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Your Ascendant: Expression in Poetry

Felt like I should be writing today, partly because I was inspired and because it’s cathartic. Hope you all enjoy! 

Aries AC:   

a million and one sunsets cannot match the beauty of your smile // red lipstick smears on your coffee cup // and he says “care to come home with me?”

Taurus AC: 

sitting by the fireside with your oversized sweater, tired eyes // flawless without even having to try // please don’t break my heart tonight.

Gemini AC:

whispers turn into giggles, giggles into laughter // acting strange for strangers // drunk on the moonlight and maybe a beer.

Cancer AC:

you’re diving into the deep end, yet again // the craters in the crescent moon start to look like swimming pools // but dear, there are no ladders up in space.

Leo AC:

a conversation with the mirror turns into dancing in your lingerie // whiskey on the breath & a french manicure // that hair flip says: “don’t tempt me with a good time.” 

Virgo AC:

perfection leads to madness, but isn’t madness genius? // that’s what they call you, glasses and all // with a heart made of crystal that’s chipped from the world’s fist.

Libra AC:

lollipops and gumdrops, cough syrup in your cup // sickly sweet like strawberry taffy, drink it up // make a funny face and wish the next girl good luck.

Scorpio AC:

smoking outside of the city lines // the sky is red and you feel so alive // you don’t need a lighter, your penetrating gaze is the flame.

Sagittarius AC:

you’ll be the first to fly, so tell me what it’s like // riding on an elephant’s back, kissing another stranger goodnight // in the back of his car, another anatomy lesson.

Capricorn AC:

throw another pebble into the ocean and it splashes like a stone // you put on a brave face so nobody knows // won’t you stop eating yourself alive?

Aquarius AC:

your mind is like a never-ending movie, so don’t wait for those credits to roll // lucy told me that you two have met, you’re one in the same // her watercolor pictures wouldn’t let you catch your breath. 

Pisces AC:

step into the flowerchild’s garden or better yet, let’s step into her head // licorice dreams melt into cotton candy scenes // use a seashell as a cellphone & hear her voice.

-Admin L

Songs for The Losers Club

Stan ‘the man’ Uris: -’The Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel

-’You Can Make Me Free’ by Billy Joel

-’Shades of Gray’ by The Monkees

-’Tomorrow is Today’ by Billy Joel

-’You’ve Got a Friend’ by James Taylor

-’Free as a Bird’ by The Beatles 

Bill Denbrough: -’The Long Run’ by The Eagles

-’Running on Empty’ by Jackson Browne

-’Amie’ by Pure Prairie League

-’I Won’t Back Down’ by Tom Petty 

-’The End of Innocence’ by Don Henley 

-’Against the Wind’ by Bob Seger 

Eddie Kaspbrak: -’Just Another Nervous Wreck’ by Supertramp

-’Here Comes The Sun’ by George Harrison

- ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’ by The Rolling Stones

-’Take A Giant Step’ by The Monkees

-’Come Go With Me’ by The Del-Vikings

-’End Of The Line’ by The Traveling Wilburys 

Richie ‘Trashmouth’ Tozier: -’I Started  A Joke’ by The Bee Gees

-’I Go to Extremes’ by Billy Joel

-’Everyday’ by Buddy Holly

-’Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ by The Rolling Stones

-’Nobody Told Me’ by John Lennon

-’People Are Strange’ by The Doors 

Beverly Marsh: -’I am Woman’ by Helen Reddy

- ‘She’s Leaving Home’ by The Beatles

-’I Wanna Be Free’ by The Monkees

-’Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ by Pat Benatar 

-’Modern Woman’ by Billy Joel

-’Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin

Mike Hanlon: -’Smalltown’ by John Mellencamp

-’Take It Easy’ by Jackson Browne or The Eagles

-’What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong

-’Like a Rolling Stone’ by Bob Dylan

-’Sir Duke’ by Stevie Wonder

-’That’ll Be The Day’ by Buddy Holly

Ben Hanscom: -’The Logical Song’ by Supertramp 

-’Don’t Bring Me Down’ by Electric Light Orchestra 

-’I Will’ by The Beatles

-’I Fall to Pieces’ by Michael Nesmith and The First National Band version

-’The Waiting’ by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers 

-’You Can’t Hurry Love’ by Phill Collins 

group song: ‘Forever Young’ by Rod Stewart 

FF XV React: Words of encouragment for you

Noctis: Hey, c'mon look at me and listen. You want to know a secret about the future and how not to be afraid of tommorrow? Here it is: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. So you keep dreaming, higher and more unimaginable than anyone else!

Gladiolus: You’ve got the makings of greatness in you! But you have to take the helm and chart your own course! Stick to it! No matter the squall! There’s gonna come a day when you’ll really get to test yourself and show the world what you’re made of! And I hope I’m there, seeing the light come off of you that day.

Prompto: Now you listen to me and listen good! A winner is just a loser who never learned to give up! So you be the best loser you can be and keep going! I’ll be cheering for you in the stands even if I cheer alone!

Ignis: Everything may seem hopeless right now, but there is a law in the world that is an undeniable truth. Good and better days will, and have to come. This storm will pass as all things do, and then you will be laughing at such a thing that you once feared.

Cor: In all my years I’ve learned many truths. Some that sound too good to be true, but they are. Let me tell you that what I am about to say is true; A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

Regis: There now, dry your eyes and lift your head up. Keep it up and may it never lower. Why you ask? Your crown might fall if you do so. A crown alight with all those brilliant ideas the world has yet to bare witness in this cold dark reality.

Cid: Take some advice from this old man, just do what you got to do to be happy. Life’s too short to be doing stuff to make other people happy. It’s real simple thinking, but too many folks don’t do it. Do whatever; sleep in a little, splurge a little, eat that treat youve been craving it dont matter what you do as long as it’s for yourself. Selfish? Maybe, but is it so selfish to take better take care of yourself?

Clarus: Walk tall and do not falter. You might think that it’s for a lost cause for you don’t see an audience, you don’t recquire one. Do it for yourself first and foremost, and if others are in awe of you wish that they can do the same for themselves.

Iris: Hey listen me! I know you might feel like a mess and that’s okay! Sleep it off or shake it off, but don’t let it stay! If it’s too much then let me carry some of that weight so you can stand tall again!

Cidney: Dont listen to the people who talk behind your back. You’re just two steps ahead of them is all! Instead of walking down other peoples paths, you go on ahead and make your own so other people can follow!

Gentiana: I know the days appear without end, a cold, dark barren wasteland. But it is in a wasteland where storms can be the strongest, and the deadliest. You are that storm. Nothing is in your way.

Lunafreya: Do not hide away your emotions. If you are sad, then cry. If you are mad, then scream. It is a reminder that you are human; and as any human you evolve. Stronger than ever before.

Ravus: Give no satisfaction to those who are attempting to destroy you. What words they speak they merely wish unto themselves, but are cowards to do so. You are no coward.

Areana: You beating yourself up? You a masochist or something? Heh, we’re our own worst enemies, but like they say; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Even if that enemy is yourself, with each time you decide to keep going you’re beating yourself for entitely different reasons. That’s the way it should be.

Ardyn: Now, now my dear, no need to fret. You may think you’ve lost and failed at everything. But to have never tried, is never to have lived and besides - when you have nothing to lose, you have all to gain.

Nyx: Y'know, most people would have given up a long time ago. They wouldn’t have even bothered at all to keep going…So why do you? Heh, dont know? ‘Cus you got “something” to still keep you going even if you dont know what that is yet. Keep going to find out what it is, and if you can’t find the reason - then keep going for me, cus I’ll always give you one.

Libertus: Listen to me, you might say I’m just telling you this cus I 'oughta but I say it cus I really do care 'bout ya.The world would be more dark without you here. I mean it. You’re one little light out of a million, a billion out there and you might not think that you stand out or shine - but you do. Sometimes one little candle is all you need to not be afraid of the dark.

Crowe: You know when all is said and done at the end of the day, no matter how horrible it was - you’re still you but only better. It may not be by much, you might not even notice it. You survived and you learned, so that’s an accomplisment unto itself.

Drautos: I’ll tell it to you straight and simple; just do it. Whatever it is or whatever it may be, go on and try. Learn from it if you fail, keep trying if you want to. Kick ass and take names.

Luche: Head back, back straight and deep breaths. Take your own time when it comes to things, at your own pace. No one is rushing you, only yourself.

Dino: Listen 'ere kid, greatness ain’t born, it’s made. Like a diamond. Little peice of coal takes forever to be something that everyone wants. So take your sweet 'ol time and be the diamond everyone wants, and then dont! 'Cus a precious stone like you belongs to nobody!

They always say “that that’s the way it is” and “you’ll get over it”.
Maybe you will get over it, maybe you’ll get over my absence…but will I get over yours?

You were everything to me, my best friend, my diary, my safe place.

The person I could run to and suddenly the miserable day I had wouldn’t matter because we’d be singing together so loudly that I couldn’t even hear my thoughts… I skip the songs now.

The 3am phone call when I couldn’t sleep and my thoughts were filling my lungs like a flood travelling up into my throat,almost like I could vomit them straight back up again every time I tried to swallow and suppress them…now the only comfort I find is my tear stained pillow.

The continuous laughter from a joke 10 minutes ago that wasn’t even mildly funny but we thought that it was hilarious…sighs replace our giggles now.

The smile across the room when something made me nervous and I’d look at you, you’d reassure me with that smile…you don’t look at me anymore.

The eye contact when someone asked if I was okay and I muttered I’m fine under my breath, because you didn’t need to ask and I didn’t need to say…it’s been months of “I’m fine.”,I stare at the ground now.

The sleepovers when that morning I didn’t even want to leave my bed, the inside jokes that made me laugh when I didn’t even want to smile,the plans for the future we made when I didn’t even see one for myself. Because you felt like home, you were my best friend.

You were my happiness.

But what was I to you?

Stepping stones.

Something you walked over as you stood above me,used so you could get over your obstacles and reach the side where the grass is always greener.

I didn’t mind helping you along though, but then you walked on the stepping stones to the side that had more to offer, the side that offered alcohol for you to drink, boys for you to love, and better people for you to trust and laugh with,

I don’t blame you though, but you never came back.

You left me stuck in the middle, the water got deeper and deeper and it was surrounding me and no matter how strong I stood it kept washing over me leaving me gasping for air and choking on the water,along with the lies you fed me.

But here you were laughing, creating new memories with thousands of others while I was left in the ocean with no one else but myself.

I don’t know if I can forgive you. I miss you quite terribly but my stepping stone days are done because I have now realised that nobody will ever deserve to feel like they’re not worthy of love.

But when you get tired and the grass loses its vibrant colour and starts to rot and you want to just come home, it’s too late because there will be no access to the side that was never good enough for you.

Because when you burn bridges you may rebuild them after a lot of work and effort. But you can never rebuild stepping stones.
—  I miss you quite terribly.

anonymous asked:

can you do #21 with mccree and hanzo please?

21. “No one has a heart of stone.” 

“I do not understand how this is enough for you,” Hanzo says.

McCree looks over at him from where he sits by Hanzo’s side, close enough to touch but not quite. Hanzo had not wanted to be touched, earlier, and McCree had done as asked–but he had looked just a little disappointed“What’s not enough?”

“This. Us. Me. I should not be enough for you.”

McCree’s brow crinkles with concern, and Hanzo regrets that he has put that look on McCree’s face. “Where’s this comin’ from?” he asks. “Of course you’re enough for me. More than enough.”

Hanzo shakes his head. “And I do not understand how that is possible.”


“Because!” Hanzo bursts out. He whirls to face McCree, suddenly overcome by the distress and shame he has been trying to keep down for the last hour. “I am not capable of giving you everything you want! You are kind and honorable, you are open and you deserve everything back that you give. Yet I am none of these things.” 

McCree is visibly stunned. Hanzo feels sick to his stomach, ashamed of his outburst, but now that he has begun, he cannot stop. The words continue to spill forth, months of pent-up fears finally breaking free. “I cannot tell you the things you deserve to hear. I can barely stand to be touched many days. I tried to kill a man you call your friend, who is my own brother, and you act as though I am still worth of love. Still capable of love. But I patently am not. Even what I have to offer you now is barely a fraction of what you deserve. This–I–cannot possibly be enough.”

The tide of words finally stops. Hanzo slumps, exhausted by his own outburst, and stares at the ground shamefully. McCree is quiet for a long moment, until finally he reaches out and settles a hand on Hanzo’s shoulder.

“Han. Look at me,” he says. Reluctantly, Hanzo does. “Listen. You don’t owe me shit just because we’re together, you hear me? If you take nothin’ else outta this, then remember that. I’m only ever gonna take from you what you want to give me.

“Second of all, this idea that you can’t really love or be worthy of it or whatever is bullshit.” Hanzo winces, but McCree barrels on. “I mean it. You got a lot of emotions in you, and even if you don’t want to show it all the time, I know it. I know you care about me. Ain’t nobody got a heart of stone, Hanzo.”

McCree pauses for a moment, letting the words sink in. When he speaks again, his voice is lower, softer, but no less intense. “And as for all the–not givin’ me what you think I need? Just bullshit. You are–you just bein’ with me is more than I thought I’d have in this life. Everything else is just icing on the cake. I started lovin’ you before we ever got together, and sure as hell I’m gonna keep goin’ even if you don’t always wanna hold hands or whatever else you’re worried about.”

He reaches with both hands to take Hanzo’s face between his palms. Hanzo’s throat tightens with emotion, but McCree won’t let him look away. 

“You are enough,” McCree says with finality. “You are a good man, you are perfect, and you are enough.”

Seasoning a Mortar & Pestle: Magical

Since I got this lovely ask over here, I figured I would make this into a full post! If you are looking for the culinary seasoning post for your mortar and pestle, click here. I also wanted to expand upon seasoning your mortar and pestle as well. So, why do we season a mortar and pestle? Several reasons, but primarily to remove the leftover grit from the manufacturer so that doesn’t get into whatever you are making. Nobody wants stone grit in their creations! I will actually give you two different ways you can season your mortar and pestle for magical purposes as well, and you can choose what you prefer!

This cleaning methods is going to be primarily for mortar and pestles made of stone. It is the only type I personally use, but this works for almost any type of mortar and pestle. 

Items Needed:

  • Mortar and pestle
  • White rice
  • Salt

STEP 1: Clean your mortar and pestle. Rinse your mortar and pestle with warm water. Scrub with a stiff brush if you like, but whatever you do, do not use soap. Soap will ruin the flavor of all of your precious creations later on. After rinsing, let your mortar and pestle dry completely.

STEP 2: Grind some rice. Take a small amount of dry rice, typically 2-3 tablespoons (or a small handful) and grind into a powder. This may take awhile, but its good practice getting to use your new tool! When the rice is ground into a powder, toss it and repeat this step until your rice grinds white. Plan to do this at least 3 times (especially if you got a white stone M&P) but it sometimes takes up to 5 times. Doing this really helps get all the stone dust that is leftover from the manufacturer so you aren’t getting it all up in your spells. You can save this rice powder for spells or other things if you like, I just don’t recommend cooking with it since it will contain that stone dust.

STEP 3: Salt. Add about a tablespoon of salt. I personally use coarse sea salt, but you can use any kind that you have. Grind this into a powder as well, getting all sides of the mortar and pestle. This cleanses your mortar and pestle of all previous energies. After you are done you can either toss or save this salt powder for another use. I find it great for making spell jars or black salt!

STEP 4: Wash & dry. Rinse your mortar and pestle out again with warm water. Again, do not use soap. Never use soap. After you have rinsed it out, let your mortar and pestle air dry again, and then you are ready to go! That is it!

You can also combine the culinary and magical seasoning of your mortar and pestle as well if you like, starting off with the culinary cleansing then ending with adding salt and cleansing its energies. If you grind and toxic materials in your mortar and pestle like I do, I recommend getting another pair just for cooking if you have plans on using it for both.

I do recommend re-seasoning your mortar and pestle every now and then as well, it cleans it and keeps the energies from your previous spells from getting into your new workings, especially if your intents are different! Good luck, and happy spell-casting!

Nobody is going down without a fight – for love and humanity and equality and coming together. It’s so inspiring to see marches and beautiful writing and creative work. There’s so much power and a grace coming out of so many people who have so much to lose, and the human spirit is incredible. That’s worth a fight every day. And I want to learn how to fight better.

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Could you write a fic where Ezekiel is in a really bad relationship and Jake is all worried but Ezekiel thinks he's overstepping his boundaries but then everything between him and his partner gets worse and Ezekiel is terrified and miserable and goes to Jake for help?

This got…long. But, I guess, that was to be expected with a topic this important. It also doesn’t help that I turned this into a Happily Ever Afters AU! (except Ezekiel’s not an FBI agent and Jake’s not a professor. The Library-Bar is still there though.) I really wanted to visit that universe and this prompt, being a bit more serious and domestic than the usual show, felt like the perfect excuse for it. I really hope you enjoy this!

Warning: This talks about serious topics such as domestic abuse/abusive relationships (mainly mental/emotional but physical is touched upon). I don’t claim to be an expert on these topics and tried to base it off the few personal experiences I’ve (and people I know have) had with abusive relationships (which, blessedly, isn’t much anyways). If this is something you cannot read then please do not. Please take care of yourselves and heed these warnings. And, also, I love you, whoever you may be. So, so much <3

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