a summer night's melancholy

the stars are redefined; a mix for the melancholy in-betweens of the perfect summer night, when the world seems blurry but the stars are redefined- and laying down in the grass and losing yourself in the universe is the most important thing on your mind.

some gentle quiet songs and occasional instrumentals.

it’s love, isn’t it? // howl’s moving castle ;; sad song // christina perri ;; 20 years // the civil wars ;; ships in the night (acoustic) // matt kearney and ingrid michaelson ;; the wind forest // my neighbor totoro ;; follow you down to the red oak tree // james vincent mcmorrow ;; around you // ingrid michaelson ;; right place, right time // tom felton ;; chanson de toile // emilie simon ;; hallelujah // george blagden ;; nausicaa of the valley // nausicaa ;; american // lana del rey ;; 1 am // animal crossing (nintendo) ;; ho hey // the lumineers ;; passenger seat // death cab for cutie

{listen here}