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Title: Newest Addition To The Family

Chapter 6


Summary: (y/n) sees jasper drinking blood, looks like she wants some too.

Paring: father ! Emmett x daughter! Reader, mother! Rosalie x daughter! Reader, family members! Cullen/Hale family x baby! Reader, uncle! Jasper x niece! Reader

(Y/n) slept the whole afternoon and that night away, Jasper would check her regularly to see if she had used the bathroom in her pamper. Whenever she did he would change her quickly without looking and she wouldn’t wake up. 

When she did finally wake up it was early morning, the sun wasn’t up yet and jasper was nearly done with his 4th book. A yawn could be heard from the crib before he saw (y/n) roll over onto her stomach staring into his eye’s.

“Looks like someone’s up, hmm little lady-” jasper walked up to her crib his book already closed and sat on the chair he was seated in not to look ago, picking up the child jasper gave her a smile. “Looks like someone’s hungry, perhaps?” He questions.

That’s another thing jasper wondered about, the whole family knew he had a hard time with his hungry problem around humans so why wasn’t he ever hungry around (y/n), “Hmm maybe I’m getting better.” He whispered to himself.

Walking into the living room jasper sat (y/n) down in the bouncer chair that sat on the floor, before he turnt on the tv. Changing the channel to Tom and Jerry, Jasper exchanged a look with (y/n) only for her to more focused in the show playing in front of her.

Leaving her alone for a minute he walked into the kitchen before he got started on making her bottle, grabbing a blood packet filled with animal blood he poured it into as glass cup and made his way back into the living room. Placing the bottle down on her lap, without breaking eye contact with the T.V she picked it up and sucked on it for a while before she pulled it away from hee mouth and made a whining noise.

“Don’t like milk.” Jasper asked, even though she couldn’t reply.

(Y/n) looked up at jasper before her eyes landed on the animal blood in the glass, making grabby hands towards it jasper shook his head, “You can’t have blood sugar.”

Pouting, her blood red eyes where fixed in a glare towards jasper before she took a deep breath and started crying.

Roslie was the first to rush into the room picking up her crying child and holding her close, glaring at Jasper the blonde vampire mother hadn’t said anything she just continued rocking her child. 

When (y/n) stopped crying that’s when Rosalie finally spoke up, “What did you do to her?” She hissed out at Jasper, by now the rest of the family expect for Bella and Renemsee came into the living room to see what had happened.

“I didn’t do anything-” he spoke calmly standing up from his spot on the couch, “(Y/n) saw me with blood and wanted some and I simply said that she couldn’t have any.”

Rosalie looked down at (y/n) who was still eying Jasper’s animal blood in his glass that was in his hand, “Hmm-” Carlisle said stepping forward he gestured toward Jasper to hand him the cup and jasper did, grabbing (y/n)’s bottle he poured the milk out before washing it out and pouring some of the animal blood from jasper cup into her bottle, heading back he handed jasper his cup back and have Rosalie the bottle to hand to (y/n) each and everyone of the Cullen/Hale’s were waiting. Roslaie gave the bottle to (y/n) who gladly took it and sucked on it smiling a blood gummy smile when she pulled away from the bottle. “A human who drinks blood, interesting.”

Everyone sat down on the couch just watching (y/n) drink the animal blood from her bottle,since it was only a little bit in the bottle the child wanted more so Carlise got up to fill up her bottle with some more.

“Could she be a vampire?” Emmett asked, finally deciding it as time to get some answers, “If she was that could explain the red eyes. But why would anyone wanna turn a baby.” Carlise said coming back into the room handing Rosalie the bottle who feed her daughter it.

“You’ve seen Victoria turn a bunch of teens into newborns what makes you thing she’s any different.” Edward said, “Only problem is Victoria is dead.” Alice responded.

(Y/n) sensed the uneasiness between her family before she dropped her now empty bottle out of her lap, “Ma-” everyone turnt toward the child who was trying to speak, seeing the attention she had (y/n) giggled and rolled over in he mother’s arms but didn’t get pretty far.

No one said anything but as much as they wanted answers they knew they would go unanswered.

Home - Chapter 3: I’ll Watch Over You  (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)


Summary: You have been dating Daryl for months before settling in Alexandria together. Daryl goes out on a run and you await his return impatiently and think about him as you await his return. Pre-Negan Era. Reader continues to reminisce about the first night she spent with Daryl after her father’s death.

Warnings: Walker Killing, Grief, Family Death, Fluff

Word Count: 2,228


“Alright, move your feet. That’s it. You always have to be one step ahead of them.” I can hear Michonne guiding me from behind as I encircle the walker we have encountered in the woods. This is the reason we were out here. After meeting up with Rick’s group, you were told that guns were not the best solution to these dead walkers and that the best defense was learning how to kill them as quietly as possible, a knife being one of the best silent weapons to use.  I was a little taken aback by this, as shooting guns was the only way I ever knew or saw to kill a walker. But once you were told that noise could draw them in, you knew you had to learn how to be more proficient at killing these assholes.

You tried to listen intently to Michonne as you shuffled your feet fasted on the dried leaves and twigs beneath your feet.

The walkers moan and limped closer to me, but didn’t have a chance to catch you as you quickly darted in a circular motion around it, not giving it a second to catch up to you.

“That’s right.” Michonne praised. “Now try to get behind it and stab it from behind before it has a chance to turn.” She instructed.

You gripped my knife harder in your hand and began to again circle the walker two more times, before feeling ready. You stopped quickly behind it, locked your feet in a forward stand, and thrust your knife upward into the back of its skull as hard as could. You felt the knife penetrate the skull bone and into the brain. The dead thing suddenly stopped moving slammed to the ground, face first.

Your breath was catching as the adrenaline pumped through your veins. You had to admit, You loved this feeling, and you loved killing as many of these things as you could. Ever since that night when the last of your family was taken, all you wanted to do was kill as many of the as you could. Now I know how dad felt after mom and my sister died. You thought sadly, but matter-of-factly. Your chest heaved up and down as you felt your heart pumping the blood through your veins, you could feel it in yours ears.

You look up at Michonne for approval, only to see her with a big grin on her face, she was obviously proud.

“Good. Now that we have mastered one…” She looks over to our right where two more have now appeared.

We grinned at each other and both began to run towards our new targets…

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#6. Genesis (Gabriel, Castiel, Michael, “Chuck”)

summary: Gabe and Cas go to see their father’s newest creation – the first human – which results in lasting consequences.

words: 550

Castiel couldn’t keep up with Gabriel, but he tried anyway, and the archangel was amused enough by his excitement to let him stay close. The fact was, no matter what the rank, they all had felt the exaltation of their Father’s work. It had erupted around them as atoms formed, light and shadow fractured and fissured, all of it mixed and mingling, redefining what it meant to see, to know, to feel.

A world was being born.

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