a suit is essential


There’s an astronaut in a gorilla suit floating around the International Space Station

We have no idea why this suit was deemed essential enough to send into zero gravity, or why Kelly himself found it personally important. But it’s kind of heartwarming to know that even astronauts on the ISS share the ability to keep completely useless and unwieldy items around the home.


Now this is how you do a “beach body” ad

“Beach body” and “cellulite” are terms we rarely put together, but plus-size bathing suit company swimsuitsforall has essentially said “Screw that” with a new ad campaign called “Beach Body. Not Sorry.” The best part: The campaign features plus-size model Denise Bidot — and is going where others won’t.


     No cockpit demands as much intense focus as an SR-71 Blackbird’s, and in frustrating irony, no cockpit offers a better view. There was no time to look out the window. The plane knew when your eyes started to wander to the spectacle of earth from 85,000 feet; that’s when something would go wrong. There was much to monitor. The many “steam gauge” instruments reflect a bygone era, giving the pilot information ranging from heading to compressor inlet temperature, each dial representing a critically important system.

      Even though this cockpit was operated through 2,854 flight hours, it looks brand new. That’s because it was only ever flown using the gloved hands of a crew member wearing the essential high altitude pressure suit. Every control is large enough to be adjusted with those bulky pressure suit gloves. 

     You sit atop your throne, the SR-1 ejection seat, which carries a rare 100% success rate. To operate the circuit breakers, you must reach beside and behind your seat, outside your field of view through the pressure suit helmet. To make sure you actuate the correct breaker, you count down the rows and columns by feel.

     March Field Air Museum in Riverside, California, is kind enough to display SR-71A 17975 with her cockpit open. This gives us a rare peek inside the world of the Blackbird, allowing us to look inside something that was formerly top secret and reserved only for a privileged few crew members. These photos were captured using a camera extended into the cockpit via monopod. At no point did I or my equipment come in contact with the artifact.

I love how in the first Avengers, Steve basically asks Tony what would he be without ‘suit’. Tony’s response is, of course, “Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist.”

Essentially, under the armor, he had more armor. Things to hide behind long before he was ever trapped in a cave with a box of scraps. He hid behind his intellect, his money, his intimacy issues, and his need to be useful to hide that broken little boy from the big bad world. 


In college, I was talking with a friend and wondered, what happened to jumpsuits? I came up with a really specific idea of a white one-piece Adidas shell suit I wanted with gold three-stripes down the side. I searched for it and couldn’t find one, but I did end up finding what’s essentially a ski suit, which may be my favorite item of clothing. People were like, “Why did you buy that? It’s so ridiculous,” but when it got cold, I was cruising around in my one-piece jumpsuit like, yeah, I’m the one laughing now.

what i really want to see in MTMTE is a scene where Ultra Magnus et al. have been surrounded by enemies, and they’re outnumbered so they have to surrender, and idk somehow the badguys know about Minimus Ambus, so they demand that he take off the Magnus armour, and Minimus is like “are u sure” and they’re like “yes!! take it off now!!”

SO what he does, because he has slight control over how the individual parts come off, is that he essentially “explodes” his suit off and uses the pieces as projectile weapons to knock out the entire group of bad guys. he uses the Magnus fists like rockets on a couple of big dudes. his crotchplate hits the badguy leader right in the face, who’s left teetering and dizzy. tiny Minimus walks over to him and says “as you wish” and pushes him over with his tiny finger.

Part 3: Tokyo Ghoul :Re Ch. 102 (Raw Text Translation)

[Kaneki and Nishiki are talking late in the day]

Nishiki: That’s great to hear, that Naki and his group will be fighting with us.

Kaneki: It’s a great help. There are still a large number of White Suits left. They’ll be essential to our battle potential.

Nishiki: This is.. the aforementioned “Daikan Akuto”. (TN: This seems to be a group name… like “Large Ring Scoundrels”? Not too sure yet.) 

He hands the business card to Kaneki. The name on it is “Yamamoto Jiro”.

Kaneki: The “Ghoul Support Group”?

Nishiki: Yes, this group is currently being cracked down on. They are just barely skimming above the Countermeasure law by the looks of it. He said that they have a medical team too. They seems like they’re some suspicious cult, but  I guess they’re another example of what Takatsuki Sen left behind in her influence.

Kaneki: …

Nishiki: Since that Okama found us, we should probably move hiding places again. I dunno what we’ll do with the injured though.

Kaneki: If they were going to launch a surprise attack on us, they already would have. We’ll eventually have to move somewhere else, but we’re okay for now. I guess that Nico is working on a different axis than Furuta.

Nishika: I see, then what should we do now?

Kaneki: We try to contact him.

Kaneki goes to see how Akira is doing.

Kaneki: (Please wait just a little longer, Akira-san…)

[Kaneki and his crew go to the meeting place for Ogura]

Nishiki: It’s fine that we’re making a move, but what if it’s a trap?

Kaneki: A trap is fine with me. We just need to figure out who is behind it. That’s also useful to know.

Tsukiyama: Heh, Nice Imagination Kaneki-kun (TN: in English)

Nishiki: How did you scrape together the suits?

Tsukiyama: Tiko was able to do it for me. (TN: Tiko was one of the Managers of one of the Tsukiyama Umbrella companies. It looks like he survived.)

Man: Hello.

Kaneki: !

Man: I am Ogura of the Daikan Akuto.

Narration: The Ghoul Researcher Ogura has appeared. Just what is this man planning ?! Next time, the discussion with Ogura.

I’m sorry, I can’t draw mechs for shit, but I tried haha *sobs* Still had loads of fun with this though.

When I saw the prompts for Lapidot week 2, my eyes landed immediately on the Day 7 “pilots” and my brain was screaming for me to do a Pacific Rim crossover haha! [Pacific Universe]

Had to skip the last two days just for this one, since had to do a bit of research on the pilot suits and Jaegers. Honestly the designs aren’t as original as I wanted them to be due to time constraints, Lapis and Peridot’s suits are essentially the same suit Mako wears minus the star. The Jaeger I just slapped some designs together and said “eh good enough”.

Yeah Peridot’s got a scar on her forehead due to a training accident. Also the name of their Jaeger is ”Viridian Cobalt”. Admittedly I’m surprised this crossover isn’t done more often, since “drifting” in the Pacific Rim verse is essentially a mind meld and the closest humans can get to fusion.

“The deeper the bond, the better you fight”  - Releigh Becket -

Anyway I’ll shut up now, sorry I talk too much.