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so this is based LOOSELY on will and emma from the scream tv series. if you havent seen it, that doesnt matter bc like…. its not important



THAT MEANS THEY ARE 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


there won’t be nsfw but there are MENTIONS of it sooooo


anyway enjoy ily all

summary: beverly bets richie he can’t get with the new kid, eddie, in under three months. richie disagrees

pairing: richie and eddie

words: 1870

Everyone at Derry High School knew of the senior Richie Tozier. No matter who they were, what social group they were apart of, they all knew of the trashmouth. Every girl swooned over him and every gay (and possibly ‘not’ gay) guy would beg for his number. He was the ‘It’ guy in his high school and even the other high schools in the Derry school district. It was common knowledge that Richie was bi. Some people said it was fake and that he said it for more attention, but his real friends knew it wasn’t bullshit at all. 

Richie strode into the school building that Monday morning, casually sliding off his sunglasses and hooking them in his shirt. People in the hallways snuck glances at him, some even saying hello to him politely as he passed. He nodded in response, flashing them a smile. Richie approached his locker and opened it with ease, getting his few textbooks out. Despite being a ‘jock’, he still cared about his grades. 

“Hey, Rich, did you hear about the new kid?” Beverly asked casually, making her presence known. She leaned against the navy blue lockers, a small smile playing on her lips.

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ad finem | pt. i

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Scenario: Time Travel AU
Pairing: Baekhyun/Reader
Word Count: 2429
Rating: T (violence in later chapters)

Summary: When the Museum of Ancient History reveals its newest exhibit, you’re expecting a blast from the past. You just hadn’t counted on it being literal. 

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You look down at the brochure that’s clutched tightly in your fists. You’d only just arrived and already the glossy paper is crumpled from your nervous fidgeting, your hands clammy from holding it.



To be unveiled to the public on Saturday, October 8

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Dyslexia eye link spotted by scientists
Experts say the findings are exciting but unlikely to explain the causes for all dyslexia.

“French scientists say they may have found a potential cause of dyslexia which could be treatable, hidden in tiny cells in the human eye… In the study, scientists looked into the eyes of 30 non-dyslexics and 30 dyslexics. In non-dyslexics, they found that the blue cone-free spot in one eye was round and in the other eye it was oblong or unevenly shaped, making the round one more dominant. But in dyslexic people, both eyes had the same round-shaped spot, which meant neither eye was dominant. This would result in the brain being confused by two slightly different images from the eyes. Researchers said this lack of asymmetry might be the biological and anatomical basis of reading and spelling disabilities. For dyslexic students, their two eyes are equivalent and their brain has to successively rely on the two slightly different versions of a given visual scene.” What do you think about this study? 

Companions First Kiss With SS

This is a long one. Also, sorry if it’s a bit shit. 

Cait: “Are you alright, Cait?” Sole’s face was etched with concern as they help a distraught Cait out of the chair. The trek to Vault 95 had been a dangerous one, the place having been guarded by two assaultrons and a couple dozen well-armed gunners.

“I’m okay. I feel really strange, everything feels different, everything feels clearer,” Cait looked around the room as she spoke, almost like she was seeing everything in a new light, “Nothing is like I remember,”

Sole let out a breath they hadn’t realised they’d been holding in. They were just glad that Cait was alright, seeing them in that chair, in pain, it had scared them.

“I’m glad you’re alright, I was worried about you,” Cait squinted her eyes as she studied Sole, everything about them, something was different, she was feeling something she hadn’t felt before and she didn’t know if it was because the chems clouded her feelings before or if it was there all along.

“Can I try somethin’?” Cait asked and Sole tilted their head before nodding slowly. Cait reached up and planted a kiss on Sole’s mouth, running her tongue along their lower lip as they kissed them. Sole’s arms wrapped around Cait’s waist, squeezing her gently as they pulled her into their body. Right now, Cait didn’t know if it was lust or just the fact that they’d saved her life but she sure as hell wanted to find out.

Curie: “Stay still, if you keep moving I won’t be able to patch you up,” Curie instructed as Sole shifted around on the bed. Sole had been stabbed during a raider attack at a settlement and Curie was the only one with enough medical knowledge to stitch them up.

“It hurts,” Sole squealed and Curie shook her head, proceeding to clean the wound, luckily for Sole it wasn’t anything serious and they only needed a few stitches. Curie injected a stimpak into Sole’s side as she finished.

“See it wasn’t too hard was it, you’ll be up and ready to go in no time,” Curie smiled, that sweet innocent smile that Sole loved so much. Everyone who thought Sole was this pure and innocent creature hadn’t set their eyes on Curie, so new to the human world.

“Thank you,” Sole smiled, leaning up and pecking Curie’s mouth. Curie’s eyes went wide, and a light blush stained her cheeks, “Sorry… I,”

“No, no it’s okay. I’ve actually wanted to do that for a while,” Curie turned her head away, but Sole cupped their cheek with their hand, turning her to face them. Sole guided Curie back down into them, pulling her into a gentle kiss.

Danse: “You need to stop treating them like that, they were once people too, they still have feelings,” Sole snapped, shaking her head as they listened to Danse, insult yet another poor ghoul. They regretted bringing him along to the Slog, where they were helping with the super mutant problem. Sole was getting pretty tired of Danse’s medieval views.

“I don’t see how you could defend them, they are abominations, they don’t belong in this world,” Danse watched as Sole rolled their eyes, their hand firmly planted on their hip.

“You’re wrong about them, I support the brotherhood but some of your views are ridiculously out of date,” Sole blasted the head off of another super mutant, stepping over their body as they proceeded through their camp. Danse couldn’t believe his ears, how could they possibly side with the ghouls, they were disgusting in his eyes.

“That isn’t how you should talk to your superior, knight,” If that’s how he wanted it. Sole balled their fists, ready and willing to cuss Danse out.

“My superior? You’re an ass-” Danse cut Sole off mid-sentence, crashing his mouth to theirs as his hands gripped tightly at their waist. Sole’s hands flew up, curling them into Danse’s hair as they moaned into his mouth.

“DIE HUMAN!” Danse snapped away from Sole, pushing them behind him as he fired at the Super mutant, beams of red light, slicing through its skull.

“We should get moving,” Danse nodded, moving on through the building, leaving a flustered Sole wondering ‘what the fuck just happened.’

Deacon: “I’m everything wrong with this whole fucking Commonwealth,” Deacon may have had his shades to hide his face, but Sole could see right through him. They shook their head as he spoke, not believing a word he said about himself. The Deacon they knew may be a liar, but he is a pure sole, who’d help anyone if they asked for it and yet, he couldn’t see it.

“See, I find that very hard to believe, after all you’ve done, I know you’re a good person. I’ll always be here for you,” Something inside Deacon urged him to do something he didn’t usually do. He reached up, taking off his sunglasses and put them in his shirt pocket, he wanted to look at Sole when he did what he was about to do. Sole smiled and that’s all it took.

Deacon tenderly ran his fingers down the side of Sole’s face, cupping their cheek as they brought them into him, kissing them as he fingers entangled into Sole’s hair. He was letting his guard down and he hoped, he really hoped he wasn’t getting the wrong idea from Sole. He broke apart from Sole only to be pulled back in, Sole hungrily kissing him, like they’d go hungry without him. Sole pulled away to catch their breath.

“Well, I’m not really the hugging type,” Deacon blushed, looking down.

“Shut up,” Sole joked wrapping their arms around Deacon as they dragged him into a hug.

Hancock: Sole sighed in relief as they hit the perfect head shot on that bastard Sinjin. His brains may have splattered the wall and poor Kent’s face, but he was alive and right now that is all that mattered.

“Let’s get you out of here,” Sole untied Kent, pulling him to his feet as he thanked Sole for saving him, he hadn’t realised how dangerous the life of the Silver Shroud truly was, but he was thankful when all was said and done.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Sole cocked an eyebrow as their eyes met Hancock’s charcoal ones. He had that look in his eye, that look that could melt even the coldest persons heart. Without warning Hancock crashed his mouth to Sole’s, pulling them into him as he deepened the kiss. Sole sighed into his mouth as they closed their eyes, kissing Hancock back. Hancock broke the kiss, breathing heavily as he winked at Sole.

“It’s a good thing you did for Kent, you’re so good and honest… I’m sorry if I presumed-”

“It’s about time you kissed me Mr Mayor,” Sole said, dragging their lower lip in between their teeth and Hancock almost growled at the sight.

“Yea? And I’m about to do it again…”

MacCready: He’d done it. He’d found the cure for his son, with the help of Sole of course and for that he would forever be grateful. He dragged Sole into the Third Rail, he wanted to celebrate their success, Sole laughed as they pulled them along, ordering them both a drink and paying Charlie up front. Something he never does. He sat down on the Sofa in the back room, Sole sitting next to him as they downed their beverages.

“Thank you. I really couldn’t have done this without your help, I owe you big time,” MacCready smiled at Sole and they returned the gesture.

“You owe me nothing. I would’ve done it either way and I’d do it again,” Sole tilted their head back, grimacing at the strong drink as they drank it. MacCready watched as Sole put their glass on the table and for once he decided to be brave, because if he didn’t, he knew he’d regret it.

He waited for Sole to turn to face him before he took her hand in his, his eyes flickering from Sole’s eyes to their lips. It was now or never MacCready told himself as his heart pounded in his chest. He pulled Sole into him suddenly and before Sole could react, MacCready crashed his mouth to theirs, burying his hand in Sole’s hair. Sole melted into him, their hands, almost instinctively making their way to MacCready’s neck, pulling him closer.

MacCready pulled away breathless, resting his forehead on Sole’s and as he looked in to their eyes he knew one thing for sure. His life couldn’t get any better than this.

Nick: “You bastard, I hope you never find peace,” Sole said in disgust as they finally took down the man who’d stolen everything from them.

Nick took Sole’s hand in his own, giving it a squeeze as they both looked down at Kellogg’s dead body. There wasn’t a man who deserved his fate more than he did himself. Sole looked up at Nick, resting their head on his shoulder. Sole took their own fate in their hands, leaning up and pressing their mouth to Nick’s, their hand cupping his face. He didn’t kiss back right away but after his ol noggin processed what was happening he did. he hadn’t realised how much he wanted this until now, so he kissed back with everything he had in him. He pulled away.

“Come on, you don’t want to be stuck with an old bot like me,” Nick looked down, but Sole made him face them, their eyes locking.

“Kellogg took my husband, and my son, but he’ll never take away this, never.”

Piper: Sole wasn’t sure how they and Piper fit in the tiny gap between the two buildings, but they didn’t have a choice seeing as they were being hunted down by a couple of Gen 2 synths accompanied by a courser.

“We should just go out there and kill them,” Sole whispered, rather loudly, causing Piper to roll her eyes.

“Yeah, sure, if you have a death wish,” Sole couldn’t help but focus on Piper’s chest, pressed firmly up against their own and when they tried to push the thought away it came right back to mind. Their faces were inches apart and Sole could smell the Nuka Cola on Piper’s breath that she’d drank only minutes before being chased down this alley.

“Maybe I do have a death wish,”

“Shut up Sole,”

“Gladly,” Sole kissed Piper, causing her back and her head to be pressed firmly against the wall, making it hard for her to move. Piper melted into the kiss, trying to push Sole back but failing, causing her to groan into Sole’s mouth. She may have groaned a little too loudly.

“Is someone present?” Sole pulled away, turning to look at the entrance of the alley, only to be met by a Gen 2 Synth, standing next to a courser.

“Shit,” Sole cursed, grabbing Piper’s hand and pushing past the synth, running as fast as they could away from them. They’d just have to continue the kiss later on.

Preston: “Come on! It’s weak, aim for its head!” Sole shouted as the Mirelirk Queen roared, moving quickly towards them, Preston and a group of Minutemen that had agreed to meet at the Castle. Taking it the Castle back had proved a lot harder than Sole had originally thought, a dozen mirelirks, their hatching’s everywhere and a surprise attack from their Queen, was a very difficult battle.

With a loud thud the Queen crashed to the ground, the earth around them shaking as it took its last breath. Sole laughed as the Minutemen cheered, looking at Preston, standing next to them, who was already looking their way. Sole bit their lip and in the moment, they grabbed Preston’s jacket pulling him in and pressing their mouth to his. His hands immediately made their way to Sole’s waist, his fingers digging at it slightly until Sole pulled away.

“We did it,” Sole said into Preston’s mouth, making him smile. He pulled Sole back into him, wrapping his arms around them as he hugged them closely, kissing them back.

“We did it,” he said into their mouth before passionately kissing Sole again.

Thank you Airagne for the ask!

Continuation to “Imagine Weyoun choosing you as his soulmate” and inspired by @trekmystarsImagine Weyoun being into worshipping the reader in bed”.

You took a step back, breathing rapidly, as Weyoun proceeded to remove his tunic with ease letting it fall to the floor. All this time, he maintained your gaze, gradually intensifying the mental link between you and him. Everything around you became a blur, by now you were in desperate need for something to hold onto. Resting on the side of the bed, Weyoun then stood before you in his sheer gracefulness. His eyes were glowing in an even darker shade of violet than before. The sight of him so alive and on fire, sent thrills of pleasure down your spine.

Weyoun continued to kiss you as he laid down beside you. “Want you,” he purred and aware of being completely at his mercy and feeling the urgency, you let him take control. Trembling, you sensed his eyes on you the entire time, studying you and working his magic. While Weyoun literally worshipped all that was you, you would manage to raise your hands to stroke those elegantly shaped ears. In return, your reward was the most blissful sound you had never heard before. You were losing yourself and the world was fading away.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could do a match up for me? Thanks if u do I'm 5'2'' with tan skin and short black hair. Anyways, I have dark brown eyes that are almost black. My physique's average. I'm an artist who does poetry, fashion design, and sings.I enjoy wandering around places I don't know. I also am more of a party girl than I initially intended to be.I'm a feminist and speak out if I witness anything misogynistic;I also, tend to question authority and will ignore it if I disagree with it.

Girl you sound a lot like me with that last sentece. 

I ship you with Maglor

You two would spend a lot of time staring into each other’s eyes and studying the intricate detail. He would run his hands through your short black hair, completely entranced by it. You, in return, would be trapped in his ethereal presence, glowing from the radiance of Valinor. 

Although, you’re a party girl and somewhat of a rebel, it enthralls the Son of Feanor, he’s taken by your ways of being. Although not participating or encouraging it, he also doesn’t try and control you. 

He would allow you to tweak his outfit and chuckle at your eye for fashion. When you write poetry, he will read it and input his opinions or ideas. When you sing, he will ask you to sing for his next piece. He loves your voice and will at times sing with you, obvi showing you up by accident and when he realizes he encourages you to continue. 

I think you two will do just fine together, enjoying the quiet exploration of each other’s souls. 

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Jack was an easy baby. He rarely ever cried, and when he did it was usually because he was over-tired and cranky. His favourite pastime seemed to be quietly staring up at his parents with those big blue eyes of his, cracking smiles and breaking into an occasional fit of giggles.

He was a bubbly kid, always full of energy and always ready to join his dad out on their backyard rink. More often than not Alicia had to bargain with him to get him off the rink and back inside in time for dinner. He could get a little moody about it but thankfully never for too long.

Jack used to cheer and clap loudly whenever Bob was on television. He tried to watch every game and Alicia was usually very generous in letting him stay up past his bedtime. As the years went by, he grew quieter, watching his dad’s games with an intense, focused air about him and an ever-present frown, like he was always deep in thought.

It was the same expression he wore when he himself played, and at times Alicia was taken aback by how much it made him look like an adult despite his youth.

Then Jack went away to play in the major leagues, and Alicia was forced to realize that her relationship with her son had been long distance for a while already.

A part of her would always blame herself, would always think she should have seen it coming. She remembered that day with unsettling clarity and it was a memory she would carry to her grave. She remembered feeling crushed, like the worst failure, but most of all so, so frightened.

All of a sudden the future seemed bleak, and Jack’s expression mirrored that. She was grateful for the coaching job, if only because it gave Jack a reason to smile, even though it was taut and stiff around the edges.

She saw him off to Samwell hoping it wasn’t a mistake, that sending him far from home wouldn’t end in disaster again. But Jack was older then, older than his years. He still played like he had something to prove, but he knew his limits. He had spent the past two years learning himself all over again; Alicia hoped it would be enough.

It wasn’t until his last two years at Samwell that Jack truly grew into himself. He had a great team, who in turn taught him how to be a great teammate. Her baby was smiling again, and Alicia was thrilled.

And yet, half a year into his rookie season in the NHL, she finally saw a look she had for so long hoped to see on her son’s face. One she had almost given up on, thinking half-smiles and contentment could be enough. It was a sweet blond boy with a golden heart who proved her wrong, and for that she would be eternally grateful because she finally got to see Jack happy.


Right now I’m working on an essay about Eyes Wide Shut (dir. Stanley Kubrick, 1999) and its origin text, Arthur Schntizler’s Dream Story (1926). I’m discussing the texts through close readings focused on psychoanalysis, dreams and the unconscious, and how that informs sexuality in both the film and the novella.

Lyanna Mormont & Feminism

I just have one tiny thing to say about Lyanna Mormont’s speech. I’ve seen quite a few people go after her for this particular line: 

“I don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me.”

A lot of people have said it was very anti-feminist and an insult to women, which I understand where they’re coming from, but Lyanna wasn’t mocking those women. She was mocking the rigid gender norms placed upon girls and women in her society. It was decrying the social construct that dictates women cannot fight their own battles and are only good for what society deems ‘feminine pursuits’. Lyanna’s speech was deconstructing what it meant to be female at that time and declaring that women do not need men to fight their battles for them; that they are perfectly capable of fighting their own battles. We, as modern day women, cannot define her speech by our understanding of feminism today. Feminist discourse would have been largely unheard of in that period of time. What women of that day value most is incomparable to what we as modern viewers value now. For such a toxic patriarchal society, giving women autonomy over their own futures, and thusly their own battles, was a far more needed pursuit. The comment about knitting by the fire was not to say those who do knit and enjoy it are weaker and thus unworthy of being a woman, but rather it was to decry these archaic gender roles placed upon them. Women are capable of far more than society has given them the chance to display. 

It’s completely unfair to view Lyanna’s speech through our twenty-first-century lenses because the circumstances are different. It’s the same argument we use when we apply feminist theory to literature. Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, if read through modern day goggles, would not be considered as groundbreaking a novel as it was at the time of its publication in 1847, but it very much was. 

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

“Women are supposed to be very calm generally: but women feel just as men feel; they need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts, as much as their brothers do; they suffer from too rigid a restraint, to absolute a stagnation, precisely as men would suffer.“

To us, these quotes would not be that powerful. As beautiful as the language is, the concept that women feel just as men feel is not revolutionary for us. But at the time, Bronte’s Jane Eyre was certainly revolutionary in its attempt to dismantle this cultural imposition on women over their need to be the passive and submissive “Angel in the House” (a concept of the penultimate feminine ideal described by Coventry Patmore in his poem published in 1854).

Imposing twenty-first-century notions of feminism on a culture that has yet to actually experience any wave or trickle of feminism is unfair. Contextually, Lyanna’s speech was for its time revolutionary and so was Jon’s decision to have both men and women fight. Even Sansa, who is not a fighter, acknowledges this by her smirk during the speech. It is not a slight towards those who are more domestic, but a slight towards culturally imposed notions of what it means to be feminine by men who see women’s worth as only mothers, caretakers and nurturers, without acknowledging them as a whole human that is far more complex than these strict roles allow them.

And for each woman, the question of femininity is always going to be different. For Lyanna, her fight has always been against those who underestimate her right to lead and the power she commands, and that is what she specifically addresses. There’s a famous conversation by lecturer and professor of literature and gender studies Ann Snitow in her 1989 essay ‘A Gender Diary’.

Her friend says in regards to the feminist movement: 

“Now I can be a woman; it’s no longer so humiliating. I can stop fantasizing that secretly I am a man, as I used to, before I had children. Now I can value what was once my shame.”

In contrast, Snitow said:

“Now I don’t have to be a woman anymore. I need never become a mother. Being a woman has always been humiliating, but I used to assume there was no exit. Now the very idea of ‘woman’ is up for grabs. ‘Woman’ is my slave name; feminism will give me freedom to seek some other identity altogether.”

It’s always been these contradicting ideologies that simultaneously fuels feminism as a movement and hinders it. Feminists for decades have struggled to reconcile both ways of thinking, but personally, I believe neither is wrong. For me, feminism is the freedom to believe in either. 

This is why I don’t see Lyanna’s speech as being particularly anti-feminist. Saying so is too black and white of a statement, which has never been something you can attribute to feminism. The movement itself is too nuanced, as are most movements.