later
  • Me: ok, but I'm watching you. Don't do the thing.
  • *five hours later*
  • Me: you did the thing.
Not in My Bar

My last 600 Follower fic, which is good because I’m well past 800 at this point.  This fic got away from me, which is why it took so long.  I hope you enjoy it, @whispersandwhiskerburn!

Summary: You stop something bad from happening in your bar, and get a reward later on.

warnings: mentions of roofies/date rape drugs, vaginal sex, oral sex (fem receiving)

word count: ~4000

Originally posted by hunterchesters

You were always entertained while you were working – you had to keep things lighthearted or the fact that you were constantly surrounded by alcoholics and/or couples flirting would surely send you into a depression.  Being a bartender meant that you were equal parts enabler and therapist, and while you didn’t always love those things, it kept you busy and let you keep your simple way of life.

Tonight was like any other – there were a few regular customers scattered here and there around the bar, a few groups of people playing pool or darts standing around the place.  Your friend Jeremy was sitting in the corner playing his guitar and singing, earning a few tips here and there.

There was a group of girls sitting at a table, eyeing the crowd for a potential date for the evening. Those were the types of customers you hated the most: pretty girls who probably never had any trouble finding an interested man, but they came to your bar to try to pick up guys, making you watch as they flirted their way into their pants.

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“Try Me” (M)


Member: Sehun from EXO

Genre: Smut (M), A little bit of angst

A/N: This is a scenario i had in mind for awhile and it’s inspired from the fic Talk Now by my favorite scenario blog @noonatrash so be sure to check them out they’re awesome!

Summary: You and Sehun have a strictly sexual booty call relationship and Sehun makes you submit to him a little too easily.

It’s been 2 weeks since you last spoke to Sehun. It felt good. It felt different. You’ve had some time to reflect on the way you handled things. “Never again” you mumbled to yourself, disgusted at your own behavior.  He made you feel so numb, to everything. He made you feel good but also so mad and you didn’t know how to handle a guy like him but you were hooked and there was nothing you could have done about it.

You were sitting at home on your bed, dim lights and the silence of the night coming through your window. Your phone screen lit up showing an unfamiliar phone number. You crooked your face to the side presenting a confused expression. “Who the fuck is calling me at 2 am? This better not be Chanyeol on about how I drank all his bubble tea again”. You decided to answer the call, already ready with an excuse for drinking 3 cups of bubble tea. You picked up the phone and waited for the other side to start talking but only silence draped the other line.

“I need you.” A familiar voice appeared as your eyes widened. “You have to be kidding me” you thought to yourself, letting out a scoff. “Don’t you have some other poor girl to booty call Sehun?” he was surprised at your sudden response. “Yes. But none of them are you.” He let out a breathy response. “Sehun, I thought I made myself clear last time we saw each other….” There was a short silence, “You mean when I fucked you to submission and you screamed my name all over my apartment?” he said smugly. “Sehun we’re over.” You announced once again before you quickly hung up.

Sehun hasn’t left your mind the entire week after he called you again. Why did he think you would act this stupid again? He really doesn’t know anything about you, you thought to yourself.  Sitting on your couch and drinking another bubble tea cup you stole from Chanyeol’s apartment.  It was another Friday night that you didn’t have a date to. The only company you had was the chocolate bubbles and the 5th season of Friends. You weren’t even bothered to wear pants, you were wearing your black revealing lace panties and a long V neck shirt that was a bit transparent but you couldn’t care less.

Your drink long gone and already on season 6 when you heard a loud knock on your door. You glanced at the clock, “2:30 AM” you scoffed to yourself. “If it’s who I think it is, then I might as well have fun with it.” You mumbled to yourself as you got up to open the door.  Swinging the door to an all too familiar face, you flashed your fake smile at the tall broad shouldered man. “What are you doing here Sehun?” you let out a laugh but he didn’t look too amused. 

“Why don’t you answer my calls anymore?” you remembered you blocked his number last week and didn’t even get those calls in the first place. “Sorry I’ve been busy” you put out an overly fake frown and crooked your head to the side. He pushed you aside and let himself in. he walked up to your couch and wrapped his arms above his chest, leaning against the side of your couch. “Busy? I see….” He laughed. “I’m sure watching Friends in your underwear is real tiring.” He crooked his head at you. “It sure is more fun than sucking your dick” you let out. He scoffed at your statement, “Playing hard to get are we?” 

you took one step closer to him sporting an all serious confused look on your face. You wrapped your arms around his neck and brought your lips inches away from his, slightly touching. “Is there something in the words “We are over.” That you do not understand Oh Sehun?” you looked straight into his eyes. He leaned closer a bit and grabbing your waist to bring you to a kiss right before you pulled away and waved your finger at him. 

“Ahah if you wanna touch my lips again then it’s gonna cost you way more than just touching my waist Oh Sehun.” You smirked at him. He let out an impressed giggle before grabbing you by your waist and lifting you on his shoulder, one hand on your ass. He walked over to the dining table across the room and dropped you on the glass table, throwing the candle stands you had on the floor and sliding you further. He spread your legs apart with one brief action before standing still between your legs. “fine.” He said, looking at your underwear.

He grabbed your underwear and roughly tore them apart, letting out a growl. Grabbing your hips, he slid you closer to his body and it only took 2 seconds before you could feel his tongue on your clit. He didn’t go easy at all. He flicked his tongue on your clit, teasing at first but giving in faster than you. He attached his lips on your heat and sucked on your clit while swirling circles around it. He bit it slightly, earning a loud moan from you as you arched your back and grabbed his hair. You could feel his smirk against your opening right before he licked it and entered his 3 fingers in. pumping hard back and forth until you finally graced him with another moan, trying to hold in to not let him enjoy himself too much. He crawled all the 3 and hit that spot in you he knew all too well. 

Another moan took you by surprise; you closed your eyes and shouted “FUCK” at the top of your lungs, encouraging him to continue. But it wasn’t a surprise to you when you felt emptiness again. He pulled his fingers out and stood still in front of your burning heat again. “Get up.” He said, panting. You sat up on the table and shot him a look, not doing as he said. You saw him flick his tongue and move his head from side to side slightly impressed from your persistence.

He grabbed your thighs and pulled you to his body. You raised your eyebrow at him, looking at his now hard cock. “See something you like?” he smirked at you. “Yeah” you said, he smirked again. “My lonely bubble tea that I didn’t get to finish” you giggled. His smirked dropped at your sound and his grip on your thighs hardened. He grabbed your waist and slid his lower body between your legs, expecting you to wrap your legs around his waist again like always, but at his surprise you didn’t. Instead you swung your legs in the air, shooting him an innocent puppy eyed look in your eyes. You knew exactly how to play him. 

Approaching your lips, intending to kiss you roughly, you turned your head away and blocked him with your hand. “It’s a shame you think that little tongue game of yours is enough for me” you laughed in his furious face. “My bad” he let out and pulled his jeans down, shoving his entire length in you in one sharp go. An instinct made you grab his shoulder with your fingers, leaving white marks all over it from the sudden pain.  He began to move his hips against yours, grabbing your thigh with one hand and his other hand busy on your clit again. His thrusts were rough and desperate almost like he was aching for you. His dick thirsty for you those past 3 weeks.  

Dropping his head back and moaning your name, the grip on your thigh marking blue marks all over. You could feel his hand giving up on your clit until you finally felt that spot you liked so much. Stars in your eyes and a ball of warmth in your stomach, you came breathing out a warm moan against his ear. He came too and made sure that you knew what name came out of his lips.

Avoiding his lips once more, you got up from his embrace and headed straight to the shower. He leaned his hands against your dining room table, panting and shaking his head at your actions. A dark thought dawned his mind and he was not ready to give up just yet. Not until he got to taste your lips.

You got into the shower, facing the wall and striking a smile at your actions. Before you could turn on the water, you felt a hand on yours. Turning on the cold water, it hit your back and you hissed at the sudden sensation. Before you could notice, you were pinned against the wall face on. His lips reached your ear and hands gracing your curves until they got to your hips, gripping them tightly, tighter than his earlier grip on your thighs. His cock stroked your entrance and without any words he entered you again. He pinned both your arms against the wet wall and bit your neck, drawing hickies all over it. 

His thrusts were even worse this time. He was really desperate and you could feel your walls responding. You let yourself let loose and you let your head drop back on the crook of his neck. He looked at you once before he sped his hips and went even deeper in. working on your G spot with a couple hits and your entire body gave in against the wall. He let his cock enjoy your orgasm a little longer before you felt his warm cum on your back, being washed away by the cold stream from the shower head.

Sehun turned you around to face him, pinning your back against the wall. He kept his gaze on your lips, not letting anything else distract him. “What’s the cost?” he asked seriously. “This thing” you pointed your finger between the both of you. “Is on my terms now.” You said, keeping your gaze on his lips too. Your eyelids closed as you felt the touch of his lips against yours. Kissing you passionately, his lips cold and wet from the water and drops falling from his chin, he gave into you.

christmas kisses

summary: Dan gets dragged to a Christmas party, but some coincidentally-placed mistletoe causes him to end up with a pleasant surprise (a high school au which includes a little bit of punk!phil).

genre: fluff, minor angst

warnings: alcohol

word count: 1.9k

a/n: I hope you all enjoy this as my Christmas present to you! I haven’t posted a fic I’ve completed on my own for several months, but I think this is just the beginning of fics to come. Please bear with me as I get back into the swing of writing, but I think you’ll all be able to enjoy this one. Merry Christmas!

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Title: Acute Angles

Author: TamerLorika

Ships: Dex/Chowder/Nursey, Zimbits

Summary: William Poindexter is happier than he has been in a long time, and though he knows why, he hasn’t spent a lot of time analyzing the specifics. All he knows is that Nurse and Chowder are the best thing that’s happened to him.The problem is that Nurse and Chowder are so good, he’s not sure if there is room for him, because he’s sure he’s going to fuck it all up. When things go wrong, Derek and Chris are left to show Will exactly how well he fits in with them, even if they never meant it to happen like this.

Tags: Polyamory, Homophobic Language, homophobic violence, functional polyamory triangle, queer stories by queer authors, various reactions to panic, Outing, check please big bang 2016

This story is friggen fantastic. I’m wasn’t even a polyfrogs shipper before, but this story made me want to draw them forever. It is full of angst and fluff and everything I could ask for in a fic. I recommend it to everyone!

submissions don't let you do line breaks: the fic

Neil’s new to having a bank account - another intangible thing to give Neil Abram Josten weight - but he’s pretty sure that a balance in double figures isn’t good for his constant quest in survival.

He does the maths in his head. He gets paid in five days, and he has the weekend off. If he goes and gets food now to survive him until then, he can manage. He should be cautious on bills to avoid this next month, instead of using the heating he should wrap himself in one of the many blankets he found himself with after the foxes found out he is always cold instead. Spend extra time at the stadium instead of his empty apartment to save on lighting, gas, water. Stay in this weekend so he doesn’t have to get more gas for his shitty, non-environmentally friendly car.

He looks at the apartment’s bare walls and sparse furniture. This is a place that was meant to be left behind, in a similar way to all of the towns he and Mary had left in their wake. He knew he was going to live in this city for a year or two at most before transferring teams.

But he can’t really blame that, wholly, for not settling in - after all, he may have had to spend more time here. Andrew may have transferred to his team instead. (He can hear Andrew’s silent almost-amusement; “They’d be so lucky.” His team is ranked badly, and Andrew is expensive.) But he’s spent his whole life finding home in other people rather than places, and he doesn’t know how to make a place warm.

The white walls feel stifling when he contemplates spending his days off looking at them.

But last minute plane tickets are expensive - a fact Neil knows intimately, looking at his recent transactions - and he simply can’t afford them.

Maybe Neil’s been spending too much time with Andrew, but he just can’t accept no for an answer. He gets in his car.

“Neil,” Andrew says, picking up the phone after only two rings, his voice giving no hint of sleepiness though Neil knows he must have just been woken up by the ringing phone.

“Andrew,” Neil responds. “I broke down.”

“And this is my problem how?”

“I’m about ten minutes outside of Denver.”

There’s a small pause. “You’re an idiot,” Andrew says, and hangs up.

Neil takes that to mean Andrew will come to pick his idiot ass up.

Only one car passes before Andrew finds Neil. Neil supposes that’s not too strange. It is, after all, 4am. He stifles a yawn and then notices familiar lights coming up in front of his car.

“Explain to me how you thought that piece of shit would get you across the country.”

“Hardly across the country,” Neil protests. At Andrew’s silence, he relents with a shrug, “It almost did.”

Andrew continues to stare at Neil for a second, unimpressed, before he turns to inspect the damage. Matt had briefly tried to show Neil the basics of looking after a car when he finally got his own, but had looked under the hood at a tangled mess of duct tape and elastic bands and said, “If this shitmobile breaks, you’re dead, dude,” and went on to say that his tips probably wouldn’t apply to Maseratis. “Their engines are made of pure gold, right?”

Neil realises Andrew’s still wearing what passes for pajamas for him. He’s suddenly unsure whether this is real or if it’s a fever dream.

Andrew gestures for him to try the engine, and it turns on. Despite himself, Neil is surprised. He’d thought the car was a goner for the past three hours of driving.

“Drive back,” Andrew says, and Neil assumes - or hopes - he means to his place, not Neil’s. “I’ll follow. I’ll push that lump back if I have to.” Andrew had already sworn, back when Neil had dropped an obscenely low price for the car, that he would never get inside of it.

The roads are still mostly clear, so they don’t put anyone else at risk with the probably dangerous smoke that starts coming out of the car when they’re a few blocks away. When he pulls up, Neil gets out of the car as soon as he can, fearing for his life more than he has in years. “Rest in peace,” He says.

Andrew walks past Neil and the slowly dissipating cloud of smoke and heads straight for his apartment. Neil hurriedly grabs his bag and follows.

By the time Neil makes it upstairs, Andrew’s already back in bed. He’d left space for Neil though. That’s basically affection from Andrew, Neil decides.

Neil wakes alone. The fact that he has the weekend off doesn’t mean Andrew does, and besides, Andrew would have had sleep before Neil woke him up. The clock reads 2pm. Neil falls out of bed.

He’s showered and eaten before he peers out the window for his sickly car, which is not there. Neil looks again, but surprisingly, that does not make the car appear either. Neil decides it’s a conundrum and goes to see if anyone’s playing old games on TV.

Andrew comes back a little bit before half time, and heads straight to the kitchen without more than a glance at the game. He comes out with a sandwich to sit next to Neil just as half time starts, and Neil’s pretty sure he planned it that way.

“Where’s my car?”

“Your pile of shit is in the big parking lot in the sky,” Andrew replies, monotone.

Neil considers this and decides that might be for the best. “Did you drive it?”

Andrew merely stares at Neil for a brief moment. Neil considers the possibility that Andrew would be petty enough to pay someone to drive it to a scrapyard, and comes to the easy conclusion that he would. Neil moves on.

“How am I meant to get back? I don’t have a plane ticket.”

“I booked you one,” Andrew says, as though that should be obvious, and perhaps it should. Neil realises, all of a sudden, that he could just have asked Andrew to buy him tickets to and from Denver and he would have.

“You want to get rid of me that much?” Neil says, trying not to sound like he’s reeling.

“Of course,” Andrew replies, bored.

“I still need a car though.”

“That’s your problem,” Andrew says, then continues after a second. “You have enough money near here for a decent car.”

Neil thinks, and realises Andrew’s right. Andrew’s always right, it seems. “You mean a car you’d be willing to drive.”

Andrew only repeats, “A decent car,” and sets his empty plate down as a cue to Neil.

“Can we go after the game?” Neil asks.

Andrew makes a disgusted noise and walks out the door. Neil supposes that’s fair and follows him out.

Two hours finds them pulling up to a cafe in a nearby town, covered in sweat and an almost unnoticeable amount of dirt. The waiter doesn’t comment, but he does give them a pointed look that they both ignore.

After Andrew has ordered for them both, Neil says, “I thought we were going home.”

Andrew gives him a look that’s not quite hard enough to be disapproving for his use of the word ‘home’, but Neil elects to ignore that. “There’s not enough food there.”

Neil nods, and looks around at the cafe - its walls are covered, and the furniture is all in rich, warm colours, so it would almost look warm and cosy were it not for how few people were actually in the cafe. He makes eye contact with someone he knows, immediately, recognises him.

He looks back at Andrew and hopes they’re the kind to take the silent cue to not interrupt them. Andrew raises his eyebrows once, quickly, and Neil knows the person is coming over. He doesn’t sigh.

“Um… hi?” He asks, and Neil turns to see he’s brought his friend, who looks more skeptical. “You’re… you play Exy, right? Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard? I didn’t know you guys still talked! Since leaving Palmetto, I mean.” He bounces slightly on his feet.

“Yeah, that’s us,” Neil says, trying not to sound lacklustre. Someone who works on his team’s ‘public image’ says he’s got to be ‘warmer’ with ‘fans’. “We still talk.”

“Cool!” He grins like this is news, which Neil blames on the tabloids who keep trying to insist he and Andrew must be enemies because they’re aggressive on the court. Almost as if they’re playing against each other. “We’re huge fans.”

His friend nods, but she doesn’t look enthusiastic. “Huge.” She sounds sarcastic.

Neil nods.

The boy nods back. “Um, can we take a photo? Maybe? If that’s okay?”

Andrew looks like he’s about to talk, so Neil gets up to move to the other side of the booth. “Of course! Andrew, move up.” Andrew levels an unimpressed look at Neil, but he moves up. “Come on, sit down,” Neil gestures at the girls, and thinks this might be ‘warm’.

“Okay!” The boy says and pulls his friend down into the booth with them. Neil puts an arm around the fan closest to him, and then the others seem to realise that there’s no one to take a picture. The girl extracts her arm from her friend and stands up with a sigh.

“Cam, your phone.” The boy pulls a phone out of his pocket and hands it over, clearly trying to sit still enough to keep Neil’s arm where it is. Neil thinks this ‘warm’ thing may not be for him. “Smile!” She says, all false enthusiasm, and takes a few pictures.

“Okay, thank you so much!” Cam says, and gets up. “Um, Andrew? Good luck in your game next week!”

Andrew doesn’t respond. “Thanks,” Neil says weakly. “I’m sure you know he has no manners.”

Cam laughs. “Yeah! Yeah. Okay, uh, bye,” He lets his friend drag him away.

Neil hopes he doesn’t realise Andrew hasn’t said a single word.

The waiter arrives with their food. Andrew says, “Thank you.”

The airport is full of people, a fact that Andrew assesses with a sweeping, dismissive glance. “Check in,” He says, pointing to what is presumably the right desk, and Neil follows.

“You can put your bag here, if you want it in hold,” The woman says in a bored tone.

“No, I’m fine,” Neil says.

They walk over to security, and Neil looks at a board telling him what he can and can’t include. “I should have driven back. Flying sucks.”

“You don’t have a car, Josten.”

“I know how to hotwire,” Neil responds. He doesn’t mention the key on his keyring to Andrew’s car.

“You can’t drive if you’re dead.”

Neil pauses as if considering this. “Yeah, that’s a fair point.”

The line presses forward, so Neil’s almost at the point where he needs to show his ticket. Other people start hugging the person they’re parting from, so Neil slowly presses a hand to Andrew’s shoulder. Andrew looks at him and says, “I’ll call you tonight.”

“You should be sleeping when I land. You have practice in the morning.”

Andrew doesn’t grace that with a response.

“Okay,” Neil doesn’t smile. “I’ll talk to you tonight, then.”

Andrew nods and turns to leave.

“At least take a nap first,” Neil calls after him.

Andrew holds a finger up behind his back.

anonymous asked:

Hey, do you have some good mpreg fanfictions to recommend?

We usually don’t read it but here, have some!


I’ve Got A Sure Thing by skoosiepants

Stiles’s water breaks ten miles outside of Beacon Hills.

The Well of Living Waters by kalpurna

King Derek takes a consort.

a little advice for aspiring fires by The Byger

Regardless of his sadly lacking social circle, Stiles was going to have to get some physical contact or he was going to explode. Seriously. It’d be messy and Derek would probably become even more emotionally constipated having to clean up little bits of Stiles from his pristine walls and furniture.

red (series) by hoars

“See? I need my daisy crown or I won’t get Chased.” Stiles frowned. “And then I’ll have to do it again next year. I really don’t want to do it twice.”

The good and the bad of getting Caught this year included not having to do it again and the bad was he’d have a werewolf mate for the rest of his life. Stiles is seventeen. He has a lot of life to live. Unless his wolfy mate has no sense of humor or a temper. Those with no sense of humor and tempers tended to hate Stiles the most and wouldn’t that suck? Being tied to someone for the rest of his life who hates him. That actually sounds like his type of luck.

“You’ll be fine.” Allison beams because she’s a sweet person and can obviously read Stiles like a picture book aimed at toddlers.

Keep reading

hey i did a thing and i’m done with it now and it’s a dumb coffee shop au fic but i sure as heck don’t care because it’s done! bernie wolfe and serena campbell and gentle touches and coffee and pastry and all that good stuff!

the long and wondrous journey still to be ours

10 Ways to Say I Love You

Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Reader (sorta)

Requested: Nope

Warnings: None

A/N: wrote and published on my phone so sorry about that. And it’s been 84 years since I’ve posted a fic.


Stiles had always had trouble with his words, no matter who he’s talking to. But he can never seem to find the right words to tell you how much he loves you; so he’s found a way to make it up to you in ways you might not realize means he loves you.

Good morning beautiful: He said these things every day, always making sure it’s the first thing you hear from him; wether it’s a simple text or a note in your locker, it’s the first thing you hear every morning.

I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere: After being targeted by the Kanima sophomore year you’ve always been scared that something like that could come back. But Stiles is always there to remind you that he’s going to be there to protect you, no matter what happens to come your way.

You’re beautiful: He knows of your insecurities, how sometimes you look at the other female members of the pack and think they’re so much better than you. But Stiles is always there to show and tell you just how beautiful he thinks you are.

How did I get so lucky?: Stiles had never had the best luck with girls. He always thought he’d be single forever, but then he met you and everything turned around. He doesn’t know why you find him even remotely attractive, but he’s not going to question it as long as you’re with him.

It looks better on you: You had a tendency to fall asleep over at Stiles’ place when helping with whatever supernatural creature is in Beacon Hills; this led to you stealing his shirts to sleep in. And when he’d wake up in the morning to see you standing there in nothing but his shirt and your underwear. But he doesn’t mind because he thinks you pull it off so much better than he does.

There’s no way in hell I could ever leave you: Stiles doesn’t believe it but he’s an attractive guy; many girls, and even some guys, see it. Usually they show this by flirting, and poor Stiles wouldn’t know how else to respond but by awkwardly stumbling over his words. Stiles never knew why you would get jealous, but every time you ended up getting jealous he’d always reassure you that you’re the only person he has eyes for.

I really want to kiss you: Stiles had been extremely nervous when you two began dating. So he agreed to take it slow, so a couple months after your first date he finally asked to kiss you. Hoping to show just how much he really cared for you with that one action.

Just stay there, I’m coming to get you: Beacon Hills had a habit of unpredictable weather. So sometimes your evening walks around the park turned left you stranded in a downpour, with no umbrella and only one way home. Stiles, though, would call you right after the first clap of thunder echoed through the sky; telling you he’d be there in a minute. Showing you how much he cared.

Call me when you get home, please: With everything that had happened to the pack Stiles was always on high alert when the sun went down. So when ever you’d leave his house after movie night or a study date he’d always insist that you call him when you got home; always wanting you to be safe even when he’s not there.

I can’t live without you: Some would hear this and think that the person saying it was exaggerating. But you had seen what nearly loosing you had done to Stiles, so hearing him say this told you that he was still terrified of losing you.

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bananacreamphi  asked:

Do you have any good posts on how to write teru? Next chapter of my fic is gonna feature him and I need help.

okay well i u didnt give me any specific examples so im not sure if im missing something here but here’s a few things i can remember off the top of my head that i always keep in mind while writing him.

  • pre mob teru is just as much teru as post mob teru, they are the same person and not two different people. teru would love for you to think otherwise but thats the truth
  • teru puts a whole lot of value into how he’s seen. both by others and by himself
  • you cant trust a word teru says about himself. if you write from his perspective he will almost never admit that he’s feeling awful even to himself unless you push him to that extreme
  • teru projects himself onto his own enemies. he often sees himself in them. he hates that. it drives him
  • teru does not like to look at himself much deeper than the surface. deep down, he feels like he’s empty inside and has no worth beyond his successes. 
  • success is everything to teru. it defines him. it’s his entire self worth. 
  • teru tries to avoid his emotions, and is often frustrated when he can’t control them. 
  • teru has a fairly long fuse but there are things that characters can say that can reeally get to him if they dig deep enough
    • teru lies to himself often. he’s an excellent liar and a wonderful actor. if you reveal these lies to his own eyes, he will break down
      • he lies to himself as a defense mechanism. if you take away the illusions he’s to protect himself, he will act without rational thought. he will act out of fear of vulnerability, which teru hates more than anything. what drove teru to choke mob in the end was panic. he wanted to destroy the source of his fear. in a sense, it was true fight or flight
  • teru is a good leader. he’s a natural
  • teru is not humble and brags a whole lot. 
    • he craves the validation of others…practically lives off of it
  • teru, at his core, is a neglected child. i won’t assume what his family is like, they could be nice they could not be. they could call him often! he may even visit them from time to time during breaks! but the fact that he is living alone in an apartment at 14 years old is……not good. it’s not good for a 14 year old to live alone without much guidance. even if he keeps in touch with them, it isn’t the same as them actually being there. always keep this in mind
  • if you are going to write teru healing DO NOT write it as if he should push his old self down and forget about it. dont write it as though that “wasn’t actually the real teru” because fuck you. it was
    • rather, teru’s healing process should be about feeling empathy for himself and coming to terms with his past. it should be a path of self-forgiveness and understanding. it should never be about avoidance. he’s done too much of that already
  • i made a post on mirror symbolism once……..mayhaps consider it

ANYWAY………thats all i can think of right now lol