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Kim Jaehwan Harry Potter AU

  • again jaehwan is in slytherin and you’re in hufflepuff
  • he’s a pureblood and you’re a halfblood and you guys have known each other like forever
  • got that whole childhood friends thing going on
  • and when you get to hogwarts people are always impressed that you’re such good friends with the legendary kim jaehwan
  • he’s so cool!”
  • little do they know, the only reason people think jaehwan is cool is because he doesn’t talk much to people that aren’t his friends lmao
  • the type to never back down from a dare
  • “say i won’t eat this whole row of puking pastilles”
  • “you won’t”
  • a few seconds later jaehwan is groaning asking you to carry him to the medical wing
  • for some reason someone thought it would be funny to partner you two up in herbology
  • *cough* you hard carry your guys’ grades *cough*
  • he can’t stop laughing at the mandrakes
  • “theyre so ugly oh my god they look like you”
  • “bitch exit”
  • you may be a hufflepuff but you can still serve that sass 💁
  • you help him study for his herbology owls while he helps you with the potions one
  • falling asleep in the library and waking up to a steaming mug of coffee and jaehwans incredibly happy face
  • during holiday vacations you alternate staying with his parents or staying at yours
  • his parents are aurors and yours are businesspeople so they have kind of patchy schedules
  • when he stays over at your house, your muggle dad introduces him to like muggle music 
  • and he’s like in love
  • you guys go out to muggle london and buy a guitar together and he teaches himself how to play it in like a WEEK
  • you just watch while he strums away at the thing
  • when you go back to school he makes sure to bring it with him
  • and keeps it with him on the hogwarts express so that it doesn’t get dinged up with the rest of his luggage
  • the school year starts and you notice that he’s started doing this thing where he’s maybe flirting with you???
  • but you’re kind of oblivious to that sort of thing so you just ignore it
  • your friends from hufflepuff are convinced that he likes you
  • and they want the best for you so they start plotting
  • and when hufflepuffs start plotting for a friend they go ham
  • basically they come up with this elaborate scheme to lock you guys in this closet?
  • and the two of you just kind of sit there and chat
  • and youre like man i really don’t know why nayoung would shove us in a closet? my friends all seem to think that you like me but obviously you don’t
  • and jaehwan is like
  • are u fucking stupid
  • you’re reaaaaaally oblivious to these things haha
  • “dude i’ve been bringing you food to your dorm for like two years now.”
  • “and you live RIGHT NEXT TO THE KITCHENS.”
  • you can’t help but laugh at his exasperated expression
  • dating jaehwan is like dating a record player
  • literally
  • he’ll send you howlers to wake up in the morning 
  • they’re of him singing obnoxiously loud
  • and one time you asleep in his bed in the slytherin dorm bc he was playing really soft music on his guitar, content to just be in the present moment with you and his music
  • and you wake up for a bit and see him cleaning the guitar the muggle way, without magic like your dad taught him
  • and instantly you know that’s the man you wanna spend the rest of your life with
  • once he’s done he sets a little pillow barricade up between the two of you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable or anything sleeping in his bed.
  • and you roll your eyes and take the pillows away, cuddling up to him
  • and of course the next morning, his roommates take pictures of the two of you
  • but it’s cute to have the little moving pictures of the two of you in bed just being in love
Ravenclaw!Mark || Hogwarts AU

Gryffindor!Jackson || Hufflepuff!Yugyeom || Hufflepuff!Youngjae || Ravenclaw!Mark || Ravenclaw!Jinyoung || Slytherin!Bambam || Slytherin!JB

Credit for gif -> xxx 

  • House: Ravenclaw
  • Year: Seventh
  • Half-Blood
    • Literally wants to get the fuck out of there already
    • Like cool magic, cool a wizard tried to kill people, cool I’m not a normal human, like cool I guess.

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Hi, I was wondering if you do would includes and if so could you do a being Lydia’s fraternal twin sister and dating Theo would include? Thanks.

  • you and theo would be in AP bio together and be partners
  • being a cheerleader (senior captain nonetheless)
  • him coming to all the games he can 
  • study dates working on AP classes
  • you guys having sass fights
  • makeout sessions EVERYWHERE
  • Bruises on your hips from him holding you
  • scratches on his back 
  • stiles repeatedly telling you to stay away from him 
  • stiles gagging when ever you guys show PDA around him
  • lydia thinking its super cute and is really happy for you
  • torn when he sends lydia to eichen house
  • knowing that he is evil but cant help to still love him
  • him trying to get you to see his side of the story
  • hearing him out and listening to his backstory and how the dread doctors manipulated him
  •  being there when he gets sent to hell tears streaming down your face
  • going down to the site on his birthday leaving a flower
  • falling deeply depressed
  • distancing  your self from the pack except from lydia 
  • when he comes back the pack doesnt let him see you 
  • you finally see him at the school 
  • he starts to cry
  • talking about college and helping theo apply at the same ones as you
  • taking his truck up to uni and living together


"You were my only friend." -Hannah Baker ft Jeff Atkins

A/N: so I added a fourteenth tape, even tho clay already did but idk just go with it idkidkidk the bold is the tapes btw and it’ll have ’ these like quotes 😂
‘Well I should probably start on the day I met you. It was 4th period and I had English in Mrs. Kaylee’s class. You were to the left of me, really focused on your paper. I was struggling a lot and so was most the class, how the fuck were we supposed to know this bullshit?!’
“Ugh.” I sighed again leaning back in my chair. I glanced over at Y/n Y/l/n, stupid smart people. She seemed so focused, she was top of our class for fucks Sake. I was struggling, just like 99.9% of the class
She put her pencil down and turned in her paper to the teacher and they had a hushed, quick, conversation.
Y/n glanced in my directions and then nodded at Mrs.Kaylee. She strutted over to me her heels clicking against the tile floors before she was right in front of me.
“Hi.” She smiled with her perfect white teeth.
“Hey Y/n.” I said back.
“After school, you should stop by Monte’s. I can give you a ride, we should study together.” She offered still smiling.
I smiled back at her ‘lets make some friends’, i thought to myself. “Yeah of course.” I smiled at her.
“Great!” She said cheerfully.
**2 months later**
“Haha very funny Baker.” Y/n laughed bitterly.
“Sorry but it’s true!” I yelled back laughing a little.
“HANNAH!” She yelled at me crumpling paper and throwing it at me.
“You aren’t funny! I’m sorry.” I laughed more and our English homework surrounded us.
“Whateves.” She muttered playfully rolling her eyes.
I heard the front door open and footsteps in the house.
“What the fuck is that?!” I whisper yelled at her. Y/n’s sister was in Florida right now and her parents weren’t supposed to be home until tomorrow morning, they worked an hour away from where we were and they were staying at y/n’s grandma’s tonight.
“It’s probably just-” she was cut off by Jeff swinging her door open with Clay right behind him.
“Hey babe.” Jeff said wrapping his arms around y/n and she smiled at him.
“Hi Hannah.” Clay said awkwardly from the doorway.
“Helmet.” I smiled back at him and then looked at the sickeningly cute couple.
“Umm bye Jeff we need to study.” I sassed at him and he looked up at me and stood back up.
“Bye Hannah.” Jeff said turning to me, “love you.” He leaned down and kissed y/n’s cheek.
“Love you too.” She said back and they left and quick as they came in.
'We could have been great friends y/n, we were for a while. We had some good times. Like long talks over the phone. you would always sleep over. We wore matching outfits sometimes. You were my friend, you were my only friend. And not to mention you and Jeff’s relationship. I wish Clay and I could be just like that. I thought you cared y/n, I thought I finally found someone somewhat decent in Liberty High. But I was wrong.’
*school day after Jeff’s accident*
I walked around the corner as my eyes welled up with tears.
“Y/n…” I breathed out and she had an oversized letterman jacket on that for sure belonged to Jeff. Her eyes were red and puffy and her face was sad looking.
“Leave me alone Hannah.” She whispered putting her head down and leaning in between Monty and Zach. The jocks were all around in a circle outside y/n’s locker and their conversation was quiet and hushed.
“y/n please listen to me.” I whined trying to get her out of there because I knew they’d jump to her side If she was even uncomfortable a little bit. Monty glanced in my direction. A tear slipped from my eyes which I quickly wiped away.
“What the fuck are you so upset for?” Y/n demanded, “you barley knew him! Why does everything have to be about you? Goddamn Hannah you fucking selfish bitch leave me alone!” She yelled. By now everyone is the hall was looking at us.
More tears gather in my eyes which I choked back a sob.
'I knew you didn’t mean it. I knew you were just in pain. But it hurt.’
“Just walk away Baker! Leave her alone.” Monty said protectively pulling her into his body. And by now she was almost crying.
“Y/n can I please-”
“Good bye Hannah. Just leave her alone.” Sheri said back.
'I was so mad. How could she just sit here and act like she didn’t do anything wrong?! How could she make me look like the bad guy!?'br> 'So y/n, you don’t belong here. On these tapes I mean. I know you didn’t mean it but you ignored my everyday. Never spoke to me. You stop coming over and calling me. You just literally dropped our friendship as quick as it happened. I know you’re a good person. I’m proud of you, you’ve come a long way. I love you y/n, you were a good friend for a while…’

Wicked Fate: 6

One Two Three Four Five Seven Eight Nine Epilogue

Lol I’m laughing so hard over this chapter, it’s so funny at first I can’t! 😂


Understanding how the pack worked was easier than you expected. Taeil had sat you down one evening after staying for dinner to explain the entire history of wolves and how they worked. You learned how they could communicate through telepathy while in wolf form, or how strong their senses were in general, including strength and a good sense of intuition.

At school, your friends were bombarded with many questions at lunch. Including how far they could hear or see, and enjoyed learning how being a werewolf affected their emotions strongly, or how they learned to control phasing from a young age.

And over the next week, spending time with Jeno was intoxicating. His presence to you personally was almost an addiction.

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If You Wonder

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Im Jaebum x Reader

Based off: If You Wonder by Jeff BernatI strongly suggest you listen to it, it’s honestly the sweetest song ever.

Genre: Fluff/a little angsty?? (maybe not? I don’t know lol)

A/N: I don’t usually write since I’m pretty self conscious and critical of my non-existent creative abilities but this is one of my favourite songs and the idea has been rolling around in my head for a while so I figured I’d put pen to paper and see how it goes.

If you wonder why

Why I love to give you flowers on a Wednesday

12 dozen roses at your door

You opened the door to your apartment early in the morning only to be met with an assemblage of roses shoved into your face. The arrangement was so large you could barely see the person behind it, the only aspect giving them away was the peek of their shoes from underneath, “I’m sorry about last night…” you heard a mumble from behind the flowers and suppressed a giggle. You grabbed the bouquet from your boyfriend, almost tumbling backwards since you didn’t realise how heavy it actually was.

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I’m Not Her

​A/N: This is kind of sad, in this Hayden actually died in 5x10 (no hate against layden) and this is set quite a bit after that. It’s cute though eventually :)

Pairing: Liam Dunbar X Reader

Summary: The reader and Liam have a FWB, and she quickly develops feelings that she thinks are unreciprocated.

Warnings: SMUT, swearing, angst, eventual fluff

Word count: 4.5K

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Survival and Intelligence

Can you write a Reid X reader fic where Spencer and reader have a son and he is extremely smart like Spencer. one day he is kidnapped and the team and reader are trying to find him. The ending is up to you

I can most certainly do this.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

You couldn’t understand.  It had been merely seconds.

“How long did you have your back turned!?” Spencer yelped as you ran your fingers through your hair.

“I swear, Spencer, I was just reaching for my keys,” you breathe as tears pour down your face.

You had heard him scream.  You had heard him call out for you.

And then you had heard a door slam as you watched a car skid off.

No license plate.

No model of the car.

Nothing came to mind except the sheer terror that you were under.

Your son was gone.

Your bright, beautiful, gifted son was gone.

How was he going to survive?  Your husband was the smartest man you had ever come across.  You knew the statistics that were running through his head as the team skidded into the school parking lot.

You were street smart, for the most part.  But your son took after Spencer.

Your son was so very, very book smart.

And not at all intelligent about people.

They were going to kill your son.

And you sank to your knees as your husband kept drilling you with questions.

You furrowed your brow as you felt your phone vibrate for the third time in your pocket.

Taking your phone out, you flip it open and see an unrecognizable phone number.

And then you watched that number flash up on the screen again.

Just one vibrate before it hung up.

“What is it?” Spencer breathes, his voice gone from the yelling he had done in desperation to pull information out of you.

You didn’t even want to look at him.

“Is Garcia around?” you ask as your phone vibrates again.

“What is it, mama?” she asks.

“This number keeps calling.  One ring, hang up.  One ring, hang up…” you drift off.

She smiles as she takes your phone from you and plugs it into her laptop.

“Hotch!?” she calls as she begins pinging the calls now coming in from that same number.

“I think it’s him,” she breathes.

“What?” you say as your eyes widen.

But Spencer pushes by you, nearly knocking you to the ground as Morgan glares at him and Spencer hunches over Garcia.

“That’s my boy!” Spencer yelps as Garcia begins sending coordinates to Hotch and Rossi’s phones.

“We’ll follow the path.  Garcia, keep in touch,” Hotch commands.

“On it, boss,” Garcia clips as she continues to whiz her fingers over the keyboard.

“And Reid?” Hotch glowers.

“Hm?” he hums as he shoots his head up.

“This is not Y/N’s fault,” Hotch lulls.

And the mere idea brought tears to your eyes as you turned and began running down the hallway.

Your son was incredibly smart.

The phone pings dropped off just as Hotch and Rossi had caught up to the trail, but what ended up happening was this: when the men attempted to wrangle your son out of the car, he jabbed his elbow into his groin and jammed his heel into his foot as hard as he could, which resulted in many small bones breaking into pieces.  He grabbed the phone and took off running, and when he found a ditch he could duck himself into, he rubbed himself in dirt, mud, and leaves, covered himself with brush, and held his breath.

All of the survival techniques that you, his mother, had taught alongside all of that book-smart that your husband, Spencer, was teaching him.

He switched the phone to silent, dimmed the screen, and kept pinging your phone, which resulted in Rossi digging him out from underneath the leaves while Hotch ran down the men responsible for your son’s capture.

And you wailed tears of relief when Garcia turned to you with a bright smile on her face and tears in her eye.

But when Spencer attempted to wrap his arms around you in good faith, you shoved away from him and cringed from his grasp.

And it broke his heart.

You remember watching your dirty little boy run off of the elevator and into your arms as you buried your face into the dirt-filled crevices of his neck.  You remember crying tears of fear and relief with him as he rattled off to you all of the things that he did to get away from the “bad men,” and you smiled and hugged him close as you praised him for the smart, capable little man that he was growing up to be.

And when he broke his embrace with you, he ran to his father who scooped him up in his lanky arms and held him close as he cried into his little boy’s neck.

“I’m so glad you’re alright,” Spencer murmurs into his son’s neck.

But what came out of his little boy’s mouth was surprising.

“Please don’t be mad at mommy…it’s not her fault.”

The sentiment took Spencer by surprise as he holds his son out in front of him and studies his face.

“Don’t be so surprised,” he sasses, “my dad is a profiler.  I know how you guys operate.”

The entire room chuckles as you bring your hand to your mouth to stifle a giggle.

“You always need to blame the bad on someone because it’s really hard for you to think that bad stuff just happens,” your son says.

And you realized that your son had not only your survival brilliance and Spencer’s book intelligence, but he also had the makings of a wonderful profiler.

The thought both made you proud and fearful for his future.

“But it’s not mom’s fault, ok dad?” he asks.

And Spencer’s eyes flickered up to yours, and you held his gaze for the first time since that morning.

“I know it’s not,” he says, and a small smile ticked your cheek as Uncle Derek came over and picked him up in his arms.

“BAU 2.0, baby!” he yells as he swings your son around in the air.

And his giggles filled the room as Spencer strode over to you and embraced you tightly.

“I’m sorry,” he murmurs into your hair.

“I know,” you breathe into his chest.

And the two of you closed your eyes as you listened to your son’s laughter fill the room, for it was better than the scream you had heard just that morning.

Things i want to do:

Watch movies and not talk about my feelings with bucky.
Go to a fair or an amusement park with steve.
Do girly things with wanda.
Learn to use weapons and how to fight with Natasha.
Learn about tech and have sass battles with Tony.
Study science with Bruce.
Run around the city with Peter.
Make jokes and laugh with Sam.
Talk and help thor with technology.
Learn how to use a bow and arrow from clint.

Do all this and escape reality.

GOT7 as sugar daddies

- Actually a salty daddy
-would get offended if you asked for money upfront
-thought it was an actual date
-“im not the one whos broke”
-why he so salty

-actual sweetheart
-would marry him
-only one you would actually give it up to
-gives you whatever you want
-“you deserve the best and nothing less”

- actual sweetheart 2.0
-just wants someone to go on adventures with
- sends you encouraging text before college exams
- sends you takeout while you study
- bought you 2 dogs

- salty daddy 2.0
-gives you more sass than cash
- has made you walk home 5 times
- made you get out the car when you called him a dick

- actual daddy
- thought the experience would be nice
- pays cash up front and a bonus at the end
- why couldn’t you have met in normal circumstances
-tells you about his childhood and family
- would marry him 2.0

-became your best friend
-Gives you advice on life
-would fight someone for him
-you have met each others friends
-stopped taking money from him after your 10th date
-wild vacations

-thought seeking arrangement was the same thing as tinder
-picked you up and took you to olive garden
-“ill pay you after we meet up”


{8.2.17 // Day 9 of 100} I have so many books on my tbr list that it’s going to take my years to go through them all. It’s going to be lit. (Also, these Chartwell Books are like the prettiest things?? Is it just me??)

I did the bujo last night btw. It only took me a few months to complete it. ;) 

Today I stopped by my college and bought the bio textbook I needed for the new semester. My mom (trying to discourage me from buying the book so early) said that not everyone studies in advance for classes that haven’t started. I replied that not everyone gets 4.0s. I may be 19 and in college, but yes, I still got in trouble for my sass.

I know...
  • An ISTP who: enjoys baking and cooking more than extreme sports and fighting
  • An ESTP who: works as an interior designer rather than a personal trainer
  • An INTP who: loves sports and can't stand a mess
  • An ENTP who: works as a counselor and mediates between people in a fight
  • An INFP who: hates reading and loves to watch fail compilations on YouTube
  • An ENFP who: takes his commitments extremely seriously and never misses a deadline
  • An ISFP who: writes symbolic poetry and sucks at drawing
  • An ESFP who: is shy and warms up slowly to new people
  • An ISFJ who: reeks of sass whatever she does
  • An ESFJ who: studies quantum physics
  • An ISTJ who: is very forgetful and messy
  • An ESTJ who: is very receptive to other opinions and new ideas
  • An INTJ who: has lost every single chess game she's ever played, and hoards cats
  • An ENTJ who: is a hopeless romantic and nervously asks other people for advice on where to take his girlfriend on their anniversary
  • An INFJ who: loves shopping and material pleasures
  • An ENFJ who: works as a truck driver and loves his job
  • No person who: fits the narrow-minded blanket statements made of their type

Words; 1,717

Pairing; chen (jongdae) x reader

Warnings; slight angst, fluff

Summary; It’s the weekend before final exams, and Y/N has been studying up until the latest hours. Until someone diligently interrupts her studies.  

A/N; This felt appropriate to write since I as well have been stressing over exams that I have in the next couple weeks, so this helped lift some stress off of me. I also apologize if this may be OOC for Chen! (well, enjoy the first imagine on my blog!!! I hope it isn’t shitty!!)

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Your POV  

You were hunched over that small work desk in your bedroom, a small amount of light illuminated from the lamp on your desk. All of your textbooks were laid out messily in front of you, along with any crumbled up notes you could find. A sigh left your mouth as your eyes began close, gazing the at clock next to you. 1:57 AM. “God, what am I doing right now?” I muttered under my breath. I became so out of it that I failed to notice a tall, slender figure sliding through my opened window.

“Yeah, what are you doing so late?” I flinched at the sound of talking before turning around to see a face, staring from only centimeters, and illuminated by the light from behind me. “So tell me Jagiya, what are you up to so late?” I felt the pads of his fingers trace the frame of my shoulders. The familiar voice rang through my ears, it felt like his words came in one ear… and left through the other.

Apparently the arrival of Jongdae ruined my mood, because the only tone that could be heard from me at the moment was sass and annoyance. 

“Just studying Jongdae,“ I said coldly to his face before turning around to see the plain sight of my textbooks. It’s not even like I wanted to study right? I could imagine his expression at that moment, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I had just called him Jongdae, not even using a pet name for him. My tone of voice as well, I knew I sounded ice cold. I definitely wasn’t in the mood for fun right now. Final exams were ahead of me, and all I wanted was to pass. Jongdae being here was a distraction, and something in me told me that it was a bad thing. "What are you even doing here anyways?” I reached out to grab my pen, ready to ignore anything he would do, but Jongdae’s hand decided to take it right before I could. 

"What the hell?“ I shouted unintentionally at the boy, who was simply laughing pathetically at me from his own little world. But like I had said to myself, that night, you weren’t going to take his jokes for some reason. Your patience would run dry. You interrupted his fun by forcefully snatching the pen back, huffing as you landed back into your chair.

"C'mon Jagiya~ Take a little joke.” He hummed, this boy was seemed to always in a good mood, even at 2 AM apparently. You only ignored his comment and continued aimlessly scanning the random math notes you took yesterday. 

That’s when he really began to bug you. He started by coming up behind you and whispering in your ear catch your attention. He sounded like a mere child to you.

“Are you hungry?”

“Let’s cuddle.”

“Pay attention to me Jagi.”

Jongdae wanted and even needed your undivided attention, and that was exactly what he wasn’t getting at the moment.

“Y/N~,” he continuously whined at you. “Play with me!” He was acting childish with you, at the worst time.

Still ignoring Jongdae, the weird noises and yelling began. He was beginning to feel bored, and this would be his fun until you replied to him.  He snorted and made animal noises, even going as far as physically imitating the exact animal from behind you. He wasn’t going to take that some stupid books were winning over his own girlfriend.

He was in the middle of imitating a monkey when your string of patience was cut. “I’m busy Jongdae. Can’t you just leave me alone right now?” You snapped sassily at him. You turned around to look at the boy on the ground. His head was turned away from you, his head tilted down to say that he’s given. You merely scoffed before turning around, awaiting the slam of a door as he would leave you alone that night. You stressfully drove a hand through your hair and back over your face. You knew you weren’t trying to be rude to Jongdae, he was your boyfriend for god’s sake. Your intention was never to do this to him, it was your job to take care of him. You knew deep down, you secretly wanted to trash your books and lay with him in bed, but your mind knew you couldn’t exactly do that. You wanted to so badly stop him from leaving the comfort of your bedroom, you didn’t mind his weird imitations or his continuous whining. But the realization of the situation was a little short of too late.

At that moment, Jongdae had already exited your room. A door had slammed in the distance, and you had assumed he just left the house in general. You mentally slapped yourself across the face before falling face first into the science book opened in front of you.  

Jongdae’s POV  

My eyes rapidly opened from my slumber. It was the morning after Y/N had gotten snapped at me. I had woken up in a completely unfamiliar place. I slowly rose from the comfort of the pale, white bedsheets before it finally slipped into my mind. I was still at Y/N’s house. After storming out of her room, I placed myself into her guest room to take in the current situation.

"I’m busy Jongdae. Can’t you just leave me alone right now?” Her same words circled my brain.

"Is she really that mad at me?” I thought. I reached for my phone which was sprawled out randomly on the bed. The time read 10:26 AM. Underneath were multiple messages from the members, especially Suho hyung, asking about my whereabouts and disappearance. I lessened their worries by replying, but them immediately shut off the phone. My mind took over my whole being, my legs began drifting towards Y/N’s bedroom door unknowingly.

I knew I wouldn’t let such negative thoughts consume me like this. But with Y/N, it’s like she brings the real me out. It seems there are different sides to a person, you just don’t realize it. One is shadowed by the other, and you never know it’s even there. Then Y/N walked into my life. She waltzed so casually into my heart, my mind, and she found it. The side of me that was greatly hiding, that I could be so negative sometimes.

I shook myself out of my thoughts and I placed my hand gently on her doorknob, rehearsing what I would say to her, just like lines for a drama. I planned to lighten the tension between us using the side I thought I only had, I’d try and crack a few jokes while at it.

“Hey, I’m really sorry about yesterday, but can’t deny my amazing puppy impression. Which I’ll gladly show again after you forgive me?” Or should I just sing to her? Tickle her? That seems easier. I simply need to do something.

All I wanted was to quickly be over with this, I was just wanted to hold her again.  I’ve regretted every little thing I’ve done since that moment. Now here I was, trying to rewind it all.

In a rush to get it over with, I practically busted her door open. All I was met with was Y/N, asleep, her face buried in that damned textbook of hers. I sighed quietly, slowly walking towards her. I carefully brushed the hair from her face, revealing her closed eyes. Should I take her to the bed? I would’ve decided to either way. I carried Y/N up bridal style, lifting the bottom of her legs from the chair.

Slowly and as carefully as I could, I laid her down on her back. Now to decide if you’ll get into bed with her…

“She’s still angry with you, don’t do it.”

“Maybe she’ll forgive you in you do, go on!”

My mind continued its internal battle until I settled on my decision. I leaned down to lay a light kiss on her forehead, before turning on my heels to leave. “Wait.” A loud, yet strained voice called out from behind me. I knew it was Y/N, who else would it have been? “Don’t leave me.” Her tone of voice was completely different from the one she spoke in hours earlier. She sounded lonely, and tired. I braced myself, before turning around to face Y/N. She laid on her side to face me, she displayed a small smile as she reached her arms out to grab at me.  “I’m sorry Jongdae oppa.” Her voice trailed off, and she focused her vision anywhere other than me, “I didn’t mean to snap at you like that. I was simply stressing over finals coming up and-”

“Shut up Y/N,” I said before slipping right into bed with her.

I laid down to face Y/N, before leaning in to press light kisses all over her face. I kissed down her face, beginning with her forehead, down to her nose, both of her cheeks, her jawline, and finally back up to her lips. I could Y/N smile into the kiss as I placed both of my hands lightly in her cheeks. Soon enough, the playful kisses turned into a full make out session. I sucked on Y/N’s lips as I moved one of my hands to the small of her back, pressing her even closer to me.  Y/N pulled away first to catch her breath, and she continued to smile at me.

Suddenly, I flipped Y/N over so that he back faced me, and she let out a small shriek from my sudden movements. You could tell she realized what I was trying to do as she giggled and pressed her back against my chest on her own. I draped an arm around her waist and pressed my head against the crook of her neck.

“I should be the one apologizing you know? I was the one who initiated your irritancy, You know I love you and I was being selfish. I wanted your attention Jagi.” I mumbled against her soft skin while rubbing circles into her sides. “I promise I’ll help you the next time you study,” I finished off my small speech.

“No you won’t.” “

Why not?”

“Because next time I’ll pay attention to you instead.”

“Ah~ That’s better Jagi.”

V:LD mermaid au? Idk

Alternate names: Beachtown AU AU, Beach Town AU #2, and Beach Au: Mermaids Included.

I saw some drawings of mershark Keith, orca space dad and lifeguard Keith? And it got me thinking?

So this AU, first of all, takes place in Altea (An east coast Australian city) and specifically its Voltron Beach (which actually stretches down to the next city over called Galra, also named Voltron Beach - they fight over who named it first and who it belongs to bc petty town things?? Idk) ANYWAY! - also saying in advance: idk wht marine biologists do bc I’m an art history major… Not even in the science department!:


  • 24 and 5'11"
  • grad student @ the local uni (masters in Marine Bio)
  • Finished undergrad as a Marine Bio major and a Foreign Language minor (tbh idk anything abt Australian universities or how diff they r from American college systems so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Arabic (more conversational in the last 3)
  • Aboriginal Aussie (is tht right? Bc idrk abt Australia and Oceania bc I’m American? So, sorry?)
  • A strong (and fast) swimmer
  • loves to surf, swim, snorkel, scuba, and free dive (most of those r actually also part of her job - like field work? Idk?)
  • Comes from a long line of sailors on her dad’s side
  • A great singer but never really does it in front of others
  • Likes to collect sea shells
  • Can hold her breath under water way longer than most (Shay is a close second)
  • Loves the ocean
  • Owns a turtle named Arus


  • 47 and 5'10"
  • White New Zealander - Allura’s uncle (her father’s brother in law)
  • Raised Allura since she was 12
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, and French
  • Works at Altea Marine Laboratories (AML) and got Allura her job (connections bby 😎)
  • Pun Man™ and Dad Jokes™ (uncle jokes)
  • Super sweet and always ready for adventure but Safety First™
  • Is the commander of a diff team tht sometimes pairs up w Allura’s team for bigger missions


  • 26 and 6'2"
  • Samoan (admittedly idk much abt Samoa except tht it’s an island near Australia sorry)
  • Fluent in English, Samoan, and Spanish
  • Also super sweet
  • Part of Allura’s team and does field work w her
  • Also a great swimmer, diver, and surfer
  • Goes hiking and mountain/rock climbing for fun
  • Thinks Hunk is funny and cute
  • Was a double major in marine science and geology as an undergrad and has masters degrees in both sciences
  • Makes a lot of her own clothing
  • Likes florals
  • Owns 2 iguanas named Bali and Mera
  • Part of the Safety Squad™ w Coran and Hunk


  • 21 and 6’
  • Hawaiian
  • Finishing up undergrad w an Engineering major and a Marine Science minor
  • Fluent in English, Hawaiian, and Japanese
  • Great cook and always in charge of team meals
  • Part of Allura’s team (part time job to maybe full time?) as an engineer, works mostly on the big stuff
  • Is easily flustered by Shay bc of his mega crush on her tht only Pidge seems to kno (or care to make it known tht she knos) abt
  • Also likes to surf, strong swimmer
  • Artistic, likes to paint in his free time
  • Helps Shay make clothes
  • Owns some fish he named after sea gods (he’s a mythology buff) so u got like… Poseidon, Neptune, Oceanus, Amphitrite, Tefnut, Hapi, Triton, etc… He’s got a lot so like look up a list of all sea gods and most likely he’ll have a fish w the same name)
  • Safety Squad™ member


  • 19 and 5'4"
  • White Australian
  • Fluent in English, and Klingon (the lil nerd)
  • A year ahead of wht she’s supposed to b credit wise @ uni
  • Vaguely a science double major? Idk wht specifically (no one knos wht specifically) but she’s good w technology and knows a lot of rando science from all kinds a fields
  • Part of Allura’s team and technically an intern but gets part time pay? (She worked it out for herself)
  • Her dad is the team leader?
  • Her older bro is away for uni (actually does a lot of study abroad programs)
  • Sass Master™
  • Always beats Lance in their Sass-Offs (it’s really not even a competition)
  • Likes swimming and snorkeling (can’t surf)
  • Rollerblades/skates (idk which is just the one row of wheels) everywhere
  • Owns a ferret named Rover tht somehow appears everywhere
  • Is always ready to fight someone (first shot is always the groin)
  • Part of the Tech Team w Hunk (mostly works on the small gadgets)
  • Is a bit of a conspiracy theorist (more like ufos and mermaids r real, so… Tame? I guess?)
  • The Fox Mulder of the group. Everyone has the x files theme song set as her personal ringtone in their phones


  • 20 and 5'7"
  • Filipino
  • Flirtatious bi (ladies man & man man?)
  • Lifeguard on Voltron Beach
  • Foreign Language major? Idk still thinking
  • Fluent in Filipino, Spanish, English, and Arabic
  • Sun’s Out Guns Out™ (but also Sun’s Out Reggaeton™)
  • Likes graphic tanks and neon
  • Out of uniform, mostly wears muscle tees and board shorts anyway (backwards cap and sunglasses included)
  • Does the Offended™ Scoff for petty shit just for kicks
  • Hunk’s bff since they started uni
  • Grew to like Pidge instantly (gave her the nickname bc he reminds her of a ‘beautiful pigeon’ - she takes it as an insult and hates the nickname)
  • Likes to curse ppl out in every language he knos thts not English
  • Kinda a fuckboi but is actually a sweetheart
  • Makes endless X Files jokes abt Pidge
  • Lowkey crushing on Allura but one he hears she’s got a man in her life he starts to spy on her off-duty and finds out abt Beautiful Merman Shiro and is Offended™ bc he has to give up on her (“how the hell am I supposed to compete w tht?! *grumble grumble*)


  • Shark merman?
  • Looks 27 but what is aging? To a magic sea creature?
  • Mer-war veteran
  • Trains the troops now I guess?
  • Dad Jokes™
  • Hails from the Sea of Japan 🇯🇵 (hint: he’s a Japanese merman shark)
  • Fluent in English, Portuguese, and Japanese (for Above languages - also teaching himself how to read these languages) and tons of mer languages 😐
  • Curious Man™
  • Likes to explores shipwrecks for Split Tail treasures (humans r now called Split Tails)
  • Thinks human legs and feet r v weird and interesting (“how do u move w these things?!”)
  • Lowkey spies on Allura
  • Has an actual talking shark (same species as Shiro) as a friend/pet? (Kinda like Flounder was to Ariel?) tht goes on his shipwreck treasure hunts w him


  • Also a shark merman
  • Looks 20 but again wtf is aging when eternal youth?!
  • Is indifferent abt the Above World but is fluent in their English, Korean, and Mandarin bc fluency in at least 2 Above languages is a requirement in their kingdom and schooling but can only somewhat read these languages
  • Is Shiro’s younger bro
  • Technically a student?
  • Gets in trouble a lot (mostly bc he starts it)
  • Is kinda a lil shit
  • Has like… Only 2 mermaid friends
  • Also has 2 animal friends (a seahorse and sea turtle)
  • So 4 friends total (what a loser lol)
  • Likes messing around w humans for kicks
  • Teen Moody™

Other Story Points:

  • Allura is actually half mermaid thru her mother but doesn’t kno this
  • Her mermaid mom fled back to the sea bc mermaids and seas and reasons (she was v sad to do so) when Allura was abt 9 or 10
  • V Distraught Dad™ Alfor got an unsigned package shortly before Allura’s 12th bday tht was basically like “happy bday precious daughter” w some mer crystals and decided to journey the ocean in search of his wife, leaving lil Allura in Uncle Coran’s care (Alfor doesn’t trust any other relative to take care of her)
  • Allura’s dad was in the navy? Maybe?
  • Allura turned the bday pres into a pair of earrings but didn’t start wearing them until she got into grad school
  • Since Allura is part mermaid she’s got some healing magic and mostly uses it to help damaged reefs and keeps it a secret
  • Shiro moves on from just watching Allura when one day she’s kinda knocked out underwater from a particularly bad wipeout and he saves her
  • For their first official meeting tho Allura is sitting on some rocks w her feet in the water, singing to the sea basically, and he just pops up like “hey I like ur voice!” And starts examining her legs and feet like “omg how do these work?!” And she’s blushing like mad bc this cute weirdo likes her singing and is now touching her? Omg who does tht? “Who even r u? Where tf did u even come from? And stop touching my feet!” (She’s v ticklish on her feet) and they start talking and getting along and now their friends? Who go on sea adventures when they’re free?!
  • Mermaids Are Real™ is such a shock for her but she brushes it off like “yeah makes sense 😐”
  • One day Keith is j chillin and Lance spots a floating head in the water too far out and thinks he’s drowning when he doesn’t start swimming to shore so Lance tries to save him but when he gets there it’s like Mystery Boy just vanished and he keeps tht wtf moment in the back of his mind to dissect @ a later date
  • Keith does it again multiple times and Lance keeps growing more Suspicious™
  • When Pidge finds out tht mermaids were real her only response is “I fucking knew it.”
  • When Shiro notices tht Allura’s earrings r made of mer crystal she tells him they were a present from her mom over a decade ago and he starts investigating who exactly her mother is
  • Zarkon, Haggar and all them r part of a drug/poaching/blackmarket smuggling ring called the Empire based out of Galra tht harasses the Marine Babes and bother sealife (mermaids included)
  • To make it clear, humans don’t kno mermaids exist

More will b added on?