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Tuesday, June 14th, 2016.

Letter; some say old fashioned, other say snail mail, I just think they’re glorious really. It more personal than a text. It’s more meaningful than a call. Yet it’s not quite as great as seeing that person in real life. 

ID #32198

Name: Hel
Age: 18
Country: Australia

wowza what to tell?? I’m currently studying journalism in my first year of uni, I really love literature and art and the universe and astrology and mythology and pretty much everything. I also love learning about cultures and languages. I can speak Italian I’m currently learning Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (but thats so hard!) I’m really hoping for a snailmail penpal, I love the idea of actually writing letters to someone else!

Preferences: 17-25 years old, preferably someone who wants snailmail

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Name: Stephanie
Age: 19
Country: USA

Hi I’m Stephanie! Im a second year student in college studying Psychology and Special Education. I have never had a pen pal, but receiving and writing mail sounds really fun. Who gets real letters anymore? (well aside from bills and spam lmao).

I am very interested in music, I love all kinds but especially rap, trap, dubstep, and alternative. A weird mix, i know, but different moods equate to different preferences I guess. I also will be traveling all summer as a camp counselor for kids on military bases.

Anyways, I’ve never had a pen pal before, and id love to have that experience! Im open to any sort of conversations like politics, music, pop culture, etc.

Preferences: 19+, male or female


[09.20.17] 8/100 days of productivity

Absolutely in love with this autumn-themed stationery! I finished my homework early and now I’m writing letters to some old study abroad friends. 

(Also, if anyone ever wants snail mail, let me know! I need more pen pals.) 

I'm looking for studyblr penpals!

Hey, so I want to chat with people over long snail mail letters (and probably cry too) as well as exchange regional little gifts (I have this lovely store called Collage, you should Google it!) Every now and then in an attempt to make some more friends and get some happy mail ♡ because empty mailboxes are no fun! If anyone is interested please message me! I promise I’m not boring though I do ramble!

  I know this is not the “genre” or whatever we may call it off my blog but I feel like as a person, I have a right to discuss certain things and you have a right to know. I also have to say, the way I’m going to my point may seem a little messy, but this just symbolizes the steps it took me to want to know. Humans consequently have a complex relationship with animals, and there’s a whole field of study that focuses on just this. I feel more inclined to talk about food concerning animals. Often many of us know that animals are not treated right, yet I feel like we do not know because we aren’t willing to see it! My window to learn this was when I instead learned about the actual impacts of dairy and meat on our bodies and how certain myths or what we’re taught in middle school in America isn’t true. What really made me dive in was when I read about how snails are treated through PETA for personal research I was doing on snail ingredients in cosmetics, which took a different route than planned. In turn, I went in a full circle in facing how animals are treated through a beauty influencer who was inspired to go Vegan and what truth she saw that made her face it. My point is not to tell you how to eat or what to do. My only goal is to nudge you in becoming more independent and not naive in the things you learn. Question everything, including me.

 Ignorance is a comfort, but knowledge is liberating.

 The sources I give not only exposes you to topics of health, healthy eating, dairy, meat, vegetables, fruits, but so much more. For instance, climate change and how much more affect the agriculture industry may have on it than us. Or just how much animals are abused. Or even settle myths we are tricked into believing, like how olive oil helps you lose weight and is better to cook with. Please don’t believe everything you see on social media, youtube, or from a friend. Even question statistics because if it’s singled out, you’re not looking at the full source and you don’t know the context. Or the numbers may be played with. On the other hand, it may even just be simply true. My purpose is, don’t have someone’s truth be your own. Find your own truth.

Sources you can use to learn about a variety of these topics

  • “Some we Love, Some we hate, Some we eat” by Hal Herzog (researched book) 
  • PETA (website/organization)
  • “Cowspiracy” on Netflix (documentary) 
  • “Food, inc.” on Netflix (documentary) 
  • “Eat to Live” by Joel Fuhrman (researched book) This isn’t really about the ethics or reality, but in many ways one can see it about the ethics of how we’re treating our own bodies and how many wrong things we’ve been taught that I was shocked yet humbled by. I highly recommend this even if you’re disinterested in becoming exposed to such a major issue because from what I feel and being over a hundred pages in, he isn’t looking at it from an animal cruelty point of view. 

  These are complex topics, but please feel free to add on sources for people to use and learn from (including me) or mere opinions. Opinions bring exposure, and this isn’t necessarily for just animals, it shows why we should care. As said I am not going to lecture you on what to believe and what I think, but my goal is to nudge you in finding your truth, not on just myths and theories. Or what you just heard. Find data, stats, research, information because that brings more value and security in your truth. Always look at the other side too, the “Skeptics” side because that drives you in seeing not everything is black and white, and that there are ways they can be wrong and even right. We don’t get anywhere when we make life a pure debate, and everything is you vs. me. This is why Rogerian argument is so important!

Back to my few months break- 

ID #96287

Name: Carolina
Age: 22
Country: USA 

Hi, i’m currently a senior in college with a major in International Studies. My biggest interests are probably anime and video games, it’s because of that that i’ve actually chosen to study Japanese. I watch a lot of american tv (particularly shows based on comic books), and listen to a lot of Korean and Japanese music (tbh I know more about that than I know about American music). I’m also a second generation Latina so I also know Spanish but i’m not very good at it. I prefer speaking or reading it compared to writing it! Unfortunately i’m not the most artistic person so any letters I write probably won’t be the prettiest but I love stationary so there’s that lol

Preferences: I’m going to say i’m fine with anyone choosing to contact me as I assume everyone that looks on here is lovely, I prefer people close in age to me (2 years on either side) but that’s not a breaking point if you’re not!