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Fic Rec Days - Bagginshield

No doubt I’m missing tons, but I tried to include as many as possible.

Fluff and Humour

Downhill Slopes by octopus_foolThorin is set on getting to know Shire traditions, even though they don’t sound terribly appealing. One-shot. READ THIS. Our Majestic King tries sledding for the first time, an experience that is apparently terrifying for even the most battle-hardened warriors.

Winter Wish by Jezunya. Frodo climbs up onto the stepstool, Bilbo’s hand on his back to steady him, and grasps the edge of the table in his little hands, carefully following the two DJs’ instructions of not too close and speak slowly and clearly and you’re doing great, kid, and then, when they nod and tell him to speak, he says, right into the microphone: “My Winter Wish is for my uncle to get a boyfriend.” One-shot. Absolutely hilarious, with kid!Frodo, Fili, and Kili thrown in. Thorin and Bilbo are two awkward, lonely, gay saps.

Closing Time by Stickman. In which there is a general store, an exasperated store owner, and that one costumer who always comes in 5 minutes before the store is about to close. One-shot, super cute and hilarious. Thorin is complete trash, and Bilbo is oblivious.

First Impressions by bilboo​. Bilbo Baggins is not a morning person, so he doesn’t really know what’s supposed to happen in that magical time before lunch, but even he realizes finding inconveniently shirtless (and inconveniently attractive) strangers sleeping on his couch isn’t an everyday occurrence.One-shot, incredibly cute and funny. Bilbo wakes up, only to find a stranger (Thorin) passed out on his couch.

Not Quite First Sight by Ias. After a heavy dose of dwarvish medicine, Thorin falls for his intended all over again. One-shot. Seriously, do yourselves a favour and read this (or re-read it). Thorin is a besotted dork, flirting shamelessly with Bilbo, who is endlessly exasperated. He’s shocked when he finds out they’re together, and it’s just super sweet <3

You Should See The Other Guy by diemarysues. Rival gang leaders in the same room - bruises and bites ensue, but probably not how you think. One-shot, sexy and hilarious. Bilbo and Thorin are rival gang members who are secretly hooking up. 

Thorin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by cautionarysnailThorin has a terrible day culminating in a visit to the ER. Fortunately, he’s not the only one. One-shot. Cute, funny, with great banter between the two.

Wedding Night Blues by Signe_chanBilbo had certain expectations of his wedding night. Not all of them were met. One-shot. Asexual Dwarves! 

Alone this Yuletide? Irritated at prying and nosey family members? by EmsiecatAfter becoming increasingly irritated by overtures of romance from various Shire residents following the death of his mother four years ago, Bilbo is more than ready to resort to desperate measures. That is, up to and including pretending to be in a serious relationship with a certain surly blacksmith currently inhabiting the Bindbale Woods. WIP. The classic fake-dating trope with a twist – it’s set in Middle Earth! This is hilarious, and Thorin and Bilbo banter back and forth like an old married couple. Oblivious idiots.

An Unexpected Viewing, or: Excellent Burglar Material Indeed (as narrated by Bilbo Baggins) by Itar94 One moment the Company of Thorin Oakenshield are enjoying their brief respite at Beorn’s house, completely unaware that they are being watched - and that a kidnapping is just about to ensue. But not to worry though! There’s popcorn. Popcorn = good. Or: the start of a silly little series wherein Bilbo and the Dwarves get to watch themselves. On widescreen. WIP. Such, such good crack. Thorin is a complete schmoop, and Bilbo is oblivious.

I Thought I Lost You by @bagginshieldhappiness. “Bilbo,” Thorin murmured beneath his breath, heart clenching as it was gripped by fear’s piercing talons. Their burglar was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly the others faded from his concern as Thorin’s entire world narrowed to the single fact that the hobbit wasn’t with them. One-shot set during the Quest. Overprotective, love-sick, schmoopy Thorin!

Not Quite Legend by @tea-blitzHobbits are merely legend and Gandalf is all too willing to introduce the Dwarves of Erebor to a Hobbit. WIP, the dwarves know nothing of hobbits - literally. Major cultural confusion, hilarious, with mutual pining and obliviousness, miscommunication, sassy Bilbo, and Thorin Dorkenshield.

Indulgence by @baggvinshield. Demisexual!Thorin at it’s best; Bilbo and Thorin’s first time together, wherein Bilbo is incredibly considerate of Thorin’s virginity and makes sure to take things slow. (NSFW)

All the Love in the World by DoreyG. “You know,” it occurs to him one day, out of the blue, and he’s saying it automatically before he can even think of filtering his thoughts or taking a step back or actually holding his tongue, “we’ve become one of those couples that I used to hate.” Bilbo, the one who that sentence was directed at, pauses for a second in his magazine flipping. He wrinkles his forehead, he frowns, he looks briefly up in a manner best described as questioning “…Sorry?” One-shot. Thorin is bumbling and awkward, and Bilbo is beautifully sassy. Great banter between them, just a super sweet fic!

Pining and Angst

Cyrelifis by EshnoazotBilbo Baggins makes it to the docks of the Undying Land the first time; steps foot on the gangway and feels something push at his very soul with a force that makes him slump back onto the deck with a thump… He is trapped, and the undying Lands will not yield entry for him. One-shot. Angst, so much angst. I read this a while ago, yet this fic still stays with me. It is incredibly moving and poignant. If you’re ever in the mood for a good cry, please read this. I can’t even say how amazing it is.

I Was A Lonely Soul by Erbor. It’s been fifty years since the retaking of Erebor and Bilbo Baggins of the Shire has been invited to join in the festivities. Despite his advanced years, he sets out for the faraway kingdom expecting to find old friends, make new memories, and then head back West—but things never go quite the way Bilbo wants them to, and this time it may prove to be a good thing. WIP (½ chapters posted), this is honestly the best characterization of book!Bilbo I have ever seen. It’s honestly amazing, and funny, with bittersweet pining angst.

What was promised by paranoidfridge​. Perhaps Bilbo is being selfish. But even though he knows that Thorin’s mind has grown clouded from cursed gold, he is unwilling to give up on the intimacy they share. And when Thorin - with his mind still bespelled - asks for his hand, Bilbo does not decline either. With armies before the gate and a battle to come, things must come to a head. Complete. BOTFA AU; beautifully painful angst with a happy ending. 

Homesick by margotkim​. Five years after they’ve reclaimed Erebor, Thorin is sick of home, Bilbo is just sick, and neither is handling the situation ideally. WIP. Characterization is amazing, and it’s painful and angsty but also so sweet and humourous.

West of the West by @alkjira. One-Shot. Angst with a happy ending. Set during LOTR; It’s time for Bilbo to travel to the Undying Lands, and Thorin must make a choice.

Middle Earth AU

The Company of Mad Baggins by avelera​​. Thorin has lived twice, but the Quest for Erebor was not his first life, or his first attempt to reclaim his homeland. Meet Thorin in his first life as King of Ered Luin, and disgrace of his line. Weakened by childhood illness, Thorin inherits the throne of Ered Luin after Thráin dies of old age. His first act is to hire the Company of Mad Baggins, led by none other than the dashing and dangerous Mad Bilbo Baggins himself, to reclaim the lost kingdom of Erebor. The story of how a king, a captain, and a wish changed the world. WIP. A huge role reversal here, which is incredibly intriguing to see how it plays out. Bilbo is sassy and flirtatious, whereas Thorin is awkward and bumbling.

Dear Creature of the Homely West by LuciferIsSatanA desolation had befallen Hobbiton and they found themselves without a home and many without their family. Yet, with no way to return to the rolling hills of the Shire, Bilbo Baggins found himself in quite the situation indeed; arranged by lords and royalty, to honour aged treaties and debts of old: his hand to be given off to a king he’s never met, for the security and safety of his people, and never in all his years would he have thought his life to come to this. WIP. Arranged marriage AU with tons of cultural differences, miscommunication, and confusion.

The Unexpected Hobbit: A Journey by alkjira​. “Thorin Oakenshield,” Gandalf began, and Thorin started a little at the use of that name. He hadn’t known that Gandalf was even aware of it. How much had the old man been snooping around? “May I introduce the leader of our company –”The Dwarf held up his hand to Gandalf in a signal for quiet and gave a short but courteous bow as he held Thorin’s gaze.“Bilbo Baggins, at your service,” he said and finally stepped inside, a bemused Thorin giving way almost without thought. Whoever this was, if he would dare to quiet Gandalf – well, perhaps this night still had a chance to turn for the better. Quest AU with a role reversal - Thorin is a hobbit, and Bilbo is King of the exiled dwarves of Erebor. Amazingly, they are completely in-character, but the circumstances lead to alterations in the Quest as they go on.

What Once Was Lost by emerson4embryThere are two realities. In one, Bilbo watched Thorin die on Ravenhill, moved back to the Shire, and adopted Frodo, whose presence helped soften the edges of his grief. In the other, Thorin survived BOTFA, courted Bilbo and made him his consort. Then, three years after the battle, Bilbo dies in a field, trampled beneath the hooves of a plow horse. He lies buried in Erebor. Thorin bleeds with the pain all dwarrows who have lost their Ones know. So, when Bilbo suddenly turns up in Erebor, alive and well, Thorin’s not willing to let him go. His soul recognizes his One, even across realities, and he’s not willing to listen to anyone who suggests he should release Bilbo. WIP. I love this AU, such an amazing idea. Thorin is sweet, if over-protective, trying to court Bilbo in a world where everyone thinks they’re already married. There are a lot of mysterious things going on, with a plot against Erebor.


The Stranger Who Has Loved You by EarendilElwingThorin Durin-Oakenshield has a problem. It’s not his company’s recent legal problems, the invasive police investigations, or the threat of old enemies coming back to haunt him. It’s that he may or may not have developed feelings for his assistant - an assistant who might not be who he claims to be… WIP, a very intriguing AU with a twist on reincarnation. Bilbo is delightfully sassy, and Thorin is pining. Tons of potential here!

Journey to Jurassic by ZapandosAn island full of dinosaurs is pretty crazy. The fact that Bilbo is willingly going to that island (again) with a bunch of strangers who claim that island is theirs is even crazier. It doesn’t help that Bilbo’s size would make him a good pterodactyl snack. WIP. Jurassic Park AU, do I even need to say anything else?? Thorin and Bilbo pining for each other, they’re oblivious dorks, Frerin is alive and Dis is involved as well.

i’m killing time, and time’s killing you by KaavyaWritingBilbo was haunting Thorin… politely. Most of the time. If he happened to see things he shouldn’t, that wasn’t really his fault, was it? It wasn’t like he could just tell Thorin he’s there—haunting didn’t work that way. But he tried to be helpful; he was more of a considerate, if inconspicuous flatmate than anything else…The thing of the matter was, Bilbo was haunting Thorin, politely for the most part. Even though, technically speaking, Bilbo was not dead. WIP. Bilbo is sassy, Thorin is grumpy and hopeless, and Gandalf is up to something.

And there’s a few more recs on a list I did a while back.