a study in choreography for camera

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your writing is 10/10, seriously!! for the date bts thing, could you do jhope please?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

oh no Hobi my love this is gonna hurt

  • actual romantic prince Hoseok is straight out of a fairytale
  • Grand Romantic Gestures are a regular thing for him prepare to get fucking WOOED
  • Hobi taking up any/all of your hobbies so y’all have stuff to do together
  • he’s better at all of them then you after about a week
  • making up silly little cyphers with your name in them
  • literally talking about you all the time the rest of bts are like, we get it you’re dating someone great enough already
  • that one time you guys watched Dirty Dancing together and then JHope learned the choreography and taught it to you
  • his camera roll is just your face over and over he has no shame he’s so enamored
  • Epic Dates you two are a living breathing kdrama montage
  • if you borrow his clothes he will actually lose his mind it is the hottest thing in the world to him
  • having study dates late at night featuring too much coffee and make out breaks
  • sometimes he goes through your apartment and rearranges it to make your life easier bc he’s an organized angel
  • leaves you little post-it note messages everywhere with nice things written on them
  • you keep getting in trouble with the make up artist for leaving hickies on him but THE MAN LOVES HICKIES HOW IS THIS UR FAULT??
  • Hoseok pulling you into his giant sweaters when ur cold so both of u are wearing it
  • you two have had so much late night sex in the dance studio please stop it’s getting unsanitary
  • matching necklaces that neither of you ever take off (if he could convince you, he’d get full matching outfits. Hobi loves to match, the weirdo)
  • sleepy, gentle morning sex uwu
  • when he gets really wound up, all you have to do is pet his hair and he will chill out. the rest of bts swears u have magic abilities
  • always really concerned about your health 
  • ‘yes Hobi, i’ve had enough to eat’
  • ‘no, i’m fine i don’t need to take a nap’
  • listens really hard to you and care so so much oh my gosh
  • i can’t continue