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Request: can u do an imagine wherein y/n is a college student and is having a hard time balancing her studies and having a long distance relationship with Justin and Justin plans a surprise for her and does all these cute stuff to y/n.

Sorry for the wait. Hope It was worth it.

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Time. It’s either your best friend or your worst nightmare. - A blessing or a curse - A hero or a villain. There are so many scenarios that can play out around the little hands of a mechanical machine that hangs on a dull wall.

In my case, at this second, I honestly could not hate time anymore then right now. It feels like it’s purposely teasing me, trying to boil my blood with every agonisingly slow second. I swear I think I can
hear the clock laughing at me. Each tick of the hands is a tiny giggle directed only at me.

There is so little time left, yet it feels like an eternity more. Just a few more seconds…





Oh thank God! With both hands, I swipe up all my equipment from in front of me and shove them aggressively back into my book bag. Not even letting Mr Martin compete his lecture on political opinions, I rush out the door and away from that nightmare of a class.

On the campus grounds, I’m immediately greeted with rushing students all around, all with the same determined goal and that is to get as far away from this hell hole as possible. Without even sparing a glance in the opposite direction, I’m immediately on the rush towards the girls dormitories.

My dorm room once I had approached it was my number one priority, quickly dashing inside as quick as possible, slamming the door with a sigh behind me. But It wasn’t as if I could just stop, drop and do nothing. I had hours and hours of studying ahead of me, and I was already having trouble keeping my eyes open.

It’s times like this I really wish Justin was here. To calm me down during times of anxiety and stress. I just miss him so much but I don’t have the heart to ask him to come and visit. He’s doing what he loves and I would never make myself a priority during a time made for belieber’s.

Many hours later, my dorm mate had been in out of the room for the last 20 minutes, yelling and laughing about with her friends. This totally threw me off, losing my train of thought somewhere between my books and the noise.

A sigh escaped my lips, fingers applying pressure to my temples in agitation. I can’t do this, not while I’m this distracted. I need my baby boy.  

After rubbing the corners of my eyes of the sleep forming, and removing my glasses from my face, I finally decided on a break and reached for my phone, quickly dialling Justin’s number for a facetime call.

It dialed, and dialled and dialled until….”Yo this is JB. Im probably busy in the studio or performing so just a leave a message and I’ll get back to you soon.” 

“Hey Jay baby. I know your probably busy but I really just wanted to call. Schools been really hectic and I just needed to hear your voice. Call me back as soon as you can. Love you.”

“Hey, Y/N! Can you run down to the store and buy us some beer.”

My head shot over to the door of my room, a sigh escaping my lips. It annoys me that my roommate is too late lazy to go out and do it herself, deciding to disturb my study session instead, but then again, a break and something to get Justin off my mind was definitely well needed.

It was still sun up outside, it being only a few past 2 in the afternoon meaning people were more then likely just finishing there own classes for today. Deciding to leave my phone at home, I swiped up my dorm keys and my wallet, and made my way out of the dormitory.

The walk to the local walmart was short and quite enjoyable. The late summer breeze sang around me, swaying my hair slightly as I strolled down the bustling paths. Students surrounded the entirety of the campus grounds, either chatting or finishing off some work. 

But my mind was set firmly on Justin. Oh how I missed him. 2 weeks ago was the last time we had spoken. 3 months since we had seen each other. It was as if he was only seeming to become busier and busier as purpose tour went on.

And the fact that our relationship is very private worries me slightly. Justin could honestly get away with messing around with a girl if he wanted to. Not that I didn’t trust him. But no one knows about us, so it only makes me more anxious about this whole situation.

As the doors of walmart retracted, allowing me access inside, I quickly dashed over to the alcohol section, grabbing ahold of the cheapest and most affordable box I could find. After a bit of struggle, I had managed to make it over to the register to pay for the beer, only to be suddenly interrupted by a loud yell from outside. 


It sounded high pitched and more shocked then anything. My eyes darted towards the windows of the store, peering outside at the scene before me. the Young cashier doing the same. 

All I caught sight of was a black SUV surrounded by a mob of girls. Suspicion drew within me, only one person I know that could cause such commotion running through my head. No, that’s ridiculous. He’s in New Zealand right now, half way across the world!

“Ma’am!” The boy called, it sounded as if he had been trying for my attention for a while. My head whipped back to stare at the boy, eyes wide.


“That’ll be 19.99.” He repeated, holding his hand out expectantly.

“Oh.” I mumbled, reaching out to hand the boy a twenty dollar note before grabbing a hold of the heavy box and quickly making my way outside. 

Gliding through the mob of girls was hard, and I tried everything to just ignore the scene and attempt to just get this box home as quick as possible, but the shouts of these girls had me drawn further and further in curiousity, one in particular catching me off guard.


Justin?! I-It can’t be! can it?

My head immediately whipped around, turning to acknowledge the SUV parked rather close to me. My eyes locked on the tinted window supporting the back seat, squinting slightly as if something in me just knew something. And before I knew it, the door was opening. 

Slowly, but it was opening, a figure finding its way out of the car. Screams had enhances, more girls appearing at the realisation of the pop icon in our campus but out of every girl, his eyes seemed to only be on one. Me.

My eyes watered, tears threatening to spill at sight and the box I was holding immediately slipped from my fingers, a small crack sounding as it impacted the floor. “Justin?” I whispered. 

A smile played at his perfectly plump lips, arms spreading slightly as if to say ‘you guessed it!’

At that moment, Mikey stepped out of the front seat, a bouquet of bright red and white roses, and multiple shopping bags from stores such as Pink, Nike, VS, Lou boutin and Pandora In hand. All topped with a large card sticking out the top of the roses reading ‘To My babygirl, Love Jay baby.’

Instantly smiling at the use of my nickname to him, I looked over into his eyes with a grateful and loving smile.

“I’m right here baby girl.” He mumbled but to me, it was the loudest thing i could hear. Instantly, I pressed my body forward, wasting no time but to jump into his arms. Ignoring all the confused and jealous stares emitting from all around, I pressed my lips against his as he supported me by placing his arms under my ass.

Both arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him to me to intensify the kiss. 

God, I missed his lips so much.

“You’re here.” I mumbled. 

“I’m here.” he repeated. “Right here.”

dear fellow adults: I will not be complicit in your bullshit.

I’m at the age where a lot of my peers and friends are starting to have kids, and in fact I hope to as well in the next 2-3 years, so this is becoming more and more relevant and necessary for me to think about and say.

being an advocate means nothing if I won’t put friendships and relationships on the line for it. studying and writing essays and organizing events and teaching on issues of children’s rights is worse than worthless if I won’t stand up to my neighbor or my colleague or a stranger on a bus when they cross a line.

social injustices are fuelled by willingness to look the other way, to quietly enable, to prioritize a “united front” over moral courage. adults are socialized to act like other people’s kids are none of their business, like it’s unthinkably intrusive to speak up or act against another parent’s wishes even when you recognize that something they’re doing is wrong, because those kids “belong” to someone else.

I will not be part of that. I will lie to you to protect your child’s right to privacy. I will smuggle books to them that you’ve told them they’re not allowed to read. I will challenge you when you make cruel and dehumanizing comments about your children (or children in general) as a shitty bonding ritual with other adults. I will tear apart your unfounded rhetoric about “kids these days”. if I see you hurting your child, I will protect them, and if necessary, I will hurt you. if I see you disrespecting your child, I will tell them they have the right to expect better, and I will treat you with the lack of respect you deserve.

if I can’t educate you, I will confront, challenge, and undermine you. you’ll get no “united front” from me. I don’t care about your feelings, I don’t care about your convenience, and I don’t care what you think of me. I care that people get treated with respect, dignity, and kindness, especially by those they should be able to trust and rely on most intensely. if you can’t manage that, we’re going to have problems.

starling-fan  asked:

There are studies that show that when people have children within a stable relationship, they become more conservative, value order, structure and authority more. You've always struck me as fairly liberal. Have you noticed anything like this after the arrival of Ursa Minor?

I am way, WAY angrier about stuff.

I mean, I grew up in the kind of Christian circles that thought that donating money to disaster relief and famine was important, and which thought writing to your MP on the subject of the arms trade or humanitarian crises was A Good Thing, so I’ve always been fairly bleeding-heart.

But oh wow, I have a much shorter fuse these days. Especially when it comes to children’s issues.

And also more money, so when I see that girls in the UK are having to skip school because they can’t afford sanitary towels I get RIGHTEOUSLY PISSED OFF AND TWEET and then I go donate to an organisation which helps with this problem.

I don’t know if I’m more conservative. Probably a bit more than in my mid-late twenties, but these days I’m mostly just:
a) angrier
b) better funded, and
c) much less willing to say oh sure make your own choice if I think that choice is damaging other more vulnerable people.

I’m more willing to tilt at windmills these days. And to hoik my judgy pants.

So…it’s at least a kinda yes.

Date ideas

Take me to a library

Take me to a museum 

Take me to an aquarium 

Take me to your favorite spot as a child 

Take me to your favorite store 

Take me to a book store 

Take me to a cafe 

Take me to a park 

Take me on a walk 

Take me somewhere you’ve always wanted to go 

Take me to a movie that’s been out forever so that no one else is in the theater 

Take me to a garden 

Take me to a class any class an art class pottery class cooking class

Take me to a fair 

Let’s stay home and have a movie marathon 

Let’s stay home and cook ourselves dinner 

Let’s stay home and bake something from scratch 

Let’s stay home and redecorate your room 

Let’s stay home and start a project you’ve been putting off for months 

Let’s stay home and make a pillow fort 

Let’s stay home and sleep

Yuri on Ice observations/my new headcanons

So yesterday I binge watched yoi for the second time (it takes ~5 hours for anyone interested), but this time I focused on how Viktor’s and Yuuri’s relationship changed during the episodes and I decided to share my notes (some of these have probably been said, but I haven’t seen them as it’s literally impossible to look at every post made about yoi :D )

1. The summer. Episode 4 to 5 transitions directly from spring to autumn and the show shows zero time of what happens during summer besides a few scenes of Yuuri training and a few panels in the ED where we can see Yuuri and Viktor playing around in the beach and in their swim trunks. Knowing this happened after 4th and before 5th ep we can see that their interactions are much more free. 

Yuuri touches Viktor more freely, and they seem to have a really great time. I believe that it’s this time that brings them closer together to the edge of being in love. I don’t think they’re together yet, judging by ep 5 and the Japanese skating competition interactions, if they have been together already there’s no way Viktor would have jumped away from the hug, blood or no blood.

2. Between September and October. Japanese skating competition (it has a really long name which I’m not going to write every time I refer to it) shows Viktor and Yuuri becoming closer, besides, I’m pretty sure it was the first time Yuuri finished his FS pointing towards Viktor (we’ve never seen him finish it before so it’s not confirmed).

I think this was what drew the final point home and the next month the two of them are even more touchy-feely than before

[and look at this loving face before the SP in China]

During his SP Yuuri also thinks that ‘I’m the only one who can satisfy Viktor. I’m the only one in the whole world who knows Viktor’s love.’ And yes, these aren’t directly meant words, he means that he finally accepted that Viktor became his coach and no one else’s, that even if Viktor used Yuuri to get away from skating he chose him and no one else. But I still think Yuuri chose those specific words for a reason. They were thought during Eros, his sexual love performance, so I think there’s the double meaning here that he stole Viktor not only from skating, but from the dating world too.

[look at these loving faces after Yuuri’s FS, tell me they haven’t been adults, told each other they had feeling for one another and started dating before they kissed (a bare touch of lips knowing it took a second for them to fall on the ground) on national competition]

3. The exhibition program. I’m not a skating knowledge pro or anything, but I’m pretty sure (+ I read about it on someone’s post, or it may have been a repost of Kubo’s tweet, I don’t even know…) that there was an exhibition after every competition in the Grand Prix series and those who place on podium do an exhibition afterwards (I did some research and it’s not for certain it was like this in the anime, but knowing how realistic it made the show this was probably how it went). So that would mean Yuuri did an exhibition in China, where he skated Viktor’s winning FS program, everyone understood why (it brought Viktor to him, besides he did it really well and it was tribute for his coach). So here comes the GPF, Yuuri comes second, so of course he does the exhibition (and the exhibition wasn’t held a month after the competition as I have seen some assumer) Yuuri and Viktor had to choreograph it way before the competition (well, maybe not that long ago, Yuuri learned Eros routine in about a week, it wasn’t perfect, but he did). So here comes my headcanon - Viktor and Yuuri decided this program after Rostelecom Cup.

A lot of people (I’m among them) see the exhibition as the two doing pair skating and it basically is it with how the program is done, but exhibition 

[here’s the info about what an exhibition is]

[this info may also not be 100% correct, but I think it’s gives us the needed information]

can be performed by 2 people, it’s allowed and unlike pair skating no one says it has to be male and a female (or I think I doesn’t?) so after the award ceremony, Viktor goes to the organisers, announces he’s coming back, says he will do his first official skating in exhibition with his student. Everyone knows about that, they probably imagine that the two will do the same FS program side by side or something, what they don’t expect is it suddenly becoming basically pair skating

[everybody cheers when Viktor comes in]

after Viktor comes in there’s a brief loudness in cheer, then they hold hands start doing their own thing and everyone is shocked, for what we see of the rest of the exhibition no one cheers any more while before while Yurri was still alone they cheered during every jump (and I think the lifts would have definitely deserved a cheer if everyone hadn’t just had their minds blown). So yea, everyone knew Viktor was going to be there, but no one expected him to do that. Bravo Viktor, you surprised them all once again.

P.S. I know some probably think ep 4 was during the summer, but guys, look at this scenery:

I’d say at most this is beginning of June, summer has 3 months that we can do whatever we want with because we have no info on what happened during them…

P.P.S. I’m so proud of this show I just can’t, this was fist and foremost a sports anime and it stayed true to itself through all of it, the sport wasn’t just some sunscreen, it was the main focus of the anime with a side note of romance, not even yaoi, but romance. That’s why this anime isn’t under any other tag than sports anime in official pages, because it wasn’t yaoi, but because it’s not the ‘traditional’ romance it couldn’t have been put under that tag either. it was so mature with itself I’m considering re-watching it for a 3rd time in a week or two and I never re-watch anything. :D

When Wang So dies at the age of fifty, his final words come out as a whisper from his mouth. Soo-yah.

He wakes up, his mind blank, only the feeling of yearning for something he cannot quite define, in the body of a young man, lying on a bed in a hospital room. There’s a doctor with people who they say are his family members but he does not recognize any of them. Days pass once he comes to his senses, and they explain to him what happened. Apparently this man, no, he had his life saved from a certain death, and now he’s suffering from amnesia.

But So, now with a different 21st century name and life, is clever and strong-willed. He adjusts to his life once more. Recreates relationships, studies, and is ready to take over his father’s company. But the more he adjusts to his life after amnesia, the more he starts getting these dreams. Dreams that keep getting more and more prominent as time goes by.

He sees glimpses of a different life. He’s sitting on a throne and there’s a man bowing in front of him. He’s wielding a sword, ready to fight twenty armed men. His drinking poison and falling to his knees. He’s watching the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. And every time So wakes up in the middle of the night crying overwhelmed.

As theses night vision get more clearer, he starts researching history. And one day standing in the middle of a museum hall he sees it. A portrait of himself in Goryeo times. And all of it comes back like a tidal wave. His first words again are Hae Soo.

Wang So is now sure that she is somewhere here. And not just any reincarnation of Soo, but his Soo. He remembers Ji Mong’s last words about her and he is certain that this is where she was from the beginning. But how to find her?

Years pass. One day he meets a man, a homeless drunk who visibly recovers when he sees So’s face. Your majesty, is his first words and So laughs. Ji Mong is also the one who tells him I think I’ve found her.

Meanwhile Go Ha Jin has made it her habit to visit the museum of history, spending hours at he Goryeo Era hall. As she’s looking at a beautiful blue and red wedding gown she hears it behind her. I’ve missed you.

  • James: prepare your "why i'm still single" speech to give to the fam while you can
  • Sirius: how about "Well you see, Aunt Druella, I just value my academic studies and my future higher than finding a relationship. All the half-boods only want sex. And you know, as a righteous pure-blood, I cannot condone this behavior. I'd rather just shag my cousin to keep the bloodline clean."
  • Sirius: they won't suspect anything until i devour Remus for dessert
  • James: if for some reason your sexuality slips, do yourself a favor and don't mention the fact that your boyfriend is a half-blood werewolf
  • Sirius: will do
God doesn’t need highly skilled experts; He uses His power to accomplish great things through ordinary people to remind us that all the glory and honor belongs to Him alone, and never to men.

1st Corinthians 1:28

Pricing & Etiquette

“Your Prices Are Too Expensive I Could Do XYZ Myself For Cheaper”

Whether it is tarot, scrying, sigil making, spell weaving, poetry, candle making, wand crafting, and so on, most of us require payment for our time and experience.

While you could surely grab a deck of tarot cards and lay a spread for yourself it will NEVER be the same method and results as I use. It may be similar but my readings have been shaped by 8+ years of experience, studying and my own life and relationships.

What you don’t realize is you’re paying for the person’s time, effort, and materials should they use them. Some examples could be candles, incense, offerings, crystals, notebooks, decks and so on.

Tumblr has always been a very “free expecting” culture. Artwork, stories, crafts… These people DESERVE compensation for their work. Artists ALREADY have a hard enough time in their field without you complaining that their rates are out of your price range.

If an artist lowers their pricing for you it hurts ALL OTHER ARTISTS ON THE MARKET.

Low balling sets the lower price standard and people expect that. As a result people lose.

In Salem readings run $70-$100 a pop.
And I think that’s reasonable considering they have to pay the shop hosting them (like a hair salon).

The next time you want to complain about pricing I do encourage you to try to read for yourself. See how much effort, time, and patience it really takes.

Maybe you’ll learn some respect in the process.

My Dear Sister,

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end. - Ecclesiastes 3:11

When God says “it’s time,” no one and no thing can possibly come in between. Why? Because God is faithful. From beginning to end, He is constant and His love is continuous. He is so mighty that we cannot comprehend all that He is capable of…so that’s why, when He says “it’s time,” it’s the right time.

So until that door opens for whatever it is you’re waiting for, trust that He has you waiting for a reason. In this season, hold onto Jesus with all you have. He is your strength. He is all you need. Accept His reign in your life even when you don’t understand why you’re having to wait, accept the season you’re in, because in the same way that we accept that autumn leaves don’t fall from trees in the spring, and winter’s snow doesn’t fall from the sky in summer, we must accept that the season that God has placed us in is right, because it’s where He wants us.

So if it’s time for the branches to break, it’s time for the branches to break. If it’s time for the flowers to grow, it’s time for the flowers to grow. What God says it was goes. Even when it comes to relationships, remember that:

1. You’re not missing out on life because you’re single

It doesn’t matter how many happy couples you see, God wants you to live for Him today! You don’t need a boyfriend to feel like you’ve arrived. You “arrived” when you accepted Jesus in your heart!

2. You don’t have to worry about the one who is not pursuing you

If a guy claims to be interested in you, but can’t seem to be intentional about you, there’s no need for you to spend all your time waiting to hear from him. When God says “it’s time” for you, it will be time for YOU. When God sends a man in your life who is willing to pursue you in a godly way, you won’t have to chase him down!

God’s timing is everything. Wait on it. Accept that He REALLY knows what He is doing!

Biblical context + further reading: Eccl. 3

A Chanbaek case study

Proposition - Exploring the authenticity of the fundamental relationship between Baekhyun and Chanyeol (weiii)

(Feat. @hunhan-never-dies because I’m a lazy asshole who can’t do any work for himself)

James: My knowledge on Baekyeol is limited
Thomas: yOUR LiFE IS LiMItED.

DISCLAIMER - All statements made in this post are formulated opinions, constructed from secondary sources. Hypothetical opinions are not necessarily factual, and therefore aren’t necessarily true. Whether you wish to believe it or not is 100% up to your own conduction.


 But seriously. Calm. The. Fuck. Down.

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Bleach <We do knot always love you>

Ichigo is a university student.
Orihime is a shop assistant at ABCookies(She gave up her studies due to money.)
Ishida is a medical student, and his relationship with his father was restored(Ryūken pays for the tution of Ishida).
Chad works at a gym.
Tatsuki teaches Karate.
Riruka is an apparel designer at Yukio’s company.
Jackie works for a developing country.
Urahara sent a voice mail to Renji and Rukia to celebrate their wedding.
Isshin and Kaien are an uncle and a nephew(Isshin is older than Kaien).
Komamura is officially dead and he lives in a mountain. Other people know that the wolf is Komamura, however they say nothing.
Rukia is now Abarai Rukia and lives in Renji and her house.
Byakuya is Renji and Rukia’s wedding witness.

And I will add explanations on this posting(https://pepperrikka.tumblr.com/post/154842297619/bleach-novel-we-do-knot-always-love-you). This part was incomplete because I missed some details. Sorry for that.

Orihime’s favorite flower is strawberry flower, and she made wedding veil with it.
(And strawberry flower means a happy family in the language of flowers.)

Renji and Rukia went to Orihime to announce their wedding before going to Ichigo.
(Rukia wanted to announce her wedding to her first female friend first.)