a student i tutor inspired this post

School is out for many Ferguson students, but teachers are still holding classes at local public libraries. On Tuesday, teachers stood outside of Ferguson Public Library holding signs that said “here to teach” and “students welcome.” Inside the library, teachers helped students with reading, science, art and math. “We’re trying to provide a positive and productive place for students,” said Ferguson-Florissant art teacher Carrie Pace to local outlet the Riverfront Times. “A place for them to come and do something educational and meet up with other students.” One 16-year-old student, Derrick Washington, came to the library to help tutor students younger than him, like his brother. He spoke with Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly about the experience. “While they’re not in school, I can help them get ready for school,” said Washington, who is a high school student in the Ferguson-Florissant district. “Keep them in line … keep them from getting in trouble.”