a strange secret of bruce wayne

cerebraldrippings  asked:

I really liked your summation of Ghost in the Shell as putting a white face on a Japanese cultural piece. It seems to me that a lot of the staff behind the new GiTS movie have no problem white washing both figuratively and digitally. However I'm having a problem comparing that to Batman Beyond. Could you explain further?

did i say beyond, i meant begins

tehnically i was only citing batman begins as another instance of the doctor strange trope, where bruce wayne goes to a monastery in the himalayas to learn secret techniques from an asian mystical warlord, but i forgot they did the switcheroo with ken watanabe where the real r'as al ghul was liam neeson.

the thing abt doctor strange as well is, producers who make lazy casting choices make other lazy choices as well, so movies with whitewashed casts, despite their claims of wanting the best talent, tend to do a half-assed job on the script as well. look at the last airbender as the exemplar of the form.

what if people have noticed the way the wayne family acts. how the kids always almost say “batman” instead of dad/bruce, or how whenever batman disappears, bruce wayne is suddenly unavailable. the butler’s strange behaviour and the darkness that’s always somehow around the waynes or the secrets and everything that has led some people throughout comics’ history to unravel batman’s secret identity

what if gotham remembers all those little details? what if there are forums on the internet solely dedicated to these mishaps? it’s become such a big deal over the years online that everyone now thinks the wayne family’s just trying really hard to make the world think they’re batman and co, that it’s just a stunt to gain them more popularity because “that’s how elitists are”. so they decide to write it off. all of it

the waynes are a meme