a study in chartreuse

Yet another Martha Stewart-approved recipe on how to make viruses! 

Viruses are basically the douchebags of the living world. They don’t really contribute anything, they infect people, animals, and plants, and are just generally dicks. However, viruses are important for natural selection. More to come about how exactly viruses reproduce.


Alright, so this week I have a lot of material to cover. Because there’s just so much and I didn’t have that much time, I made some flash cards! :D These still have a lot of important information. They’re just not as detailed (artistically) as I would like but they are still very informative! And they still have the green color scheme. Because that’s a must. 

Anyways, here is an introduction on fungi. 

Here is a basic diagram of virus replication. Try to fill in what is going on during each step of replication. Or you can just look directly at the answers. Whatever floats your boat. 


1. The virus enters the cell. Its outer capsid dissolves, and the DNA and capsomeres separate. 

2. Part of the viral DNA is replicated by the cell. 

3. The other half of the DNA is used as mRNA. This mRNA is used to make more capsid proteins.

4. The virus parts assemble. 

5. The newly assembled viruses break free of the cell. At this point, the cell usually lyses and is destroyed.