a study in spooky


it’s fall break, which means spoopy spreads, book lists, animal crossing, studio ghibli movies, and warm milk w/ honey, vanilla, and sugar!!

i think i’m gonna make an animal crossing sideblog this week!!!

how do you all spend your breaks from classes? drop by my ask box and tell me!!



“Where there is no imagination there is no horror.” - Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet, 1887 |  Delissa McWilliams


🌙hello studyblrs!!🌙 Ah! I’ve been wanting to make a real one of these for so long c’: and here it is! My first post! I am new to this all but I am excited to learn more.

Here are some quick facts! 

  • 🖤 I’m a graduating senior with a major in psych and a minor in cognitive science
  • 🖤I’m currently finishing up my thesis and then soon after studying for my GRE in hopes of applying to PhD programs this fall 
  • 🖤 I’m obsessed with all things spooky and I will surely incorporate that into my study aesthetic in all ways possible.
  • I genuinely love looking into the paranormal-esque related world and will include some heavy duty research on that matter! I also hope to start a youtube channel exploring some of this c:

Some of my absolute favorite studyblrs have been:

  1. @tbhstudying
  2. @psychblr
  3. @psychstvdies
  4. @acadmia
  5. @studyrelief
  6. @studypsy
  7. @studyhards
  8. @stillstudies
  9. @studyplants
  10. @sstudys

((All these are all followed on my main account sad-gh0stt, my studyblr is my side one c:))

 I have loved this community from afar and I’m so happy to be able to finally join in this motivational and positive group!! I hope all of you are doing well ✨👻 -Lrra xx