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I Am A Tree

“I Am A Tree”

Hello. I am just a tree,
Hollowed and alone.
Standing in the breeze,
This forest is my home.

No one cares if I’m alone
For I am just a tree.
Standing in a lonely forest,
Waving in the breeze.

My roots are stuck in the ground,
They wither but never bleed.
I persevere through the storms
But I’m still a lonely tree.

I once survived a fire,
I burned but never broke.
Despite the smoke rising higher,
I coughed but never choke.

But still I’m just a tree,
No one cares if I’m alone.
They think I lack feelings,
In this forest that’s my home.

But today I see a man
Who is going to set me.free
For I see he has an axe
Ready to use on me.

Eroding Away

Heed the speed of my flow
wary of the depth of life’s ocean

inside, my streams narrow
my tides hide the undertow of emotions

where the standing called home
now fall and crumble

the earth cuts the density of life
a wide swath alters geography

I watch the hollow driftwood sit
dead as any stone


There’s a cute little house, that stands out like a sore thumb in the town of Forgotten Hollow. It looks as though it’s been plucked out of a fairy tale, with brightly colored flowers growing around it in hues of purple, blue, and yellow.
Those who near the house smell baked goods, pies or cookies. 

There are some who would say it’s presence is even more foreboding then that of the other homes in the town, all which are dreary and painted with dark and dull colors. This home is decorated in pastel yellow with white trim, yet somehow still, it seems far from inviting. 

The home was built in the 1950’s, and faint music from that time can be heard from outside of the home at different hours during the day and night.
The home stands today, as bright and vibrant as ever, seemingly untouched by time, and normal wear and tear.
The name on the mailbox reads “Hart.”

note: this is not narusaku. set during – ugh – sasuke’s mission.

“are we not friends anymore, naruto?” sakura asks him one night. 

she’d come to the hokage’s office for professional purposes and naruto was quick to help her. he expected her to leave, to go back to work or to go home to her daughter, but sakura just stands there, head cocked a fraction as she regards with him sad eyes. sakura is better than most at hiding how she feels with a mask of joy if not complacency, but this time she allows her hurt to seep through.

“what are you talking about?” naruto replies, voice cracking through his feigned ignorance.

“your wife is pregnant. you’re having another child and i found that out from ino. why wouldn’t you want to share that with me?” 

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I am officially fucking over this week and it’s only half way through Wednesday. 

The super pack of steroids is helping my hip at least. The inflammation is down enough I can almost walk with out pain and I can sit/stand without cringing. So there’s that at least. 

I’m working from home today to try to slam out a big presentation I am supposed to give to our executive board early next week and I can’t focus through the anger, hurt and physical pain I’m in. 

No matter how hard you try to do it with compassion and grace, divorce sucks. Even when you think you’ve got it figured out, you don’t. The hurt just comes in waves. 

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"Hey, yeah. I've got to get home. It's almost dinner time." Eric stands to leave, but he has to pull Lucky away from Nico first. "Maybe we meet up again, sometime," Will offers. He ignored the smirk on Reyna's face. Nico brightens. "Yeah, sure. Um, here's my number." He scribbled it down on a napkin. "Just text me or something." He picks up Lucky, letting her kiss Nico once more. "See ya later!" Nico waves, letting his hand drop into Will's. "I'm hungry," he says. "Dinner."

“That’s good.” Will kissed the side of Nico’s head and Nico hummed in agreement. “That you’re getting your appetite back, I mean. It’s good that you’re getting hungry again.” Nico nodded, letting Will wrap his arm around Nico’s waist. “Oh, you go in to the hospital tomorrow for a general checkup and to schedule your surgery. It shouldn’t take very long.” Nico nodded again. He was tired again, and all he really wanted to do was sleep. His appetite slipped away with every step he took and was replaced with exhaustion as they made their way back to Will’s house. He was practically asleep on Will by time they made it to the porch.

(Okay, so I’m starting a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!!)

The first of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to are Anita and Lyra, the oldest. 



  • I imagine there’s lots of muggle-born kids who are given up because of their parent’s thinking their demonic or whatever 
  • + there’s no way any magical government would let them just grow up in foster homes bc they may give off bursts of magic which is multiple kinds of dangerous
  • + since there’s not a humongous wizard population, there’s the possibility that there’s a huge international wizard foster home/orphanage. 
  • I imagine it’s quite multicultural and if a child ends us spending most of their childhood there, it is made sure that they keep their language and culture intact.
  • there are of course kids of other blood statuses, but it’s probably about 75% muggle-born
  • So, on another note: Harry and Draco get married fairly early (about 2000, when their both 19.) 
  • because there’s a huge rush to do things after the war. 
  • everyone who was caught up in it have this urgency in their lives after feeling like they could lose everything in a blink of an eye. 
  • So all these kids go into their adult lives doing things in a rush. they go after their jobs, move back to be near their families, travel, get married etc.
  • Harry and Draco move back to Grimould place bc, even though Harry has shit memories there, he feels the need to continue making it a place full of love. Something it wasn’t when sirius was there. 
  • + since it has (yet again) gone into a bit of disrepair Draco slaps on an apron and cleans the entire fucking house with the help of Molly (bc what are household spells ??? How do those ???)
  • also when Molly gets over Draco’s past and gets to know him she fucking lovES him
  • So Draco + Harry have only been married for a year when they decide they want kids.
  • the big house was so quiet and they both want to be parents so badly, to be the fathers they never had.
  • so they travel out to this international foster home and decide they want a new born child to be their first, so that they can get the “whole experience”. They go through all the background checks and procedures to make sure they’re fit parents.
  • from there on it’s a waiting game
  • they’re notified in December of 2001 that the home has acquired two children from a woman who had given birth days ago + Draco and Harry immediately drop everything to rush down there

Anita + Lyra specific:

  • They’re twin muggle born girls from Morroco and they’re beautiful
  • Draco and Harry fell in love with them instantly and adopt them within the week
  • Draco is absolutely adamant about naming all their kids after constellations as the Black family tradition goes. Thus, Lyra (Narcissa) and Anita (Lily) are decided on.
  • Harry’s totally fine with and suggests that they just take the Malfoy name but Draco’s just like ??? are you insane ? your famous and my family’s nearly extinct ? They’ll have both our names and can decide if they want to go by one or the other (or both) ??
  • They’re identical and after having an extremely hard time telling them apart, Draco goes and buys these head bands, one with flowers and one with stars. Anita is given the flowers and Lyra the stars
  • They’re just bursting with magic from day one. So much so that Draco + Harry are constantly cleaning up things they’ve shattered. But they love it, really.
  • Draco is a stay at home dad bc he can’t stand working at the ministry for another second
  • they try their best to keep their culture with them and buy tons of muggle books to learn Arabic and teach the girls Arabic
  • Harry is “bābā” and Draco is “daddy” 
  • Anita is very soft and says ‘OH!’ (which turns into damn! as she gets older) every time anything is dropped or she accidentally breaks something. She insists on helping cleaning or cooking. She’s a bit shy and smiles with her nose crinkled. She’s incredibly smart but can get herself into mischief and is a bit too good at lying for Harry’s comfort
  • Lyra is a bit more reckless. She’s always laughing and snarking and getting into trouble. But she wears her heart on her sleeve and is so easy to read. she’s also a bit of a whirlwind of emotions. She empathizes so hard with everyone around her that it’s hard for her not to get frustrated 
  • Lucius - who already had an incredibly hard time warming up to the whole Harry and Draco idea in the first time - absolutely flips out when he hears that they’ve adopted muggleborns 
  • + Draco is just not fucking having it though. 
  • and in a heated argument tells Lucius that he’d chose “his girls” over his “shite father” any day and that if Lucius he has a problem with his granddaughters than he has no business coming around Draco’s family ever again because they will not stand that kind of prejudice anymore
  • therefore, the only of his friend’s kids he can allow around L + A is are Blaise’s. (bc Blaise’s mother was nOT here for Voldemort in the first place and neither really was Blasie when push came to shove. ive got about a billion head canons about Blaise’s mum. Someone ask me some day )
  • Narcissa on the other hand is thrilled when Draco tells her she’s a grandmother. She adores them and spoils them with Andromeda. (bc after the war Narcissa stopped giving two flying fucks about the constricted “perfect pureblood” mess she grew up in and for once in her life is just her god damn self, fuck everyone else.)
  • She eventually brings Lucius around. And though, Draco still holds bitterness about the whole situation, he gets past it after Lucius does.
  • Lucius also comes to adore the girls and continues to try to buy them things that are waaay too expensive and grand + Draco is just like “no no no no no. you’re not giving 3 year olds two of the latest broom models. Those are for full grown professional quidditch players for Merlin’s sake!” 
  • Draco is wonderful parent but is very helicopter-esque about the kids getting hurt or doing anything remotely dangerous 
  • while Harry likes to do the whole “living room wrestling” and “foot races through the mud” sort of thing.
  • They eventually create a sort of back yard for the kids at Grimould (sort of like the suitcase world Newt had but obviously smaller) for the kids to race around on their (toddler sized) broom sticks
  • They’re both Slytherins and like a scarier more lowkey Fred and George
  • Mcgonagall has a mini heart attack when she see’s their names on the list of first years (bc what thE FUCK THOSE TWO ARE MARRIED WITH chILDREN)
  • they both decide to go with “Potter-Malfoy” in whole half bc they love people’s expressions when hearing it but on their quidditch jerseys Anita has Potter and Lyra has Malfoy. Anita is a beater and Lyra is a keeper
An Overrated Cliché

Summary: That Spider-Man kiss video was definitely cliché and cheesy, which is exactly the reason that Spidey and Y/N have to do it.

Word Count: 2235

Warnings: Heights and Swearing.

A/N: casually drops this after almost a year without writing like okay!! okay!! please enjoy this (it has good format!!) :0 and thank you to @buckys-fossil for actually tolerating me and proofreading this, i love you!!! also this is a gender neutral fic!!!! if you followed me when i was strictly an aesthetic blog well then, hello i write fics too

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Summer weather was the worst.

Summer holiday wasn’t that much better, what with having cabin fever and all. It had been a week since you had left the comfort of your apartment and three hours since you flopped onto the couch and lay there. All of your friends had been busy, Michelle doing her protesting, Liz with college preparation. It left you with nothing much to do other than lounge around your home.

The fan placed on the coffee table was set on revolve and hit your body with cool breezes. Laying on your side and absentmindedly watching season three of Phineas and Ferb, you felt jealous that those children were creative enough to make the most of your summer. It was a big contrast to you, as you hadn’t done anything the entire few weeks of summer there had been.

A thought suddenly came to mind and you decided to act on it. Shutting off the TV and fan, you put on actual clothes and took care of your hygiene before fixing your hair and pulling on your sneakers. Making sure to had some money and the house key, you texted your mom.

to: mom
hey i’m leaving the apartment for the first time in days are you proud of me

It didn’t take her long to reply.

from: mom
Fine with me, I was about to kick you out and make you do something.

You laughed at her text before tucking your phone away and leaving the apartment and locking the door.

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