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Also known as the “Druid’s Altar,” the circle is a megalithic formation that once consisted of 17 stones (only 13 remain) out in the countryside of Cork County, Ireland. Radiocarbon dating of human remains found at the site during a 1957 excavation suggests that the area was built and actively used between 1100-800 BC. Now the site is secluded, tucked away between verdant farmland and network of country roads.

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Do you enjoy writing as a passion, or is it more of a job for you?

It’s definitely a job. This is the danger of doing what you love; you don’t do it because you enjoy it or you want to (well, sometimes), you do it because you have to.

It’s really rare that I write something just for myself. Sometimes, as a present for a significant other, I’ll type them out a profile on my typewriter. Every now and again I’ll write some really embarrassing poetry.

That said! I do take a great deal of pleasure from my job, because I’m still mostly a reporter. I get to be curious, go strange places, obsess about, say, rodeo queens or Christmas tree farmers and generally get real close to the heart of the world.

I often hate writing. As in, I will clean my entire house just to avoid putting my fingers on the keyboard. But I love being a writer.

Vanderweek — day 2

For this day I wrote an fanfic. Thank you @n3sh3r0x for proof reading this for me you are the best.

Hunt the morning sun — supernatural Au

It was a day like many others.

Once again he stood there, waiting for the sun to set. He smoked one last cigarette and checked his equipment one last time.
His guns were ready and he had enough holy water and rock salt. He’d done this many times and knew that soon the time would come when his Job would be the cause of his death.

Vanderwood didn’t really care, though; he had nothing left to lose.

The sky turned red, he knew this was his starting signal. He dropped his cigarette on the ground and stepped on it.
Vanderwood had his eyes fixed on the building in front of him. He held his gun and without another thought, went into the ruins of the building.

If the rumors were right, then this building was the resting place of the one he was searching for.

Vanderwood had searched for this creature-  over 2 years now. Ever since that thing had killed his only friend, Vanderwood’s only goal was to hunt it down. Countless hours were spent searching everywhere for its hunting pattern and for a way to kill it. Vanderwood could only hope that his information about this monster was true.

Making his way into the cellar, it turned out to be way bigger than he’d expected. That was good, he knew his enemy well by now. It preferred houses with huge underground areas. Vanderwood walked up to one of the walls.

If his research was right, then there would be an opening somewhere around here. Vanderwood moved a huge shelf out of his way.

“There it is.” He smirked slightly.

Vanderwood took his night vision goggles and put them on. If the enemy spotted his light, it would destroy his surprise attack. Carefully, he moved into the tunnel in front of him. He walked slowly along the walls of the tight corridor; all his attention on his surroundings, he couldn’t tell where they would attack from.

He checked every small room, but there was nothing but rocks in all of them.

It couldn’t be helped; he kept moving forward.

 Ahead of him was a fork in the path.

 Right or left?

The left looked like it was in better condition, but somewhere in his guts he felt that it was the right path instead.

He chose the right path.

It was more difficult to walk as there were a lot of obstacles in his path. Maybe the other path was right after all.

It was then that he spotted a door.

It was intact… That was strange.

Vanderwood knew this could mean two things: either someone thought that putting a very well secured door in a tunnel would be smart or that his enemy was really hiding here somewhere.

He’d wasted no time on thinking, immediately taking out his tools and opening the locked door without any issues.

This lock really never stood a chance against him.

Behind the door, he found another tunnel.

This one looked completely intact and well maintained. Vanderwood found this quite surprising. He went inside and followed the straight path. He found another door- this time, a very sturdy one.

Vanderwood wondered if they hid gold in here somewhere. It really would be annoying to go through all of this just for some gold.

It took a bit longer this time, but he was able to open the door. Behind it was a corridor with doors, ones that looked like cells.

What a strange place. Maybe it was their food storage. Vanderwood was curious enough to check it out.

He looked inside one of the cells and he saw somebody in a corner.

 Was this a human child or… something else?

Suddenly the ‘person’ moved and looked at Vanderwood. It was a boy- he looked like a teenager.

 The boy looked afraid but he didn’t look away.

“Hey, you aren’t one of them, are you?”

 “No… and you?” Vanderwood couldn’t be too careful.

 “No, I’m not one of those things… Have you seen my brother?”

 “I haven’t seen anyone here, except you.”

 “They took him away…”

Vanderwood knew this meant that his brother was probably as good as dead… or worse.

 “I see…”

 Vanderwood didn’t dare to tell the boy what he thought.

 “Can you let me out then…? So I can look for him.”

 “Come closer to the door.”

The boy didn’t wait another second and got up.

 When he got close enough, Vanderwood sprays a liquid on him.

“Ahh! What is that, some kind of acid?!”

 “Calm down, it was just holy water. I had to make sure that you were not a monster.”

Vanderwood opened the Cell door to let the boy out.

“Wait, how can I be sure that you aren’t a monster yourself?”

 “This is the wrong moment to get suspicious of me.”

 “Well you could try to get information out of me.”

 “What kind of information could a little kid like you even have?”

 “Well, I don’t know… But still!”

Vanderwood sighed and sprayed a small amount of holy water on himself.

 “There, are you happy now?”

 “Well, who knows if that was even holy water.”

 “I really don’t have time for such games. Just go through that open door and leave if you don’t trust me.” Vanderwood said, pointing to the door he’d just come through.

 “No, I can’t leave; I have to find my brother!”

 “Fine, but stay behind me or I can’t guarantee​ your safety.”

Vanderwood understood the boy’s desire to find his brother, even when finding him would probably scar him for life.

“Okay deal, what is your name ?” The boy smiled shyly.

 “That shouldn’t concern you…”

 “Okay, then I’ll call you old man!”

Vanderwood made a very annoyed sound.


 “Huh, What was that old man?”

 “My name is Vanderwood.” He sighed.

 “I figured, and you have no sense of humor. My name is Luciel.”

 “Your parents had a strange sense of humor too, hm?”

 “Not really, this is the name the church gave me and really, you’re the one to talk, Vanderwood.”

Luciel was laughing and Vanderwood was sighing again. This would be a very long night.

“Let’s get going, before I ‘accidentally’ kill you…”

Vanderwood gave Luciel a menacing glare, making the boy shut up.

They made their way to the only other door.

Vanderwood had his weapon ready as he opened the door.


It was way too quiet.

He looked around carefully. Luckily, his new-found companion at least knew when to hold his tongue.

 It really looked like they’d left this place.

“What a bust.”

 Vanderwood sighed again. Well, at least he saved that kid.

“Not really, I found this computer here.” Luciel pointed at it and walked up to it, turning it on.

 Vanderwood watched Luciel as he hacked into the Computer with ease. He had to admit that it was impressive.

 “Ah, here! Look, they brought my brother somewhere, but I’ve never heard of this place.”

 Vanderwood looked at the screen.

“Mint Eye… Interesting. I really wonder how you got involved with this cult.”


“Yes, I happen to know something​ about it and they’re up to no good, for sure. I’ve been hunting one of them for a while now.”

 “Huh… So you’re on a man hunt?”

 “No, the one I’m hunting​ is a demon. One of the worst kind.”

 “Sounds like a big fish.”

 “Yes, he is a high ranked member of Mint Eye.”

 “So you can tell me where this place is?”

Luciel points to the location.

“No, this place is new to me. It’ll mean your death if you go there.”

 “But my brother…”

 “I hate to say this, but he’s either dead or already taken over.” Vanderwood hated bringing bad news, but he had no choice.

 “No! Rika told us that she needed us as we are…”

 Vanderwood was surprised to hear that name.

 “What exactly did she say?”

 “She said that in order to make paradise a reality, she would need us both to stay humans.”

Vanderwood closed his eyes. Who thought that he would find such an important part of Mint Eye’s end goal in such a place. Still, going to one of their hideouts with a child would be stupid.

“I see… Let’s go then, Luciel.”

“Will you really take me there?”

“No, I will bring you to a safe place.”

 “But my brother-!”

 “I will get him if I can.” Vanderwood knew that he couldn’t promise anything.

 “I will go there, even if you drop me off somewhere. I will find this place!”

Suddenly, Vanderwood hears a sound. Turning around quickly, something tries to jump at him.

 Vanderwood is faster though and the creature gets hit with a bullet between its eyes. The creature drops to the ground.

Luciel looks like he just witnessed the coolest thing ever and Vanderwood knows it is time to go before more of these come.

“Come on, let’s go.”

 Luciel nods and they make their way to the entrance door.

 “Can I have a gun too?”

 “No, you can have this.”

 Vanderwood hands the bottle with the holy water to Luciel.

 “I can’t kill anything with this.”

 “You can keep them away from you and that will save your life.”

 “Fine, but if I die I’ll haunt you.”

 “I’ll exorcise you then.”

 “Wow, you can do that too?!”

 “You can be impressed later. Get prepared for whatever’s lurking outside.”

Vanderwood looks dead serious and Luciel holds his spray bottle with holy water in front of him.

Vanderwood opens the door.

It’s still dark outside but Vanderwood can see the creatures that are lurking around in the woods.

“Run in that direction. There is an old house, and in front of it is my car.”

Vanderwood points in the direction.

 “What about you?”

 “I can take care of myself. Run.”

 Luciel nods and starts to run.

The creatures come closer while Vanderwood moves slowly away from them. He shoots at them but they aren’t going down with one bullet. This was really an annoyance to Vanderwood.

There were way too many of them; fortunately, Luciel got away.

They drew closer and closer.

If it really had to end tonight, then that is how it will be. Vanderwood only regrets that he couldn’t avenge his partner.

 Vanderwood was surrounded and the bullets will not be enough for all of them.

What a shame.

They were almost close enough to attack him.

That’s when he suddenly heard the sound of a motor and then saw a car- driving at a high speed towards the monsters. Vanderwood couldn’t see anything thanks to his night vision goggles. He heard the breaks of the car screaming.

“Vanderwood, get in fast!”

It was Luciel’s voice.

Vanderwood got up and found the car door opem. He got in and closed the door. Immediately Luciel starts driving again.

“That was a close one. I had no idea you could drive.”

“I had no Idea either.”

“That means you can’t drive…”

“Nope, not at all…”

Vanderwood can slowly make Luciel out and he is smiling.

“Stop once we are back on a road, then I’ll take over.”

“I saved your life, by the way.”

“I was about to thank you, but now you can forget about that…”

“Now you won’t drop me off anywhere, right?”

“No, I won’t, but we have to be prepared… Unless you want to die.”

“So, you’ll train me?”


Vanderwood sighs again.

This’ll be really annoying, he just knows it.

INKTOBER2017 #16 - Yaddithian

“There was a gong, a heavy blast of sound, tubular in quality, brazen in its tones. And then, when the shock diminished, I was there, my eyes assaulted by the alien sights of this strange place. Five suns lit the sky and fought over the cast with their differing colours. Mighty spires and towers of glimmering metal scraped the colorful clouds, reflexing the strange cascade of light into a dizzying picture below. The obsidian craggy rocks soaked in the warmth of the suns and somewhat made a clear cut for the visible horizon. Strange and unexplained cylinders of vast proportions simply levitated over the landscape, casting great, dark shadow briefly as they passed over you. And then, you spot that the strange city of spikes and metal is alive, as denizens of this curious place scurry to their own devices - tall and lanky, like if insects that mock humans with their upright posture, with bending legs and clawed arms and outlandish trumps, elongated snouts of tapirs, ending in sharp fangs and slithering tongues. And these were the inhabitants of this far-away place - Yaddith, the planet of Five Suns”

Imagine this:

Carlos, hair messy from rushing around, back aching from hauling many heavy boxes as he moves his possessions into a new and lonely house moves with uncertainty and perhaps a hint of regret. His head hurts, this place is stranger than he anticipated; nothing follows the specific scientific rules that he adores, that he has revered his whole entire life. It’s always strange moving into a new place, as people are always politely curious about him, but it only extends to that; curiosity. Tired and more than a little frazzled, he sets himself down on his stiff, too-new sofa, clutching some strange soup he found at the supermarket, because apparently pasta isn't allowed. He flicks the radio on absentmindedly, as he hasn’t had enough time to sort out the television, and he is fairly certain that the wires tried to wriggle away from him anyway when he tried. Have I made the right decision? He wonders, staring out at the cold, purple skies. Have I-

The radio cuts into his thoughts as he hears his name and he listens closely in shock to the beautiful voice that purrs through the air. Slowly, a smile spreads across his face.

“…and I fell in love instantly.”

Maybe it won’t be so bad, after all.

Top 5 most important things I learned from freshmen year of college:

1. Love; not romance by any means, but rather love in oneself and in others (who were all strangers to me such a short time ago). By taking care of myself, focusing my time on what I wanted/needed, and managing my time for what was best for me, I now understand what makes me love well, me! And when you’re surrounded by people like yourself in a college that you all chose to go to, there’s no doubt that you’re bound to find people who understand you (and also find those friends that you know will be around for quite some time). College is a strange place because everyone is just as terrified and curious about one another– and therefore, attach and befriend whoever they find first.You find so much love in these people you practically live with for literal months– and the best part is that they love you right back.

2. People are temporary; the people you meet in the beginning of the year will not necessarily become your bestfriend as you imaged. The people you thought were going to be your core group of friends may end up being strangers you wave hi to when passing by occasionally. The people you got bad vibes from in the beginning or had heard bad rumors about may end up being the most wonderful surprises and best additions to your life. No matter what– people will come and go and it’ll all be fine.

3. Responsibility with freedom; no one is going to tell you to wake up to go to your 9 a.m. or go to the gym after a long day. No one will yell at you for missing class or being unhealthy and lazy. But you have to learn to put on some clothes, grab a coffee to go, and pull yourself together to answer a question if a professor calls on you–and go to the gym as a study break even if you’re having a rough day. Although it may not seem like it, everyone is pulling theirselves together, just like you, to get by. With freedom, you have to put all your focus on you and your studies.

4. Chill; often times, college seems to be all about finding a balance between partying and studying– when really, it should be between partying, studying, casually hanging with friends, and relaxing by yourself. Time is precious in college, but it’s really important to not go out too much and tire your body or overwhelm yourself with the amount of work you have to do. Whether it be taking naps here and there, FaceTiming old friends, or studying while eating lunch with your new college friends, finding a way to chill is a key factor for a deeper appreciation with your time investment.

5. Knowing your future; truthfully, there will be people who know exactly what they want to do, know how to get to that goal, and believe in theirselves to be successful in achieving that goal because they are actually that smart, even if they’re not always committed. However, like me, there will be people who do not know where to begin so they just guess and take on a random career path–because hey, what else are you supposed to do? And despite how crazy that may be, everyone figures themselves out at some point. Even if you feel like you wasted an entire semester on a class you absolutely hated, at least you know that now. Just keep trying and trying and you’ll find out something.

—  still kind of lost 18 year old

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It wasn't often that Strange wandered this far out of his home dimension. In truth, it was the presence of an unusual anomaly that brought him here, to a small outer realm that seemed out of place in the multiverse. Curious, Strange opened a portal to Auzorea, and stepped through, taking a look around. (magicdoctors)

An interference between the link between the entrance and destination would reroute him in the midst of space. Canvarose; a small universe compared to his own was empty even for a small universe, with little planetary bodies to twinkle the empty void, let alone nebulae nor galaxies. The Doctor would see a nearby planet engulfed in what seemed like an Ocean on his left whilst on his right, a rare sight was about to unfold.

A tiny flash of brilliant light would appear before it seemingly twirled and split from one, then two. Slowly, a trail of astral light would follow the balls of light as they were swung outwards with a spiral of cosmic matter slowly thinning the line as it travelled further but covering more matter sideways, followed by a sudden illumination of countless light around the lines before dots would reveal itself to be the creation of a Galaxy.

The gentle swirl was then combined with a thrust from the original light as the Galaxy slowly began to grow and move away

The original light’s source stood still as it ended the performance with a pose, as if dancing.

Dancing to form the stars.