a study of the view over a plane wing

Cameron Dallas imagine for gilinskysbitch

Imagine #11

Request: Hi, can I pretty please have a Cameron imagine where we first meet and instantly fall in love or something? Idk something cute haha, thanks if you’ll do it :) btw my name is Gina

**cam’s not famous in this, (his pov)**

I board what seems to be my hundredth plane this month. I’m on my gap year, and I’m flying all over the world. Discovering new places and possibilities. It’s interesting to see what other people are like and what different lifestyles they lead.

I’m just boarding a plane that will take me to Amsterdam. I’ve just been in Rome for the past two days and I decided I wanted to go to Amsterdam so, to Amsterdam I will go.

I shove my bag in the overhead compartment and look down at the small seat below me, it’s only a small plane so there’s two seats, an isle and then another two seats. I shrug and slide in, taking my place next to the window. I decide to plug my headphones in, since I boarded early, and take a nap. I’ll wake up soon so I just rest my head against the window and let the consciousness drain away.

I’m sharply awoken by a soft prod in my upper arm. I stir and pull my headphones out, realising that there was no music playing. I look at my phone and realise the time, take off time. I look beside me to the person who prodded me, a girl has taken the space that filled the empty chair beside me. A very pretty girl as well, I smile at her and she blushes. She simply points her finger up to the flight attendant who is stood over us both. “Sir, I’m going to need you to turn off your device as we take off. You’ll be fine to turn it back on about twenty minutes into the flight.” She smiles at me and I nod.

“Sure, sorry.” I fiddle with my phone until it’s turned off and then shove it in my pocket, make sure that my seatbelt is fastened then lean back into my seat. I watch out the window as the plane starts to make its way to the runway. I turn to the girl who’s name I do not know yet, when I turn to her she’s already looking at me. She smiles at me so I smile back. “Amsterdam, huh?” That’s all I say. Out of all the things I could have possibly said I say that.

She just laughs, tucks a piece of hair behind her ear and says, “Yup. Been wanting to go ever since I was a little girl but I never got the chance.” She fiddles with her seatbelt as the sudden acceleration sends a wave of shock over her. She just shuts her eyes for a second or two whilst the plane speeds up.

I cock one of my eyebrows as the thought occurs to me, “Have you never been on a plane before?”

She opens one eye to look at me, “yeah, when I was like five.” A little gasp escapes her lips as the plane tilts upwards. Another thought occurs to me, “are you by yourself?”

She nods, “Yeah.” She stays quiet whilst the plane takes off, the unusual experience settling in with her. I don’t bother asking her why she’s by herself, none of my business really. She softly opens her eyes and lets her eyes wander the plane before they land on mine. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I got your name?” She asks me. Smiling slightly, the plane levels out so now she’s able to concentrate on something else.

“Cameron.” I clear my throat, “yourself?”

“Gina.” She speaks.

For a few minutes we kind of just stay silent, it’s not an awkward silence, it’s actually quite comfortable. A sudden shake to the plane makes Gina worry, she grabs onto my hand for a second before she realises what she’s done. “It’s okay,  just turbulence.” I whisper to her softly, making her tense muscles relax. She pulls her hand away from mine and her cheeks quickly grow a dark crimson colour. “I am so, so sorry.” She rushes; realising that her worried gesture might of meant something else to me. I just laugh and shrug it off, “no worries.”

The plane quickly flies into the sunset and I hear a gasp of admiration come from beside me. “Wow.” She breathes. I turn and look back out of the little window; the flight was at teatime so we will probably land when it’s just getting dark. The best time to fly if you ask me. Gina leans over a little bit, our arms resting on one another. I look down at her hand, inches away from mine, then back out of the window. The plane wing extends out towards the gleaming sun and the clouds scatter themselves below us. The sky above us is a dark purple but as it stretches off into the horizon it softens out to a warm orange. Hints of blue appear here and there and it is simply breathtaking. I move my head away from the window and look at Gina who’s still studying the view before us. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so beautiful.” I murmur. Glancing up at her concentrating eyes then back to her facial features. “I know. It’s beautiful.” She says back, not realising that I wasn’t talking about the view out the window. It’s so cheesy, but very true. It dawns on her that I actually meant her, she swallows back a lump in her throat and smiles at me, moving away from the window but linking her hand in mine. “I meant that.” I say to her. Giving her hand a little squeeze.

She smiles to me, her eyes locking with mine, “thank you.” She says.

I take the time of the rest of the flight to find out about where she’s from. She lives on the other side of the country to where I do. She’s only a few months younger than me and we both agreed to go around Amsterdam together. Normally, I wouldn’t do this to someone who I met an hour and a half ago but, something just feels okay about it. It feels right.

a/n: I kinda like this one… if only this would happen in real life, paha. Picture isn’t mine:) That’s where I got the inspiration for this imagine. Thanks for reading!:D requests are open as per :)