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Hello! I am an avid Destiel shipper, and I love your meta (Destiel and otherwise)! I am glad that supernatural has reached the point where they can have queer characters that don't die (what happened to Charlie still pisses me off though). However, as obvious as Dean and Cas' love and possible future relationship is to me, it's not so obvious to others, and I sincerely doubt that they'll ever do anything about it. If something happens in Season 13, what do you think they'd do? Thanks! <3

Hello my lovely!

Thank you so much, I’m very happy to read you’re enjoying my meta! (makes my heart go an extra big thump-thump!)

And I do apologise for this reply taking forever. I get inspired and feel I want to write a long response and then I know it’ll take half a day so then I postpone and I shouldn’t and, again, my apologies. 

I love this question and have been pondering it since I got it - as well as working my way through some meta posts which I suppose goes someways to telling you what I think they might do. But let me focus my thoughts.

Firstly, I understand that doubt is there, because there have been so many times over the years when they’ve suddenly pulled back on the Destiel of it all.

Dean and Cas have been separated by:

  • Delusions of grandeur (Cas in cahoots with Crowley, to then believe he’s God)
  • Death (Cas returning the souls to Hell, releasing the Leviathan)
  • Mental illness (Cas healing Sam)
  • A need for redemption (Cas choosing Purgatory)
  • Gadreel (human!Cas and Dean could not get cosy in S9)
  • Self-sacrifice (Cas saying yes to Lucifer)
  • Self-defence (neither thinking the other loves them for all of S12, Dean acting defensive as fuck, shutting Cas out because he wants to let him in so bad it hurts)
  • MISCOMMUNICATION (a big theme throughout their courtship)

So, here’s what I think S12 has built towards - open communication.

This doesn’t just go for Dean and Cas, though. It goes for all three of Team Free Will, because I feel TFW has been slowly moving towards assembly for all of S12, and I want them together, working together, planning together in S13.

If Cas wakes up human - either in that sunrise that seems to be promising to peak over the mountains by that lake where he died (which would be glorious, but which I doubt, simply because it’s too soon for him to come back given the magnitude of the REBIRTH that seems unavoidable here), or when crawling out of his grave after the brothers bury him - human!Cas will facilitate the Destiel story line becoming integrated into the surface narrative of the show.

To me this feels the most logical, but please know that I might be so so wrong.

Why does it feel logical?

Because the surface viewers (or the casual viewers), as you say, do not see the romantic love between Dean and Cas.

So what to do?

They will need to build the romance up from scratch to make it believable to the casual viewer. 

How to do that then?

Well, how about we position all three of our main characters on a threshold, where all of their arcs have come to a peak and is ready to move into a new beginning for each of them.

  • Sam will Lead and MoL
  • Dean will tear down more walls while letting Sam Lead and MoL
  • Cas will be reborn, with all that this rebirth will entail


New Beginnings.

The writers can opt to move into S13 with all they have set up in S12 - all that chaos and calamity that will work as a pressure wave of deepened threat and uncertainty in S13 - and anchor us in the new leaf each of our main characters are turning. It will make the season feel fresh and interesting. 

Either way, though, whatever happens, I know they’ll make it so damn awesome I can’t wait to see what they have planned for us!

To my mind, human!Cas would feel like Cas, but there were always things Castiel couldn’t partake of fully, that human!Cas can: food, drink, breathing the air, wanting to be alive, learning what that want means, falling properly in love, feeling longing, and misery, and longing for Dean, and carrying that overwhelming fear over from Castiel’s heart, that his love isn’t reciprocated.

Castiel has felt frustration. He’s felt sadness. He’s felt hopelessness. But he hasn’t been able to deal with these emotions because “It’s all so confusing” as he says in S11 after finding Dean’s porn on Dean’s laptop. (exclusively of women, of course) All of it’s always been so confusing to Cas. He feels so many things, but he can’t quite make heads or tails of his feelings. 

So this is something the writers would tackle, humanising him, grounding our beloved angel so that he can finally make the choice of where he wants to belong, not where he thinks he should belong or could belong or has to belong.

As for Dean, he’ll just be so damn happy having Cas back that I can see him following him around to make sure he’s ok, being overly attentive, unable to hide his emotions, and the casual viewer will take note. As they took note of the mixtape in 12x19. 

These gestures, if they make Destiel part of the surface narrative, and I can’t see why they would backtrack (seriously, the love story arc is peaking along with the individual character arcs addressed above so for them to backtrack now would hurt the narrative they’ve been building for so many years) (they won’t do that), these gestures will then cement the fact that Dean and Cas are in love with each other

Then again, Cas might come back a powerful angel. *shrug* We have no way of knowing for sure, of course!

But if they do what I believe they’re about to do, the writers will weave Destiel into the surface narrative slowly, out of necessity, so that the surface viewers who really couldn’t care less will just shrug and go, oh, okay, so they’re doing this now, while giving the middle finger to the viewers who gag and walk away. (walk away gaggers) (good riddance)

This is partially why I feel pretty confident that Cas will be back early in S13. Because I do so firmly believe in the love story of it all, and I do understand the precarious situation the writers are in of introducing it into the surface narrative.

It will take time, and many episodes, and a fresh feel about it, as with every other arc poised for New Beginnings in S13.

The mixtape was the first thread for Destiel to be woven into the surface, though.

It was the first visual manifestation of there being anything more between these men than brotherhood and friendship. (ok so I would say there have been about one thousand of these) (um trench coat in the trunk of Dean’s car for a year and handing it over) (yeah casual viewers) (SHAME on you)

All the other threads are just waiting, dangling on the wind, and oh will they make the prettiest tapestry EVER!


‘Hamilton’ Mania! Backstage at the Cultural Event of Our Time (Rolling Stone):

Bay Area rapper Daveed Diggs had never seen a Broadway show before he was cast as Hamilton nemesis Thomas Jefferson. “I knew Fiddler on the Roof, because my mom really liked that and we always had the album around the house growing up, and that was about it,” Diggs says. “But I was totally intrigued the second I heard the demos of the songs in Hamilton and read through the music. The rapping is good – that’s what really got me.”


“When you’re developing your voice as a rapper, you figure out your cadence – your swag – and that’s how you write,” Diggs says. “Lin managed to figure that out for all of these different characters – everyone has their own swag, and it feels germane to them. And that’s really impressive. Hercules Mulligan [a Hamilton pal who spied on the loyalists during the American Revolution] raps exactly like a dude named Hercules Mulligan!”

Even more radical than the catholic musical approach is Hamilton’s reckoning with our country’s creation myth. There’s an almost indescribable power in seeing the Founders, in an otherwise historically rigorous production, portrayed by a young, multiracial cast. “It is quite literally taking the history that someone has tried to exclude us from and reclaiming it,” says Leslie Odom Jr., who comes close to stealing the show with his turn as Hamilton killer Aaron Burr. “We are saying we have the right to tell it too.” If every presidential administration gets at least one mass-cultural moment it deserves, then Hamilton has become the Obama era’s Wall Street, its 24, its Spice World – even more so, perhaps, because the show has actually managed to fulfill candidate Obama’s promise to bridge the divide between Red and Blue America. Fans of Hamilton include Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Dick Cheney and the president himself.

Christopher Jackson, Hamilton’s towering George Washington, has known Miranda the longest of any of the major cast members, having previously starred in In the Heights. “Lin told me about his idea for Hamilton a few days after that fateful vacation,” Jackson recalls. “We were actually onstage doing Heights. He said, 'I’ve got the next thing. It’s about the Treasury secretary!’ And then he paused, and before I could say, 'What?!’ the music started and we had to do '96,000.’ When Ron Chernow came to see Heights, I had never seen Lin that nervous. He said, 'Ron Chernow’s here!’ I said, 'What does that mean?’ And he said, 'The show needs to go well today.’”

Odom first saw a workshop version of Hamilton at Vassar and found himself responding, almost viscerally, to “The Story of Tonight,” an early number in which Hamilton and three friends (Mulligan, the Marquis de Lafayette and John Laurens) boisterously drink together in a tavern on the eve of the Revolution. “That’s the one that made me a puddle, because it was four men of color onstage singing a song about friendship and brotherhood and love, and I had never seen that in a musical,” Odom says. “I had seen white guys do it, in Jersey Boys, in Les Miz. Never seen a black guy. So I was a mess, and from that point, I was along for the ride.”

Phillipa Soo, who makes her Broadway debut as Hamilton’s wife, Eliza, says that she had to figure out her relationship to her stage husband, to answer questions like, “Who is this man to me, and why do I love him?” In the end, she realized her “research was already here for me. It became less about finding facts about Eliza and Alexander Hamilton and more about just watching Lin. I remember him coming into the rehearsal room in his slippers, because he’d been across the street writing. And I was like, 'Oh, my God, this guy is nonstop!’ Kind of like Hamilton.”

Helium Vader also gets a shout-out in the article


Imagine that the gods give Thorin a second chance to complete his quest, but warn him that his life and that of Fili and Kili depend on how well he can mend the error of his ways

Imagine Dwalin being your father.

Imagine The whole Company - especially Thorin - being angry about Gandalf’s notion of bringing you along on the quest, despite you being a brave warrior


This, O Best Beloved, is a simple story about a blacksmith, his sister son the bowman, and the gladiatrix who counts them chief among her lovers. A rather ordinary tale about an unsentimental woman with a romantic boy on one hand and a hard man on the other. And a pet he-Elf she meets in Bree, every once in awhile, on the sly. But it is also a story about the true nature of life and death, of love and lust, freedom and slavery, friendship and brotherhood, A tale regarding the malleability of destiny, and the nature of second chances. Yes, it is the story of Thorin Oakenshield and the second chance his gods gave him, but it is also the story of a woman, Brimi, daughter of Dwalin. Who knows? It might even be more her story, in the end, than his. (WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS NO DURINCEST)

Prelude: The Circus Mortis, in the Great Coliseum of Nurn, Mordor

They say you have to be a bastard to survive as a gladiator.

I’ve been here for thirty years, and I’m Master Gladiator, what does that say about me?

I am Brimi, daughter of Dwalin, and daughter of Idunni of the Dokklafari, and as I was born on the wrong side of the blanket, I always had to be tough as dragon-hide leather and hard as mithril steel.

I was taken by the orc slavers when I was twenty, while defending Kili.

I loved him and I still do, but Kili is a very traditional sort of fellow who wasn’t going to lay a finger on me until we were 35 and we could be formally Promised.

Therefore, his Uncle had been laying more than his finger to me for the past four years.

People said Thorin’s blood was hot and his heart was cold, but not to me, and I never cared about his other women.

Do I love Thorin?

Love is a nice little word.

Too nice and too little to describe my feelings for Thorin Oakenshield.

The orc slavers kept me in Moria for ten years to try and break me so they could sell me.

I don’t mean they tried for a few days, or a week, or a month or so.

If they haven’t got enough women of their own kind to go around, orcs kidnap a she-Elf, and they make an orc out of her.

Orcs know they’re a gnarled shoot off of the silvery tree of the blood of the Eldar, they know some of the magic that the Dark Lord used to make Elves into orcs.

They know slow, deliberate, unrelenting cruelty, viciousness and violence; they are brutal, and evil, from cradle to grave, from generation to generation, since the beginning of their twisted race.

It takes about five years for them to make a she-Elf into a she-Orc.

They take their time because they know they have all the time in the world to be orcs.

They took their time, to try and break me.

I survived because Bolg, son of Azog, fancied  me and I didn’t object.

At their last attempt, they whipped me with an orc’s knout until my back was in bloody ribbons,  but I didn’t break.

They gave up on softening me when they tried to starve me to death and came back to check on me in a week and found out I had roasted, killed and eaten most of my orc jailer.

“Tastes just like chicken.” I told one Bolg.

He laughed and insisted that I was considered an honorary orc.

Bolg eventually got an  idea, that they might get me all cleaned up and sell me  as a whore to some greedy fool, and as soon as he had me home, I could kill the stupid bastard, steal all his money, and bring it back.

Then they’d do it, again.

But why didn’t I run?

I tried that, the first time.

Bolg had his eye on me, and they would have killed if I hadn’t got him laughing at how I fucked and killed my purchaser, then robbed him, taking the rings off his fingers while his body was still warm.

The orcs were merciful with me, concerning my punishment.

They cut off one of my toes and sold me again, and again.

Eventually they sold me to Tom, a tinker.

He was no wicked master, he was kind, and there are times I wish that I was still with him.

I’d be married, now, living in a little stone cottage with roses around the door.

Tom was a good man, with a gentle soul, it’s no wonder this rotten world took him.

They blamed me for his death, in Dunland, shaved off my hair and beard and hung me in a gibbet for a fortnight, and sold me to the Easterling slavers.

I got so mad I killed every man on the ship on our way to the Great Slave Market on the Beran Sea.

I was hanging in the gibbet, again, when I came to the notice of Hrothgar the Black, a pirate who was half-man and Half-Elf.

Hrothgar, the child of gladiators, bought me, and we had a fine time pirating until they caught us.

All the rest of the crew hung, but Hrothgar was of the Brotherhood of Gladiators, so they sent him back to the Circus, and me with him.

In a year, Hrothgar had money for another crew, but I had become the protégé of Alfsjkald the Great, Master Gladiator of the Circus Mortis for fifty years.

He was a hell of a man, and he was a Dwarf, every inch of him.

When he died, I became Master Gladiatrix and I have been for twenty years.

This is my home, now.

Sometimes I think of  the Ered Luin.

But in forty years as a slave, you learn to stop having those kind of hopes; they can kill you.

When you have been a slave for six months or a year, home is all you can think of.

But when you have been a slave for forty years, home becomes a rosy memory.

Like you have died, and become a ghost and no matter how much you want to return, you know that you never can, or will.

I have found a fine life and a good home.

As Master I have my own room, off the barracks, and some things of me own.

I never miss a raiding party to go and round up more orcs; but mostly we take them as prisoners of war, or buy them.

The Ringmaster looks after us, and we look after each other.

Around the coliseum and the barracks, there’s a village, made up of former gladiators, & their families, and we have the finest tradesmen in Arda.

Dwarrow blacksmiths, Elvin healers, artisans from Gondor, stonemasons from Rohan.

We slaves with no home and no family have made a place and a purpose for ourselves, in the dark heart of Mordor where the shadows lie.

In ten years, I’ll be free; I might go back to the Ered Luin, or to see what became of that Wood Elf I had as a pet, or I might retire to the village.

I’ll bet they don’t even remember me.

Why, I’ll bet Thorin didn’t even know it was me, today, and I wonder what he’s doing, in Mordor, but everyone seems to come to the Circus, eventually.

It’s better I leave it alone.

Still, I wonder.

Would Thorin remember me, would he even know me, after forty years?

And Da, and Uncle Balin, and Kili.

Home, and freedom?


Wait who are these girls? I thought this story was about brotherhood. This is weird bts hasn’t wrote anything about romance since skool luv affair and that had some k-drama looking stuff going on. Are they going to help them reunite their friendship after Jin’s note? But some of the days were before it. Idk what’s happening.

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Who said that gay relationships were inherently sexual? That's something straight people have decided, not the queer community. It's messed up that you think there's something wrong with mlm relationships, and that Jack being bi would someone devalue his relationship with Katherine when it has literally no such impact.




“who said that gay relationships were inherently sexual?”

… Everyone, friend. Everyone.

Do you understand the definition of the terms you are using? Do you know that “gay” (unless you are referring to the antiquated usage of the word, which just means “happy”) is inherently referring to a sexual relationship? Like, that is the entire point of its existence as a term? That’s not something “straight people” have decided, that’s literally the very definition of the modern phraseology. “gay doesn’t equal sexuality”????

People can, should, and do love other people regardless of gender or sexual orientation - that doesn’t make them gay. I have a feeling people in the LGBTQ community would be taken aback by this redefining of the term as you are suggesting it. If they are in agreement, then it begs the question: what is the point of the term at all?

There is nothing wrong - nothing wrong - with men loving other men, or women loving other women as human beings in a nonsexual way. Again, people should love each other. I’m not going to go into my beliefs of homosexuality on this post, however. Simply isn’t the time or the place and I have no desire or duty to put the effort in an anon reply. Come off anon and I will gladly discuss these things with you. :)

The belief that Jack’s relationship, his friendship, his brotherhood, with the other newsies can only be explained by his being gay or bi is messed up and devalues friendships everywhere by saying those strong bonds are not legitimate and the only way they can be legit is if they are sexual in nature. That is the literal definition, I don’t make up the words for my own enjoyment.

The point, however, about Jack being bi is actually that it would have to devalue his relationship with Katherine (which is romantic) or his relationship with the other newsboys (which people will quibble about, but my stand is it is not romantic). How does it devalue those relationships? By calling into question Jack’s loyalty to them. Jack has flirted and dated other girls but finds himself genuinely falling for Katherine and he wholeheartedly commits to her- a relationship we see built through the remainder of the play. She’s not a “once or twice” kind of girl. That puts value on their relationship. If Jack’s bi, it either devalues his apparently sexual relationship with the newsies - elevating Katherine to being better than them - or it devalues Katherine - she’s great, but hey, he’s also got his boys to flirt with too. You cannot have it both ways to where he is bi and loves Katherine the same way he loves the newsies without either one or both of those loves being completely false, or else making him into some sort of cheating jerk who continues being a hopeless and unattached flirt unable to commit to a relationship.

Jack’s story is one of family and commitment. He has to find his way in that.

In any case. The point, my very dear anonymous passive aggressive friend, is that people should stop forcing sexual intentions and connotations on strong and familiar relationships instead of allowing those relationships to be what they are: Jack has family, friendship, a brotherhood and brotherly love with the newsies. He has a beautiful, romantic love with Katherine.

We live in a culture that cannot recognize deep friendships as anything less than sexual attractions when true relationships go so far above and beyond that sensuality.


Give me a break.

And go pick your battles somewhere else, maybe a little more wisely, and stop to think about what you’re saying before you try and argue a point on so loose a basis. Otherwise, I hope you have a lovely day, and that you don’t get any anon hate, and that you see the value of deep personal bonds that go outside all laws of sensual attraction and instead rely on the kind of love the newsies have for one another: a brotherhood, a family, that survives not because of sexual desire, but because of loyalty, commitment, trust, forgiveness, and friendship.

  • <p> <b>Stucky Fandom:</b> Look at all this extensive but completely subjective research we've done to prove our point that Steve and Bucky must be lovers they have to be lovers there is no possible or reasonable explanation that they are not lovers and you are a homophobic piece of trash if you believe otherwise<p/><b>Me:</b> Look at my lovely boys breaking the societal laws of masculinity and proving what I've believed in for years: there is little that romance and friendship do not share and there are times that friendship can be deeper and stronger than romance could ever hope to be<p/><b>Stucky Fandom:</b> You can't-<p/><b>Me:</b> And in support of them, even if the whole world is going to tell me to move, it is my duty and privilege to plant myself like a tree and say: "No. You move."<p/><b>Stucky Fandom:</b> But if-<p/><b>Me:</b> And if that makes me the Pliny of my time so be it<p/><b>Stucky Fandom:</b> What about-<p/><b>Me:</b> Those looking for hope? Well guess what - after 29 years years of waiting and having the dumbest variance of romances of any gender combination rammed down my throat by Hollywood Marvel allowed a friendship to be the greatest love story they've done so far and it's solidly supported by the directors writer and actors as such if you have a clue what vindication feels like THIS IS WHAT VINDICATION FEELS LIKE<p/><b>Me:</b> So feel free to fight me<p/><b>Me:</b> Steve and Bucky are soulmates in every sense of the word and they don't need your romance-norms to be the best thing that's ever happened<p/></p>

Prelude Continued: The Return of the King

This, O Best Beloved, is a simple story about a blacksmith, his sister son the bowman, and the gladiatrix who counts them chief among her lovers. A rather ordinary tale about an unsentimental woman with a romantic boy on one hand and a hard man on the other. And a pet he-Elf she meets in Bree, every once in awhile, on the sly. But it is also a story about the true nature of life and death, of love and lust, freedom and slavery, friendship and brotherhood, A tale regarding the malleability of destiny, and the nature of second chances. Yes, it is the story of Thorin Oakenshield and the second chance his gods gave him, but it is also the story of a woman, Brimi, daughter of Dwalin. 


The day began as any day would.

I awoke, early, bathed in the basin I had left out the night before, put on my square-necked tunic and belt, and my boots, and went out to the barracks, to greet each of the eighty souls in the Brotherhood of Gladiators.

We all are together, in the barracks, and then I held a meeting as to our strategy in the usual Saturday double games, along with Ragnar of Rogan, who would be my successor.

Then, I  dressed for battle.

At the early games, which we only have on Saturdays, I lost no souls to violence, not even a finger or a limb, and I killed 25 orcs.

After, I  had to put ten men with minor wounds out of the evening games, and I went with Ragnar, to the village, to have our weapons sharpened.

Right before the evening games, Hranmi, the Master Trainer, who is also a dwarf, came and told me that Thorin Oakenshield was in the Coliseum, that he had come to see the evening show.

The news hit me like a spear in the guts, tipped with Morgul poison.  

I was so deeply stricken, down to the very moorings of my  identity that when I heard that Thorin Oakenshield would be in the Coliseum, that night, attending the spectacle, the Saturday night show, the biggest of the week, too, the only thing I could think of was that he, like quite a few powerful men before him, had come to buy a night with me.

For old times sake


The years fell away, and the armor I  had built was pierced, and I was 16, again, lying in Thorin’s beefy arms, against his burly, hairy barrel chest, and he was telling me that he knew he had no right, as a man, to lie with me, so he had decided, as a king, he would take it.

I never forgot that.

How many times, in the Arena, with blood in me hair and dust in me mouth had I shouted to my gladiators that as a woman and a slave, these many years I had no right to live, but as Master Gladiator, I would take it, and that now that they were gladiators to, it was for them to take the right to live?

I thought of Thorin, almost every time i said it.

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Hey, I finally got around to reading all the side stories to ARS and wow Ignis stupid head scientia was just heart breaking like I completely forgot about him not having Prompto in highschool and how sad that'd be but it also got me thinking about how relieved he must of been when Prompto showed up and they got along pretty well. Also thxs so much for putting so much time and love into this au, every chapter is so great and I love reading and re-reading it soooo much

awww thank you! noctis and his friendship with prompto i think is so important in canon (even though brotherhood fucks it up) because noctis really needs a friend who isn’t boudn to him by duty–and the fact that his two present soulmates were already bound to him in a different way drives how important it is for someone to choose noctis for himself

and again, thank you boo <3


Lots of homophobia in here, I mean you don’t have to like the kissing and loving between two men but you have to analyze that Sasuke and Naruto are literally far off the borderline to friendship/brotherhood in the Manga. But, people are so disgusted by the thought of two men together they can’t stand it. But, since Sakura’s a woman and Sasuke’s a man, that supposedly means love, even if Sasuke doesn’t give the slightest bit of care for Sakura.
I’m pro-SNS because it’s one of the my most favorite parings in the series (now telling you—you have to love it too) —Not because I’m some yaoi fan that believes every guy in a story or in real life should fuck for my sake. Cause to be honest, there some pairings out there I ship, but I know damn well that they aren’t actually gonna get together. However, those who disagree strongly, usually are homophobic majority of the time, with the rube comments of them not being “fags” and such. Because apparently it’s “disgusting” and “unrealistic. “It’s not a “yaoi they can’t be together.”

People, two men together doesn’t mean full on yaoi. Just like a woman and a man doesn’t mean full on hentai.

Watch on wuxia-hero.tumblr.com

赤血长殷 by 王凯
Loyal blood runs forever red by Wang Kai

Possibly everyone’s favourite OST track from Nirvana in Fire :’( I love how it describes Su Zhe’s character in the lyrics and has so many references to the story of the show.

情义千秋, 在梅岭雪间长留

Brotherhood and friendship, remains in the snow covered plum blossom ridge forever

Rant: The Infernal Devices

Alright, so I’ve read many posts and rants about The Infernal Devices and the Wessa/Jessa situation and “who Tessa really loved” and so on; and I do agree with much of what those posts say, though not all. 
 So here is my own Wessa/Jessa/Heronstairs rant

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If Sasuke and Naruto are the reincarnations of two brothers, what does that make them? Two brothers!


Firstly because they are NOT the reincarnation of Indra and Ashura’s SOULS, but ONLY of their CHAKRA PATTERN - please remember that Indra and Ashura’s chakra patterns appeared again in Hashirama and Madara and those 2 characters had THEIR SOULS brought back from the dead by Edo Tensei, so OBVIOUSLY the “reincarnation” in Naruto isn’t the same as the Western definition of it.

Secondly because to be brothers men have to be related by BLOOD and Naruto himself says that BECAUSE he and Sasuke are NOT related by blood then they can work out their differences.

Hence, no incest there, my friend. They are friends who love each other WAY BEYOND friendship and brotherhood.

The only reason you can’t see that their relationship goes TOO MUCH beyond ANY reasonable platonic bond is your belief, fueled by ingrained homophobia, that two men CAN’T feel TRUE ROMANTIC FEELINGS for each other.

Homophobes like you say that unless a story depicts two men EXPLICITLY having sexual intercourse (not even kissing each other in the lips, as people exactly like you said that Nezumi and Shion are just friends even though they kissed twice in No. 6), then they can’t be in love with each other.

And that is because homophobes like you believe that homosexual or bisexual people don’t have any feelings for each other, that love is something exclusive to heterosexual couples.

However, my dear homophobe, that is NOT true. Homosexual and bisexual people are just as capable of developing romantic, deep, true love as hetero people can.

Another problem that you homophobes have is that you firmly believe that two friends can’t fall in love with each other and that lovers cannot be friends. That happens because homophobes believe the only reason for two people of different genders to interact is to have sex in order to reproduce. Because you think it’s impossible for two people who “naturally” might have a sexual interest in one another not to have it, because you believe that heterosexuals are animals who can’t look at anyone that belong to the opposite gender without feeling the urge to make babies with them, you obviously think that it is impossible for anyone who is friends with anyone to develop romantic feelings for them (and vice-versa).

However, not only does platonic friendship happen between heterosexual men and women without that being simply a result of “friendzoning” because one of the friends rejected the sexual advances of the other, and instead being simple real friendship with no romantic/sexual feelings attached, but platonic friends might and actually do reasonably often develop romantic feelings for each other; AND besides that, many, MANY couples have deep friendships going on besides their romantic/sexual feelings (and because of them as well).

Those are the couples that actually enjoy spending time with each other: that talk to each other about stuff other than their relationship, that have interests in common, that can develop friendships with their significant other’s friends.

I know it might be very hard for you to believe what I told you, but please feel free to seek non-homophobic heterosexuals and ask them to confirm what I just told you. They will, and maybe after realizing that life and relationships aren’t the cast-iron way you think, you might enjoy life better.

Sometimes, I really just wish that Dean was able to articulate his feelings. I wish that he had learned that his emotions are important, that his wants and his needs and his dreams are important - that he is important.

I really wish that Dean had told Sam about Benny. That he told him exactly why Benny was important to him. That Benny saved his life, that Benny stuck with him through the filth and the horror of Purgatory, fighting by his side, unwavering in their mission, supporting one another to the end of the line.

I wish that Dean had told Sam that Benny followed him through Purgatory on his crusade to find Cas. That even though they knew their chances of getting out alive, especially with an angel traveling with them, were slim to none, he never once threatened or forced Dean to leave Cas behind. That no matter how much he bitched, Benny had Dean’s back and kept fighting for their freedom.

I wish that Dean had told Sam why he trusted Benny, why he saved Benny’s life and would always save Benny’s life. That one moment in Purgatory found Cas facing the jaws of death and Dean couldn’t reach him in time. I wish Dean had told Sam that Benny saved Cas’ life. That Benny saved the angel that they ravaged Purgatory to find. That Benny saved the angel that Dean had just spent a year mourning. That Benny saved the angel that he couldn’t live without again.

I wish that Dean had told Sam that losing Cas to Purgatory ripped a hole into his heart that couldn’t be mended. That he had to rewrite the story to make it his fault that he lost Cas because it was too painful to hold onto the memory that Cas chose to leave him again. I wish Dean had told Sam that the only thing holding his heart together was having his brother back and having a friend who has proven that he would fight for him, that he is trustworthy and will always have his back. That he needs this brotherhood and friendship because it eases the immense pain of losing the love of his life.

I wish that Dean had told Sam that he was in pain and that love and support can come from all sorts of crazy places. That family can be a little weird, and little wacky, and that it doesn’t matter where happiness comes from, as long as you embrace it and let it ease the iron grip of grief on your soul.

I wish that Dean had told Sam everything about Purgatory and about Benny. I wish that Dean had told Sam about Cas, even though he was still struggling to understand his feelings. I wish that Dean knew that could have told Sam about all of this and it would have been okay, because Sam would understand.

I wish that Dean knew that he could express his feelings to Sam, that he can open up and be his true self with him because Sam doesn’t want him to be in pain. I wish that Dean knew that Sam loves him and cares about what he thinks and what he feels. I wish that Dean knew that his feelings matter, that they are important to Sam, and that Sam would do his best to understand Dean and his story because it’s important. Because Dean is important.

I wish he knew.

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This recently occurred to me, but doesn't it sometimes feel like SasuSaku is the failed version of SasuNaru/NaruSasu? I've been comparing them for a while and it really feels like that sometimes...

Ok, here it goes:

I don’t agree for the following reasons:

Sasuke and Sakura’s dynamic is completely different.

Sakura doesn’t understand OR CARE, really, about Sasuke’s feelings, and vice-versa.

Sasuke was once amicable to her, when they were kids, but he isn’t anymore. Also, he understands exactly what is it she sees in him, and that disgusts him, because she only sees what he lets out. She has never seen underneath his exterior. She doesn’t understand what is wrong with him, OR even care. That is blatant in her repeated speeches, all she talks about is how SHE loves him, how much SHE wants him, how SHE wants them to be together. She never, not even ONCE, ever thought about asking what HE wants. He’s not even a real person to her. That repels Sasuke like nobody’s business.

Now take Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto has bothered Sasuke like hell all their early teens, but what first was just a bitterness towards Sasuke because Sasuke represented all that Naruto never had - mainly acceptance - it soon morphed into an interest to know what made Sasuke tick, to UNDERSTAND that boy.

And that is why Sasuke is so enthralled - yes that is the best term to define it -  by Naruto. Nobody else in the damn story gives a rat’s ass about who Sasuke is and how things affect him BUT Naruto. Naruto is the one person to whom Sasuke is a whole person, and more than that, a person that is so worthy in his eyes, he wants to prove his worth to, no matter how much crap Sasuke throws at him.

So Naruto becomes the itch that won’t go away, the one person Sasuke can’t escape loving back. Because Naruto doesn’t want Sasuke for himself, nor he really wants to bring Sasuke back to hand him to Sakura on a silver platter, he wants to bring Sasuke back so Sasuke can restart the healing process he was going through before he left for Sound. He wants Sasuke to be healed, period. 

I honestly think Naruto doesn’t understand WHAT he feels for Sasuke yet, because Naruto has had so few relationships of any kind, and is so DEATHLY AFRAID OF BEING REJECTED (caps intended here) that he just goes through the motions and copies what he sees the people he views as important doing. 

That includes the fact that the first time he ever heard about homosexuality existing, he copied what the only adult present - Kakashi - did. Kakashi freaked out, Naruto freaked out even more so Kakashi wouldn’t think he was weird.

At least now Naruto has had some of his fear-induced hypocrisy thrown at his face by Sasuke telling him his Kage Bunshin are a reflection of his loneliness - a loneliness no amount of friends can dissipate.

Now, let’s move on to the one het pairing I believe has similarities with Sasunaru: Naruhina.

Hinata is to Naruto as Naruto is to Sasuke.

Hinata admires Naruto just like Naruto admires Sasuke.

Hinata follows Naruto’s example and draws her strength from him just like he does with Sasuke.

However, her love for him (a very real one, A LOT more real than anything Sakura has ever felt for either of them) is unrequited, because Naruto is too much like her.

Naruto needs to be recognized and nurtured because he’s terrified of rejection, JUST LIKE HINATA NEEDS AND IS. He loves her as his friend, but he can’t give her what she needs because he doesn’t have it.

This is something close to home to me because my wife is very much like Hinata. She was extremely shy and afraid when I met her. The only reason our relationship has lasted these 16 years is that I was able to give her the security and the freedom she needed to develop her own personality, having had dealt with my own demons before (and having always been self-assured).

Naruto hides his fears behind a façade of strength and self-assurance, but it cracks many times during the series, especially when he faces Sasuke (though Jiraya and Shikamaru have also seen a few glimpses of what is under his mask).

And it cracks because he knows that Sasuke can see who he really is. Because Sasuke CARES enough about who he is to poke him and point his bullshit to his face, and that is what he needs.

Hinata would never be able to give the kind of tough love Naruto needs, because she is a woman and because she has the same nature he has. That is what keeps him from returning her love the way she wants - he can’t support her 24/7 either.

I believe that, as the manga stands now, Kishimoto has three ways to end the story (and that includes the movie):

1. He can keep Naruto and Sasuke’s love bond as it is, but marry them both to other people (male or female, it doesn’t matter really). That would be ok with the more conservative part of the japanese audience, BUT it wouldn’t go down well with a very large part of the female japanese fans, since Japan’s values have been extensively westernized in the past 20 years (at least), and many japanese women don’t buy the old “women are second place in a man’s heart” motto that was built in the old patriarchal days. Most women in Japan do not accept coming in second place or seeing marriage as their end all, be all ambition. And if Naruto and Sasuke’s bond remains that strong, a spouse to either of them would be the eternal third wheel, a way to reproduce at best.

2. He can use the time skip between the manga and the movie to break the bond Naruto and Sasuke have, to tone it down enough that it comes to the same level as Naruto’s other friendships, and then marry them to other people. That would be the most logical way to get out of the veritable trap Kishimoto has set to himself in the manga, as in order to embark in the most important relationship in their lives with someone other than each other they would HAVE to let each other go, BUT then it would blow up the story plot’s consistency because Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship wouldn’t be their main focus anymore. And that I believe is what people supporting hetero ships are praying on, story plot be damned.

3. He can embrace the ball of yarn he has turned Naruto and Sasuke’s relationship into and get them together as a couple in the end. That is a very common theme, two people who go through all stages of love - friendship, brotherhood, and romance - and it’s a very popular one. There would be the not small factor of homophobia to deal with, but then, homosexual side pairings in manga and anime have been common for the last 20 years, someone will eventually write their name in history as the writer of the first main homosexual character in a popular manga. It would also be, imo (and not because I’m gay myself, I cried rivers at the end of InuYasha and oh gods how I rooted for Kagome to be happy with the mutt in the end, it was all I could do not to let off fireworks when I saw the last episode), because it is the ONLY logical, analytical way those two tragic figures can end happy together while allowing for the other characters to have a true happy ending as well.